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What do #blockchain startups & #TradFi companies have in common? They need #Fintech tools to build an ecosystem capable of supporting mass adoption...

.@raaadrigo joins .@AshBennington to discuss how to solve custody, compliance, payment settlement, API documentation & more 👇
"...crypto plays on one of the more interesting trends
within the overall market, which is it was a #retail first asset. There's a lot of adoption and a lot of support
around #crypto." - .@raaadrigo
"...that's why you're having #GoldmanSachs doing a #crypto backed loan with #GalaxyDigital. You're seeing other large banks begin to expose their high #networth clients to crypto." - .@raaadrigo
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Some reflections from investing in the $LUNA $UST debacle. 🧵👇 1/16

DISCLOSURE: I'm a moron who lost a metric-ton of capital this week on a project currently circling the drain to $0.00, so read & heed at your own peril.☠️
#Diversification isn't sexy, but can help you live 2 fight another day

Diversify by:
-asset class (stonks, gold, crypto, stable)
-account (margin, IRA, Roth, multi-wallet)
-strategy (stake, LP, leverage, hedge)

Concentration can get you to the moon faster but far less often.
3/ #TradFi money managers often have both a "Core & Satellite" position where:

Core = strategic (longer-term buy & hold)
Satellite = tactical (trading shorter term moves)

In between tactical moves, low-yielding stable plays or boring LP's are better than riding crazy delta down
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1/ I'VE BEEN THINKING--#bitcoin may prove to be the exact opposite of #tradfi where cost of debt is < cost of equity. On-chain #bitcoin will prove over time to have a cheaper cost of capital than #bitcoin-denominated debt--bc #bitcoin isn't an IOU & has no lender of last resort.
2/ This may take time to play out & all the leverage-based financialization games being played by the fast-money crowd need to be flushed first. To be clear, such games are increasing the cost of capital for the whole ecosystem now (by increasing #bitcoin's price volatility).
3/ But that flush will happen (& good riddance to the games when it does). That's when #WallSt crowd will figure out just how different bitcoin is.

Per @TraceMayer, #bitcoin is the apex predator of finance.

Reminder: if you don't own on-chain #bitcoin, you don't own bitcoin.
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Thread on #Monerun


According to the Monero community, exchanges are using Monero’s anonymity to conceal their trading of ‘paper contracts’.

This Reddit thread summarizes the issue.…
#Monerun thread


In short, exchanges are accused of selling $XMR they don’t have, which suppresses price.

Today, all #Monero users are supposed to withdraw their XMR from exchanges to create a bank run and force exchanges to buy and increase its price.
#Monerun thread


This financial sleight of hand happens with cash, too - it’s called fractional reserve banking.

Banks are permitted by the Federal Reserve to lend 5 to 10 times more than they hold in cash, creating money out of thin air – inflation. Image
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Here's a 🧵 about why real estate will eventually get tokenized and what that model could look like 👇

A thought experiment...

First, let's address what we mean by tokenized -- tokens will be created to represent ownership of real estate.

Since every piece of real estate is unique, NFTs would be a great way to represent them.

These can also be fractionalized to allow for multiple owners.

If you have a token that represents a property, you have digital proof of ownership in your wallet.

That can be plugged into other smart contracts. What can you do with that?
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1/ Amazing to watch @synthetix_io @Immutable @MyceliumCom @maplefinance @TracerDAO and their founders chatting with @BanklessHQ - some amazing thoughts being shared so far including...
@synthetix_io @Immutable @MyceliumCom @maplefinance @TracerDAO @BanklessHQ 2/ how Australia can be leaders in this space given how the market is structured here - also how for regulators there are lower stakes here compared to US (less conflict of interest)
3/ also, it was interesting seeing how they think our regulatory system could be copied by other regulators globally if we do it right
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That magical time of year is upon us... And no... We don't mean the holidays.

We're talking about The #CryptoGathering 🚀

⚡️ Join thousands of investors, thinkers & doers at the most electrifying 3 day event in #crypto ⚡️

🎆 March 23-25 🎆

Here's @RaoulGMI with the details👇
Follow this thread to learn more about the #CryptoGathering & what you can expect.

First off - How much is it? This one is nice and easy.

If you are an Essential, Plus or Pro member you go for FREE.

Everyone else: $99 for tix + 6 month Essential membership included.
What kinds of things will you learn about? Here's a break down of each day.

Day 1 🚀
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One word @CaitlinLong_: GREED.

You’ve been spot on. I struggled w/ noticing the same issue of #derivative and #TradFi games infecting #bitcoin & #Crypto over the last 1.5yrs or so.

Structurally it was quite easy to see. But...

/1 👉🧵 on a few thoughts.
you have to know how these things have played out in other markets as well as how intermarket relationships work within markets in general. And, you never really know how the change will play out. Especially, in new asset classes like #DigitalAssets.

It felt like most in the space chose not to acknowledge the changes & continue to pump the narrative of NGU and BTFD with little regard for what’s *actually* happening w/ the fundamental picture. Time horizon matters. All participants have different goals.
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MORE on the below 🧵. There's so much inconsistency in #tradfi collateral posting rqmts (eg, most govts & corporates aren't req'd to post while trading firms are but with v diff collateral thresholds). It's all obfuscated. I lament that these derivative games are now in #crypto😢
There's no question derivatives games put a lid on #bitcoin's price appreciation in recent cycle, just as the same #WallSt derivatives games do same to #tradfi mkts. But when the epic short squeeze inevitably finally hits you get #LME-type games (yep, even in regulated mkts).
And derivatives can debauch otherwise strong balance sheets VERY fast in unexpected ways when BIG moves happen.

Little known fact: big banks' interest rate trading books often have BIG swaps receivables from state/local govts & swaps payables to corporates--UNCOLLATERALIZED.
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Borrowers are rewarded & savers punished.

Both #CeFi & #DeFi's financial elite have mastered "strategic leverage". Banks themselves amplify $$$ w/ fractional reserve lending @ these rates below.

If you can't beat whale arbitragers, join 'em!
Learn how in this mega-thread🧵👇
2/ We'll be covering loans on:

- 0% Credit Cards
- Cars
- 401k
- Stock Brokerages
- Life Insurance
- Real Estate
- & On #Terra there's @anchor_protocol, @mars_protocol, @EdgeProtocol, @mirror_protocol

*(leverage amplifies the risk & reward potential of any investment strategy)
3/ In #DeFi, no one explains leverage better than @Shigeo808 aka "LUNAomics"

His Pinned Tweets discuss creating multiple "positive feedback loops" with tactics:

- To borrow against $LUNA
- To stack more $LUNA
- To borrow against $LUNA
- An so on...♾

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Since $LUNA just had a fantastic run, there seem to be a lot of new people just learning about the #Terra ecosystem. 🌖

For all the #LUNAtics (present & future), I collected my top 🧵s about the @terra_money ecosystem into a mega-🧵 (I plan to keep updating this)


An overview of @terra_money, how $UST and $LUNA work together, and why it's such an exciting ecosystem:

Anchor Protocol explained: How does @anchor_protocol sustainably pay 19.5% APY to $UST depositors?

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SEBA Bank Joins ADGM!🤝

This is huge for $XDC! 🌎🌱

I show the power partnerships in this picture... 👀🧩

@inside_r3 Corda < @lab577 @DASL_Me Bridge < #XDC Network

--Thread Below--⏬

#DLT #ADGM #crypto #blockchain #research #MLETR #Enigio #dDOC #CBDC #Digitalassets #fintech
📞Wake up call to do research & stop sleeping on $XDC

@DASL_Me + @inside_r3
DASL + @XinFin_Official
DASL + @BCBcrypto

Powerhouses laying foundational rails for traditional finance.🚂

#fintech #banking #tradFI #XDC $XDC #Deep #research #DLT #Blockchain
Any deniers that don't believe me that $XDC is connected to R3 Corda

Here are some sources you can spend some hours reviewing.

I've done my research and don't need to explain to anyone when the info is all here👇
#XDC $XDC #R3 #Corda #Connected
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US Inflation is 7.5% currently - that's very high for the US.

20-30% APR in USD #stablecoins is a great low-risk way to protect yourself against this loss of purchasing power.

But if you think 7.5% is bad, let's look at the currencies in some other countries.

[1/x] 👇 Image

• In Argentina, inflation was 51% in 2021.

• The Turkish Lira has lost 80% of its value against $USD over the last 4 years.

• In Venezuela, inflation was 686% in 2021. In 2018 it was ~65,000%.

The Venezuelan Bolivar depreciated 73% vs USD in 2021, and 96% in 2020.

If you live in one of these countries, access to a reserve currency like USD is the only way to preserve wealth.

#DeFi and #stablecoins are the solution.
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@iccwboUK @iccwbo I believe we are ready! 💪🌎🌱

Let's get the global jurisdictions to upgrade their English law so we can use dDOC's in supply chain and trade finance!

#MLETR $XDC #XDC @EnigioTime @XinFin_Official @AndreCasterman @Impel_official @Monetago @tradetrust #G7 #G20
To learn more about the fragmented and outdated supply chain system!

Check out my educational regulated review on technology transforming the supply chain!👇🌎

#tradefinance #blockchain #education #discussion

The global economy is ready to be reset with paperless documents in global trade and trade finance!

This will eliminate fraud and help close the trade finance gap!!

Lets gooo! You guys changing the world! 😀

@iccwbo @iccwboUK
#Standards #savetheSMEs #DLT #Blockchain
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🧶 DeFi 201: Intermediate-Advanced Strategies for Earning Yield on #Crypto

Last month, I wrote a #DeFi 101 primer, in which I covered some basic ways to earn yield on crypto.

This 🧵 covers advanced (riskier) strategies, explanations of concepts and instruments 👇

For reference, here is the DeFi 101 post:

In this thread:

1. Leveraged LPs
2. Borrowing against Interest Bearing Tokens
3. Multi-token LPs
4. Single-sided staking
5. DeFi 2.0
6. DeFi 3.0
7. Pegged Assets
8. Autocompounders
9. Options
10. Liquidation strategies
11. Arbitrage
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I'm waking up at 5:45 tomorrow and gonna check this Webinar out.💪

Gotta do what you gotta do to get the scoop.

#MLETR #dDOC #ITFA $XDC #DNI_Initiative #TFD_Initiative #TradFi #RegTech #SMEs #UNCITRAL #digitalization #4IR #Trade Image
Free deep knowledge for you all🌎🌱

#MLETR is a standard that is set by @UNCITRAL_RCAP for dDOC's globally which provides interoperability between SMEs & trade finance companies.

It allows ERC-20 @tradetrust & $XDC @XinFin_Official
dDOCs to interoperate flawlessly
#XDC #DLT ImageImage
The basics of #MLETR

It's the start of the standardization of the digital document revolution in the global trade finance/supply chain

It's boring & technical but if you want to understand the digital revolution, it's a good topic to research
@ITFAworldwide @tradetrust @iccwbo Image
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1/ FED's NEW PAPER ON STABLECOINS today deserves both praise & a response. It contains something BIG (1st time I've seen the Fed say this🚨🔥) but it misses things too. Wonky topic: how #stablecoins fit into plumbing of #tradfi, which is right up my alley.…
2/ The NYFed's 3 conclusions + my reactions here:
1. Stablecoins tie up liquidity unnecessarily💯✅🎯
2. Stablecoins that do not tie up liquidity are risky & less fungible❌🤔
3. We already have an efficient form of digital money/just need to adapt it to a new environment: ✅&❌
3/ Let's dig in. First, in this🧵we're talking abt fiat-collateralized #stablecoins, not algo or #crypto-collateralized ones that never touch USD payment systems. Central bankers' real concern has (rightly) always been impact of fiat-backed #stablecoins on trad system plumbing.
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Here's a 🧵 about why real estate will eventually get tokenized and what that model could look like 👇

A thought experiment..

First, let's address what I mean by tokenized -- tokens will be created to represent ownership of real estate.

Since every piece of real estate is unique, NFTs would be a great way to represent them.

These can also be fractionalized to allow for multiple owners.

If you have a token that represents a property, you have digital proof of ownership in your wallet.

That can be plugged into other smart contracts. What can you do with that?
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Want to be in the top 1%?

Find the blockchain projects 99% aren't looking at.

I've done 1000s of hours of research on some of the best projects and compiled them into educational threads for other citizens to research

Here are some of my deep dives🌊

--Thread of Threads-- Image
My focus is on long-term utility blockchain/ DLT projects⛓

Not short-term meme coins

These threads will cover:

• CBDC's
• IoT + IoV
• Innovation
• Supply chain
• Data protection
• Paperless trade finance
• Cheap payment infrastructure
• Interoperability of DLT ledgers Image
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🧵 THREAD N°9 : Introduction à la finance décentralisée (DeFi)

La #DeFi a dépassé en octobre 2021 les 100 milliards de dollars mobilisés.

Où vont ces dollars, à quoi sert la DeFi ? Une introduction à ce vaste monde 👇 Image
1/ La DeFi est un terme qui regroupe un ensemble de pratiques financières qui ont lieu sur la #blockchain de façon décentralisée.

Ce sont des protocoles publics qui permettent de faciliter les échanges sur et entre les blockchains.

On peut distinguer 5 activités de la DeFi.
2/ 1️⃣ Prêter et emprunter

La DeFi permet à qui le veut de prêter des cryptos ou d'en emprunter.

Imaginons que vous ayez du $BTC et que vous aimeriez emprunter des $ETH. Image
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What if I told you that you - yes, you - could go and borrow $1M right now?

No KYC, no name, email or phone number.

And you don't even need collateral.

Yes, of course there’s a catch.

This #DeFi instrument is called a Flash Loan - so how does it work? ⚡️ 🧶 👇
1/ A flash loan allows you to borrow money (up to very large amounts) without any collateral

The catch is that you have to return the money in the very same transaction.

Confused? 🤔 Keep reading…
2/ Here’s how a standard database (web2) transaction works. Let’s say @jack is sending $100 to @elonmusk through a regular bank transfer.

2 things must happen when the money is sent. The bank must update:

1. +$100 for Elon 🤑

2. -$100 for Jack 😢

#1 cannot happen without #2.
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QUESTIONS ANSWERED here about this🧵(thx for all the engagement!)
1) what do u mean by paper #bitcoin?
2) is all leverage bad?
3) why so sure that a leverage-flush reckoning day will come for bitcoin? Gold investors have waited forever.
4) can't traders hedge the risk? (haha, no)
2/ PAPER BITCOIN=a promise by an intermediary, such as an exchange, to deliver real #bitcoin. Unless you hold the private keys, you don't own bitcoin--what you own is a CLAIM to bitcoin (an IOU). Does your intermediary own enuf on-chain bitcoin to make good on all such claims???
3/ The honest truth is that probably no one other than your intermediary itself really knows & many intermediaries are likely running fractional. It is certain that the quantity of paper #bitcoin outstanding > the 18.9m on-chain bitcoins that exist, but by how much is unknowable.
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I said @twobitidiot & @MessariCrypto ‘s 2022 crypto theses doc could be known as the doc that starts a thousand threads. So here’s one more on institutional collapse 🧵:
@twobitidiot @MessariCrypto The collapse of institutional trust is really front and centre in this: the idea that we don’t trust (political, economic) institutions any more and don't think they are ethical
I think even in the last year we are seeing a big u-turn on how people perceive these institutions, particularly govts & some media outlets
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Time for a 🧵 on two charts (at the end) that seem to tell an interesting #Bitcoin story.

For several yrs @CaitlinLong_ has openly discussed the potential negative impact of #rehypothecation of #bitcoin by banks, wall street, hedge funds & the broader #tradfi community.
@saylor has discussed and shown the need for sound money and the value that having a savings mechanism brings to the system.

@JeffBooth has shed light on the fact that #deflation isn’t such a bad thing when #technology is actually making our lives better and costs cheaper.
@saifedean taught the 🌏 the importance of time, effort, and energy & the value that living by the #Bitcoin Standard can bring to individuals and countries across the globe.

@FossGregfoss has done a phenomenal job helping to #educate on the benefits of owning #volatile #assets.
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