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1. He has consistently detected the pitfalls journalists build when asking questions. You may not understand how important this is if you're not used to logic and argument.
Presenters do build "Strawman" opinions, hasty generalisation, false dilemma and other fallacies to trap unaware speakers into accepting what actually is not right.

Take for example if I ask you, "What do you have to say to the toxic behaviours of OBIdients?"
If you're not careful you will fall the main trap which is accepting that all/only OBIdients are toxic. It's not starting with "why, how", it is first in showing that that assertion is not correct. No other person have done this perfectly like Barr Kenneth Okonkwo @realkenokonkwo
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1. We caught the wind of the information so late but my team in less than 20 minutes assembled a strong media coverage for the visit. @PeterObi
2. We know how interested Nigerians will love to be carried along with the details of the playout. So we did the hard job in no time.

Thanks to my team members @_olumose and @iamMatriix who did bulk of the media work. You guys are amazing.
3. Naysayers will shout, we don't care, Peter Obi @PeterObi is the candidate to beat come 2023. We dey his back.

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1. He promised to be back during campaign for full itemization of his agenda. This was supposed to be a very private visit but OBIdients no gree
@PeterObi @OoniAdimulaIfe @NgLabour @labourpartyife

2. Obi is interested in the history of Ile-Ife getting as many attention as the West's. With his presidency, Ile-Ife is set to become a tourist centre of attraction. He mentioned how as a young undergraduate, he came visiting OAU to behold the then incomparable beauty.
3. As usual, Obi analyzed how the government could have solved the ASUU strike by demonstrating his vast knowledge of the situation. This man means we'll for this nation, I tell you most sincerely.

#PeterObi #PeterinIfe #PeterObiForPresident
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Reactions Trail Obi’s Late-night Meeting With Wike, Mimiko, Others

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, held another meeting with the Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike and other members of the Peoples Democratic Party on Monday night. Image
Former Ondo State governor, Olusegun Mimiko, who shared a photo from the late night meeting on Twitter tagged some of those at the meeting to include Governors Samuel Ortom, Okezie Ikpeazu, former governors of Cross River and Gombe States,
Donald Duke, Ibrahim Dankwambo, former Minister of Justice, Mohammed Adoke and others.

Reactions have been trailing the laughing photo of the politicians, with many speculating about their plans and the reason for the meeting.
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El-Rufai Continues Twitter Attack On ‘Obidients’

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, has continued his attack on the supporters of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi. Image
El-Rufai had started off the day mocking a call for a two-million man march for Obi in Kaduna State and declaring they wouldn't get up to 200 people.

Regardless of the outrage that his tweet had ignited, El-Rufai has continued to chastise Obi's supporters.
His latest tweet featuring screenshot of a message from Twitter read, "The desperation of so-called ‘Obidients’ knows no bounds…they insult everyone they disagree with, but cannot accept that some find them disagreeable & have opinions too!
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No 1
This is the best interview you'd see today. Chris Nwakaobia, APC member, CountryFirst Convener, Lawyer, fmr Presidential Candidate from Delta on why he vote Peter Obi Lavour Party not of BAT APC

Every sec of this interview is a sound byte. Too much wisdom.
Okowa Dunamis
I am choosing (Peter Obi) someone who has shown capacity & competence in governance, passion for leadership & for our country, who prizes and prides in education. - Chris Nwakaobia, APC Member.
Dunamis Okowa #Obidatti023
#BBNaija #Arewa4PeterObi #Arewatwitter #Obidatti023
APC and PDP are overwhelmed, benumbed & befuddled by Peter Obi. We must now take decisions that are not local or for pecuniary reasons for the sake of this nation.

Guys, this is a #BallotRevolution
Dunamis Okowa #Obidatti023
#BBNaija #Arewa4PeterObi #Arewatwitter Atiku
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1) I was at INEC office, Ifo LGA Ogun State, yesterday to assist some people who were doing their PVC transfer. We were directed to use a nearby cafe which has a direct access to INEC portal. On getting to the very crowded cafe, I was amazed to see people of different adult ages,
2) including the very old & mostly Yorubas, all of them discussing the Obiwave & how Peter Obi is the only reason they are updating their PVCs & voting in this coming election. I was moved to tears & didn't know that a Baba amongst them noticed & asked me where I was coming from.
3) So I told him from Isolo, Lagos & helping out whoever wanted to vote for Obi get their PVC. Baba asked me to give him a hug, I hugged & hugged & got tired of hugging people I have never met in my life. They all started to pray for me, for Peter Obi & for Nigeria. The tears
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Nigeria Police Population: 371,800
Let's do the math’s using some possible numbers.
A thread:
1.In each of 36 states we have at least two first-class kings. Each one of them has at least two police escorts: 36x2=72
2.We have LGA chairman with at least 4 police escorts: 774x4=3096
3.We have 109 Senators with at least 4 police escorts: 109x4=436
4.We have 360 house of representatives members with at least 3 police escorts: 360x3=1080
5.We have 932 house of assembly members and with at least 2 police escorts: 932x2=1864
6.We have 36 governors with at least 10 police escorts: 36x10=360, and at least 2 police escorts for their wives/children: 36X2=72.
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Let me further declare my bias here; I am an Igbo man from Anambra State.

A Benin friend told me last week that I support Peter Obi because he's Igbo and from Anambra State! I was actually speechless at his prejudice!
2. Someone also said it's time we help the Igbos they have suffered so much in this country; I was like seriously?

I still hear some say voting for Peter Obi will be justice for the Igbos; ignorance is really really appalling!

Let me drop a few points here;
3. If some of the reasons alluded above is why you are supporting Peter Obi, then you are not different from the Tribal Warlords and Religious extremist!

Let me shock you further...
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Let Nigeria be Nigeria again.
Let it be the best dream people dream about. Let it be the pioneer on the plain.
Seeking a home where he himself is free.
(Nigeria right now is never Nigeria to me)
Let Nigeria be the dream the dreamers dreamed— 1/
Let it be that great strong land of love
Where never kings connive nor tyrants scheme
That any man be crushed by one above.
(It never was Nigeria to me.)
O, let my land be a land where Liberty
Is crowned with no false patriotic wreath, But opportunity is real, and life is free
Equality is in the air we breathe.

(There’s never been equality for me)

I am the poor black, fooled and pushed apart
I am the immigrant clutching the hope I seek—
And finding only the same old stupid plan
Of dog eat dog, of mighty crush the weak.
#PeterObi #PeterObi2023
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‘I never said investment in SABMiller now worth $100m’ — Obi blames ‘one youth’ for misinformation | TheCable…
Obi said this in a letter to @CCSoludo, governor of Anambra state, on Thursday, through his media aide, Valentine Obienyem.

The former Anambra governor blamed “one of the youths, not under our control, but eager to throw in anything that glorified their hero — Obi”.

In a 2018 interview, Obi had said he invested $20 million in International Breweries on behalf of Anambra state as a governor.

Obi’s claim was in response to questions on economic development, Anambra politics and his presidential ambition.…

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The name 'Okwute' is the Igbo traditional chieftaincy title bestowed on H.E Peter Obi in 2014 by the traditional rulers of the 177 autonomous communities of Anambra state, thus becoming the first person in Igbo history to receive a collective title from all serving traditional
rulers of a state, a feat even the famed 'Ikemba' Odumegwu Ojukwu didn't attain. The title endorsed by all 177 monarchs with notable kings such as the Obi of Onitsha, Igwe of Nnewi & the Igwe of Mbauwkwu was fully funded by the Anambra state traditional rulers council as Obi was
hesitant to take the title being a person of simplicity. Till this day, Obi has preferred to be addressed by Mr and not 'Chief' or 'High Chief' despite attaining the highest possible title one can achieve in the Igbo tradition. He has never worn the regalia nor the famous red cap
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1)@PeterObi talking about his trip to Egypt. "The Job of a leader is not to give excuses or complain, its to solve problems. If you are aspiring to lead, that is the time you need to study and know what you are going to do". - Peter Obi.
"I also met with those who financed the power generation in Egypt". In 5 years, We can move our power production from where we are today to 15-20,000MW".

"When I was campaigning to be Governor of Anambra state, I went to learn from Bangladesh and Rural India". -Peter Obi.
"As Governor of Anambra state, every part of Anambra state was connected by Roads and bridges".
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Its looking like there will be a run off in next year's Presidential election. #kwakwansiyya spread in the north shouldn't be underrated, he will likely get enough votes to impact the votes esp. for #Atiku and #BAT2023 in the north and.....
#Atiku is at a disadvantage here since the north is his stronghold. #Kwankwaso will win the NW and likely 25% in all states of NE. SW...BAT's stronghold n will get d most votes in all SW states, but will dat be enough? given that he must have 25% of votes from 24 states.
....Also in the same west, #PeterObi will make a showing, it will only be strong enough to damage PDP's chances and perhaps of no effect at all on APC's (reasons later). SOUTH EAST....#PeterObi will be a thorn in the flesh for PDP,
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On Peter Obi’s supposed ‘Stinginess’....

Sometime in 2009, ‘Mr’(as he preferred to be addressed) Peter Obi, Governor Of Anambra State at the time, visited Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and myself at Dallas, Texas. He came to deliver a get well message Image
from Dr Goodluck Jonathan and was billed to attend a black tie event at the Dallas Marriot.

Curiously, he flew into Dallas airport with one small carry on luggage which he insisted on wheeling around himself, and on getting to our residence requested to freshen up.
He opened his carry on, filled with files and paperwork and a few toiletries and an extra shirt, when the Ikemba and I asked if he was expecting another item of luggage, and he said no. Then, what will you be wearing to the event tonight?’, we inquired.

It was at that point
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while #peterObi is busy understudying and comparing countries so that WHEN he becomes president he will replicate it, i was busy understudying #peterobi's life and how he is able to stay in Nigerian politics stainless, focused and progressive and i got these results...
I graduated top of my class by the way and i thaught i have arrived but after i researched about @peterobi's Almamata and his achievements in private/public service, i realised how myopic i have been over the years.
Mr peter Obi should have naturally settled for being a petty trader in Onisha after graduating from UNN as the status quo demands but he went ahead to attend all the famous business schools and universities in the world;
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I don't think anyone has labelled #PeterObi a messiah.

No one has dressed him in the messianic gab of "the new sherriff in town, whose presence alone was claimed to have caused power to improve" ala Buhari in 2015.
It is false equivalance to compare the #PeterObi movement of today with the "Sai baba" chants of 2014/2015.

For one, the Buhari myth was just that - a myth - with zero evidence to show any tangible success in the past about Buhari.

In other words, nothing to verify.
But in #PeterObi movement, the man himself repeatedly says #GoAndVerify .

Peter Obi's success stories are there in the public domain.

His way of life is out there in the public domain.

The man has been consistent before, in and out of government.
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This is the last of these flimsy lies that I'll bother disputing here, cos it has become obvious that I'm just wasting my time with unintelligent people.

Now, Peter Obi became governor of Anambra on the 17th of March 2006.

Why is this date important?

Walk with me 🚶🏾‍♂️ ⏰
According to the highlighted text in the bottom part of this screenshot, this trade dispute started in 2000, under the Mbadinuju administration.

Like I've always said here, & like every Anambrarian would confirm, Mbadinuju bastardised Anambra infrastructure & resources.
Now, Peter Obi became Anambra state governor, a whole 6 years after this dispute had started.

Now, if you refer to the screenshot above again 👆🏿, you'd see that this joint corporation had become moribund way before Obi became governor.

What does this mean? The workers were no
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I have endured the continued subjugation of young people's agency and efforts towards the 2023 elections to the background, under the guise of trying to guide them into making the "right"...
political choice for Nigeria. All over the world, Youth Agency is in constant battle with suppressant voices and it is worse in Africa and Third World climes like ours. I am persuaded that this is no new discourse.

I have seen young people's efforts, choices and contribution
towards 2023 elections misrepresented as irrational, naive, undiscerning, unrealistic, delusional, insulting, and the likes. I have seen them held to high standards and expectations unprecedented. I have seen them doubt their capabilities in the face of pressure to appear..
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Listen up everyone, let me tell you why it is very important that this Peter Obi movement is successful.

It returns power to we the people.

It means that every other politician, who aspires to the highest office in the land, will have to start to show all workings, in order
to have the backing of the people.

It means, that we have the power to continually decide who becomes our president going forward; enshrining equity, justice, fairness, competence, & credibility.

It means that we can dare to dream of a Seyi Makinde presidency in the future,
made possible by the sheer will of the people.

It means that we will no longer care about political parties, but care about whoever is the best candidate at the time, irrespective of what party they belong to.

This movement is iconic, & should not be taken lightly.
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Peter Obi | Simp | #Akure | Onitsha | Muslim VP #PeterObi2023 Sowore Kwankwaso INEC Anambra Labour Party
1. Anambra was the first State to commence Sub-Sovereign Wealth savings, the first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa. At a time many other Governors were leaving huge debts, I left the equivalent of $500 million Dollars in investment as well as local and foreign currency.
2. For the first time in the history of Anambra State, Ambassadors and High Commissioners of notable countries such as United States, Britain, Russia, European Union, South Africa, Belgium, Israel, the Netherlands, Canada, among others, visited the State.
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I've seen many people try to downplay the likelihood of Obi winning the election in 2023. Their justifications are frequently centered on the fact that "voters" aren't on social media. I did some digging and I here's what I discovered


(This is my personal take)
First, let’s break down the 2019 elections.
Total number of registered voters: 82,344,107
Number of total votes: 28,614,190
The winner (APC) had 15,191,847. (Less than 20% of total). Despite the billions spent on their campaign, the party's "popularity" and
the ever-mentioned "Jagaban" influence.

Many of the voters are presumably "northerners, offline crowds, etc," accounting for less than a quarter of all registered voters.

The majority of non-voters are presumably "uninterested youths" who have
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@Lugard_Tareotu 1. I'm responding to you cos you're in govt & who knows where you might get to tomorrow in government so it is important to do admonish you...
@Lugard_Tareotu 2. The reason why Nigeria has the largest economy & is the poverty capital of the world at the same time is simply cos the Nigerian society & politicians are obsessed with white elephants. Visionary leadership is concrete, mortar & bricks construction....
@Lugard_Tareotu 3. The foundation for economic growth & development is human capital development & human conditions improvement (HDI) for the simple reason that educated/trained people in good human conditions builds a nation. This where @PeterObi is nobody's match in the leading candidates...
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I want to address the ONLY reason why people say #PeterObi cannot be trusted to be president. They accuse #PeterObi of jumpin from one party to the other and so he is unreliable, unstable and can't be trusted. This cannot be any farther away from the truth. Tinubu Anambra Fashola
This is my answer. Political parties IN NIGERIA are not ideology driven. Political parties are mere platforms upon which and through which party members mobilize and seek for votes. Contrast this with countries like the UK and USA where political platforms are ideology.
Driven. The net effect of this is that where political platforms are driven by ideologies, these ideologies determine and go straight to the CHARACTER and WAY OF LIFE of party members. Defection in this instance to another party means the party adherent is said to have.
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