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The 46th Legislative District's Gerry Pollet spent a Sunday morning building up anti-housing strawmen and backing a predictable Seattle Times screed piece. "Today's extensive Times editorial is a "must read
It's a nice day, Gerry. Just go outside. "There is a separate bill that actually would help incr"Does every neighborhood in every city even have the inImage preview of The Seattle Time op-ed
Rep. Pollet's many years of abuse of power in the House Local Government Committee fighting against housing reforms seems to have cost him his chairmanship of the committee and more.
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Staring at 10:30 am: the House Civil Rights & Judiciary hearing, incliuding #MyHealthMyData and the #ShieldLaw.

Live video stream:…

"A much more favorable environment", my #waleg privacy overview, has more about both these bills…
#MyHealthMyData (HB 1155), from @SlatterVandana and @Dhingrama, provides strong protections to consumer health data. It

- requires opt-in consent before companies collect, use, or share data
- prohibits sales of health data
- restricts geofencing around health facilities
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The Senate Transportation committee's hearing on SB 5105 #DigitalDriversLicences starts at 4:00. I'll be live-tweeting. #waleg

Here's the video:…

And here's the "bill report", with a quick summary:…
Signins on #DigitalDriversLicenses are overwhelmingly CON -- including @ResistenciaNW @ACLU_WA and @IndivisEastside. @wapeopleprivacy is signed up to testify OTHER, as am I.…
@ACLU's."Identity Crisis: What Digital Driver’s Licenses Could Mean for Privacy, Equity, and Freedom" has more on the risks of #DigitalDriversLicenses.…
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A much more favorable environment, but a lot of complexity: Washington state privacy legislation 2023

UPDATED with info about #PeoplesPrivacyAct and #ShieldLaw as well as #MyHealthMyData… #waleg
The 2023 session is already in high gear, and once again there's some significant privacy legislation.
If you're just tuning in, "What's Past is Prologue" and "Significant successes for Washington privacy advocates" have the backstory.…
The Supreme Court's Dobbs decision overturning Roe has changed the game on privacy legislation. @SlatterVandana and @Dhingrama's #MyHealthMyData Act (HB1155/SB5351), developed with @AGOWA, responds by providing strong protections for consumer health data.…
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The wealth taxes and high net worth individual taxes rolling out today.🧵#statetax
1. California: a two-tier wealth tax on the worldwide wealth (tangible and intangible, financial and non-financial) of high net worth individuals (1% > $50 million, 1.5% > $1 billion). #caleg #capolitics #wealthtax
2. Connecticut: a surtax of up to 20% on capital gains income for the highest earners, plus a higher CIT and a digital advertising tax. #ctpolitics #ctleg #wealthtax
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🧵1/ “Legislative privilege” may sound dull, but it’s the latest ploy by the WA state Lege to write itself out of state transparency laws.
We rang the bell, and we’re grateful to the press for picking up the ball and running with it.
Here’s a rundown of the coverage so far: Image
Open government group says WA legislators are using ‘privilege’ to withhold public records
By @Shauna_Sowersby via @TriCityHerald… #waleg
@SeaTimesOpinion editorial: WA lawmakers are keeping secrets from the people again… #waleg
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BIG: Rep. Gerry Pollet will not be on any House policy committees that directly deal with land use, zoning, and housing.…
Rep. Pollet previous controlled the House Local Government Committee. He wielded his power to block and water down progressive housing and zoning reform wherever possible.
Rep. Pollet’s opposition to progressive housing and zoning reform earned him a place in our #Waleg “naughty” list two years running.……
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BREAKING: After overwhelmingly denying accommodations to staff with approved religious exemptions to the vaccine mandate - WSDOT now changes its policy to ALLOW the fortunate few they did accommodate back into office/field work.
2/ Reality is finally overtaking politics. But at what cost? The consequences of WSDOT's 2022 firings are evident in WSDOT's inability to work on #waleg transportation projects, and reduced staff capacity and service on our roads when we need it the most.…
3/ What about the ferries seamen and oilers, and road/bridge maintenance employees and technicians who were denied accommodation because their exemption was religious? If they reapply, do they go through the exemption process again? Can they get back-pay?…
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I’m trying to understand a situation, accurately and more comprehensively, after listening to what Welch Comer presented to the #PullmanCityCouncil, last night about the @City_of_Pullman’s Main Street Redesign aka Project Downtown Pullman.

Part 1:
Welch Comer to #PullmanCityCouncil

Part 2:
Welch Comer to #PullmanCityCouncil

Part 3:
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A #waleg thread

Early this morning, the @seattletimes published a piece by Jason Mercier of the right wing Washington Policy Center. That's not unusual. What is noteworthy is that they gave it top billing... it got put above the digital fold, as you can see from this screenshot:
@seattletimes Typically, stories written by the Times' journalists (or its columnists, like Danny Westneat) get these spots. Not "op-eds." But @seatimesopinion really, really wanted eyeballs for Mercier's piece, so the Times did Mercier a favor and made his submission as prominent as possible.
@seattletimes @SeaTimesOpinion Presently, as of this thread, the piece still has the top spot under Opinion, above a Horsey cartoon and an editorial from the Times' own staff, as you can see from this second screenshot:
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After negotiating in secret, the WA Redistricting Commission:
-Didn't release dozens of text messages in response to a public records request;
-Said it couldn't do so partly because 1 commissioner deleted those texts, a likely breach of state law.…
The Redistricting Commission meets every 10 yrs, so I've heard people saying maybe they just didn't know better.

Perhaps, but there's also evidence that people working for the commission raised concerns about how exec director Lisa McLean was handling records requests. #waleg
In notes from early Jan., Aminta Spencer, the commission's fmr executive assistant, notes concerns that Lisa McLean, the commission's exec director, "doesn't know what she is doing" when handling records requests. McLean is the commission's assigned public records officer. #waleg ImageImage
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State #waleg leaders from both parties in a good mood so far, as they announce final transportation budget bills. Livestream at…
Significant that Rep. Sharon Wylie, D-Vancouver, is zooming alongside the other transpo leaders #waleg. Washington state's share of a mega I-5 bridge replacement into Oregon would be funded by the 2022 package.
Sen. Curtis King, R-Yakima now critiques how Dems crafted the $17b package without conferring with GOP, "that shortchanges the citizens statewide." He especially blasts fee increases for vehicle owners.
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The WA Senate is now poised to pass a bill that would give Uber/Lyft drivers a pay raise and some benefits outside of Seattle but prevent them from being classified as employees. Some unions see this bill as a major blow to the movement. Background: #waleg…
In not classifying the ridehail drivers as "employees," the bill would give Uber/Lyft a huge win, plus a great deal on car insurance. Other unions say the bill sets a dangerous precedent for a two-tiered benefit system that threatens workers' rights here and across the country.
And it passed, 40 to 8. Only a few Republicans opposed.
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The WA Senate just passed HB 2037, a significant rollback from last year’s police accountability legislation. The version they passed allows cops to use force when someone walks away from a cop during a Terry stop #waleg

If the governor signs the bill, which he very likely will, then officers with little more than a hunch that you may have committed a low-level crime can use force to stop you from leaving a scene.
As I mentioned in the piece linked above, in committee, families of victims of police brutality and criminal justice advocates told stories of how this sort of policy opens the door for physical force to become deadly force.
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The Teamsters are torn on a Washington state bill that would boost pay and offer some protections to Uber and Lyft drivers outside Seattle but stop short of classifying them as employees. #waleg…
Teamsters 117 + Drivers Union + House Dems want to take the deal and keep pushing for change at the federal/state level.

Teamsters Joint Council 28, the Mass AFL-CIO (which is currently fighting a Prop 22 clone from Uber/Lyft), and other orgs say the deal sets a bad precedent.
No official word yet from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, though a new administration takes over on March 20, so they're kind of in transition.
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1/9 Washington has the most regressive tax code in the nation. Poll after poll shows that voters support making the wealthy pay what they owe. But they're working behind the scenes to do the opposite by trying to repeal the capital gains tax on profits over $250,000. #waleg Image
2/9 We’re shining a light on the ultra-rich behind this effort. First, there’s @mattmcilwain, board member of the Koch-brothers backed Washington Policy Center. Not content with his estimated $375M net-worth, Matt wants to give himself a massive tax cut. That’s just greedy. Image
3/9 Next we have GOP donor Brian Heywood. Brian is the CEO of Taiyo Pacific Partners and enjoys horse boarding and donating to pro-Trump Republicans in his spare time. He backed conspiracy-theorist Loren Culp’s gubernatorial bid and has given over $100k to the unhinged WA GOP. Image
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🧵1/ BLOG: New data show WSDOT overwhelmingly denied accommodations to staff with approved religious exemptions, while accommodating staff with medical exemptions *for the same job classification.* #waleg…
2/ Many employees submitted religious & medical exemptions to the vaccine, yet the vast majority of those whose exemptions were approved were fired anyway on the basis that the agency said they could not “accommodate” them.
3/There should be no difference in the state’s ability to accommodate employees in the same job class. Once exemptions are approved, accommodations are subject to approval “based on the essential functions required of the position” – not whether exemption was medical or religious
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There’s a life and death policy battle coming and I need everyone to retweet this and prepare. Washington state’s upside down tax code exacerbates every major issue we have in our region, whether that’s our housing crisis, homelessness, racial disparities, or climate change. 1/
But every attempt to fix our regressive tax system, which disproportionately burdens the poor and middle class, is met with organized and well-funded resistance from some of the wealthiest people in our state. One such campaign is coming to defeat the recent capital gains tax. 2/
Cap gains tax is a historic progressive revenue source passed by #waleg last session. It will fund critical needs for Washington’s children, working parents, teachers, & more. Only the super wealthy would be taxed and it will become effective Jan 1, 22. 3/…
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The four members of the Washington Redistricting Commission released draft Congressional maps today. As with the legislative maps, we each prioritized different values. Mine focused on fair representation and competition. Here's a little thread. #waleg #waelex
At the moment, Washington has one out of 10 Congressional districts where a majority of residents are people of color. Statewide, more than 1/3 of residents are people of color.
While drawing many draft maps, I realized that we could in fact draw two compact, contiguous districts where a majority are people are of color. Here's the first one. It takes the 10th CD from Tacoma up the I-5 corridor to Burien.
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Yesterday the four voting commissioners on the Washington redistricting commission released proposed legislative maps. Here's a little thread on something I really care about--competitive elections. #waleg #waelex
Each map has pros and cons, and each commissioner focused on different goods. My top focus was drawing as many competitive districts as possible. One salve for hyper-partisanship and division is more competitive elections.
Competitive districts are so important. Get rid of them and you have elections without choices. Increase their number and you encourage parties to recruit outstanding candidates who must appeal to voters across the spectrum.
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Here's a thread with evidence that 10 large school districts in WA state are teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) racism. First, "Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning Powerpoint," is full CRT, and attached to Rufo's "Seattle Teaching Hate":…#waleg
Second, here's a link to Spokane Public Schools, which is working on drafting a new Equity Policy full of Critical Race Theory racist jargon and goals: #waleg
Third, here is a link to the Issaquah School District showing they are teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) racism in this district, too:…
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NEW: Washington lawmaker wears yellow Star of David, evoking Nazi persecution, to protest COVID vaccine mandates #waleg… via @seattletimes
@seattletimes Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, said, "In the current context, we're all Jews."
@seattletimes In interview, Walsh also brought up the film "Spartacus" and Plessy v. Ferguson.
Read 3 tweets to unpack this. @WAPolicyCenter is worried about how federal Rescue Act funds will be spent. @waOSPI is seeking community opinion on the biggest COVID-19 challenges students with disabilities are facing. Access to recovery services wasn't listed on a related survey. 1/15
We are also worried about recovery services. When the pandemic hit, school administrators nationwide asked the federal government to waive IDEA, 504, and other key civil rights protections for disabled students’ access to education. 2/15
They didn’t prevail. The law held. But then we saw kids go without services, anyway. It’s been a rough pandemic. 3/15
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