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- Ökozid kriminalisieren, Aktivist*innen weltweit schützen -

Mahnwachen & Aktionen in:
Begleitprogramm in Hamburg (Vortrag, Film + Diskussion. ImageImageImageImage
Infos zu den Aktivitäten + Hintergrundinfos + Forderungen können dem Flyer-Folder entnommen werden.
Wir GEDENKEN der sog. #Ogoni9:
|Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa |Barinem Kiobel | Saturday Dobee |Paul Levura |Nordu Eawo |Felix Naute |Daniel Gbokoo |John Kpuinen |Buribor Bera|
Wir KLÄREN schwerste #Umweltverbrechen des #ShellKonzerns & anderer Öl- & Gasfirmen im #NigerDelta, #Nigeria auf und KLAGEN sie an.
Wir FORDERN die Sanierung der verseuchten Gebieten, angemessene Entschädigung für die Opfer + Kriminalisierung des Ökozids.
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Liebe Mitmenschen!
Ich bitte um Ihre / Eure Aufmerksamkeit und Hilfe!
Ich bitte Sie um Spenden für Opfer der anhaltenden #Flutkatastrophe in #Nigeria.…

Seit Juni dieses Jahres überrollt eine vermutlich noch nie da gewesene #Flutkatastrophe fast das ganze Landesgebiet Nigerias: mehr als 700 Toten, hunderttausende Häuser weggeschwemmt, ca. 2 Mio. Menschen obdachlos.
Viele Brücken, Straßen, Schulen, Krankenhäuser & andere Basisinfrastrukturen + hunderttausende Hektare Ackerland wurden zerstört, Existenzen vernichtet, 32 der 36 Bundesländer betroffen.
Schlimmster "#Ökozid Hotspot" der Welt (#NigerDelta) ist Epizentrum der Flutkatastrophe.
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Oil Rivers Protectorate 1884-1894.

The Oil Rivers Protectorate which is the present-day Niger Delta that lives in the coastal lines(South-South states) is the delta of the Niger River sitting directly at the gulf of guinea on the Atlantic ocean. Confirmed in the
Berlin conference the following year. It was later expanded to accommodate more and renamed the Niger Coast Protectorate in 1893-1900 before it was later expanded again and was joined with other regions to form the Southern Nigeria Protectorate 1900-1914. Later expanded further
North to create Nigeria Protectorate 1914-1954, to what's today the federation of Nigerian.

The States and their coastal communities which are in the present-day Niger Delta:

Edo state:
Agenebode is a historic water-side town located by the banks of the Niger River in Edo
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He fought for his people, left school as a SUG president, cos of the marginalization & oil spillage from his hometown, form an armed militia(NDVF), & declared the Niger Delta Republic.
Those things he fought for none have been actualized. He was our Hero
@DONJAZZY celebrate an hero💪
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I will be hosting a Space; #NigerDelta talks about Adaka Boro's day and how to position the Niger Delta especially in PR.

If you have a suggestion or would like to join. It's by 9 pm. @Sm_geeh @_terry2020 @Bigbounce01.
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#NigerDelta History/Ekpeye.
Benin Empire was one of the greatest of the
time. They were said to have migrated from
Oduduwa Empire of the Yorubas. The Obas
had little regard for human beings. They
were taken as the ancestors and thereby
were honored as gods. At about 1542 AD,
during the reign of Oba Awuarre, his
atrocities were so severe that his subjects
could no longer bear; hence, they planned to
assassinate him. The plot was revealed to
the Oba who instantly became very hostile to
the people. The hostility resulted in a great
exodus of people
from the Benin Empire for
fear of being killed. Amongst the brave
soldiers of the Oba and also of the royal
family, was a man called Akalaka . He had a
son called Ekpeye . He also has a sister who
was one of the noble ladies of the palace of
the Oba. As was the custom for Oba’s
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#NigerDelta Religion/Urhobo.
Igbe religion, popularly known as Igbe (an Urhobo word meaning dance) was founded by Ubiecha Etarakpo in 1858 and has its headquarters at 11, Egbo Street, Kokori Inland, Ethiope East Local Government Area, Delta State, Nigeria.

The holy (sacred)
day is known as Edigbe, meaning the day of joy.

It is a religion based on dance, as its medium of worship to God. It began as a Urhobo-Kokori traditional sect, and in the 20th century was influenced by an influx of Christian evangelism.

Originating in Kokori, it gradually
spread in Urhobo nation and austral Nigeria at large.
The adherents of the Igbe religion are monotheists who believe in an omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent God called Oghene and that he rewards the good and evil alike, according to their deeds.

Dance is
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It is a shame that Niger Delta, a region that produces the greatest economic resources for Nigeria, does not have a single functional CANCER Radiotherapy Treatment machine for her 40million people.…
Call on Govs & Pres. to save cancers patients
Pls RT.
Radiotherapy is one of the major treatment options in cancer management, according to the @WHO
52% of cancer patients should receive radiotherapy at least once during the treatment of their cancer.
Together with other modalities such as surgery and chemotherapy, it plays an important role in the treatment of 40 percent of those patients who are cured of their cancer,” @WHO
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Just A Reminder: About 2 years ago, the security agencies issued a warning that we all took lightly, though widely reported in the media...
2) The agencies warned that as #BokoHaram insurgents and their camps are being decimated, some of the insurgents on the rub will head to the Southern parts of the country, some of them using COWS as cover to wreck mayhem. Can you folks @Google up this news item???
3) The Army and other security forces have made claims of over running #BokoHaram amd their territories in the North. But we are yet to ask: Where has the fleeing insurgents gone to?
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The needle shifted a little further into the red zone with concerns over an expanded security vote chest, an import rate hike bound to affect fuel prices, talk of water colonies, and the CBN’s continued fixation on forex.
The glue that holds up the inefficient political system in #Nigeria, and skews it against both the will of the people and a level playing field for better candidates to emerge, is the existence of slush funds that warp campaign funding.
Security votes rank high up in upholding this system.

When the existence of the security votes is taken along with the abysmal security situation across the country, the irony is not lost on observers.
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