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🚨 IOWA: yesterday Iowa introduced HF 184, what I think is the WORST, most HORRENDOUS anti-trans bill targeting transgender student-athletes. Here's why it's awful:
(THREAD) #ialeg
Iowa HF 184, being billed as a "Save Women's Sports Act," would require student-athletes to participate in sports based on biological sex. This is similar to other bills introduced this year & last, but Iowa goes above & beyond in who they are targeting. #ialeg
Iowa HF 184 defines an “educational institution” as any public or accredited non-public school, regents institution, community college, or any other institution of higher education that is a member of the @NCAA or @NJCAA. It specifically names both NCAA & NJCAA. #ialeg
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Now they are voting on HB 113 - the anti-trans health care bill. This bill will truly cause kids to die. It hurts that we are here. Here is the link:…
The sponsor is fully lying. Claiming that our health is not improved with treatment. Comparing us to a veteran who identified with an amputee and wanted a limb removed. Yeah, that's a no.
The sponsor is now claiming that what trans people need is counseling to get us to live in our assigned sex. (Note that the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, the Endocrine Society all disagree). This is deadly conversion therapy.
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#mtleg is discussing HB112 right now, issuing an amendment.
proposal to take out all of the garbage background info from anti-trans advocates, conveniently after it was read and digested. passed... all this is out.
Katie Ledecky is being brought up - and her performances are being compared to men. LET'S BE CLEAR: Montana's HB112 is not about elite Olympian men competing against elite Olympian women.
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After two hours of debating and voting on anti-reproductive justice bills, the Montana House is going to begin debating and voting on the two anti-trans bills shortly. Link here:…
Beginning with HB 112. Rep. Fuller recommends bill do pass. Claiming it is "not a partisan issue" and is a simple bill. Then goes on to call trans women men.
Just a side note - I hate it here.
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#MTLeg is voting on HB112 now (anti-trans sports bill). Voting on an amendment. It does not change anything about the bill in substance.
Amendment passes. Now move to pass bill as amended.
Rep. Stafman now speaking eloquently in opposition to HB 112. #MTLeg
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At 7 AM MT/9 AM ET, the Montana #MTLeg House judiciary committee is voting on two anti-trans bills. HB 112 (barring trans athletes from sports) and HB 113 (prohibiting health care for trans minors). Video here (during Executive Action part of agenda):…
These types of bills are pending across the country. Like a chain reaction, states will escalate their attacks on trans youth. If passed, HB 113 will take away survival health care for trans youth people. Are you paying attention?
If you are in Montana, please contact your lawmakers now. You can find your legislators here:…. Call 406-444-4800. Ask to be connected to your representative. Then leave a message telling them to vote NO on HB112 and HB113.
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Good morning. I will be live tweeting the #MTLeg House Judiciary hearings of HB112 and HB113, the anti-trans bills. All the content warnings because it is going to be deeply upsetting. Link for the hearings here:…
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Starting momentarily: press briefing with @GregForMontana one week before he's inaugurated. Follow this thread for updates. #mtnews #mtpol
.@GregForMontana says they're prepping for their move into the governor's residence in Helena. One week from today, he will be sworn in. #mtnews #mtpol
.@GregForMontana says they are inviting all Montanans to be part of a virtual swearing in ceremony, which will be live streamed on Facebook. He says rather than invest taxpayer dollars in inauguration related activities, they're going to get straight to work. #mtnews #mtpol
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So what is Direct Primary Care? Dr. Harrop from Polson describes it like this: "at it’s very basic level, DPC is an agreement between you and your doctor. I work for you, not your insurance company.”

Here's a #mtpol #mtleg thread on the benefits of DPC, in Doctor's own words:
Dr. Bridges in Missoula explains DPC fosters stronger doctor-patient relationships, helping w/ prevention:

“The average emergency room charge in this country now is like $2,600. That's 3 years of primary care paid for if I can prevent you from going into one emergency"

Another benefit of eliminating the insurance middleman w/ DPC is transparent REAL prices, not just estimates.

“I can tell you right now for example that the cost of a cholesterol panel is $7.50, no more, no less.” - Dr. Coleman, Whitefish

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Meet Vince Ricci my rep from Laurel, I said to him from across the aisle at Costco “As your constituent I'm horrified to see you representing me without a mask as your wife is in a wheel chair and obviously vulnerable. And I am a type 1 diabetic... Image
.Do you feel you don’t need to protect us?” And he came at me fast with in the 6 feet and I yelled to get back, and my 14 year old daughter had to jump in front of him TWICE before he backed up and his wife kept screaming, “In the name of Jesus”!!!! I am shook! #mtpol #mtleg
@RedMuleSports @Kathi78285378 can you’d guys retweet this! TY!
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Today is the deadline for action on Senate Bill 71, Montana's groundbreaking approach to lowering prescription drug costs. As we wait to hear whether or not SB 71 will become law, here's a recap of how we got here. THREAD:
#mtpol #mtleg #mtnews
From @K_Hought: "the data tied to the settlement will help reveal the pharmaceutical industry’s opaque operations in Montana"

We launched a massive research project and Drug Savings Initiative to get to the bottom of the problem.… #mtpol #mtleg
From the beginning, we knew industry lobbyists were going to fight us every step of the way.

From @hollykmichels: "The commissioner’s office is expecting opposition during the session from lobbyists in the industries it is targeting."… #mtpol #mtleg
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Should I live(ish) tweet this Avista IRP meeting? Sure.
Process has been delayed a bit because of something happening in the #waleg.
Participants in the room include @SierraClub @WAUTC IPUC @350Spokane, customers, and *lots* of Avista staff
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One last time, Montana. Follow along with my fourth and final State of the State here, or watch live at this link:
Even though they don't think my dad jokes are as cool as they did 6 years ago, Caroline, Alex, and Cam remind me every day why I do what I do.

They shape my perspective in office: I want my kids, and all Montana kids, to have every opportunity I had growing up here and more.
The first time I stood at this podium in 2013, our unemployment rate was 5.6%.

Now, at 3.7% it is the lowest it's been in a decade. More people are working than ever before in our state’s history.
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Montana Legislature HB 197 is IMO a misguided approach to a management issue. It would require surveillance software to record all keystrokes and mouse movements on govt contract work. #mtleg #mtpol…
I will agree there has been abuse in state contracts of waste and horrible work but this is not the solution. Who will go back and review all of this? Will it reduce contractors willing to participate? @DanielZolnikov can you provide examples of helpful use in other states?
I am willing to work with #mtleg legislators on a better approach to tackling waste and bad project work if that is indeed the issue. This would be an excellent citizen task force item since we have great tech people here in the state to provide ideas. cc @MontanaHighTech
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