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From Gov.-elect Tate Reeves' "For All Mississippi" inaugural events list:

•All Mississippins who donate $250k to his shindig will enjoy an inaugural dinner.

•All the upper-peasants who can only spare $25k can attend his inaugural breakfast, where he'll let them eat pancakes.
If you're a total pauper and could only send the Governor-elect $5,000, well, there's a nice little reception waiting for you. You can even go to the ball, Cinderella.

Truly something for all Mississippians who have at least a mere five grand to spare. 💰 #MSGov
h/t: @ItsTheJody for making me aware of this, and the folks who nicely shared the special Google Drive link the PDF was stored in:…
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THREAD on races to watch & how to roughly interpret tonight's results:

1. Dems are having a bad/terrible night if they: lose #KYGOV, #MSGOV, fail to take over the VA House of Dels. and only muster a 20-20 tie in VA Senate by picking up #SD13

2. Dems having a weaker-than-expected night if they:


Win VA Senate 21-19 by adding: #SD10 (Sturtevant)

Win VA House of Dels. 51-49 by flipping #HD91 OPEN (Helsel), #HD94 (Yancey) but nothing else
3. Dems having a good (but not terrific) night if they:

Lose #KYGOV & #MSGov

Win VA Senate 23-17 by adding: #SD07 OPEN (Wagner), #SD12 (Dunnavant)

Win VA House of Dels. 53-47 by adding: #HD42 (Hugo), #HD76 (Jones)
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Praying for Mississippi on this gubernatorial Election Day.
#MSGov #election #vote #ElectionDay
Especially because a candiadate needs to win the popular vote AND a majority of 122 state house districts. If no candidate fulfills both of these requirements, the MS House of Reps, which is controlled by Republicans, selects the winner...…
“The election process, as written in the state's constitution in 1890, was enacted at a time when white Southerners were putting in place laws to deny blacks political power.”…
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THREAD: I encourage y'all to support my husband @wspittman's writing and give him a follow. He's written four journalistic stories in his life so far, and I wish I could say my first four were even ⅕ as good. Here's a thread of what he's done so far. 1/
Today @wspittman delves into the #MSHouse 102 race btwn @MissyWMcGee, the only Republican to vote against the 6-week abortion ban, & young college leader @rue_brandon, who marched 100s of USM students to the polls for @MikeEspyMS in 2018. #MSelex #MSleg 2/…
Some polls show a slight lead for Democrat Jim Hood in the #MSgov race & AG candidate Jennifer Riley Collins could be the first black woman elected to statewide office.

@wspittman explains how they could win 54% of the vote & still lose. 👇🏻 3/ #MSelex…
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1. Thread: Stellar pieces by my small-but-mighty
@JxnFreePress reporting team from last week: First, State reporter @ashtonpittman does the kind of indepth campaign reporting you don’t find elsewhere in Mississippi. Read current cover story. #MSelex #MSgov
@JxnFreePress @ashtonpittman 2. City reporter @SeymaBayram0 brought us the second installment in her #smartjustice series on Hinds County (and state) criminal-justice system, this one on weak indigent defense in our state. I'm learning so much I've never seen reported in her series.…
@JxnFreePress @ashtonpittman 3. Investigative fellow @nickjudin did his first magazine piece for us on what the Glenn Boyce/#IHL controversy says about academic freedom at the University of Mississippi. Wonderful writing, interviews and deep reporting. He has quite the source base.…
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This week's Voting Rights Roundup: The most extreme gerrymander in modern history is struck down, a 2020 AZ ballot initiative could majorly expand voting rights, PA finally gets no-excuse mail voting, Dems file several new voting rights lawsuits, & more…
A proposed Oklahoma initiative would create an independent redistricting commission if it makes the 2020 ballot. I explained how it would work here. The criteria prioritize communities of interest, racial & partisan fairness, & ending prison gerrymandering…
If this commission passes, Oklahoma could end up with a congressional map looking somewhat like this one. Dem Rep. Kendra Horn's red-leaning #OK05 would become a few points less red, but Republicans could easily gerrymander her out of her seat if they remain in control after 2020
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Here comes the part where Tate Reeves invokes transgender *children* to attack Dem opponent Jim Hood, accusing him of supporting him. For the record, I reported on Hood's response when he was asked about transgender children earlier this year... ⅟ #MSelex #MSGov
Reeves' claim that Hood has been at the forefront of trans rights is silly. Hood, asked if he supports trans kids going to bathrooms that correspond w their identity:

"I think it's up to school boards and universities as to who goes where." 2/ #MSelex…
Tate Reeves' campaign, though, seems on the verge of telling Mississippians that Hood is just a few steps away from turning your kids transgender and making them worship AOC and Nancy Pelosi.

Can we stop using transgender children for cheap political points? Please? 3/x
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For the first time in years, two insurers will offer Mississippians ACA health coverage options on, with Molina joining Magonlia Ambetter with plans, which has been the only provider. 1/…
Since Congress passed the ACA, Mississippi's uninsured rate has dropped 8 points, from hovering around 20% in the years and decades before the ACA, to 11.9% today. The drop was smaller than in other states, as MS rejected billions to expand Medicaid. 2/…
Medicaid expansion is a major issue in the governor's race. Dem Jim Hood @HoodForGovernor wants to expand, says it will cover 300k Mississippians, create 10k jobs, save rural hospitals (5 closed in recent years), & help our mental health crisis. #MSGov 3/…
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Democratic nominee for Mississippi Governor Jim Hood claims that his rival, Tate Reeves, underfunded public education in service to wealthy campaign donors.

He says Reeves "doesn't care anything about public schools, much less about...those poor kids." ⅟…
Dem nominee for #MSGov Jim Hood pointed to GOP nom Tate Reeves' ad in which Reeves talks about his plans for public education & a teacher pay raise.

The ad was filmed at a private school, whose owners gave Reeves $5000 & includes private teachers. 2/…
During Reeves' time as president of the Senate over the past 8 years, that private school got over $1 million in public funds & benefitted from Reeves' private school voucher program—even as public ed was underfunded by $1.9billion & teacher pay lagged. 3/…
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A.G. Hood is following a risky trend of state officials seemingly using their official roles to tilt election playing fields in their favor. We urge A.G. Hood to honor his oath to “do equal and impartial justice to all.” (via @PoliticsReid) #MSGov #MSpol…
“His actions don’t just carry the whiff of unfairness — they also violate the United States Constitution and one of the fundamental norms of our republic" @jessmarsden
#MSGov #MSpol…
This is the latest in a trend among state officials of abusing their powers to try to win elections. Last fall, we took legal action to stop GA SoS Brian Kemp from exercising any further powers over the 2018 election in which he was a candidate.
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A.G. Hood personally supervising an investigation of his political rival is the exact opposite of “equal and impartial justice.” Read our latest on the danger of election admins misusing their office to sway elections — or appearing to do so. #MSpol #MSGov…
The U.S. Constitution prohibits a gov't official from being a “judge in his own case” regardless of how fairly he/she rules. We urge A.G. Hood to immediately recuse himself from the investigation to “do equal and impartial justice to all.” #MSpol #MSGov
This issue crosses party lines. Last fall, we took legal action to stop GA Secretary of State Brian Kemp and FL Gov. Rick Scott from misusing their official offices to tilt election playing fields in which they were candidates. AG Hood shouldn’t follow in their footsteps. #MSpol
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Not sure who to vote for in today’s GOP primary for Mississippi governor? Here’s a thread of stories on @tatereeves & @BillWallerMS’s views on the issues.

Let’s start with equal pay. This story dropped at @JxnFreePress yesterday. (cont.) #MSelex…
1. Equal Pay: Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves is the president of the MS Senate. Under him, MS became the last state w no equal pay law this year after AL passed one. 3 equal pay bills died in 2019 alone.

His opponent, Bill Waller, said he “absolutely” supports it.…
2. Health care is the top issue that dominated the GOP runoff.

Waller supports a conservative version of Medicaid expansion that requires $20 monthly premiums. He says it will help save rural hospitals.

Reeves opposes, calling it “Obamacare expansion.”…
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Mississippi Secretary of State candidate @SamBrittonMS (R) is running a Trump-Trump-Trump campaign. He’s highlighting the fact that he was one of the first Mississippi officials to endorse Trump, while attacking opponent @MichaelWatson22 as a #NeverTrump candidate. #mselex #MSsos
Important to note: In Mississippi, the secretary of state is not responsible for fluffing Trump’s ego.

The job entails things like training poll-workers (not controlling the voting process); overseeing campaign finance and lobbying issues; dealing w things like voter ID, et al.
Britton isn’t the only MS pol to make Trump the center of his campaign: In 2018, Sen. @cindyhydesmith’s core campaign message was that she voted with Trump 100% of the time.

@TateReeves has similarly emphasized his love of Trump in his #MSGov run.…
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What Mississippians say their top 3 issues are in 2019:

1. More funding for public education
2. Repairing roads and bridges
3. Making healthcare more accessible and affordable
(Millsaps poll) #MSelex

What GOP frontrunner for #MSGov @tatereeves is tweeting about today:
Important to note where Reeves stands on these issues:

1. Education - He killed an effort to give teachers a $4,000 pay raise this year; MS teacher pay is far lower than surrounding states.

He did help slip in $3 million to fund private school vouchers.…
2. Reeves opposes Medicaid expansion, or “Obamacare expansion” as he calls it; his GOP opponents @BillWallerMS & @RobertFoster4MS disagree with him.…
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Democrat Jim Hood says his GOP rivals are “ridiculous” for refusing to meet with women alone:

“If I couldn’t meet with women alone to discuss issues important to them and to Mississippi, I wouldn’t be able to do my job,” the AG said. #MSelex #MSGov…
AG Hood says he will right for equal pay, right domestic violence, and provide economic opportunities for women: “I will do all these things while meeting with women—alone if necessary—to hear their voices & champion their causes,” @HoodForGovernor said.…
*fight domestic violence, not right
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NEW: Velesha P. Williams, a Democrat running for Mississippi governor, told me that party Chair Bobby Moak is ignoring her candidacy as a black woman.

Moak denied the charges & told me to speak to black legislators he's friends with. I did. #MSelex…
"I'm calling out Mr. Moak for his failure to acknowledge & respect the African American women running statewide" & "his inability to respond to any of my phone calls or my emails..."

She's been trying to reach him since December, she said. #MSelex…
"Ask any of my colleagues who happen to be of the minority persuasion to look at my record as (MS House) minority leader," said MS Dem Party Chair Bobby Moak."

"Call some of my colleagues who happen to be black who were in the Legislature." #MSelex #MSleg…
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Let's not talk about 2020 yet. Let's talk about 2019.

There are some important elections coming up next year: #KYGov, #LAGov, #MSGov, and the state legislatures of VA and NJ.
#MSGov is almost certainly going to favor Republicans, but don't count Democrats out.

The seat is open, and we have a potential candidate, AG Jim Hood, who has already won statewide office there.
#LAGov will be a challenge. We won that seat in 2015 because Republicans nominated basically the most unpopular politician in the state.

They won't make that mistake again. Bel Edwards is in for a fight.
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