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1) My closest #PardonFlynnNow friends and compatriots all know that I have often been tempted, ever since the phenomenal @SidneyPowell1 took over the case, to cease my incessant petitioning of @POTUS. I have often reached out to request counsel and advice.
@SidneyPowell1 @POTUS 2) If you're following the @GenFlynn case at all, you have to have observed what an historic job Sidney is doing. She's up against the very powerbase of the swamp itself, and she's accepting no surrender to their evil power. It really isn't possible to honor her enough.
@SidneyPowell1 @POTUS @GenFlynn On the off chance you might not have caught up to the latest of @SidneyPowell1's extraordinary moves, here's a story all my friends keep sending me. It's a great read, even if you do already know what's going on:…
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1) Although we #PardonFlynnNow supporters must complete our #DreyfusFlynnInsights work today, I do have to spout off about yet another poll about how America has turned against Trump relative to the Impeachment, first.
2) I did a quick check on the poll methods of the ABC/Washington Post poll. Here's their basic model, covering a mere 1,003 interviews:

Dems - 29%
Repubs - 23%
Independents - 38%

I know that's only 90%. Hmm.
3) Let's look at the Dems vs Repubs alone, forgetting about the Independents and the 10% plus that's unaccounted for. If you take 6 percentage points away from Repubs and give those points to Dems, you've actually altered your poll by 12%.
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1) Good Morning, #PardonFlynnNow supporters. I suspect - I'm not sure yet - that today's thoughts will be the last of our #DreyfusFlynnInsights work. As to the timely information of the day, you'll want to check out this article:…
2) I hate always being the messenger with the bad news, and even more so when I hope I'm 100% wrong about the bad news. I'm not seeing how the timeline in the filings of @GenFlynn's case are good news. You cannot imagine how much I hope my fear is incorrect.
@GenFlynn 3) And please, everyone, post something about how we're all rooting for you, Gen Flynn. Please let him know of your respect, love, and 100% support. And where you can, please donate here:
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1) #PardonFlynnNow supporters, here is today's question: Who is Peter Strzok? And what day was it, exactly, that he interviewed @GenFlynn? The best I've found in my search was "two days after the Trump administration's take over." I know, that's not a date. Let's figure it out...
@GenFlynn 2) The inauguration was on the 20th, a Friday. Saturday's the 21st, Sunday 22nd, Monday the 23rd - the first formal day of the administration - and then Tuesday the 24th. Since this is merely logic, I'm not certain. But I think the Strzok/Flynn interview took place that day.
@GenFlynn 3) We now know that Strzok, since fired for his lies, considered Flynn's statements to be honest. The reports - the famed 302s - were subsequently changed. Changed by whom? Lisa Page, Strzok's lover and a highly placed FBI attorney.
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1) In this morning's #PardonFlynnNow discussion we turn straight to #DreyfusFlynnInsights. We've arrived at the fateful moment in 1899, after almost five years in the famous Devil's Island prison. Dreyfus has been granted a retrial and lost.
2) This was good news! The sentence reduced his previous life in exile down to only 10 more years. And by the military court's rules the vote count of 5 - 2 was only one vote away from acquittal. Their rules gave a 4 - 3 ruling to the defendant. We'll go slow on that.
3) The French military court's structure was fair and just. An innocent man's suffering was due, not to the court's malfeasance, but its use by bad men of bad will. The court wasn't bad, its system wasn't bad. It was bad men using the system for bad purposes who caused such harm.
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1) Good Morning, #PardonFlynnNow supporters. Before we commence the next step in our Dreyfus Affair work, once again, gigantic kudos out to @SidneyPowell1. I can't make any predictions about what the court will do. I can express profound gratitude for what she has done.
@SidneyPowell1 2) On the chance you're not yet aware, @GenFlynn's hearings in early November have been cancelled due to the extraordinary amount of information Sidney has presented, devastating to the prosecution's case. She has unearthed damning information so profound it can't be dismissed.
@SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 3) I'll go out on a limb here - as I am in NO way expert in this area - this may well be the most important such case, and the most heroic such performance in all of American jurisprudential (legal) history. No matter the outcome, Sidney has won historic recognition, already.
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1) Our story, #PardonFlynnNow supporters, about the amazing Dreyfus Affair and its extraordinary similarities to @GenFlynn's case, and to where we are in America today, continues. I can't forecast how many days this will take, as my learning is daily.
@GenFlynn 2) Additionally, as I have shared, the story is equally if not more complex than Gen Flynn's. Its actual timeline runs from about 1870 all the way through WWII and the rise of Charles de Gaulle afterwards. That makes it one of the most pivotal events during an entire 100 years.
@GenFlynn 3) My honest guess, just from these early studies, is that even just focusing on Captain Dreyfus himself alone, we'd have to have 20 - 30 pieces to the puzzle, at least. Possibly greatly more. Simplifying, we'll try to keep to just one or two items each day.
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1) Good Morning, fellow #PardonFlynnNow supporters, there's so much going on! I probably won't be done with this thread by 9:00 when @POTUS comes on, so I'll take a break at that point. I think we'll be hearing about ding dong the wicked warlock is dead.
@POTUS 2) I've developed a strategy I'll try, for working through the Dreyfus Affair and its application to @GenFlynn's case. I'll get started on that below. But first, wow, how much are we learning about the IC and its own Deep State role in taking Flynn down?
@POTUS @GenFlynn 3) There's a new book coming out, by an author I'd never heard of before, Lee Smith. The article below is amazing. I have to believe its facts are correct, but I also believe in multiple corroborations of facts. Here it is, we'll speak more about it below:…
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1) In today's #PardonFlynnNow discussion, we're going to consider two key points. The first is tactical, with a good deal of strategy in play, and the second is historic. I'll begin with an historic statement, and then dive into tactics and close out with history again.
2) There were two streams of history I observed in 2016 and early 2017. First, the friendship, the public friendship between @realDonaldTrump and @GenFlynn was a gigantically important part of the stream of history that got Trump elected.
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn 3) Second, following the victory of 2:30 AM, 9 Nov 2016, the transition commenced and we must all confess that winning was so hard, we rather collapsed, and did not know how to do the transition. Least of all me, as an outside, volunteer analyst. I lost all my data at that point.
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1) I believe that the mandate of the #PardonFlynnNow movement is reaching broader numbers of people. Part of my random data is just how many times I'm challenged that he must not be pardoned, but rather exonerated at court. I do respect this challenge, greatly.
2) I'll show my age by mentioning the great Perry Mason. Or the movie, 12 Angry Men - in both of its versions. How many countless other cultural heroes do we have who fought for justice in a court of law, and safeguarded the American Way. We assumed Rule of Law.
3) The cultural roots go deeper still. Consider every Western film you ever saw that had a sheriff roll into town and fight all the evil gangs and grubby bad guys, until law was established over the criminal forces of darkness. Law and Order were the ultimate heroes.
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1) Friends and fellow supporters of the #PardonFlynnNow movement, I've discovered a logical gap that pervasively disables our side from comprehending the nature of the other side, and we must begin by naming both sides, right now. Let's work on this together.
2) @realDonaldTrump's name for us, our side, is the MAGA movement, and at the level of national elections, nothing could be more powerful. At the level of general culture, this has been a turning point like no other we've ever seen. Yet, we have many battles yet to win.
@realDonaldTrump 3) And the other side holds powers that most of us cannot understand. We, most of us, do NOT know our enemy. That is a dangerous condition. I'll come back to naming in a moment, first, consider our current challenge relative to the Impeachment. Their tactics are improving.
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1) Good Morning, Mr. @POTUS, Sir,

I'm the leader of a small movement, here at Twitter, that employs the hashtag #PardonFlynnNow. I don't know if you've heard of us or not, but it is our mission to speak to you. Allow me to qualify the term "small," please.
@POTUS 2) Previously, I led what became a very large movement under the hashtag #ClearFlynnNow. In fact, at the beginning of that movement we tested #PardonFlynnNow and found it to be a very difficult hashtag to push forward. We learned the reason why.
@POTUS 3) It is one of the greatest achievements of the Left, Sir, that we in America do NOT know how to claim our rights at law. You do. You always have. Those of us who follow your story know that your teacher was the great Roy Cohn. We know that you and he together lived by law.
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1) Good Morning, #PardonFlynnNow supporters, as you can see, Drudge Report not only kept the FALSE POLL up for most of the day yesterday, they even doubled down on it with a FALSE IMAGE. It has to be expressed that Drudge has become a Fake News outlet.
@JackPosobiec @TamaraLeigh_llc @JonStancik @realTT2020 @PowerTaking @1GigiSims @RealPeachyKeen2 2) Additional flaws in the poll were pointed out yesterday as well, as shown in this outstanding analysis:

@JackPosobiec @TamaraLeigh_llc @JonStancik @realTT2020 @PowerTaking @1GigiSims @RealPeachyKeen2 3) Thanks go out to @JonStancik for the lead to that analysis, I completely missed that addition component of the FALSE POLL's false basis. It was a lie from the get-go, and purposefully constructed as such. And consider, it was done by FOX, for Drudge Report push.
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1) Good Morning, #PardonFlynnNow supporters. It's 10 Oct 2019, and over at the Drudge Report right now you'll see this headline: FOX SHOCK: 51% WANT TRUMP REMOVED. But it isn't true. If you check, here's what you'll find.
2) First, by its own claim, its margin for error means the actual number could be 48% or 54%. That's a lot less sexy, isn't it? Second, the sample size was 1,003 interviews. If it was any smaller, you might be saying 'Scott in Peoria disapproves Trump.'
3) Then third, guess what! They used the relative population size in each state to determine the number of interviews for that state. This is the equivalent of HRC claiming she won 2016 because of the popular vote. You could call this poling by pure majoritarianism.
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1) Good Morning, #PardonFlynnNow supporters. Today's analysis will have, in part, a bit of the feeling of a book report, actually, a chapter report from an amazing book you should seriously consider adding to your library. Richard Nixon's The Real War published in 1980.
2) I'm only two chapters into this book and I already feel as if I were nailed to the wall by it. Not personally. It's just that here it is, the beginning of autumn 2019, and the book gives me shivers in that it applies so absolutely to this moment, 39 years after publication.
3) I'm kind of an idiot, I confess. Sometimes I wake up early, and, thinking I'll get back to sleep, I read. Silly me. Reading Nixon does not soothe one back to sleep. It does the opposite; it jolts you awake with the terrors of harsh truth that cannot be put away.
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1) No one should be surprised:

“...Mueller Gang Threatened @GenFlynn’s Son, Forced General to Sacrifice Himself or See His Son Destroyed”

2) Yet...
Most Americans still have faith “in the system”.

This is misplaced faith in the face of facts.

Until forced into the [in]justice system, as a “good” American, you believe.🇺🇸⚖️

#PardonFlynnNow @GenFlynn
3) The incredible @SidneyPowell1 exposed the weaponization of the [in]justice system and the devastating destruction of “Prosecutorial persecution” in #LicensedToLie.
It continues against @GenFlynn

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1) This #PardonFlynnNow Analysis is entitled:

Islands, Archipelagoes, and Continents of Truth

It was inspired by my friend @1GigiSims extraordinary thread, here:

@1GigiSims 2) Gigi won't mind that I offer a bit of a teaser, but also a bit of a spoiler when I tell you that America is under the attack of its own government engaging in an ongoing PSYOP against its own citizens. She documents this PSYOP - Psychological Operation - in compelling detail.
@1GigiSims Hello, hello!
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1) My friend @JonStancik shared this thread and led me to read it. As a fellow #PardonFlynnNow supporter, you may want to do so as well. I'll just a little below, in response.

@JonStancik 2) As you follow our dear Pirate's story, you'll come to this post. I consider it the most important:

@JonStancik Let's number that list:

1) Iran
2) Syria
3) China
4) Russia
5) North-Korea
6) Venezuela
7) Cuba

& also non-state actors

9) Hamas
10) Hezbollah.
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1) Yesterday, we laid out the three great hurdles @SidneyPowell1 faces in her valiant attempt to clear @GenFlynn from the attack of this illegal prosecution. We covered the first two adequately, leaving the third to be completed today.
@SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 2) To review, the first was the Kelner led decision to plead guilty and take a deal. The second, and hardest of all, was the Kelner led self-defense of that guilty plea in front of Judge Sullivan and the world. Today, we'll dive more deeply into the third.
@SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn 3) The third is Sidney’s decision to hold onto the plea deal, while attempting to have the case dismissed. I believe I understand her logic. The plea deal was, she may be defending, a necessary act by a defrauded defendant.
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1) Let's turn our attention to the legal battle the great @SidneyPowell1 is fighting in her endeavor to have the court dismiss the case. As she consistently tells us, Judge Sullivan was the hero of her book - it is a must read - and is the man who overturned Ted Steven's case.
@SidneyPowell1 2) I have no inside information, but I am able to suss out the logic of the battle itself. That's what we'll be working on today. That the case should be dismissed appears, to me, to be beyond question. I am of course NOT an impartial analyst in this, so I have to check my bias.
@SidneyPowell1 3) Sidney's case is built, as I understand it, upon what are called Brady violations which I'd imagine everyone has heard a great deal about, of late. In a word, though, they're defined as the prosecution withholding exculpatory evidence. There is a problem here, though.
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1) Where does justice lie? Does it rest in the hands of the courts? No, not at all. Let me let you in a famous secret. The jury system has been rigged, if not essentially buried alive in the past decades. How could they do that? Prosecutorial discretion is the answer.
2) Let's say you're innocent but charged with a crime you did not commit. Who is most likely to have the evidence of your innocence? The prosecution is. They're lawfully bound to disclose that information to you. And who watches over them in all this? They watch over themselves.
3) So, there's an honest jury - and that's being kind, as they're selected by a corrupt system - and they're only given the evidence in the case the prosecution decides to give them. A jury of your peers no longer weighs you against the innocent until proven bar, therefore.
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1) In today's #PardonFlynnNow analysis, we're going to look at the topic of palace intrigue. The entire attack against Flynn was the most well-coordinated in all of American history. If we don't assume Obama anticipated Trump's win, then planning began November 9, 2016.
2) I think the data indicates, however, two points calling for a far earlier date. First, @SidneyPowell1 has shown evidence supporting a far earlier commencement of surveillance. Either by a FISA warrant or just 100% illegal use of America's vast surveillance power.
@SidneyPowell1 3) In fact, considering @GenFlynn's support of @vabelle2010 in her response to McCabe's attack against her, and her ouster from the FBI, alongside his testimony to Congress about ISIS, it may well be that Obama had him surveilled as far back as 2014.
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1) What a difficult thing I am asking of you. Not only to wrap your mind around the idea of petitioning the President of the United States to #PardonFlynnNow, but also to do it specifically by a #PardonOfInnocence. Before 2016, I'd have blown off such a request off myself.
2) It was @GenFlynn who showed me, taught me really, that even I could have an impact. It was in August, 3 years ago, that he first called and introduced himself to me, as a result of receiving one of my analyses. I never dreamed I might speak to someone of his stature.
@GenFlynn 3) In my youth, I once had reason to reach out to a person of vast wealth and power - for business reasons, not political - and I choked completely. He was very kind and supportive, but I never managed to say a word when his secretary put me through to him. I wasn't ready.
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1) One of the comments I see most frequently in response to the petition #PardonFlynnNow with a #PardonOfInnocence, is that it's not needed. He's going to be exonerated at law, and then turn around and sue for his losses once granted innocence by the court. That's what I hear.
2) I always say the same thing, something in the order of, may it be so. But then, we have to look at a few uncomfortable details. How, exactly will this happen? And when? And are we 100% certain of the outcome? What if the court fails to exonerate? What then?
3) There's this painful thing I do called Worst Case Scenario Analysis. A painful example is the question: what if the court throws the book at @GenFlynn and sentences him to the maximum extent of the law? I'm certainly NOT predicting that. Rather, I'm honestly asking. What if?
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