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Long Reads Sunday #42.

Who woulda thunk it? After all the tension, infighting, and tribal bickering, the thing that gets us to set aside differences & unite against a common foe is a threat to dox a spacecat.

Saddle TF up, it’s Long Reads time! 👇

Image: @CryptoScamHub
2/ Here’s the TL;DR. Craig Wright, who is absolutely and most definitely Satoshi, upped the stakes on his campaign against those who claimed otherwise by offering a $5000 bounty to reveal the identity of @hodlonaut (aka the person who kicked off the #LNtrustchain)
3/ It was a step too far.

Pomposity, outlandish claims, and outright scams are par for the course in crypto. But an outright attempt to dox someone is a straight up “fuck you” to everything anyone legitimately in this space believes in.
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Looks like I’m now the Lightning Torch bearer.

Thanks @SatoshiLite for your confidence and of course for your contributions to Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Who should I pass this to and why?

I will be passing the torch this morning ( California time ) please send your 4.11M Satoshi invoices asap!
To clarify. Next invoice should be 4.12M Satoshis. Thanks for catching everyone.
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Long Reads Sunday #39.

Another week of nonstop crypto action! We’ve got initial exchange offerings, fear and loathing at the Fed, pumped up kicks volume, and more bounce than the Cuban (Junior) National Twerk Team.

Buckle ya seatbelts, it’s long reads time!
2/ Crypto no gracias?

The more time passes, the more governments are going to position themselves as for or against crypto. The latest to join the against team is Mexico. @CoinCenter has the write up on regulation that would effectively ban exchanges.
3/ Head East, Young Man.

The situation couldn’t be more different across the world, however. @arjunblj reports on the raw energy he saw coming out of the community attending Token2049 in Hong Kong.…
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TOP 5 Liberty Crypto Highlights!

AKA the most interesting notes from this week's Liberty Crypto Reader.

Let’s dive in! 👇
#5: Completely Offline Bitcoin Transactions
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Ie. when the critique of Bitcoin becomes that it is subject to uhh electricity, the response is the setup for sending/receiving BTC via satellite, mesh & batteries.
#4: The Battle Around Tor
The battle around privacy tech is heading up! See for example Tor in the news 2x; once as Indian’s flock to it to get around the state, and second as Germany tries to ban running nodes because it enables criminals. 👀
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1/ With all this talk about Ethereum node nightmares, I thought I'd write up a brief thread about my experience with running bitcoin nodes.

In early 2018 I bought an ACEPC T11 ($120) and a 2.5" SATA 7200 RPM 1 TB Western Digital WD Black HDD ($66) from Amazon.
2/ I installed Linux, Bitcoin Core and LND, opened channels and bought a some stickers.

The ACEPC T11 comes with Windows 10 preinstalled on an internal SD. I wanted to try out @pierre_rochard's Node Launcher so I fired up Windows, installed it and am syncing from genesis now.
3/ I bought a @CasaHODL node when they were announced, got mine Nov 2018. I bought it right away because they have a great product team (shout out @jeremyrwelch, @lopp and @Nneuman) and because full hardware nodes like it, @nodl_it and @lightninginabox are doing important work.
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Liberty Crypto Reader #2 - Twitter Edition.

Welcome back to your weekly dispatch from the front lines of the battle for the future.

This week, #LNTrustChain makes it to Iran; states gettin’ surveil-ly; CBDCs for days and a lesson in liberty and social scalability. Thread 👇
2/ And with that, the Lightning torch has made its way to Iran. After many attempts, @Ziya_Sadr received the torch and claimed it a victory for a community that has been ‘censored from both sides’
3/ One of the best takes on the #LNTrustChain landing in Tehran came from @mikejcasey, who called it “the most important economic-social experiment to occur in crypto land since the early days of bitcoin.” We agree!
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1/ I HODL the #LNTrustChain torch. The lightning network is a profoundly important development in the history of #Bitcoin. Thread 👇
2/ The lightning network allows for the eventual transition of #Bitcoin from an incipient store of value (as it is now) to a generally accepted medium of exchange (i.e., to become a fully fledged global money).
3/ I'm deeply grateful for @hodlonaut for creating the torch to help promote the lightning network and increase its capacity.

When I wrote the Bullish Case for Bitcoin I knew LN would be important but did not know it would grow this quickly. I'm more bullish than ever.
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Long Reads Sunday #34.

This week, some of the biggest news was around a project whose name references a powerful god of blood and sacrifice.

I’m referring, of course, to JP Morgan’s JPM Coin.

That, plus #ETHDenver, pensions getting off zero, was a week! 👇
2/ All joking aside, the real project I was mentioning above is Moloch, a new coordination DAO meant to help the Ethereum community better allocate resources to shared infrastructure projects.

H/T to @neeraj for the joke I borrowed.
3/ To learn more about Moloch, check out this video one of the project’s builders @ameensol did with @twobitidiot of @messaricrypto at #ETHDenver. Ameen is one of the most interesting thinkers in Ethereum and crypto so highly recommend.…
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1/ Bitcoin Rabbit Digest for @stephanlivera's podcast with @jack and @starkness (SLP52).

Best for: Crypto Beginners
2/ Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square followed the Cypherpunks early on and knew about the Bitcoin white paper at the time it was released: He experimented with the integration of bitcoin into his @CashApp as early as 2014.
3/ Dorsey believes that Square was one of the first public companies to deal with the SEC around bitcoin. He also believes they have a mission to educate the public about bitcoin and published and the super easy to understand ‘My First Bitcoin’ (
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Long Reads Sunday #33.

Jack takes the Lightning torch. An exchange founder death strands $190m. A new plan to resuscitate Mt. Gox. Skirmishes in the ongoing battle between privacy and surveillance. Crypto finds a new mortal enemy in MMT?

Strap in, fam, it’s long reads time.
2/ Bet you didn’t think you’d read about Mt. Gox here on LRS in 2019, eh? @BrockPierce announced a plan to bring the infamous exchange back. Not without controversy, of course, as witness by the comments in this thread.
3/ Speaking of Gox, @TuurDemeester did an interesting little exercise comparing BTC circulating supply to gold reserves. By analogy, the Mt. Gox Trustees currently control an amount of BTC bigger than the gold reserves of the Swiss Central Bank.
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