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1/ I’m going to do a thread about the absurdity of mass asymptomatic testing of education workers in Ontario.
#onted #osstf #etfo #oecta #aefo @opsba @opcouncil @CatholicEdu @ACEPOntario @AFOCSC @OPSOA1 @OnDirEducation
2/ The mass testing of asymptomatic, healthy education workers is about to roll out in Ontario. Although, early in the Covid-19 paradigm, people could get an asymptomatic test fairly easily, that is not the case anymore.
3/ However, now if you are a worker in certain sectors, like public education, you must have a “rapid antigen” test 2X per week and submit your results to your employer. This directive is illegal and wrong.
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Starting a thread on this important event.

This year hybrid learning crept into our classrooms under the false pretence that it's a necessity right now.

Hybrid learning steals learning opportunities from students & is an unacceptable ask of educators.

Starting with a talk about how the general public doesn't have a clear idea about what's happening in schools.

This has been designed as a community town hall on purpose, bringing together all of the stakeholders. Students, parents, education workers, an open invite.
We're all here because we all want quality public education.

We learned this year that if we're going to have any success in having strong public education in Ontario it has to be a combined effort.

Last year proved that community connections are essential to protect schools.
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#SupportOntarioNurses #etfo #osstf #aefo #oecta

Ontario teachers - Please help our Ontario Nurses!

My wife is a nurse. She, and many other nurses are terrified to go to work (yet still are) because the hospitals are withholding N95 masks, saying that airborne precautions are
not necessary. Not only does this action put our healthcare workers at risk (when they're gone, who is going to do that work), it makes them potential transmitters of the disease to other patients and to their families. Imagine that feeling. ONA is currently fighting this
decision, but it would be a huge help if others could call, email and tweet our MPPs to let them know that this is unacceptable. Please share widely and inform the public. Nurses need to know that they have our as they put themselves in harms for us.
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One of my biggest concerns about violence in schools, beyond the immediate concern of injury/trauma, is about what will happen to victims of and witnesses to this violence 15+ years down the road.


CW: violence, abuse, assault

#onted #onpoli #etfo #osstf #aefo #oecta
In a nutshell, we are teaching children how to be in abusive relationships. As a survivor of abuse and sexual assault, this is killing me. I don't know how to cope with the guilt and anxiety I feel about the situations these kids are put into.

#onted #onpoli
We tiptoe around volatile students in an effort to prevent them from becoming dysregulated. If a student escalates, the discussion becomes about what everyone else did, where we could have acted differently, where we could have changed our behaviour so as not to set them off.
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We are at the #OLRB observing case number 1747-19-U - @OECTAProv vs The Crown in Right of @CatholicE - #OECTA argues Ford gov't “pre-empted” negotiations by changing class sizes, violating the labour and school board bargaining act.…

#osstf #onted #ontlab
@OECTAProv @CatholicE The Honorable Bernard Fishbein, Chair of the #OLRB is presiding over the hearing, with representatives from @OECTAProv and the Catholic Trustees Association @CatholicEdu

#osstf #onted #onpoli
@OECTAProv @CatholicE @CatholicEdu Counsel for OECTA is currently reviewing meetings between @OECTAProv and the government during early stages of bargaining during January and February of 2019.

#onted #onpoli
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Photo thread: Province-wide walkout of public education workers, including #ETFO, #OSSTF, #AEFO & #OECTA at Queen's Park.
#ETFOstrike #ETFOstrong 1/8 ImageImageImageImage
Photo thread: Province-wide walkout of public education workers, including #ETFO, #OSSTF, #AEFO & #OECTA at Queen's Park.
#ETFOstrike #ETFOstrong 2/8 ImageImageImageImage
Photo thread: Province-wide walkout of public education workers, including #ETFO, #OSSTF, #AEFO & #OECTA at Queen's Park.
#ETFOstrike #ETFOstrong 3/8 ImageImageImageImage
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To my #ETFO #OSSTF #OECTA sisters, brothers, and others:

I am absolutely heartbroken to read the daily tallies of Ontario educators who have received lay-off notices. I read every tally because I have lived your experience. I know how easily one feels abandoned.
From 1991 thru 1996, I taught in the English department at George Brown College. The election of Mike Harris in 1995 and his Common Sense Revolution led first to punishing attacks on Ontarians living on assistance. Then to public sector workers.
In the spring of 1996 I was among 130 faculty and 130 support staff members who received lay-off notices. That was in one College. The deepest cuts were made to the English and Math departments, forcing classes to literally double up for those subjects.
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With this, @LisaThompsonMPP, you’ve shown *your* stripes. In denying transphobia and homophobia, you’ve ignored the Education Act & the OHRC. You’ve turned your back on #LGBTQ2S students, families, and staff — and our allies.
*We* are not striped, @LisaThompsonMPP. We are queer/straight, trans/cis/non-binary, people of faith & non-believers, settlers & #FNMI, white & #BlPOC. Your rhetoric is dangerous. It erases us, and we won’t stand for it.
It violates the mission of every school board, union local, association and federation that represents hundreds of thousands of staff across the province. No doubt, our union leadership will have a response.
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Thread: Gotta scratch my head at those opposing #CutsHurtkids — who say that unions just want to protect their members’ jobs. That’s the essential mission of the union. Who *doesn’t* want their job protected? #ETFO #OSSTF #CUPE #OECTA
There’s more to it, of course. After being laid off from my job in the community college system during the Harris years, I was brought back as a sessional teacher (equiv to LTO). In this austere teaching environment, I went from teaching five classes a semester to six...
...and I went from teaching 150 students a semester to 300. My permanent colleagues fared only slightly better. The staff room quickly became a place of despair and even tears. It wasn’t just that our workloads became impossibly large; it was that we were compelled to teach...
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I have been around the block a few times, and carried more than a few protest signs in my 30+years as an educator. #ONEd #OSSTF #ETFO #OECTA #otffeo
If I may, I would like to share the lessons I learned along the way in the hopes that they may help a teacher facing this for the first time. #ONEd
You will hear people talk about teachers in a way that attempts to diminish and belittle the work you do. Remember the many students you positively impact every day.
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