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(1/7) Have you ever heard of the "Committee of 300"? 🤔 Let's dive into this intriguing web of power and influence. 🕸️ Hold on tight as we unravel the secrets behind this shadowy group. #Committeeof300 #ConspiracyTheory
(2/7) The Committee of 300 is believed to be a secretive organization comprising influential figures from various sectors: politics, finance, industry, and more. Some claim it to be a global elite cabal orchestrating events behind the scenes. 🌐💼 #GlobalElite #ShadowPower
(3/7) Allegedly, the origins of the Committee of 300 can be traced back to the British East India Company and later to Cecil Rhodes, a British businessman and politician. It's said to operate as a network of interconnected individuals with shared objectives. 🌍🔗 #PowerNetwork
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This is presumably a concerned resident from St Michael's on Wyre during the Nicola Bulley search as shown by the media.
#actorslife #media #DailyMirror #NicolaBulleypsyop #NicolaBulley #PaulAnsell #fakenews #questioneverything
Whilst this is a reporter for the Daily Mirror reporting on the supposed finding of Nicolas body.
Now, let's compare the two people, is it just me, or do they look quite similar?
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I've been digging, and you wouldn't believe who I found.
Unfortunately, I always had a feeling, but we now know, we cannot trust the PC Party of Canada.
This is not doctored. Archived as of April 1st 2021… Image
He has spoken out against the liberals, he has also commended the convoy, but is it just political subversion and he is in fact just controlled opposition?


My question is, what happened last year from Jan-April to make them change their website and remove him. Archive saves everything!!!

@Hannah_Bananaz @unspinthespina1 @ezralevant @TheoFleury14 @StoneSculptorJN @MarkFriesen08 @ikwilson @canmericanized @MakisMD @NJunkie87
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'As a result, the constant repetition of these and many other climate fallacies are turned into accepted truths known as “The Science.”

#ScienceIsNeverSettled That's what makes it fun.

#SupportUnsponsoredScientists #QuestionEverything…
'Malarkey. Baloney. Poppycock.

After more than 15 years as a writer and researcher, one thing I know for sure is that science is never settled.

Another thing I know for sure is that scientific debate is always healthy. And censorship is always wrong.'…
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@JohnBWellsCTM And that is what all US Citizens are, slaves to their corporate master, parent company, the ones trafficking your CORPORATE PERSON in a foreign political status jurisdiction until you correct the presumption back to the land & soil, claim your estate, & that of your children.
@JohnBWellsCTM But most are lazy & comfortable being a CORPORATE FICTION SLAVES, especially the ones pushing freedom causes & voting in CORPORATE elections, in the REP/DEM psychotic show every four years.
Who isn't talking about this? So sad.

3237. You Got Three Choices…
@JohnBWellsCTM There is one government, of, by, & for the people, & then their is our GOVERNMENT SERVICE PROVIDERS & the people believe that they are all SERVICE PROVIDERS, instead of the actual living people that self-govern, this is the definition of insanity, & tells you they're brainwashed.
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❓ Question :
Les maths sont-elles réelles ?

Voici un thread sur une fascinante et touchante histoire de réseaux sociaux.

- du maquillage
- Des débats sur le réalisme scientifique
- De l'action
- Des rebondissements
- Une fin inatendue

Une jeune fille a posté une vidéo sur Tiktok (puis repostée sur twitter) où elle demande sincèrement d'oú viennent les maths, comment on en est venu à cette idée, comment on sait que cest vrai.
La video a 11 millions de vues en 2 jours.


Les réponses des twittos en commentaire sont fascinantes.
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TurnTurnTurn video

Fly Like an Eagle

TurnTurnTurn video

Bad Medicine

TurnTurnTurn video

Land of Confusion

Psychological Manipulation (projection)


Too big for Twitter - watch on YouTube
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Ok I'll admit I was curious. I decided to look into this with an open, investigative mind. My first instinct was that this was fake. Follow this thread as I'll go through how I went looking into it... #WWG1WGA #QAnon #GlamisCalling
2/ I started looking through the comments and discovered the original investigation was sparked from this post... #WWG1WGA #QAnon #GlamisCalling
3/ So the website looks spooky enough. And look at the posts - all reference events before they happen. How could this be? Esp when the site was only created on Jan 24 2019 #WWG1WGA #QAnon #GlamisCalling
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