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The business of the state is not done until significant #climateaction is in place. Cap-and-invest is not dead for 2019. It’s what we voted for. Thousands of Oregonians, from every corner of our state, call on our elected leaders for a special session to pass this bill. #ORleg
Bold action is necessary for our state to combat and prepare for the #climatecrisis. Make no mistake, Senate Republicans are coming back under their terms after walking out on Oregon’s children twice this year. This is not how our democracy is supposed to work. #ORpol
Continuing to capitulate to demands of a small minority, which has taken our legislature hostage, will only lead to more of the same because there are no consequences. It was never just about a climate protection bill, but a long list of Senate GOP demands and grievances.
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We’re live now at Portland’s Terry Schrunk Plaza to rally for abortion rights and #StopTheBans! Join us now to defend the hard-won victories for reproductive freedom and fight back against attempts to roll them back!
Impressive turnout and great energy at today's rally to #StopTheBans in Portland! #Portland #pdx
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UNROLL ME: #HB3063 proposes to let state gov practice medicine and throw healthy kids out of school. It's awful legislation. So when I saw the following story on FB, I asked and got permission to share it. This insensitivity is what families must deal with. #ORPOL #ORLEG
"I was with 12 constituents who went to Senator Chuck Thomsen's office. One was a mom who moved from California after her daughter got a CYCLICAL FEVER DISORDER following being vaccinated.
"With tears in her eyes she told him that her daughter suffers from debilitating fevers and vomiting every few months. "I voted for you," she said. She was told by a doctor that it would be potentially fatal to vaccinate her daughter.
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UNROLL ME: Jacie Gallion's speech, continued.
This is no longer about vaccines. This is a civil rights matter!

This is about Pharma using Public Health and our Elected Officials to turn us all into lifelong customers — and I am here to say WE DO NOT CONSENT!

#NoOnHB3063 #ORLEG
Pharma and Public Health Agencies want legislators to believe that parents are stupid, lazy, ignorant and socially irresponsible.

But they know we are smart.

#NoOnHB3063 #ORLEG
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UNROLL ME: I had the good fortune of hearing Jacie Gallion speak on the steps of our state Capitol to the thousands who attended the NO ON #HB3063 rally in Salem Tuesday. I asked for and got permission to share her wonderfully passionate speech here.
Hello Oregon Warriors!
It was RFKjr who said “The checks and balances in our democratic system that are supposed stand between corporate power and our little children have been removed, and there's only one barrier left and that's the parents.” #ORLEG #ORPOL #WEDONOTCONSENT
I am proud of you all for being here, for standing up, for showing up, to let your legislature know you will NOT BE SOLD to Pharma!

All over the United States — all over the World — this battle is being fought!

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Unroll me. Saw this and thought I'd share as a thread roll on why we can't trust pHARMa empowered by Gov. #NoOnHB3063 @katebrownforOR @cheriheltOR #ORLEG #ORPOL #hearus #notgoingaway
Vaccine safety skepticism makes me a conspiracy theorist? Consider this:
I didn't distribute a drug called Factor VIII in the 1980's tainted with the HIV virus intentionally, infecting and killing thousands of people around the world..…
I didn't experiment with the flu vaccine and expose mental patients and prisoners in Michigan to the pandemic virus in 1942...

Jonas Salk and the U.S. Government did that.…
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Should I live(ish) tweet this Avista IRP meeting? Sure.
Process has been delayed a bit because of something happening in the #waleg.
Participants in the room include @SierraClub @WAUTC IPUC @350Spokane, customers, and *lots* of Avista staff
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"As Oregon is addressing inappropriate restraints of students and clarifying what is inappropriate and necessary, Oregon children have been shipped to Clarinda Academy where reports tell of obscene restraint practices that lead to hospitalization."
A letter Sen. Kim Thatcher wrote about the foster system emergency in Oregon, following an @NBCNightlyNews and @ChildrensRights investigative exposé about Clarinda Academy--and Brown jailing, institutionalizing foster children.
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THREAD: Amid all the recent conversation about what OR Rep Bill Post intended when he invited a gun extremist group to "Be ready, be there!" at @MomsDemand Advocacy Day, it's important to step back and explain/contextualize a few things:

@chargrille @fred_guttenberg #orpol

Post's excuse is that he was just innocently inviting OFF to "debate" @MomsDemand at our #orleg Advocacy Day. This is is disingenuous.

Let's start with a definition: What is Advocacy Day? (Also sometimes called Lobby Day.)

Most issue-based organizations plan Advocacy Days at their state capitols to advocate for their specific issue: Environment, Education, Labor, LGBTQ, Disability Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Civil Liberties, Reproductive Rights, etc. It's a long-standing practice.

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IYMI @OregonGovBrown on @OPBTOL: I am intentionally putting Ore. on a new path. The Ore. Dept. of Energy was created in 70s in response to the energy crisis in Ore. Today as you know we face a very different challenge & that is global climate change. (1/3)…
.@OregonGovBrown added: I think that by aligning state programs and expertise and implementing our new cap and invest program in the new (Oregon Climate Authority), Oregon will better be able to achieve our climate goals. #ORleg #CleanEnergyJobs (2/3)
We wholeheartedly agree @OregonGovBrown. Thank you for your leadership. #ORleg #CleanEnergyJobs #ActOnClimate Here's our response to a new OCA (3/3):…
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Okay, can we take some time to talk about the bike tax? (Thread)

#orpol #orleg
Last week, #orleg approved a transportation package which includes $1.3 billion investment in biking, walking, and public transit #orpol
This package includes an estimated $70 million investment in bikeable trails throughout the state. #orpol #orleg
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