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This report from @btselem quite clearly shows the very narrow/selective and even erroneous usage of #IHL by IDF and why these are #warcrimes

The incident:
1/3 of the casualties were NOT participating AT all in the fighting. Obviously considering the timing of the attack and the fact that they also are civilians. Image
Prior knowledge of IDF:
They were aware of possibility of human casualties, including children. Image
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Since the beginning of the year, #Israel destroyed 291 #Palestinian-owned and inhabited structures (197 in Area C, 80 in East Jerusalem, and 14 in Area A&B), of which 47 were provided as humanitarian relief, the majority funded by @eu_echo and @EUCouncil Member States. As a…… Image
According to @ochaopt, under #Israel's Netanyahu-Smotirch-Ben Gvir government - and the powers they have annexed - the monthly average of #Palestinian structures destroyed is higher than at any point since 2009. Image
@elicoh1 and @eu_eeas chief @JosepBorrellF could have discussed - meeting yesterday - the impact of @Israel's wanton and extensive destruction of property on the Palestinians, and it being codified a grave breach of #IHL and requiring effective penal sanctions against persons…… Image
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ICRC talks to armed groups across frontlines to ensure that all people caught up in urban warfare receives the protection they're entitled to under the rules of war #IHL . Here's what we're telling them 🧵…
1/10 When fighting in urban areas, reducing or preventing civilian harm civilian harm is the right thing to do from a legal, ethical, moral or religious perspective.
2/10 Attacks should only happen at times when few civilians are nearby. If it is impossible to conduct operations in areas where there are fewer people present, then the duration, intensity and area of fighting should be limited.
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Purported annexation of occupied #Palestinian territory would was decreed yesterday by #Israel, subsuming functions of its military government into the metropolitan government and applying its internal law and institutions to occupied territory.

Following are the details: Image
Recent changes to #Israel’s Basic Law: The Government created a ministry within the Ministry of Defense responsible for the military government of occupied Palestinian territory. Handed to Religious Zionism leader, Bezalel Smotrich, it gives effect to the coalition agreement...
1. All “civilian affairs” in the West Bank will come under the authority of the Minister (Smotrich), and be delegated to the Deputy Heads of the Israeli Civil Administration (Deputy ICA), a non-uniformed political appointee of the Minister, from within his political base.
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After a fruitful collaborative journey with @AmyErtan, @LaurynasADO and #MatthiasKlaus, our joint article on regulating Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems is out with the journal AI and Ethics.

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Military #IHL #ethics…
We explore existing political commitments by states regarding the development and use of lethal autonomous weapon systems. We carry out two background reviewing efforts, the first addressing ethical and legal framings and proposals from recent academic literature...
... the second addressing recent formal policy principles as endorsed by states, with a focus on the principles adopted by the United States Department of Defense and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. We then develop two conceptual case studies.
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Topic 1: norms, rules, and principles derived from existing legal and normative frameworks

#Mexico emphasizes principles in Article 1 of the #OST.

#PAROS and primacy of peaceful use are key. Rejects placement of weapons in outer space and celestial bodies. esp. those with indiscriminate effects.
#Mexico supports giving legal principles greater precision, and the adoption of norms as interim step to legal instrument to ban weapons in space and use of force and prohibit war

#IHL. Public exchange of info. Supports DA ASAT test moratorium as interim step to legal agreement.
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Item 6 c) recommendations on possible norms, rules, and principles of responsible behaviour

Topic 1: norms, rules, and principles derived from existing international legal and other normative frameworks
#Russia continues to insist that NGOs are not permitted to make statements during the formal session.
#Canada respectfully disagrees with Russia. The matter is closed. The Chair has ruled and will not change established UN practice.

"As we tell kids in Canada, sometimes, you get what you get, and you don't get upset. It's time to move on."
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#Palestinian territory, occupied or not according to #Israel? There are not one but two arguments, presented in the alternative by the Government of Israel. This is key for @CIJ_ICJ deliberations:
When the Government of #Israel comes before the Israeli High Court, it consistently argues that #Palestinian territory is under belligerent occupation, where Israeli metropolitan law does not apply, and where the Israeli Military Government is the supreme legislator and executive
That, in turn, allowed the #Israeli military commander to undertake excessive and inadmissible legislative changes and actions in disregard of #Palestinian rights and interests under int'l law #IHL - with the Court's approval - purportedly shielding it from criticism.
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2022 brought new wars and the continuation of old ones. But it also brought some real advances in the protection of civilian rights. Here are ten of the most important, many of which involved efforts from @CeasefireCentre over the last 3 years:
#PoC #IHL #NotATarget S Kivu, DRC/M Lattimer
1. For decades the poor cousin of criminal prosecutions, #reparations awards took centre stage in 2022, incl. a ground-breaking #ICJ judgment in Feb ordering Uganda to pay $325m for armed activities and mass violations on territory of #DRCongo…
2. While the intl community has largely failed to deliver justice to the victims of #ISIS – incl. the #Yazidis – Iraq launched in the Autumn a holistic reparations scheme for Yazidi, Christian, Turkmen and Shabak survivors under the new Yazidi Survivors Law
#YSL #Yazidis #Iraq Nineveh, Iraq/M Lattimer
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The demolition this morning of the donor-funded Isfey school in #MasaferYatta, ordered by the outgoing @yairlapid-@gantzbe #Israeli government, in grave breach of #IHL and to the absolute detriment of #Palestinian children attending the school leads to two observations: Image
The outgoing #Israeli government, sworn in on 13 June 2021 destroyed 1.237 structures in the occupied West Bank, including 201 donor-funded structures provided as humanitarian relief by @NRC_Norway and partners. As a result, 37,000 #Palestinians were deprived of a home, a school
The outgoing #Israeli government outdid the damage caused by the previous, and the incoming @netanyahu @bezalelsm @itamarbengvir government promises to bring more violent destruction. Violence, against all civilians #Palestinians and #Israelis, should be unequivocally condemned.
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I’ve gotten a lot of questions this week about #YevgenyPrigozhin’s public statement about his role as founder of the #WagnerGroup.The incoming is almost too much to handle so I thought I’d lay down a few thoughts here for journalists and other interested parties. 🧵 Image
1/#Prigozhin has had a kind of coming out party over the last few weeks with the buzz surrounding the release of a video showing him making a recruiting pitch to prisoners in a #Russian penal colony. The timing is, of course, curious. Image
2/We can get into the significance of the fact that the prison pictured is in the Mari El Republic in a separate thread--but suffice it to say there are a lot of stakeholders w/ overlapping interests co-located there. Image
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Niestety w ostatnich godzinach eskalował konflikt Armenia-Azerbejdżan, atakowana jest granica "właściwej" Armenii. Wątek o aspektach prawnych konfliktu. /1
#Armenia #CIL #IHL

Punkt zapalany w stosunkach pomiędzy tymi państwami to oczywiście Górny Karabach. Zgodnie z zasadą uti possidetis iuris, w przypadku rozpadu państw, dawne granice części składowych rozpadającego się tworu stają się granicami międzynarodowymi. /2
Zasada ta przyjęła się w okresie dekolonizacji Afryki w latach 60. XX w. Ostatnio wspomniał o niej w bardzo ważnym wystąpieniu przedstawiciel Kenii w Radzie Bezpieczeństwa ONZ, wytykając Rosji przykład państw afrykańskich, które uszanowały dawne granice wewnętrzne. /3
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#Algeria: Must go hand in hand with PAROS discussions

Need transparency and more ambitious confidence building measures. Particular responsibility of states with advanced capabilities to prevent PAROS.
#Algeria: Promote full access to technology through cooperation and tech assistance and capacity building in developing countries

Need to strengthen legal regime in outer space for a common future.
#NewZealand: Should not be focused exclusively on kinetic threats. Non-kinetic including #cyber pose significant threats and possible irreversible loss and damage to infrastructure on earth
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On Monday, the @UN Security Council will address the implementation of #SCR2334, with @UNSCO_MEPP presenting the biannual implementation report. In the lead-up to the debate, @NRC_Norway briefed most Council Members; here is what I had stressed:
The resolution demanded that #Israel immediately and completely cease all
settlement activities in occupied #Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem,
and that it fully respects all of its legal obligations, including under the Fourth Geneva Convention #IHL.
In blatant disregard of the authoritative guidance of the #UNSC and peremptory norms of international law, consecutive #Israeli governments established 279 settlements, transferring 800K of its nationals to the territory of #Palestine; 1 out of 10 Israelis is now a settler.
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The new Spring 2022 issue is online!

Read articles by I. Kardon and W. Leutert, Renanah Miles Joyce, Steven Ward, A. Calcara, A. Gilli, M. Gilli, R. Marchetti, and I. Zaccagnini, and David Logan.

Articles from Vol. 46, No. 4, include:

“Pier Competitor: China’s Power Position in Global Ports,” by @IBKardon and @wendyleutert.…

This article is *ungated* (free) through May 26 thanks to @mitpress!

“Soldiers’ Dilemma: Foreign Military Training and Liberal Norm Conflict,” by @RenanahJoyce.…

This article is *ungated* (free) thanks to @mitpress!

#IHL #WomenAlsoKnowStuff
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🧵Our team continues supporting people in the #Donetsk and #Luhansk regions amid active hostilities.

These civilians are often older people, people with disabilities or families with low income.

Here is what we did in the past week 👇
With the support of @roteskreuz_de, we evacuated over 40 vulnerable sick and wounded civilians from facilities in the front-line cities of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk and Bakhmut.
Front-line healthcare facilities in the Donetsk & Luhansk regions received:

➡️war wounded kits for the treatment of severely injured

➡️kits to treat 25,000 patient with chronic diseases for 3 months

➡️basic medicines to treat 5,000 patients with common infections for 3 months
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I was the military advisor @UNCoISyria war crimes commission & documented the use of #cemicalweapons in the war in #Syria. We have UNVERIFIED accounts of #Russia using these weapons in #Ukraine. Perhaps the Syria experience can help inform. Russia NEVER used them in Syria. /1
There was NO USE OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS by #Russia in #Syria that we know of. There were dozens of chemical weapon strikes by Syria. Please see extensive analysis by @bellingcat and this report where I wrote multiple sections and contributed throughout:… /2
This is NOT an apologist thread. We are seeing manifold #WarCrimes in Ukraine. But we must not invent crimes. Just as the reports of use of White Phosphorus in Ukraine turned out to be thermite it is highly likely the reports of CW use are something else. No need for hysteria. /3
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Todays $IHL release
" It will:
• Add a large portfolio of intellectual property with granted and pending patents
• Expand Incannex’s addressable markets globally and addressable market sizes by over
US$400bn per annum" $ihl #ihl $ixhl #ixhl
"• Further enhance Incannex’s technical and drug development capability by adding some of the
industry’s longest-standing and best-known scientists to the Incannex team.
•Expand the Company’s drug delivery capability to include APIRx’s patented delivery
$ihl #ihl
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$IHL to acquire US firm APIRx
"APIRx is the world’s only cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) cannabis plant users and providers of cGMP API’s based on naturally extracted cannabinoids."
#ihl $ixhl #ixhl
Taken from website "We are the licensor of proprietary active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) for extraction, purification and microencapsulation from cGMP-produced Cannabis plants..." $ihl #IHL
"...; and the manufacturer and marketer of Cannabis based pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and OTC products based on end-to-end cGMP process certification." $ihl #ihl
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#ICJ Prelim Measures hearing #Ukraine v #Russia #Genocide Convention begins. Camera lingers on the Russia table, which is notably empty... #intlaw
#ICJ Pres makes clear RF was immediately notifed of the filings, & RF ambassador to NL has indicated RF will not participate in the proceedings.
#Ukraine has chosen ad hoc judge Prof Yves Daudet.
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A few thoughts about #Ukraine’s case at the #ICJ. Some have already tweeted on this (@OriPomson, @VidigalGeraldo, @amirafarhadi, @niccoloridi and @mabecker17 among others)—here’s my take. ✍🏻

#UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineInvasion

Ukraine’a Application:…
Apologies in advance for getting all #ICJ on this. 👩🏻‍⚖️

I understand the political decision for making an application to the ICJ. This thread is in no way a judgment of that decision, which is very well founded in the terrible events of the last week especially.
That said, Ukraine has (sadly but realistically) an uphill battle both to obtain the #provisionalmeasures it seeks (link to request below) and in the eventual #preliminaryobjections.…
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Defenders in #Ukraine can protect civilians from effects of an attack:
1. Don’t locate military objectives & combatants amongst civilians. Resistance fighters should have identifiable insignia distinguishing them from civilians.
2. Mark protected areas clearly--schools, hospitals, religious sites, shelters.
3. Ensure sirens or other warning tools of incoming attacks continue to work effectively.
4. Mark areas where there are unexploded ordnance.
5. Pre-position food, water, shelter, medicine for displaced persons & coordinate with humanitarian actors.
6. Identify safe routes for civilians to leave.
7. Provide safety and first aid tips to civilians & deploy medical teams quickly.
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What does #Russia in relation to #Ukraine have in common - from the perspective of (mis)application of international law - with #Israel in relation to #Palestine? The answer is the obscure 'Missing Reversioner Doctrine.' A thread: Image
In 1968, with the nascent #Israeli occupation of #Palestinian territory, Prof. Yehuda Blum penned the ‘The Missing Reversioner: Reflections on the Status of Judea and Samaria’. Blum argued that there were no reversionary rights of an ousted legitimate government to the territory Image
In other words, he concluded that ‘those rules of belligerent occupation directed to safeguarding that sovereign’s reversionary rights had no application to #Israel’s control of the #WestBank and #Gaza. Hence, Israeli possession comes from an absolute title, not an occupation.
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In #UkraineInvasion the jus ad bellum - resorting to armed force, and jus in bello - rules regulating the conduct of hostilities, intersect. Recognizing and understanding intersectionality is key to a well reasoned and effective response - normative, humanitarian, and political. Image
The prohibition against the use of force amongst states and the exceptions to it (self-defence, and UN authorization for the use of force), set out in the UN Charter, are the core ingredients of jus contra bellum. Image
Article 2(4) provides that "all Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations."
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