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#Freedom #SheepNoMore #GreatAwakening
We have been 'sheep' for so long that majority have no clue as to what Freedom Truly is! And most, who have tried to seek Truth, have been 'thrown back' to ground zero, only to attempt to crawl up again!
Why EGYPT is of importance (@FollowThe17 , is this what you meant - coming out of slavery? ):
"Remember this Day
When you came out of Egypt,
Out of the place of Slavery,
For the LORD brought you out of here
By the Strength of His hand"
- Exodus 13:3
Let my people go!
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If Justyne Trudeau was a real man and actually wanted to protect Canadians, especially the country’s doctors and nurses, he would call President Trump and arrange a deal to buy N95 masks from one (or more) of the great US companies making them. Instead, he bought KN95 masks from
China, the creator of the COVID_19 #CCPVirus, that are not only built to substandard NON-medical specs...but were so defective upon arrival they fell apart when opened. The other deal he made with China resulted in Canadian plane being turned back when pick-up was attempted.
The plane returned completely empty. All of this after he initially shipped 17 tons of Canada’s stockpiled PPE to China! My mom’s neurologist told her today he has no masks at all, nor do any doctors/nurses working in the hospital.
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Has it occurred to anyone that anything can be turned into a major health emergency if the news covers it hysterically 24/7, & social media repeats rumors & speculation?

If the media covered every car accident or drug overdose 24/7 they could manufacture panic easily.
Have you noticed there are no interviews of recovered patients describing their symptoms & how they managed to fight the virus?

Is it a coincidence the symptoms are similar to seasonal allergies during allergy season?
How do we know the confirmed cases were the cause of death, and not just a correlation?

In other words, if an 82 year old cancer patient with heart disease dies, and also has Covid-19, what caused the death?

The cancer? Age? Or both?

Statistics can be used to deceive.
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"The Party of Nero and their Christmas Impeachment Juan O'Savin. MUST READ!
@SpeakerPelosi - we RECOGNIZE your "Roman Ruler" Brooch. #sheepnomore . Tut tut, Catholic? methinks, not!
@AdamSchiff - we SEE you
@JerryNadler - Brotherhood oaths?
Is it any wonder they speak ONLY with forked tongues?
"Brotherhood of the Snake"
It may be the longest "dark" night tonight, but then comes the Light, and the LIGHT rules over the darkness from here on out.
#DarkToLight #PatriotsFight #Qanon #Trump2020
unroll @threadreaderapp
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Barry Soetoro AKA @BarackObama when will the truth come to light? 1- Back In 1961 #POC were called “Negroes” So how come the Obama “birth certificate” state he is “African American” when that term wasn’t even used at that time. #LightToDark
2- The birth certificate the White House released list Obama’s birth as August 4 1961 and list Barack Hussein Obama as Father. No big deal right? #TheMoreYouKnow
3- At the time of Obama’s birth. It shows his “father age 25” & father was born in “Kenya East Africa” #ThesePeopleAreStupid
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New QAnon @POTUS 11-03-2018

POTUS meeting PUTIN on 11.11
Now what are the odds of that?
Keep your eye on the ball.
Midterms & Memes.
[ ]
Remember, POTUS already ordered the DECLAS.
-[RR] pushed back hard
-OIG tasked to review [determine 'sensitive info']
-OIG works w/ HUBER (important to remember)
-HUBER reports 'directly' to SESSIONS (important to remember)
Was the DECLAS already cleared for release?
Was the gambit played by [RR] to stall & delay post election banking on [D's win House]?
POTUS AF1 [RR] > An enemy who feels safe [& in control] is an enemy who…..
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