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For the next few hours I will be tweeting details from the education funding release.

I keep 5 years of GSNs (excel I maintain of key funding lines) because comparisons reveal hidden changes.

(Arab pro tip, @FarmBoy has to have a teita on staff. Good hummus.)

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@FarmBoy Colleagues in #OSSTF, #OECTA, #ETFO & #AEFO have a clear indication of where the government stands on salaries according to these docs.

The gov has priced in 1.25% (far below inflation) for wage adjustments while still at the bargaining table.

Admin have nothing priced in. Image
@FarmBoy Not so fun fact, the Conservatives have tried to scrub the Liberal documents from all their websites. They have overhauled the Ministry of Education website and deleted all of the funding documents from before their election.

You used to be able to go many years back.
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Today I'm going to #LiveTweet my reading of "Anti-racism and Universal Design for Learning (building expressways to success)" by @FritzTesha

This book covers two very important topics all teachers should choose to bring into their classroom.

#EdChat #LitChat #UDL #Teaching Image
xi - oppressive systems of white supremacy are built into our school systems, which disadvantage the abilities for black students to learn and express themselves.
x - black students are asked to conform and comply by adhering to White standards of expression, identity, and beauty.

These systems prevent students from feeling safe and must be disrupted.
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Starting a thread on this important event.

This year hybrid learning crept into our classrooms under the false pretence that it's a necessity right now.

Hybrid learning steals learning opportunities from students & is an unacceptable ask of educators.

Starting with a talk about how the general public doesn't have a clear idea about what's happening in schools.

This has been designed as a community town hall on purpose, bringing together all of the stakeholders. Students, parents, education workers, an open invite.
We're all here because we all want quality public education.

We learned this year that if we're going to have any success in having strong public education in Ontario it has to be a combined effort.

Last year proved that community connections are essential to protect schools.
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#AMPA2021 Protest Thread

As a result of some of the statements, and actions, over the past few days, including the ongoing silencing, there are currently a number of members with the below profile picture.
In response to this, the leaders of the meeting, predictably, per the past few days, couldn't leave it alone.

We are now in a sea of red cards pointing out the arbitrary enforcement of rules, more parliamentary schooling, and more people expressing the harm being done.
The house was forced to vote on a challenge to the chair on their ruling. House voted 68% (or so) that the rules should be enforced, and those with the picture up would not be on camera when speaking.

Tells you where OSSTF is right now.
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New #AMPA2021 thread.

-Immediately after Carol Wall's call to dismantle colonialism, a delegate posted a background stating "Open the chat. Stop defending white supremacy".

-Of course, the chair calls this out based on no "signs" being allowed in the house.
Note: No house rules have been passed yet.
Note: Last year, many members had t-shirts about not having benefits.

-Delegate changes background to "white fragility"

-Delegate gets phone call asking to take the background down.

-Delegate's video blocked, as it is "harassment".
-Chair and white delegate have advised to focus on unity, moving forward, wait for the equity motions and reports.

-The above points are now also experiencing a sea of red cards.

-Parliamentary policing feels like colonialism. (Editorial, not a quote.)

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Yesterday I refused unsafe work. This is how it went.

#onted #onpoli #osstf
1st, to the haters. Since when is it "normal" to go to work scared for your health, your life, and your family's lives? It is our right not be scared at work and our employer (in my case, the gov) needs to put measures in place so we aren't afraid. That is law, not just words.
There were 2 steps to the refusal. Refusing to work to my employer, and refusing to work to the Ministry. If my concerns were addressed in Step 1 - to my employer, there is not need to go to the Ministry. We went to the Ministry.
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Many educators & parents that I’ve spoken to are feeling extremely anxious & worried about #backtoschool.

Hopefully the measures announced today by Premier Doug Ford will be supported with adequate funding needed for a #SafeSeptember!

4 weeks left to prepare😷🏫⏳ #osstf
The #backtoschool plan:
- mandatory masks for grades 4+, masks encouraged for jk-grade 3
- $309 million to hire 500 public health nurses & 900 custodians, purchase #PPE etc
- full-time elementary non-cohort
- high schools cohorts, mixed online/full time depending on region
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A lot of great conversations about de-streaming lately. A lot of teachers taking up one side of the issue or the other. Some teachers pointing their fingers at colleagues...some ignoring obvious issues with de-streaming if not properly implemented . A thread...1/8#etfo #osstf
I’m an elementary teacher, so de-streaming in HS doesn’t affect me. Elementary is effectively a de-streamed environment (notwithstanding programs like immersion, contained, etc.). I think when it comes to this issue, it’s helpful to look at how elementary fares.2/8
Elementary does a lot of things well for our students. However, the system fails many of our students daily,and not at all for a lack of trying by ed. workers. Too much depends on having communities with vast resources or administrators (in-school or otherwise) who give a damn3/8
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I don't like weighing in on politics and my job here, but something needs to be said about today's announcements. I'm going to say my piece and then be done with it.

When we moved to emergency distance learning after the school closures, we were told to keep in mind student
wellness, issues of equity and opportunities for student academic growth. This makes sense, of course, and teachers were more than happy to provide learning opportunities while reaching out to discern the challenges faced by families in pursuing education via distance learning
(e.g. one-device household, intermittent wifi, students working essential grocery jobs at increased hours to supplement a family's income impacted by job loss, etc). We were conscious of the fact that students, like the rest of us, would be filled with anxieties about uncertain
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#SupportOntarioNurses #etfo #osstf #aefo #oecta

Ontario teachers - Please help our Ontario Nurses!

My wife is a nurse. She, and many other nurses are terrified to go to work (yet still are) because the hospitals are withholding N95 masks, saying that airborne precautions are
not necessary. Not only does this action put our healthcare workers at risk (when they're gone, who is going to do that work), it makes them potential transmitters of the disease to other patients and to their families. Imagine that feeling. ONA is currently fighting this
decision, but it would be a huge help if others could call, email and tweet our MPPs to let them know that this is unacceptable. Please share widely and inform the public. Nurses need to know that they have our as they put themselves in harms for us.
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We are at the #OLRB observing case number 1747-19-U - @OECTAProv vs The Crown in Right of @CatholicE - #OECTA argues Ford gov't “pre-empted” negotiations by changing class sizes, violating the labour and school board bargaining act.…

#osstf #onted #ontlab
@OECTAProv @CatholicE The Honorable Bernard Fishbein, Chair of the #OLRB is presiding over the hearing, with representatives from @OECTAProv and the Catholic Trustees Association @CatholicEdu

#osstf #onted #onpoli
@OECTAProv @CatholicE @CatholicEdu Counsel for OECTA is currently reviewing meetings between @OECTAProv and the government during early stages of bargaining during January and February of 2019.

#onted #onpoli
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Oh you have got to be kidding me. I just can’t. This guy is insufferable. I’ll bet he’s there just to ensure they’ve all got their wills up-to-date. And to drag along your own photographer so you can leverage social and drive media sentiment, he’s just so savvy.
And this is just a another day at the office. I mean it’s been a busy week on the news as far as education goes, and I’ve heard next week should be interesting, but our little prince is also a fiddler would like to play a song while everything burns.
And because I respect the democratic process so much I just have to sit here and watch this horseshit? I suppose so, huh? That’s how civilized society works. It all the #NonnasforLecce have ever wanted. #onpoli #cdnpoli #cutshurtkids #osstf #etfo #upsidedown #shameless
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I’ve taught oine courses for 10+ years. Want my hot take on why mandatory elearning for all students is a bad idea? No? I’ll give it to you anyway:
#threadalert #osstf #onted
1) It’s really easy for students to pretend their online course doesn’t exist. They don’t have to walk into a classroom every day and have attendance taken and look their teacher in the eye. So unless they’re disciplined, they put it off.
2) If they pretend it doesn’t exist for long enough, they end up with a huge backlog of work to complete, feel overwhelmed, and put if off some more because it causes them anxiety.
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Hey #OntEd, let’s do the math. We know about @Sflecce giving compensation to parents for the strikes. What does the amount to?

Minimum comp = $25/day
Grade 4-6 class size: say...26 students?
Teaching days: 194

Total paid out on avg. per class per year:
25x26x194 = $126,100.
I can’t find a solid number quoted in the news for an average #ETFO teacher salary but if we treat it in the order of the number ascribed to #OSSTF’s $92k, this amount paid out by the ministry is 37% higher than the teacher salary.
It’s #NotAboutTheMoney to the teachers - were far more concerned about as many as 10,000 caring adults being removed from schools as well as losses in arts and tech programming, since they’re always the first to get his. In the face of a tradesperson shortage, even!
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Here's a thread for what teachers are asking for because I am sick of #lyingLecce and the PC hacks who put party before people:
Teachers want the ratio of classes to stay 22:1 with the flexibility for board needs as enrollment changes. For those saying they turned out fine and they had 34 kids in their classes - there will still be 34 kids in some classes. 22 is an average not a cap.
Teachers want e-learning to be an OPTION, not mandatory. Our students are not guinea pigs, and should not be test subjects for mandatory online learning, which is only done in the worst (literally last place in Ed) States south of our border. We want elearning to be taught by...
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Let’s play a little game in the comments and caption this photo of everyone with their hands raised. I’ll start. #CutsHurtKids #OSSTF #ETFO #etfostrong Image
Raise your hand if you think that I’m as dumb as the silly grin plastered across my face at all times.
Raise your hand if you think I’ll use this photo as propaganda in a cynical tweet that exploits your enthusiasm to show respect to elected officals whom you assume to be working in your best interest.
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Education Minister Stephen Lecce has called a news conference, says he has learned #OSSTF is going to escalate job action. Says gov has made major moves in class sizes but union has not budged on anything #onpoli Image
Lecce hopes the union will take him up on offer for private mediator (there is already an agreed upon mediator at the table) #onpoli
“I’m naming it and shaming it as an unreasonable request” Lecce on teacher request for cost of living salary increase, gov has set cap at1% #onpoli
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Might be ambitious but will try to share a new poster daily that can be used to educate the public about cuts to education & impact on students. Feel free to print, post, share, etc.
Here’s today’s...
#onpoli #onted #OSSTF #ETFO Image
and here's today.... without the spelling mistake 🤦‍♂️ Image
#3 Image
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I have been around the block a few times, and carried more than a few protest signs in my 30+years as an educator. #ONEd #OSSTF #ETFO #OECTA #otffeo
If I may, I would like to share the lessons I learned along the way in the hopes that they may help a teacher facing this for the first time. #ONEd
You will hear people talk about teachers in a way that attempts to diminish and belittle the work you do. Remember the many students you positively impact every day.
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