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All this b/c two Black trans girls Andraya Yearwood & Terry Miller of @ChangingGameDoc sometimes win their races & media exclusively covers when they do then ignores when they don't. It's one of the easiest & most dangerous ways people justify discrimination. #ProtectTransKids
@ChangingGameDoc Advocates have been screaming at the top of their lungs about this issue, understanding how racism, sexism & body policing are all at play & most extremely when Black & brown trans femmes & all women with "less feminine, more masculine" features participate in sport are affected.
@ChangingGameDoc Legitimately, this is THE issue that people (even well-intentioned ones & ones within the community) can & will attempt to withhold equal protection under the law for all LGBTQ people & anyone who defies white Eurocentric gender expectations, particularly women of all experience.
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I know a lot of stuff is happening on the national stage this week but please do not forget about the dangerous attacks on trans youth in the states. Trans lives are being criminalized. Here is a run down of what is happening this week and what you can do! #ProtectTransKids
TODAY in Florida, there will be a hearing on HB 1365, which like South Dakota's bill as introduced, would make health care for trans minors A FELONY. Doctors who treat consenting patients with life-saving care could face 15 years in prison. This bill WILL kill trans kids.
There will be a rally and press conference outside the Capitol in FL TODAY and the hearing is at 3 PM ET. If you are in Florida and can make it, head to Tallahassee.
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“Many parents of trans kids keep a ‘safe book,’ which documents every instance of dysphoria and every medical appointment because strangers who disagree with allowing children to socially transition call CPS.”

By ⁦@transscribe

Most of the time if you even mention CPS to right-wing Christians, they freak out. How dare the state want to prevent spanking infants or make sure homeschooled kids aren’t neglected?

But a “boy” being allowed to wear a dress? Call that evil state now!

Authoritarians are truly sick people. They want a culture of denunciation; it’s all they understand. The rest of us actually want to live and let live, and we prove it’s possible every day. But they insist we’re all as sick inside as they are work to make coexistence impossible.
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Debunking a few myths following @BBCTwo @BBCNewsnight report about puberty blockers

1. Blockers are not harmful to bone growth:…

#newsnight @BBCNewsnight
2. Puberty blockers don't affect greater brain function:…

#Newsnight @BBCNewsnight
3. Puberty blockers are reversible:

#Newsnight @BBCNewsnight
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Transphobes act like giving puberty blockers to trans kids is fast tracking transition when in fact blockers are MEANT to slow things down and give the kid time to “grow out of it.”

Blockers enable watchfulness by extending the option to not transition.

It shows how disingenuous the transphobes really are. Blockers are literally a compromise toward gatekeeping, and they still can’t help but spin it as though blockers are transing the kids faster than ever.
That’s why I’m not gonna debate transphobes. They’re coming from a place of hate, not understanding. They’re not interested in winning a debate. They’ve already won if they get me to debate my life and feel like I need to justify my worthiness of existence again and again.
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It gets worse. New GIDS article states no social transition till 10. Wren 'fears' harm with no evidence. She is working on cisnormative instinct.…
My daughter is enjoying a happy carefree childhood. I cannot imagine what state she would be in if we had rejected her for her whole childhood til she was 10.
I feel like only ten people on twitter will care, but this really is devastating. Some trans kids have a strong need to assert their identity at a young age, being mis-seen, being rejected for who they are, is a huge deal.
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On the 1st day of Christmas I awoke to see, trans children safe & happy

On the 2nd day of Christmas I awoke to see, 2 trans judges, and trans children safe & happy

On the 3rd day of Christmas I awoke to see, 3 trans editors, 2 trans judges, and trans children safe & happy
On the 4th day of Christmas I awoke to see, 4 trans head teachers, 3 trans editors, 2 trans judges, and trans children safe & happy

On the 5th day of Christmas I awoke to see, 5 trans MPs, 4 trans head teachers, 3 trans editors, 2 trans judges, and trans children safe & happy
On the 6th day of Christmas I awoke to see, 6 trans athletes winning, 5 trans MPs, 4 trans head teachers, 3 trans editors, 2 trans judges, & trans children safe & happy
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59% of 15,697 respondents to Scottish GRA consultation want a route to gender recognition for under 16s. Scotland now needs to show leadership. #SupportTransKids
Those opposed say under 16 is too young to make a decision on how to live. Clearly they know no trans kids. Our trans kids are already living their lives, the GRA has no bearing on this. The GRA is about their life & identity being recognised & respected. #ProtectTransKids
Those opposed seem to think GR is a 'profound decision'. It is not for trans kids who have already updated all their other ID, who have been living their lives with their identity respected for years
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Trans children were overjoyed this week to see @EmmaWatson come out for trans equality. Trans kids around the world are having a rough time & visible allies matter. Trans kids & siblings from around the world say thank you (thread). #IKnowWhoIAm #ProtectTransKids #Butterfly
By 9 year old trans girl, Australia
By 11 year old big sister of trans girl, Australia
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Had a call from a friend tonight asking if we're ok. The truth is no. Trying to hold down a busy full time job, our kids, a relationship, the school run, late nights early mornings -normal busy life PLUS, another world of advocacy, research, writing, campaigns. Its exhausting 1/
On top of this is run of the mill low level transphobia that's been bubbling under the surface for years and then a new, specific, targeted campaign of transphobic hate, aimed at a tiny, vulnerable group. Many of us are fighting, but there is no breathing space, no contingency 2/
This means when stuff comes up, even normal, run of the mill, life stuff, it knocks you down. Like if you get an injury - as happened to me last year, or one of the kids is sick, (all the time), or if you hit a snag at work, or in your social life, this hits hard 3/
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Thanking Kelly Winters and her team once again for another peer reviewed paper confirming that affirming trans and gender diverse kids is what helps them thrive
“Globally, health care providers acknowledge that gender is “a matter of diversity, not pathology,”6 and gender identity is being formally recognized as a deeply personal and fundamental human right.7”
“these studies suggest that children who consistently assert a transgender identity are likely to continue to do so.16–19”
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