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Got leaky gut and worried about Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) causing an immune response that leads to systemic inflammation? Well you should be! But let's talk about what a ketogenic diet can do to mitigate that for you. Shall we? 🧵(1/21)
A #leakygut is a condition in which the lining of the intestine becomes damaged or compromised, allowing toxins, undigested food particles, and harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream. (2/21)
When this happens, large amounts of LPS (lipopolysaccharide) can be released into the bloodstream, triggering an #immune response and #inflammation in the body. (3/21)
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This systematic review finds that the literature overall suggests that the metabolizable energy of nuts is lower than that predicted by Atwater factors, something that may in part explain the lack of an effect of nut consumption on body weight reported in the literature.
- This systematic review with narrative synthesis aimed to examine the metabolizable energy of tree nuts and peanuts in vitro and in adult humans.
- Findings suggest that the metabolizable energy of the nut types investigated (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, and peanuts) is lower than what would be expected following application of Atwater factors.
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This systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials finds that fiber supplementation is likely to be effective at improving constipation, with psyllium, doses >10 g/d and treatment durations of at least 4 weeks appearing to be optimal.
- Psyllium supplements and fiber doses greater than 10 g/d were most effective at improving response to treatment, stool output, and straining, while treatment durations of 4 weeks or more were optimal for improving stool frequency and whole gut transit time.
- "However, there was a low number of studies and substantial heterogeneity between studies in the subgroup analyses...
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Jowar is full of Antioxidant,#fiber & nutrients. It is a gluten free energy boosting #cereal. It is a well known #millet used in #obesity, diabetes etc. It has rich #medicinal values due to its antioxidant phytochemicals.
#health #ayurveda #HealthyFood
The #prebiotic effectiveness of different varieties of inulin was calculated to be in the following order:
bajra > jowar > ragi > commercial inulin.

It's rich in dietary fiber which contributes for better #digestive and cardiovascular health.
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How @ZiggoCompany & @KPN completely fail and miss commitments a Twitter thread saga. #internet #fiber #glasvezel #frustrated 1/17
So when @KPN came to the door offering to install fiber I was initially intrigued. They offered 1000gb up and down. As a work from home Cyber/Infosec leader with teenagers who stream & game this was an attractive offer. I of course said yes but did not commit to changing 2/17
A few months go buy and the install date comes. I compare the offers & prices. As the fiber can be used by other providers and make the decision on 23/01 to switch. The physical install is on 17/02 and I setup to switch services on 22/02. 3/17
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It is impossible for me to process the level of #facepalm I have just witnessed from @Bell's #business #fiber #internet alone, so you all have to share in this experience.

The fiber optic box for my #SMB internet service has a power supply with a built in UPS. Handy, right?
Internet is a critical service, and the entire device is under 25 watts, so building even a small UPS into the power supply will let it run for a very long time in the event of an outage! Great idea! Laptops and phones work when the power's out, so should the internet!
Wrong. The UPS is there for 911 phone service. So someone has actually gone to the trouble of designing a device that *knows* when the power has gone out, and continues powering the phones, but cuts the ~5 watts internet connection.

I don't have phone service. Just internet.
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My review of the @orangeJo #fiber service. Two years ago I got a call from someone promoting a limited time offer. 29.99 for six months then 39.99

I agreed for that offer and was told that the team would visit to finish the paperwork and the connection

A team came and..
cabling was done and I was asked to sign an agreement. The terms read 39.99 and not 29.99. I refused and called the @orangeJo number. I was told that offer expired.

I refused and told them that the agreement was to connect me with that price.

Not reaching an agreement, I..
refused to sign and continued my provider service from @Umniah 4G service.

Fast forward to last month. I visited the @orangeJo shop in Abdali. A shamble of an operation, there is a ticket queue system in place but three amateur staffers were juggling clients in a very haphazard
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