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Long Reads Sunday #71.

Hedge funder warnings.
Bitcoin analogies to past revolutions.
Blockchains & Tyranny.

LRS returns to its roots with an edition that is almost all big ideas>news. Get your ☕️or🥃and let’s do this thing!

2/ Apropos of an all big thought content issue, may I recommend Bitcoin Macro - a pop-up podcast I produced with @CoinDesk for #InvestNYC all about Bitcoin in the macro context. 2nd drop features @melt_dem @reformedbroker @Ambresoub
3/ Hey and speaking of @CoinDesk - I’ll be speaking about (what else) memes and crypto Twitter at #InvestNYC on Tuesday with @La__Cuen @TheStalwart and @DoveyWan . Say hi if you’re there.…
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Narrative Watch 10.14 | Regulators Get Rowdy (aka Why You Might Owe Money On BSV)…
What we're discussing:

Multiple agencies & Senate getting up in crypto.


+SEC says no to Bitwise ETF
+SEC says HELL no to Telegram token sale
+IRS says you may owe money on BSV
+Senators say they may kneecap you if you work with Libra
+CFTC says ETH=commodity.
My takes:

+ETF is a long haul
+TG action seems baaaad for the idea of SAFTs
+IRS probably didn't mean for you to owe money on BSV but it might be more confusing no anyway
+CFTC comments are one bright spot
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Narrative Watch: Time Preference Transformation - How CryptoTwitter Reacted (or Didn't) to the Crash…
What we're looking at:

Going a little meta and looking at the sort of awesome non-response on crypto/bitcoin twitter to last week's price crash.

In this #NarrativeWatch I explore whether it is a question strictly of strong fundamentals - or whether it is a different shift.
My take:

I think part of it *IS* fundamental strength, but I also think there is a distinct low time preference mentality among those who are involved in this space right now.

The bear market really did shake a lot of the high time preference folks out.
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Narrative Watch 9.23 | MEME WARFARE: 'Bitcoin fixes this' vs. 'ETH is money'…
What are we talking about?

1. The power of memes in the industry and how they drive markets

2. The specific shift in 'bitcoin fixes this' from an almost tongue-in-cheek meme to something that captures the generational hedge of BTC

3. The rise of 'ETH is money'
My hot takes?

1. Bitcoin fixes this is the best BTC meme right now. It's better than digital gold and safe haven which both bring a ton of baggage from other industries.

2. ETH is money shows that the Ethereum community *heard* the message in "How To Meme BTC to the moon'
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Tomorrow's #NarrativeWatch video is gonna be fun.

Memetic Warfare: Bitcoin Solves This vs. ETH Is Money.

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On the one hand, a serious builder week with @BinanceAmerica going live, @sqcrypto announcing hires, fiat-LN on Zap & more.

On the other, rate cuts & billions injected into overnight repo markets. What’s it all mean? Thread 👇

@BinanceAmerica @sqcrypto 2/ Quick detour. Prefer audio/visual to reading? Watch or listen to my Crypto Daily 3@3, which covered Binance US opening, repo market and rate cuts, North Korea crypto talk and much more.


@BinanceAmerica @sqcrypto 3/ Okay, let's dive in. You know there is no way we’re not starting this bad boy with a recap of the Fed’s massive, multipart injection into the overnight repo markets, which somehow overshadowed the second consecutive rate cut.
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#NarrativeWatch: Binance, Venus and the coming battle of CBDCs & non-sovereign fiat…
Read @twobitidiot idiots sum up of this idea from today's Unqualified Opinions…

Check out all the links (and other articles I'm finding on this on the @MessariCrypto linkboard…
@twobitidiot @MessariCrypto To listen to this Narrative Watch on Binance, Venus, and central bank digital currencies:





Or subscribe to get these via email…
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Welcome to Long Reads Sunday #57 - aka the “holy $%#! there’s nothing about Libra” edition!

Seriously, no Libra, Not a single Tweet. Instead, we’ve got sanctions, SEC action, new metrics, paradigm shifts, and a lil Suntroversy.

Strap in, friends, it's long reads time!
2/ Let’s start w something cool. The SEC issued a No Action letter for Pocketful of Quarters in-game currency ERC-20. @msantoriESQ gives the background & argues that, although a small step, is impressive in the context of extremely slow moving regulators.
3/ There was actually a fair bit about crypto gaming this week. @fredwilson wrote about @CHZWZRDS & the idea of “extensible games” - that true ownership of digital items opens possibilities to expand games outside of their initial worlds.…
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Long Reads Sunday #54 - Big ideas and BBQ edition!

It’s been a holiday week in the USA and apparently for crypto that means everyone is dusting off their unfinished drafts. From CBDCs to censorship to the best crypto parody music videos you've seen, this week was fireworks 🎆
2/ If you think a holiday entirely about freedom and throwing off the yoke of financial and political tyranny is going to pass without someone making the analogy, you nuts. @jchervinsky writes why the American revolutionaries would have been hodl’ers
3/ @coinbase meanwhile used the occasion to share the results of a study they conducted on the level of awareness of Bitcoin/crypto around the US. Some stats:

+58% of Americans have heard of Bitcoin
+more people searched “Bitcoin” than “royal wedding”…
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Long Reads Sunday #53.

Volatility is back on the menu baby! Up 20% one day and then back down the next. Then again, maybe BTC price is just a metaphor for an increasingly volatile world?

Smack a little go go juice in yo cup, it’s Long Reads time!
2/ In case you were on an Ayahuasca retreat and happened to miss it, the price of Bitcoin rocketed up all the way up to almost $14k before coming down. The whole beginning of the week was about asking why? @krugermacro tweaks “more buyers than sellers”
3/ @lawmaster meanwhile pointed out that all the indicators suggested it wasn’t a retail spike. Case in point, follower growth graphs for major exchanges which didn’t even sort of suggest a pop
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LONG READS SUNDAY 1 Year Retrospective

This weekend marks 52 weeks of LRS. To see everything that’s changed in that time, I’m going back and summing up each & every week: what we were talking about, who was driving the convo, and of course, the thread of the week. Let’s go! 👇

One logistical note: For those of you who are like “YEAH BUT WHAT ABOUT LRS52 I NEED TO TALK ABOUT LIBRA ” never you fear. It’s coming right after this one.

Because I am an insane person.

LRS1 - 7/1/18
BTC: $6,661

The thread that started it all! The first 3 pieces were @Melt_Dem on HF liquidations, @_jillruth on talent, @katherineykwu on the first China blockchain lawsuit.

Content OTW: @m2jr “Crypto Commons”…
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Long Reads Sunday #51.

Oh. My. God. This week. Facebook Libra squads up. Binance🖕US. Mass delistings. State power resurgent. Pomp’s birthday!

Bitcoin doesn’t sleep and neither do I on weeks like this!

Strap in, kids, it’s long reads time!
2/ Let’s start with the massive. We’ve been talking about FBcoin nonstop and this week we got official info about the first node partners - Uber, Visa, and PayPal. There was a ton of discussion but @Ben_Munster really captured the attitude here:…
3/ But then, like a SCOOPS AI from the future, @fintechfrank swooped in on Friday with the *entire* list of kick off partners for Libra, including investment firms, nonprofits, telcos, e-commerce, travel, music, ride-sharing, and payments.
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Long Reads Sunday #50.

If this week wasn’t interesting, you’re not alive.

The SEC claps back; new info on ZuckBucks; Apple puts privacy front & center; global battles for the future of the control of money.

Saddle up friends, it’s long reads time!
2/ Episode 2: The SEC Strikes Back! Last week, we saw extensive discussion around Kik’s “Defend Crypto” campaign arguing that the Howey test doesn’t apply to tokens. This week, the SEC clapped back with a lawsuit which @jchervinsky describes thusly:
3/ @katherineykwu came through with one of her now famous annotations. This is a great way to get the key points while still checking out the source material. Highlights include ‘Let’s Jam LMAO’ on Pg. 27
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Long Reads Sunday #42.

Who woulda thunk it? After all the tension, infighting, and tribal bickering, the thing that gets us to set aside differences & unite against a common foe is a threat to dox a spacecat.

Saddle TF up, it’s Long Reads time! 👇

Image: @CryptoScamHub
2/ Here’s the TL;DR. Craig Wright, who is absolutely and most definitely Satoshi, upped the stakes on his campaign against those who claimed otherwise by offering a $5000 bounty to reveal the identity of @hodlonaut (aka the person who kicked off the #LNtrustchain)
3/ It was a step too far.

Pomposity, outlandish claims, and outright scams are par for the course in crypto. But an outright attempt to dox someone is a straight up “fuck you” to everything anyone legitimately in this space believes in.
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#NarrativeWatch - fund consolidation and capital concentration around differentiated allocators.
Collab between @Ikigai_fund and Morgan Creek Digital is another recent example
@Ikigai_fund BTW in case it's not clear, is see this as an "industry maturing" narrative, with LPs better able to separate wheat from chaff, not an industry struggling narrative.
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Long Reads Sunday #39.

Another week of nonstop crypto action! We’ve got initial exchange offerings, fear and loathing at the Fed, pumped up kicks volume, and more bounce than the Cuban (Junior) National Twerk Team.

Buckle ya seatbelts, it’s long reads time!
2/ Crypto no gracias?

The more time passes, the more governments are going to position themselves as for or against crypto. The latest to join the against team is Mexico. @CoinCenter has the write up on regulation that would effectively ban exchanges.
3/ Head East, Young Man.

The situation couldn’t be more different across the world, however. @arjunblj reports on the raw energy he saw coming out of the community attending Token2049 in Hong Kong.…
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Liberty Crypto Reader #2 - Twitter Edition.

Welcome back to your weekly dispatch from the front lines of the battle for the future.

This week, #LNTrustChain makes it to Iran; states gettin’ surveil-ly; CBDCs for days and a lesson in liberty and social scalability. Thread 👇
2/ And with that, the Lightning torch has made its way to Iran. After many attempts, @Ziya_Sadr received the torch and claimed it a victory for a community that has been ‘censored from both sides’
3/ One of the best takes on the #LNTrustChain landing in Tehran came from @mikejcasey, who called it “the most important economic-social experiment to occur in crypto land since the early days of bitcoin.” We agree!
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(Potential) #NarrativeWatch: over correction away from tokens?
As an aside: investors calling themselves “contrarian” is basically the equivalent of entrepreneurs self-labeling as “visionary.”
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