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What's up #tedfest peeps! We're off! Just left Cardiff for a long drive/ferry/another long drive/another ferry. Here's Nick who's doing the first leg. Get ready for some Divine Comedy tributing, Ireland! Image
So we made it to the ferry, stage one complete! Can relax for a few hours before hitting the road again. Looking forward to meeting up with the rest of @BadAmbassadors and having a @GuinnessIreland (not necessarily in that order) Image
Leg two complete (provided no docking disasters). Another hundred or so miles to Galway before meeting up with the band and downing a few well earned pints. I'm sure all the other @BadAmbassadors who flew will be fully cut already 🙂 Image
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68.01/ Week sixty-eight, Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 67 below
68.02/ This is right in my wheelhouse: scholarship laden pop-culture analysis. This is of #Dune

68.03/ #Dune is an incredibly flawed book that's nonetheless fascinating. Also, as a kid I thought the (pseudo) Arabic was Hebrew. e.g. "Kwisatz Haderach" which I eventually recognized from Midrash (from last week's parsha! God "shortened Eliezer's way"):…
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This powerful photo gives a stark warning to parents & caregivers over the dangers of #choking. The small child suffocated & died after choking on a #peanut!

A thread 🧵

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2\ #Peanuts & other nuts are the 4th leading cause of unintentional death in children.

Some kids, like 7-year-old Precise Tucker, have even #choked on #doritos chips & died in their mothers' arms while playing a prank!…
3\ Every #parent will be familiar with the time spent cutting & slicing their kid's food to ensure they can eat with no issues. No matter how hard you try, there's always a chance their wandering hands will pick up something they shouldn't & potentially put them in danger.⁣
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My amazing assistant (most efficient assistant ever): I won't be in tomorrow
Me: No worries, hope all is well?
My assistant: Taking my dog to his doggie day care entrance exam
Me: An entrance exam for doggie day care??!!
Me 4 hours later: An entrance exam for doggie day care??!!
Update: Melvin passed the entrance exam!! Apparently he did so well (I guess that is the right sign) on the placement exam that he got put in w/ the big dogs. John thinks Melvin is way too small to be in with the big dogs... so not sure he will be using the doggie day care... Image
Email from my assistant last weekend: He has tenure now, so don’t ask him to do any tricks.
Attached to the email: the picture below of Melvin the dog in my office Image
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#Peanuts history.
#1: Charlie Brown: Stalwart. Everyman. Depressive. Sports fan. Trier. Loser.
First appearance: 2 October 1950 (the first strip)
Last appearance: 13 February 2000 (the final strip)
#Peanuts history.
#2: Patty. Not to be confused with Peppermint Patty, the original Patty was the first girl Peanut, although her character was never really developed.
First appearance: 2 October 1950 (the first strip)
Last appearance: 17 April 1995 (by then, a rare appearance)
#Peanuts history.
#3: Shermy. Straight man. The forgotten boy, his character even less developed than Patty's.
First appearance: 2 October 1950 (the first strip)
Last appearance: Disputed. Either 15 June 1969, or 9 November 1975 (either way, he'd all but been forgotten)
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Headed out to see the #Breeders before heading back to #Toronto for a #MasterlessMen #booktalk tomorrow. Given my age, the #Breeders led me to both the #Pixies & #FrankBlack.😻…
There's a woman in front of me dancing something bw #Peanuts on acid & #ElaineBennis & it's giving me life, lol.
And: the Deal sisters look (and sound) amazing. 😻
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