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NEW: An Idaho group of right-wing extremists is holding an event this weekend called “Gun d’Alene” in opposition to Coeur d’Alene’s pride parade. Flyers encourage participants to open carry, saying: “If they want to have a war, let it begin here.” #idleg…
Republican Idaho State Rep Heather Scott held a forum on Thursday featuring the extremists and their plans, telling the crowd: “It’s good versus evil … I’m not sure how this battle’s gonna end, but I always go back to is ‘all evil needs is for good men to do nothing.’” #idleg
CORRECTION: This event is being planned by armed extremists for the weekend of June 10, which gives @CdAPD plenty of time to prepare to protect the free speech rights of Coeur d'Alene’s LBTGQ+ community and supporters. #orleg
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Debate with 12 Republican candidates for governor hosted by Timber Unity is starting shortly. I’ll share highlights in a thread here. #orgov #orpol
Debate will have eight questions, all about the economy, natural resources and jobs. Because there are so many candidates, they're split into odd and even groups and each group gets four questions with 60 seconds to answer. At the end, candidates can answer a fifth question
Almost done with introductions. Brandon Merritt got some in the crowd to cheer "Let's go, Brandon," which doubles as a cheer for him and an anti-Biden chant.
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As #orleg, we have an opportunity to #PassHB4142 and give hospital workers protections from violence. The message is simple: now is the time and #HB4142 is the path to stronger protections for Oregon's health care heroes. 1/
#HB4142 expands current ORS 163.165 to provide protections currently afforded to public safety officers, pre-hospital emergency response personnel, public transit vehicle operators, taxi drivers, flaggers or highway workers, to hospital workers. 2/ #orleg
This is not a new felony statute. It already exists. This adds another group of people - hospital workers. And if you read through this thread, I would hope you would agree. Read the stories of assault victims. 3/ #orleg #PassHB4142
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"I was working in the ER, I was 7 weeks pregnant. My husband & I were so excited. I was helping with a patient who was being violent and a danger to self/others. They were able to kick me in the abdomen. 3 wks later, we lost the baby." #orleg #PassHB4142
2/ "My coworker was assaulted last June. She had multiple closed fist hits to her head/neck, resulting in a significant head injury that kept her out of work for months & up to now can only work for a short time due to lingering problems from the assault." #orleg #PassHB4142
3/ "The passage of HB4142 is critical. Healthcare workers are leaving the profession in droves." #orleg #nursetwitter #PassHB4142
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Let's all take a journey and see what ARPA funds are being used for in some of the States for K-12 education according to plans submitted by each State's Department of Education.

@DrKarlynB @insomnochick

Highlights from Alabama's educational use of ARPA funds...

Social Emotional Needs


Highlights from Alaska's educational use of ARPA funds...

Social Emotional Supports

#AKLeg #akpol

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I'm checking in from the Oregon House, where in a half hour, we'll learn more about the fate of the state's redistricting maps. It's been suggested to me Republicans could show up today, though that does not guarantee passage of any proposal. #orleg #orpol
If Republicans do show up, they could decide not to grant rules suspension, which would push passage of new maps past today's deadline. Or they could agree to speed things along, taking what's likely to be a more favorable legislative map than they'd otherwise get. #orpol #orleg
It does not appear that there's yet another congressional redistricting map on the table, meaning if lawmakers do pass a map today, it would likely be the proposal from Saturday. If the House passes it, the Senate is coming back this afternoon to take it up. #orpol #orleg
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New: There’s a new proposed Oregon congressional map. We might well see a deal today. It’s currently unclear. #orpol #orleg Image
I have been told the state Senate is prepared to come in this afternoon if the House can find agreement. The Senate had formally adjourned but would need to pass changed map #orpol #orleg
Here's the map. An initial analysis suggests this could lead to a 4-2 split in the state's Congressional districts -- not the 5-1 split Democrats had been insistent on. Still looking at it. #orpol #orleg…
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NEW: House Speaker Tina Kotek is about to back down on her deal to grant Republicans parity on redistricting. She told her caucus today she'll appoint a new committee, with Dems in the majority, to pass a Congressional, plan. #orpol #orleg
Kotek would also add members to a committee that would take up new legislative maps. That committee would still have an even number of Republicans and Democrats. #orleg #orpol
This is all contingent, of course, on Republicans staying in the building, which is not something any #orleg watcher is banking on. Remember, House Dems fled the Capitol in 2001 over a redistricting fight. #orleg #orpol
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Signing in from Salem, where the special session on redistricting has convened. The Senate has reached an agreement on rules suspension, meaning it can move quickly. It's not at all clear the House will get to the same place. #orleg #orpol…
2.5 hrs in, we're still waiting for... any legislative action at this #orleg special session. The Senate redistricting committee has now delayed a 9:30a hearing twice because things are "not quite ready."
And @Kathleen4Oregon announces another delay for Senate Redistricting Committee. I tried to ask what's going on, and she would only say "I'm good" as she awaited an elevator. Which is an interesting response. #orleg #orpol
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There's a lot to take away from Oregon Democrats' preliminary redistricting plan. Among its biggest changes is a new U.S. House seat for Oregon in Congress. #orleg

It may not radically reshape partisan politics in Oregon, but it could shake things up for incumbents: a thread
Oregon's grown a lot in the past decade or about 10% in the time since the past 2010 Census.

Each U.S. House District must have around 706,209 ppl based on Oregon's 4,237,256 people per the 2020 U.S. Census.
Districts must be contiguous or share a common border. They must also be equal in population.

There's some rules that also require them to respect existing political boundaries and communities defined by various criteria, including race.
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1/ "Hospital staffers & public health managers in southern Oregon say it’s never been this bad. And it’s apt to get worse as the super-contagious delta variant of COVID19 spreads through a region where fewer than 1/2 the residents have been fully vaxxed"🧵…
2/ I completely agree with The Oregonian here:
“Oregonians need local leaders to step up their efforts to share vetted, accurate information, improve vaccination rates and encourage measures that help control the spread”
#orleg #orpol…
3/ I know a handful of Oregon Republicans who are doing the right thing & encouraging folks to #WearMasks & #GetVaccinated - the two things that will help get this Delta surge under control. I'm grateful for their leadership - it's no small thing in this environment
#orleg #orpol
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Former state rep Mike Nearman pleaded guilty to first degree official misconduct this morning. He received 18 mos probation, $2700 in restitution for damage done to the Capitol and an 18 month ban from Capitol grounds. #orpol #orleg
As part of a plea deal, a second charge of second-degree criminal trespassing was dropped. Nearman needed some coaching from his attorney to appropriately admit guilt for the judge to accept. Story coming #orpol
Nearman also must complete 80 hrs of community service. He and his attorney refused to even acknowledge the presence of media outlets seeking an interview.
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During the pandemic, unintentional shootings by children in the US increased significantly: between March and December 2020, there was a 31% increase in unintentional shooting deaths, and an 18% increase in unintentional injuries, compared in 2019.…
According to our #NotAnAccident Index, there have been nearly 200 unintentional shootings by children in 2021 alone. Research shows that to protect children and teens, gun owners should store guns unloaded, locked, and separate from ammunition.
To combat this tragic rise in unintentional shootings, @MomsDemand and @StudentsDemand volunteers are working to get the message out about the need for secure gun storage in partnership with schools, teachers and gun owners. The innovative steps volunteers have taken include:
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Oh look OPDS trying to tell attys & public defense providers the 4.5% budget cut is no biggie b/c they'll comply w/ #orleg requirements necessary to release withheld $100 million. Just like they've addressed the issues from the 6th Amendment Center report!…
Oh wait, OPDS *hasn't* addressed the problems outlined in the Sixth Amendment Center Report - which came out in December of 2018:…
Why does this matter? The budget for the Trial Criminal Division is $186,458,931 to start July 1, 2021.
OPDS ran out of $ for the month of June 2021, so attorneys, investigators, experts are not being paid for completed work, even as they continue to work & go to trial.
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Thanks in large part to the THREE @momsdemand volunteers elected to the Oregon statehouse - @Rachel_Prusak, @RepLisaReynolds, @djgrayber - for the first time in two years, two gun safety laws just passed.

It’s been a long road, so let’s look back at how volunteers persisted...
In 2015, Oregon passed background checks.
In 2017, Oregon passed an extreme risk law.
In 2018, Oregon closed the boyfriend loophole. #orleg…
But in 2019, Republican legislators in Oregon walked out of the building twice to block progress on our bills. Gun extremists infiltrated @MomsDemand's advocacy day, recorded private meetings and physically prevented access to others, at the request of a Republican legislator.
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Oregon Ways & Means voted to decrease funding for public defense by 4.5% today.

In 2018 the Sixth Amendment Center Report said Oregon's public defense system fails defendants & their lawyers. If #orleg wants criminal justice reform then it needs to properly fund public defense.
Oregon was the last state in the country to require unanimous jury verdicts in felony cases.

And the only reason we now have unanimous jury verdicts in Oregon is because of a United States Supreme Court case - Ramos v Louisiana - and not because of the Oregon Legislature.
It has not been a priority for #orleg to ensure that citizens facing the criminal justice system receive due process. Because if it were a priority, the legislature would have voted to change the law & require unanimous juries.
Funding public defense isn't a priority either.
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Oh Hi #orleg! I mentioned during my testimony on HB214 last month that good attorneys were leaving criminal defense. With OPDS being broke & the new proposed budget of even less $ for public defense - get ready for even more good attorneys to leave.…
Here's an article from 2018 pointing out the Sixth Amendment Center's report that Oregon's public defense system fails defendants & their lawyers.
Its 2021 & we're moving backwards.
Here's the recent Oregon Court of Appeals opinion in McMullin v Amsberry - a PCR case - which #orleg should read in order to better understand why funding for experts & qualified attorneys is so important for public defense:…
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Last night I got home at 9pm after a very long week. My dogs were happy to see me. My husband fed me a homemade dinner. I watched Ru paul's latest episode while eating and I quickly passed out. I was mentally and physically exhausted.
Leading up to last night we were on the house floor M-F until 9pm & Sat until 7pm. We are reading bills for hours due to Republican inflexibility on suspending rules. In years past, both parties agreed to skip bill-reading —since legislators & public have access to bills online
⭐️Good news⭐️ We passed lots of bipartisan bills (often unanimous.) A few of those bills:

✅HB 2607, exempting homeowners from construction taxes during rebuilding after wildfires & natural disasters
✅ HB 2168, making Juneteenth a state holiday
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A constituent of mine wrote to Rep Drazan (Leader of the Oregon House Republicans) asking her to “respect the will of the majority of Oregonians by keeping your caucus present to do the work of recovering from the pandemic and other issues”.
Rep Drazan wrote back: “The Democrats hold(ing) single party control in Oregon, despite only representing a third of all Oregonians”.

I took this as a numbers challenge.

How does Rep Drazan arrive at “only representing a third of Oregonians”?
She is conflating things. If we look at Feb 2021 voter registration in OR, there are 1 million registered Democrats out of almost 3 million total registered voters. So that is about 1/3rd. (More precisely [rounding to the nearest thousand]: 1,048,000 Ds/2,956,000 total = 35.4%)
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Inspired by the start of the Oregon Legislature 2021 session today and this tweet by @drvolts about offshore wind on the east coast, it is time for a thread on OSW on the west coast. Along with huge challenges, there are many encouraging signs. 1/14

First, where is the best location for OSW? It happens to be right on the border between Oregon and California. @BOEM_DOI has an awesome offshore wind planning data portal that shows this well. 2/14
This location is important for two reasons:

1. There is little transmission infrastructure reaching this area today (though there is a @bonnevillepower corridor that gets close), so large new facilities are needed to connect OSW. 3/14
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I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. We’ve been through a lot this year.

Oregon is in a time of flux. Some are working to build a better Oregon and some capitalizing on divisiveness. #orpol
I’ve always believed politics should be about working together to overcome our challenges, not the pettiness that’s now common.

As a rural Oregonian, I recognize my interdependence on my neighbors. It is time to bridge divides, build relationships, & develop #rural leaders.
The painful fact is that the political establishment has demonstrated a fundamental lack of understanding of rural areas and has failed to invest in developing rural leaders. This lack of support hurts all rural communities, especially rural BIPOC Oregonians. #orpol #Oregon
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Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and other far-right group members - many armed with pistols and rifles - attempted to disrupt the Oregon Special Session today at the Salem statehouse. It is legal to carry guns in the Capitol building and on the grounds. #orleg…
There was a clash between troopers and protesters at Oregon Capitol after state police declare demonstration an unlawful assembly. Media report that troopers were “chased off by screaming protesters, many of them toting long black rifles.”
Armed insurrectionists also tried to force their way into a closed meeting inside the Oregon Capitol.

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Protesters demanding to be allowed into the Capitol for the session are squaring off w dozens of Salem officers and state police. Now chanting “arrest Kate Brown.” #orleg #orpol
This is a protest organized by Patriot Prayer, a right-wing group that frequently demonstrates in the Portland area.
This has been declared unlawful. Building alarms are sounding for some reason. #orleg
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Checking in from the Oregon Capitol this morning, where lawmakers are about to convene for a (hopefully) one-day session. Five bill concepts are in the offing, the biggest of which would extend the state's eviction ban and compensation to landlords for some lost income. #orleg
Other ideas:
--Allow bars and restaurants to sell cocktails to-go and limit fees delivery apps can charge
--Protect schools and healthcare from some lawsuits related to COVID-19
--Pour $600 million into Oregon's Emergency Fund in order to pay for COVID, wildfire programs
Want to testify about any of those? You're likely out of luck. Lawmakers held hearings on Thursday and Saturday featuring public testimony, and do not envision taking more today. People are hoping to get in and out of the building quickly and safely. We'll see! #orleg
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