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One of my favorite #ETHDenver projects: frontrun malicious txs being sent from your account.

While dealing with phishers & again after our CryptoKitty rescue mission ( I wondered if this was possible. Txpool(s) are tricky but, yup, it's possible.
Scaling this service for mass use would be difficult, and is much better suited for large accounts with few transactions: cold storage, treasuries, etc. where you can customize based on end-user or include in a larger enterprise-type security/consulting offering.
For example, I know @Corpetty monitors contracts & asset movements in order to know as soon as possible if something is compromised or funky to quickly mitigate further loss after a bad thing happened.

This tool would also allow for a chance to *prevent* the initial loss.
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LONG READS SUNDAY 1 Year Retrospective

This weekend marks 52 weeks of LRS. To see everything that’s changed in that time, I’m going back and summing up each & every week: what we were talking about, who was driving the convo, and of course, the thread of the week. Let’s go! 👇

One logistical note: For those of you who are like “YEAH BUT WHAT ABOUT LRS52 I NEED TO TALK ABOUT LIBRA ” never you fear. It’s coming right after this one.

Because I am an insane person.

LRS1 - 7/1/18
BTC: $6,661

The thread that started it all! The first 3 pieces were @Melt_Dem on HF liquidations, @_jillruth on talent, @katherineykwu on the first China blockchain lawsuit.

Content OTW: @m2jr “Crypto Commons”…
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0/ The last day in February is here. Already over 15% through the year!

As always, there was a ton going on in the #blockchain/#crypto space today. Let's look back at some events from the past 24 hours!
1/ 🔲 Square, the payments giant led by Twitter's Jack Dorsey, reported its 4Q18 earnings. In total, users of Square's Cash App sold >$166M worth of #bitcoin in 2018 and $52.5M in 4Q. Considering the timeframe, that's some very solid QoQ growth! Graphic from @TheBlock__.
2/ 🤓 @BinanceResearch published an in-depth research report on @IOStoken [ $IOST ], a #blockchain-as-a-service platform focussed on mass adoption. Love this initiative from @Binance.…
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0/ Hey hey heyyyyyyy. Hope everyone is doing well!

Below is a 20-part thread covering the latest happenings in the #crypto/#blockchain space from the past 24 hours. Enjoy!
1/ 🤯 @GetNuo unveiled @UniswapExchange- and @KyberNetwork-powered non-custodial margin trading!

Users can LONG or SHORT #bitcoin [ $BTC ], #ether [ $ETH ], Maker [ $MKR / $DAI ], 0x [ $ZRX ] and other ERC20-compliant tokens with up to 5x leverage.…
2/ 🤝 @Coinbase announced the acquisition #blockchain intelligence startup Neutrino. Their team of eight will continue to operate as a standalone business based out of Coinbase's #London office.
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0/ A scorching hot start to the week here in crypto land!

To help you stay on top of it all, I've put together a 23-part thread on what went down on Monday in the #crypto/#blockchain ecosystem.
1/ 📣 @Blockstream unveiled “MuSig” to its test cryptographic library, making it possible for devs to tinker with the Schnorr signature scheme and potentially find bugs. Hopes the code "will eventually be merged into the upstream library secp256k1 used by Bitcoin Core."
2/ 🤑 Tokyo-headquartered Recruit Co., Ltd. - an intermediate holding company of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. - announced its investment in @BeamPrivacy [ $BEAM ] via its #blockchain-focused fund RSP Blockchain Tech Fund.…
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Long Reads Sunday #34.

This week, some of the biggest news was around a project whose name references a powerful god of blood and sacrifice.

I’m referring, of course, to JP Morgan’s JPM Coin.

That, plus #ETHDenver, pensions getting off zero, was a week! 👇
2/ All joking aside, the real project I was mentioning above is Moloch, a new coordination DAO meant to help the Ethereum community better allocate resources to shared infrastructure projects.

H/T to @neeraj for the joke I borrowed.
3/ To learn more about Moloch, check out this video one of the project’s builders @ameensol did with @twobitidiot of @messaricrypto at #ETHDenver. Ameen is one of the most interesting thinkers in Ethereum and crypto so highly recommend.…
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0/ 'Twas all happening on Wednesday in the world of #crypto/#blockchain! Below, I've put together a 25-part thread featuring all the best happenings in the space from the past day or so. Let's do this!
1a/ ⚖️ @MakerDAO [ $MKR / $DAI ] announced the MakerDAO Foundation underwent a major restructuring. Why? To "provide stronger support to help the Dai Credit system navigate an increasingly complex and ever-changing regulatory and competitive landscape."…
1b/ Ⓜ️ All Maker-related entities are part of the Maker Ecosystem Growth Group, a conglomerate of subsidiaries housed under the Cayman Islands-domiciled Maker Ecosystem Growth Foundation. It's temporary and "will dissolve once MakerDAO has achieved its decentralization goals."
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