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NEW: After a public records request and 100+ calls and emails, @_wspittman assembled a list of all polling places in the State of Mississippi (which the State itself does not publish).

You can search for your county's polling places here. #MSelex…
You can explore a list of the dozens of Mississippi voting precincts where election officials included no addresses, incomplete addresses, or erroneous information.

We've attempted to make these lists as accurate as possible, but it hasn't been easy.…
We've also reported that local Mississippi election officials have l changed at least 97 polling places since the 2020 election, with some moved, closed or newly opened.

That total includes 27 changes since the June primaries alone.…
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BREAKING: At 3:55 p.m., Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson said that voters who registered to vote on May 31, 2022, are NOT in the poll books in today's congressional runoff elections and must vote affidavit.…
We learned this just three hours before polls close (7 p.m.) on a day when there are three important GOP primary runoffs—including two that could see incumbents lose re-election.

Voting information is here:…
Please support our democracy-growing working to keep Mississippians informed by following @MSFreePress and donating to our non-profit newsroom at
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BREAKING: Mississippi overwhelmingly voted to end a Jim Crow-era "electoral college"-like system for picking governors, which was intended to dilute the power of Black voters.

Mississippi will now choose top elected officials only by popular vote. #MSElex…
PSST: America's national electoral college is also rooted in upholding white supremacy and slavery. That's where MS got the idea.

At the federal convention in 1787, James Madison said he'd prefer a popular vote—if not for southern resistance to the idea.…
Mississippi also voted for a new state flag tonight, repudiating its old Confederate flag:…
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Meet the 35 House members voted against changing Mississippi's state flag, a symbol of white supremacy, racism, and hatred: a thread! 👀 #itstime #VoteThemOut2023 #msleg #mselex 1/
Representative @tracyarnoldd3 (H.D. 3—Alcorn, Prentiss) voted against changing Mississippi's state flag, a symbol of white supremacy, racism, and hatred. #itstime #WeSeeYou #VoteThemOut2023 #msleg #mselex 2/
Representative @RepShaneBarnett (H.D. 86—Greene, Perry, Wayne) voted against changing Mississippi's state flag, a symbol of white supremacy, racism, and hatred. #itstime #WeSeeYou #VoteThemOut2023 #msleg #mselex 3/
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BREAKING: JFP confirms that Democrat Shanda Yates, a 38-year-old political newcomer, defeated GOP incumbent Bill Denny in the Mississippi House District 64 race 51%-49%.

Denny has held that seat since 1987—when she was 6. Dems didn't even field a challenger in 2015. #MSelex
Hester Jackson-McCray also ousted a GOP Mississippi House incumbent and made history as a black woman elected in a majority white district in DeSoto County. She won by 13 votes after losing that same seat 68-32 in 2015. Voter turnout jumped by ~1/3.…
Also from today: Trump's visit to Mississippi boosted GOP turnout in the region he visited by 5%, but boosted Democratic turnout by 12%.

Jim Hood lost the gov race by 5.7 pts, but Dems ran up numbers in suburbs & won some counties for 1st time in decades.
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Some post-#MSelex thoughts: As a journalist, I'd like to thank @HoodForGovernor for giving a special shout out to "the 4th Estate" (as he always calls us) in his concession speech last night. Even when we reported critically on him... 1/
AG Hood repeatedly reiterated his respect for the work of journalists over the course of this campaign, while some politicians (and I don't just mean Republicans) use anti-press rhetoric designed to deflect from critical coverage. 2/
I also really appreciate the candidates and teams who were always available to take a call and answer questions, like @DelbertHosemann and his comms team. I don't think I've ever asked a question, even a critical one, and received no more than a carefully-worded non-response. 3/
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Mississippi teachers tell me they got this email from Tate Reeves yesterday, promising them a $4,300 pay raise.

He killed a $4,000 raise in the Senate this year, saying we didn't have enough money for more than $1,500. ⅟ #MSelex
"During my tenure as Lieutenant Governor, we were able to increase pay for teachers several times, but never as often or as much as I would have liked. I believe no teacher in Mississippi makes what he or she is worth," wrote Tate Reeves, who killed a $4,000 raise in March. 2/
The teacher who forwarded me this election eve email from @tatereeves included the 😂😂😂 emoji. 3/#MSelex
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I'm apparently not gonna get allowed to vote today in the elections I've spent the past year covering.


Because when I changed my address, the DMV told me they'd also have my voter registration moved.

Well, apparently, they didn't send the info to my new county. ⅟ #MSelex
I've been on the phone with secretary of state's office & with my county clerk. Message I'm getting so far is that my only option is to cast an affidavit ballot, but it'll be rejected anyway because my county never got my registration (and I'm already struck in my old one). 2/
My circuit clerk, Janette Nolan, just called back. They're going to try to track down the paper I signed at the DMV and send it offer to SOS. If they can find it, my affidavit ballot *will count*. But I still have to vote affidavit. #MSelex 3/
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THREAD: I encourage y'all to support my husband @wspittman's writing and give him a follow. He's written four journalistic stories in his life so far, and I wish I could say my first four were even ⅕ as good. Here's a thread of what he's done so far. 1/
Today @wspittman delves into the #MSHouse 102 race btwn @MissyWMcGee, the only Republican to vote against the 6-week abortion ban, & young college leader @rue_brandon, who marched 100s of USM students to the polls for @MikeEspyMS in 2018. #MSelex #MSleg 2/…
Some polls show a slight lead for Democrat Jim Hood in the #MSgov race & AG candidate Jennifer Riley Collins could be the first black woman elected to statewide office.

@wspittman explains how they could win 54% of the vote & still lose. 👇🏻 3/ #MSelex…
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White supremacists gathered around civil rights martyr Emmett Till's memorial today with a Mississippi Flag & a League of the South flag to film a racist propaganda video. The Emmett Till Interpretive Center's security cams at the now-bulletproof monument caught them. 1/
Shortly after, members of the white supremacist org disperse & scurry to their cars after apparently setting off a security alarm at the newly-replaced Emmett Till memorial, now bulletproof, after being shot up repeatedly. (Warning: loud video). Story + more footage coming. 2/
(Note: You can connect with the @EmmeTillcenter on their website at or on Facebook at 3/
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1. Thread: Stellar pieces by my small-but-mighty
@JxnFreePress reporting team from last week: First, State reporter @ashtonpittman does the kind of indepth campaign reporting you don’t find elsewhere in Mississippi. Read current cover story. #MSelex #MSgov
@JxnFreePress @ashtonpittman 2. City reporter @SeymaBayram0 brought us the second installment in her #smartjustice series on Hinds County (and state) criminal-justice system, this one on weak indigent defense in our state. I'm learning so much I've never seen reported in her series.…
@JxnFreePress @ashtonpittman 3. Investigative fellow @nickjudin did his first magazine piece for us on what the Glenn Boyce/#IHL controversy says about academic freedom at the University of Mississippi. Wonderful writing, interviews and deep reporting. He has quite the source base.…
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Mississippi will have an election under a Jim Crow-era electoral college-style law requiring the victor to not only win the popular vote, but a majority of House districts.

Some say Democrats will now need to win 55% of the vote to win the Nov. 5 election. #MSelex 1/
"The process was written when white politicians across the South were enacting Jim Crow laws to erase black political power...and the separate House vote was promoted as a way for the white ruling class have the final say in who holds office." 2/ #MSelex…
"Mississippi’s constitutional convention was held for no other purpose than to eliminate the n**** from politics; not the ignorant—but the n***,” James K. Vardaman, one of the 1890 constitution's framers, said at the time, @wspittman writes. 3/ #MSelex…
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Here comes the part where Tate Reeves invokes transgender *children* to attack Dem opponent Jim Hood, accusing him of supporting him. For the record, I reported on Hood's response when he was asked about transgender children earlier this year... ⅟ #MSelex #MSGov
Reeves' claim that Hood has been at the forefront of trans rights is silly. Hood, asked if he supports trans kids going to bathrooms that correspond w their identity:

"I think it's up to school boards and universities as to who goes where." 2/ #MSelex…
Tate Reeves' campaign, though, seems on the verge of telling Mississippians that Hood is just a few steps away from turning your kids transgender and making them worship AOC and Nancy Pelosi.

Can we stop using transgender children for cheap political points? Please? 3/x
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Democratic nominee for Mississippi Governor Jim Hood claims that his rival, Tate Reeves, underfunded public education in service to wealthy campaign donors.

He says Reeves "doesn't care anything about public schools, much less about...those poor kids." ⅟…
Dem nominee for #MSGov Jim Hood pointed to GOP nom Tate Reeves' ad in which Reeves talks about his plans for public education & a teacher pay raise.

The ad was filmed at a private school, whose owners gave Reeves $5000 & includes private teachers. 2/…
During Reeves' time as president of the Senate over the past 8 years, that private school got over $1 million in public funds & benefitted from Reeves' private school voucher program—even as public ed was underfunded by $1.9billion & teacher pay lagged. 3/…
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The office of lt. governor is arguably most powerful position in Mississippi, bc it includes both exec & legislative powers; lt gov is prez of the Senate & can push or kill legislation.

But tonight's debate been @DelbertHosemann & @Jay4Mississippi is just 30 mins long. #MSelex
Tonight's debate starts at 6:30 p.m. and will be on TV stations throughout the state including WJTV (Jackson) WHLT (Hattiesburg) WFNA (Mobile) WMDN (Meridian) WTVA (Tupelo/Columbus) WXXV (Gulfport)— also MS Public Radio & SuperTalk. #MSelex
For more on GOP nominee Delbert Hosemann and Dem nominee Jay Hughes and their positions on the issues, read this story:… #MSelex
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MS Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves has denied putting pressure on MDOT for a $2 million road paving project outside his private community.

But in a 2016 email, an MDOT employee writes that Reeves' staff asked for an update on the project & "access to the two gated neighborhoods..." #MSelex
From the report: "Willie Simmons, Chairman of the Senate
Transportation Committee, said that Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves wanted to do something about the traffic on Lakeland Drive because it was bad and that it takes a long time to get from the interstate to his home." 2/
But "MDOT Executive Director Melinda McGrath’s staff were reluctant to pursue the project because there were more critical needs throughout the state due to safety, and those projects would be bumped down the list." 3/
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Mississippi GOP nom for governor @TateReeves suggested that mental health is not a real "issue" and that Dem opponent Jim Hood is using it as a distraction.

When WJTV tried to follow up, Reeves would not respond, @GeraldHarrisTV reported. #MSelex…
Asked about @HoodForGovernor's claim that Tate Reeves didn't do enough for mental health, Reeves said:

"I understand that he has convinced y'all not to focus on the issues...but the reality is we're going to continue to focus on the issues that are important to MS." ⅔
Tate Reeves' apparent suggestion that mental health isn't among "issues that are important to Mississippi" comes a week after a federal judge ruled that the state violates the civil rights of those with mental illness & must make major changes. #MSelex 3/x…
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Asked about Jim Hood's claim that he hasn't taken the mental health crisis seriously, Tate Reeves says: “I understand that he's convinced y’all not to focus on the issues (but) we’re going to continue to focus on issues that are important to Mississippi."…
Reeves' campaign has often been criticized for its lack of focus on Mississippi issues, as he has spent much of his campaign praising Trump and trying to tie Republican and Dem opponents to national figures like @AOC, @BernieSanders & @IlhanMN. #MSelex
Republican voter Tammy Parsons recently told @SeymaBayram0 she won't support Reeves precisely bc he doesn't offer enough policies:

"I just don't think he has the best ideas for Mississippi, because he has never shared his policies. Never," she said.…
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MS Attorney General (& Dem nom for governor) Jim Hood shared letters dating back to 2013 in which he warned Lt. Gov. (& GOP nom for gov) @TateReeves about the state’s mental crisis & that it could spark a federal lawsuit. MS lost that lawsuit yesterday.…
In a 2013 letter, @HoodForGovernor wrote to @TateReeves that he was “gravely concerned about potential litigation by the” DOJ & that MS wasn’t complying w the 1999 SCOTUS #Olmstead ruling on mental illness/civil rights.

A US judge yesterday pointed to the case & ruled against MS
In the letters dating from 2013-2019, Hood repeatedly asked Reeves and the Legislature to use millions he won to fund mental health.

Instead Reeves & #MSLeg cut corporate taxes & then cut funds for mental heath, including nearly 600 MH jobs & 650 beds.…
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The Democratic Governors Association criticizes GOP nominee for Mississippi governor Tate Reeves:
“Reeves failed to unite MS Republicans behind his candidacy because they know who he really is: a self-serving politician who enriches himself at the expense of MS families.” #MSelex
“Reeves let hospitals close and cut education funding while giving away millions to special interests. Mississippi’s roads crumbled under Reeves’ watch but he looked after himself,” the DGA writes. #MSelex
Now the Republican Governors Association: “Lt. Governor Reeves is a principled, policy-driven conservative leader who is deeply in tune with Mississippi voters and values.”

RGA invokes Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to criticize Jim Hood. #MSelex
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Not sure who to vote for in today’s GOP primary for Mississippi governor? Here’s a thread of stories on @tatereeves & @BillWallerMS’s views on the issues.

Let’s start with equal pay. This story dropped at @JxnFreePress yesterday. (cont.) #MSelex…
1. Equal Pay: Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves is the president of the MS Senate. Under him, MS became the last state w no equal pay law this year after AL passed one. 3 equal pay bills died in 2019 alone.

His opponent, Bill Waller, said he “absolutely” supports it.…
2. Health care is the top issue that dominated the GOP runoff.

Waller supports a conservative version of Medicaid expansion that requires $20 monthly premiums. He says it will help save rural hospitals.

Reeves opposes, calling it “Obamacare expansion.”…
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Donald Trump also called him the King of Israel today. That doesn’t mean he’s about to sit down in a temple in Jerusalem and be crowned.

Similarly, his criticism of Medicaid expansion doesn’t mean it’s gonna be repealed—or that @BillWallerMS’s plan is DOA. #MSelex
Just a few weeks ago, Donald Trump called for universal background checks after El Paso.

Now he’s assured the NRA that won’t happen.

Gov. @PhilBryantMS might struggle basing Mississippi policy on what Trump says from one day to the next.
Trump’s admin has already approved other states expanding Medicaid in ways similar to what @BillWallerMS is proposing. His own @VP, Mike Pence, did something very similar to expand Medicaid in Indiana.
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Tate Reeves is sending out mailers tying GOP runoff opponent Bill Waller to Barack Obama. Two things:
1. Reeves has been accused of using mailers to race-bait before.
2. The bullet points either mislead or falsely characterize Waller’s Medicaid expansion plan. #MSelex
Reeves slaps the giant “Obamacare” across the mailer next to a photo of Bill Waller, suggesting he supports the former black president’s overall health law. He does not.

Waller supports a conservative Medicaid expansion plan similar to what GOP VP Mike Pence did in Indiana. 👇🏻
Now, the current mailer. It says Waller’s plan would cost MS $200m/yr. But in 2015, the MS IHL estimated expansion would cost $159mn/yr by 2025 if 95% of those eligible enrolled.

But under Waller’s plan, the state pays $0. 👇🏻…
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At a Mississippi school, the children and family members of immigrants plucked out of their workplaces by federal agents in today’s historic #ICEraids weep, unsure when or if they’ll see their loved ones again. Their back to school week. Shared with permission from Miriam Sanchez
Stories of today’s #ICEraids: “Children finished their first day of school with no parents to go home to tonight. Babies & toddlers remained at daycare with no guardian to pick them up. A child vainly searched a workplace parking lot for missing parents.”…
While all this is going on, thousands of refugees and asylum seekers are now languishing in private prisons in Mississippi—including one where a deadly riot broke out in 2012 in protest of insufficient food and medical care.…
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