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#MAGAanalysis #GenFlynnsVoice

2 January 2023 - General Flynn's Full Voice

General Flynn's voice is heard strong and clear. He pulls incredible audiences. His analysis and writings are very powerful as well. Here's his New Year's guidance!…
2) We'll walk through his counsel in detail later in this thread (which may take a few days to complete). But let's cut straight to the chase. @elonmusk, can you give General Flynn his Twitter account back, please?
3) No, @elonmusk, there is not - to my knowledge - a major Twitter story behind the unhinged attacks that our government executed against General Flynn and his family. But, the simple fact of his purging from Twitter is, in its own right, an important story.
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#FreeJ6ersNow #J6PardonOfInnocence

6 December 2022 - Let The Truth Be Known

I've named this image The American Fist Of Freedom. It is my hope that wherever we must be angry, on behalf of freedom, it will be embraced. It is my current image photo here at Twitter for that reason.
2) This fist was created by @pgeerkens back in May 2021, in response to my request for help building such images back then. It was inspired by the work of Gene Sharp, in his epoch making book, From Dictatorship To Democracy.…
3) You might notice that my two friends and compatriots in arms, @tamaraleighllc and @HelpStopHate have embraced this image for their profile pictures too. Let's talk about that. This in no way means we don't have our own identities, we're each iconoclastic souls.
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The American Fist of Freedom means, to me, that I wake up every morning asking questions about one topic. How can we #FreeJ6ersNow? I believe @HelpStopHate has the answers. If you do, I’m asking. I’ll explain below…
@HelpStopHate, who are the jailers, the judges, the prosecutors running our #J6Gulag? Or is it #J6Gulags, in the plural? Where is it, or where are they? Which evil Americans might wake up, turn a new leaf, and #FreeJ6rrsNow, as in today?
One last point, @HelpStopHate, other than Joe, is there just one person with the power of their freedom in his hand? If so, can we identify him and commence a campaign to make him known and persuade him to do the right thing? Can we find the man holding the key to #FreeJ6ersNow?
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13 November 2020 - Ivan The Terrible Analysis

What an impossible man to introduce. If he wins his mission, he'll be an historic figure forever forward. If he loses...well, it won't be for lack of character, vision, didcation, or connections and contentions.
2) Here is Ivan in a nutshell. The House has the Constitutional power to select any Speaker of the House it wishes. In coming documents, you'll see. He's right. But then, Ivan is almost never wrong. We're going to talk about that now...
3) It is my own honor that Ivan knew of me years before
@tamaraleighllc introduced us, just a few months ago. He followed mine #PardonFlynnNow and Tamara's #PardonOfInnocence social media movement. He saw in me a fellow analyst. He has told me so.
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#FreeJoshuaMacias #LetJoshuaSpeak

10 November 2022 - 1st Free Joshua Analysis

Oy Ye, Oy Ye, All Rise

The Court Of Public Opinion is now in session on the case of We The People vs The City Of Philadelphia and its Prosecutorial and Judicial System.

Please be seated. We begin.
2) Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, during the course of this trial, The Prosecution will present a Constitutional Case against the City of Philadelphia et al as a State Actor, for Gross Misconduct and Complete Malfeasance against one veteran hero, Joshua Macias.
3) Please let it be known that the term "Veteran Hero" is no mere mode of praise, but rather is a SUBSTANTIVE component of our case. We will show that Macias' status AS a veteran hero is PRECISELY one of the most important criterion by which his persecution was determined.
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3 March #MAGAanalysis #1AMinuteMen

General Flynn’s Voice & That Of All Veterans
By Pasquale (Pat) Scopelliti

Let’s start out today’s analysis with a link to General Flynn’s website, where he posts his Official Statements.…
2) Below, we'll consider the statement he posted yesterday. Before that though, there are a couple of things to cover. The first - and most important - is that, believe it or not, this website is a dream come true for me. I'll explain.
3) A critical point to remember is how, and 10 December 2016, outgoing POTUS Obama warned incoming POTUS Trump against General Flynn. This was unprecedented, unheard of in Presidential transfer history. It was 100% inappropriate. How dare he?
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20 February 2022 #MAGAanalysis #1AMinuteMen

The Danger Of Absence In The Debate

Over the past couple of days, I spent over 2 1/2 hours with a reporter from one of the great, liberal, MSM newspapers. It was absolutely delightful, and I believe significant. I'll explain why.
2) At one point during our intense deep dive, my new friend said to me, "Oh, I see, I can't separate myself from my profession." This excellent journalist did not create the narrative. He has merely been swept along with it, and never saw that that was happening before.
3) At least twice he said, "I've never heard the facts presented from that perspective before." I will share specifics in just a bit, below. Here, I need to assert he is both an intelligent man, and a good man. And he is a true journalist, not a liar.
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30 May 2021 #DefeatMcAuliffeNow & #FairfaxForVA

Why Should America Care?

Hapless. We Republicans are a people without a mission right now. We're hapless. What are we fighting for right now? The 2022 Midterms? The 2024 Presidential Election? Obviously they're too far away.
2) We've been purged out of social media, just a few of us still straggling along, but with so little force as to feel like just punching water. The left knows, cut off the head of the snake and the body just writhes and convulses and goes nowhere till the life force is spent.
3) We're still reeling from the stolen election. Hapless, yes, and perhaps as bad or worse, we're feckless. We don't have a feck to give. No mojo. I know you know. But we aren't facing our disease, naming it, and doing something about it.
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18 March 2021 #MAGAanalysis

A Mini-Guide To Social Media Hashtag Power

We begin with our current point of focus. Now watch how I do this!







I hope you're catching the idea!
2) I don't actually know the effectiveness of multiple uses of a hashtag in a single Tweet. It's possible that it helps, but I'm not sure of that. So, why did I do it? In order to illustrate our most important principle:

Concentration Of Force
3) Picture the simple physics of it. Getting hit by a 12-inch softball can really sting, but it has a vastly lower level of risk of damage to you then getting hit by a hard ball. The hard ball is smaller and harder, both. The softball disburses the energy and compresses a bit.
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23 January 2021 #MAGAanalysis

#TrumpIsStillPresident... Literally.

Friends, the election was stolen. It's not difficult to understand. Einstein prophesied this in 1905.

2) Just in case you did NOT click on the retweet above, here's @chipwagon18's fabulous meme:

3) Hell, we might want to ask people...

So, you're telling me 155,000,000 legal voters voted in 2020, are you? You really believe this, and it's the lawful truth? Uh huh. Tell you what, throw in a bridge to Manhattan and you've got a deal. I'm buying. Oh yeah.
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16 January 2021 #MAGAanalysis #Overturn

The Man Who Met Himself

First, I have to again thank @BernadetteMay for the delightful and foretelling new banner photo I stole from her. It is truly profound and hopefully prophetic.
2) To date, Trump has done non-concession concessions. As opposed to "transfer of power" he has used the words "transition to a new administration." He has to my knowledge never used the term "concession," itself, and there has been no concession call to Joe Biden.
3) I suspect that Trump has known about Pence's perfidy and cowardice, his betrayal of his allegiance for a long time. But I also suspect that up until the very moment that Pence certified false electors, Trump still hoped he'd do the right thing.
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22 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis #MessageFor45

Extreme Crime Calls For Extreme Measures

We can't let go of General Mac's guidance. It is positively extreme. Not as extreme as the crimes it seeks to redress, rathere, proportionately so. Here are his 10 Commandments. Image
2) We're going to wind our slow, meandering way through the import of those commandments today. Before we do, I have a bit of a preamble to offer.

There is no such thing as a conspiracy too large to fail. There are global conspiracies.
3) Consider some specific examples. Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. How about China and what became North Korea in the Korean War? How about China and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, or the China/Cambodia connection. How about Kruschev and Castro in Cuba?
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17 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis #Overturn

It Is @POTUS' Job To Secure The 2020 Election

There is NO President Elect Biden. That is a lie. We face a stolen election. Maybe not the first. But, certainly the first landslide obliterated. #Brazen. Or maybe better: #BrazenTheft.
2) We've discussed The Big Lie before. We've discussed my beloved Shaggy video, It Wasn't Me. In the war between Truth and Lies, it is often, sadly, the most committed who wins. Truth does not uniformly defeat falsehood. That is sad.
3) No intelligent, honest, and grounded person could possibly conceive of HRC getting away with her crime family leadership at the helm of the Ship of State in America. Email scandal? No. Information crime blatantly in your face. This is The Swamp, The Cabal. And yet...
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9 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis #PardonFlynnNow

The Question Has Always Been Innocence

What makes an innocent man plead guilty? There is a lie in America. The lie is that Judges, Courts, Prosecutors are honest. They prosecute for Justice, we're told. They do not.
2) I certainly did not know how to interpret Obama's attack against Flynn on November 10, 2016. I also had no idea how to deal with the transition itself. All of us who gave everything we had to the campaign had no clue what to do with victory. We hadn't thought about it.
3) Not that we hadn't thought about victory. It was our every thought for months and months. We thought about nothing else. Inside that nothing else was what to do with victory once we had it. Not a clue. Not a thought. Certainly, I didn't.
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26 November 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Thank you, Mr. POTUS, you have given us what we dreamed of on @GenFlynn's behalf. We asked you to...

#PardonFlynnNow by a

And now you have.

2) Consider the words, "It is my Great Honor..." A great wrong has finally been righted, and righted in the right way. Please take the time to read this statement in full.
3) There is one additional statement to slowly read in joy of celebration. It is the Flynn Family's Statement giving thanks for the return of their beloved brother.
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19 August 2020 #PardonFlynnNow Analysis

Roger Stone: Commutation vs Pardon Of Innocence

What if you took Roger at his word? What if you believed his story, published yesterday? To be frank, I do.…
2) "On the advice of my attorneys and after considerable thought, I have reluctantly decided to dismiss the appeal of what I believe to be a wrongful conviction in a trial tainted by judicial bias, egregious and blatant juror bias and misconduct and prosecutorial misconduct."
3) "I have come to the firm conclusion based on their previous actions in my case to date and based on their recent actions in the Flynn case...
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15 August 2020 #PardonFlynnNow by a #PardonOfInnocence

#BalanceOfPower #SeparationOfPower #ChecksAndBalances #TwoTiersOfLaw

We remain in denial, America. The fruit of a rotted root system is likely to be rotted also. American justice is now rotted to its very roots.
2) In a moment, I'll present two timely stories on topic. I will not follow the details out. Rather, I will encourage you to do so. I encourage you to read both stories carefully, with a detail oriented attention. Each story is horrifically meaningful right now.
3) Before I present the two stories, I will speak at a very high level about analysis, itself, and what it might mean to us if we embraced it. We? America. Common Sense America. If we wish to serve America we must all become adequate analysts. You must become an analyst.
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5 August 2020 #PardonFlynnNow Analysis

The Lost Logic of Innocence

What is the purpose of law? It isn't a difficult question to answer. It is to protect the innocent and to convict the guilty. It is also to weigh in the balance the questions of justice vs mercy. That's it.
2) When fighting every possible fight required to create and ratify our Constitution in 1787 - 1789, our founders left a tiny little hole in the logic of our nation's foundation of law. They made other mistakes too. Let's look at the most important error, first.
3) The most important error in our Constitution was the 3/5s law. In determining representation in the House, every 5 slaves held conferred 3 additional people to the state's population of "voters." Of course, none of the 5 slaves counted could vote. The logic is not easy.
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3 August 2020 #PardonFlynnNow Analysis

The Politics

In my analysis below, I walk through both my strong agreement and my very specific disagreement with Mark Wauck's wonderful posting. You'll read it, and my work below, for context. Here, we turn to politics.
2) I am perpetually told that Trump will pardon Flynn after November 3, and likely - in case he loses - on his last day in office. And why? Because, I am told, that's just good politics. You won't be surprised that I 100% disagree. Not about the prediction, about the politics.
3) As to the prediction, I honestly don't feel qualified to agree or disagree. I am not included in the deliberations, and cannot say what Trump World thinks about them. But as to politics, there I'm on strong ground. And those who see pardoning Flynn as a risk, are just wrong.
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31 July 2020 #PardonFlynnNow Analysis

It Is Time To Redirect

I was angry last night, yet, I stand behind what I posted, retweeted here below.

I am angry now.

To the degree I slept, it was an angry sleep.

We have failed our hero and we must redirect our efforts.
2) Those of you who know me well, know that I live by something I call The Law of Failure Analysis. The world is large. We are small. Failure Analysis is built on the silly proposition we may win anyway. We may face the great world, spit, and win. We may.
3) We often don't. We just don't face the large world in its power and its venom, its evil forces, its blind stupidity. We often surrender to the vast might of the world and believe in our small tininess, and protest our failures as successes that were not possible.
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10 July 2020 #PardonFlynnNow Analysis

America's Great Surrender to an Utterly Corrupted System

There is a great trick that's been played upon America, and @GenFlynn's case is the greatest exemplar of this trick in our history. It's time for us to wake up, and reject it.
2) The trick is the simplest thing, and in order to illustrate, I'm going to refer to the great novel and film, The Godfather. What was his business? Many will remember the Genco Olive Oil company, and that was his start. But, after that, he moved into many other businesses.
3) The real step into his criminal empire was smuggling booze from Canada during prohibition. You can easily see the connection. Trucks able to transport bottles of olive oil need to retrofit to carry booze. His fleet was his initial asset, but he needed a second.
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25 June 2020 - #MAGAanalysis #PardonFlynnNow

Why you don't like the idea of a pardon, and why you're wrong. It's understandable, but you're wrong.

Come on now, slow your mind down from its racing. Think slowly, carefully. Let go of the urgent pressures of the moment. Step back.
2) By the way, it's just after midnight, and I don't usually post my threads about now. But, tomorrow's schedule is already jammed up, and I can't let this moment slip past. It is time to pardon Flynn now. As in, right now. No more waiting. Waiting is now 100% wrong.
3) Don't mistake me. I'm NOT saying that a pardon is in the offing. It may be, but if so, I'm not privy. No I suspect no such hope is on the horizon, and more's the pity. Let's get down to it. Why don't you like the idea of a pardon? The reasons, we now know, are clear.
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6 June 2020 #PardonFlynnNow Analysis

General Flynn is Not Yet Free

Who in tarnation can keep up with the Deep State's evil machinations? I sure can't. The DOJ has dropped its case. Yet, General Flynn is still not free. Contemplate that.
2) We've discussed Judge Sullivan to the point of distraction. I'm distracted. I disgusted. That he wears black robes and enjoys the power of the gavel is a travesty, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that justice in America is no more. Justice is injustice.
3) Go listen. You can easily find it. @GenFlynn has the strongest voice for truth, justice, and the American way. The strongest voice. Contemplate that. Yet. Yet. Yet he is silent. He has been silenced. He remains silenced. Here today, he is still silenced.
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1) Question: are you ready for a true worst case scenario over @GenFlynn? It's obviously not pretty. Ready?
2) However the appellate court works - and I have no idea how it really works - let's imagine that the Bush 41 and Obama judges vote against Flynn. 2 to 1, we lose. What now? Okay, let's say Sidney goes to the SCOTUS. Uh huh. First question then becomes, will they take the case?
3) Okay, SCOTUS takes the case. Next question when? Soon or not soon? Okay, let's be optimists. They take the case soon, ala, before November. Whew. I wouldn't want to bet on that, again, we're optimists here. So, SCOTUS takes the case before November. Whew...
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