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The #LiberalMedia are the Enemy of the American People

#FakeNews By Design

Lies, Lies, Lies

Cover-up, Cover-up, Cover-up

The #LiberalMedia were part of the Cover-up of the #WuhanLab

#FakeNews By Design

#Fauci and #BillGates were used to push the #Fear PsyOp while attacking President Trump into the 2020 Election Cycle

But Trump was RIGHT.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/05/2021…
A complete human genome sequence is close: how scientists filled in the gaps…

#HumanGenome #GenomeSequencing
A Japanese Novelist’s Tale of Bullying and Nietzsch…

#BookReview #nietzsche #power #morality #novelist
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Hi Pat
I sent these to u yesterday but I didn't send as a thread
I'm sending again as a thread for coherency.
I feel the need to help u out here
@PattyHajdu #Canada #cdnpoli
Vitamin D
Pat, I'm a retired teacher of 31 yrs. Ur ans about Vit D in question period being a #conspiracytheory has bothered me since stated it
How can u be Minister of Health & @GovCanHealth & have NO CLUE about Vit D?
@PattyHajdu #Canada #Cdnpoli @OnCall4ON @PoliceOnGuard
It's necessary that u b educated somewhat, on importance of Vitamin D, so please, allow me
I'm not an "expert" nor am I the Minister of Health Canada
I have taught the importance of vitamins & minerals to children
@PattyHajdu #Canada #cdnpoli
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/22/2021…
Opinion | Set Up Branches of Elite Colleges to Expand Access…

#HigherEducation #accessibility #OpEd #BranchCampuses
Vartan Gregorian, Savior of the New York Public Library, Dies at 87…

#obituary #PublicLibrary #scholarship #leadership #service
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“Why Do People Believe Weird Things? Bayesian Brains, Conspiracy Theories, and Intellectual Vices”

@ruhrunibochum #LectureSeries #ConspiracyTheories #Disinformatioin
“Why Do People Believe Weird Things? Bayesian Brains, Conspiracy Theories, and Intellectual Vices”

@ruhrunibochum #LectureSeries #ConspiracyTheories #Disinformatioin
“Why Do People Believe Weird Things? Bayesian Brains, Conspiracy Theories, and Intellectual Vices”

#LectureSeries #ConspiracyTheories #disinformation
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#Memes 🤔 That's funny #RickGaetz because who was it that waged a multimillion dollar Memetic Warfare operation in the 2016 election?
#CPAQ #CPAQ2021 #GaetzIsArranged
Palmer Luckey: The Facebook Near-Billionaire Secretly Funding Trump’s Meme Machine
#GaetzIsArranged #CPAQ… /2
Fiancée of Matt Gaetz tells how she responded to the Republican congressman's Mar-a-Lago proposal after their whirlwind 10-month romance…
#GaetzIsArranged #CPAQ /3
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An interesting section in the Georgia @SidneyPowell1 case mentions a watermark. @LegendaryEnergy @sav_anon @Timcast @SharissaBurnett
2/3 CISA supplied a rumor check that says watermarks are used, still on their website, as shown:
#watermarks #MailInBallots @scrowder @ANTHONYBLOGAN @tatum_report247 @LegendaryEnergy @TheOfficerTatum @HowleyReporter @ElijahSchaffer @SlightlyOffens
3/3 They also provided this handy infographic that confirms watermarked ballots were used as a safeguard this election, and specific weight of paper. #StopTheSteaI #watermark #conspiracytheory……
@RobbersonJon did you see this
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“As a biddable ignoramus who has somehow jockeyed his way into becoming your elected representative, I do not consider it my duty to keep abreast of what world leaders or their guiding Technocrats are openly declaring to be their mission”
Let’s fix that for him: 1/x
Ever heard of a country called Japan, Neil?

Look! There’s another #centralbank head who just HAPPENS ro be banging the same drum:- 3/x

#COVID19(33) as a #ReichstagFire
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/23/2020…
Balancing Epistemic Humility and Prior Knowledge - Insight…

#humility #balancing #knowledge #coronavirus #prior
Maybe There is No Technological Slowdown - New Things Under the Sun…

#growth #technology #decline
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/11/2020…
Brrrr! ‘Supercooled’ waters make nearby Antarctic seas seem balmy : Research Highlights…

#oceans #research #seas
Hope, Healing And 'Better Angels': Biden Declares Victory And Vows Unity…

#politics #elections #speeches
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18) Jessica Rudd, Kevin's daughter, loves Bluey too. Again, what are the odds? K Rudd himself tweeted about family dog Abby dying recently, vlogged about "dog shots" etc. And there are those pooch-tweets from Labor *illuminaries*:… Image
19) Check out her profile. Very pro-#Biden. Like dad, hanging out for Trump to leave Whitehouse. She's Aussie, so having #USAElection themed profile significant. Check out shirt on one of the women in banner picture. 🧐 Hmm. Design looks familiar. 🤔 Image
20) And maybe the "Joe" in tweet from the dude who I thought was the *actual* creator of Bluey is an allusion to #JoeBiden?
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/06/2020…
Health disinformation & social media: The crucial role of information hygiene in mitigating conspiracy theory and infodemics…

#SocialMedia #disinformation #ConspiracyTheory #infodemics #InformationHygiene
How the Coronavirus Could Create a New Working Class…

#compensation #PostPandemic #populism #work
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2020 will show a reconfiguration of political platforms. First, history will note a dissolution of the left/right paradigm. It is but an illusion. Be not mistaken, there are loudmouths claiming to be of various polarities but they aren’t a part of the overarching systems.
A shadow government and ruling class have advanced parasitically and taking as its host the Democratic Party. Within the structure of that system layers and foundations of institutional and systemic corruption have been laid. The DNC is camouflage. Synthetic cover. It’s a front.
The shadow government owns every significant communication platform. It has merged in previous years with military and defense platforms as well as the intelligence system. Together they funded and created the Internet and its subsidiary social media. But the public is unaware.
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1) Just had a look thru Malcolm Turnbull's Twitter feed. Noticed that he retweeted a post related to the toon dog Bluey by its creator Daley Peterson. He's an Aussie cartoonist and the show is on Disney. #Auspol #dogcomms Image
2) Nothing unusual about that but I found it interesting because Julia Gillard tweeted about the show recently also. She even read from one of Daley Pearson's books. It was one of several canine-themed tweets from Labor pollies.… #symbolism #Auspol Image
3) What are the odds two globalist former PMs would promote same #Disney kids' canine cartoon character weeks apart? Dinkum fans, or is something else at play? Gotta ask, esp since globalist former PM Kevin Rudd's been vlogging about "dogshots".
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Generation of #SARS-CoV and Bat-SCoV #Mutant #Viruses.
Viruses containing PCR-generated insertions within the viral coding sequence were produced by using the SARS-CoV assembly strategy

#ManipulatedVirus #LabMade #coronavirus #COVID19 #BioWeapon…
But its all a #ConspiracyTheory the sheep said.

Nanotechnology for COVID-19: Therapeutics and Vaccine Research…

#COVID19 #coronavirus #NanoTech
Still just a #ConspiracyTheory right?
Military-Funded #Biosensor Could Be the Future of #Pandemic Detection
The Defense Department is helping to fund a new study to determine whether an under-the-skin biosensor can help trackers keep up…

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Curious to know the top #ConspiracyTheory themes or #misinformation sub-topics in the #COVID19 #infodemic? Check this out & vaccinate yourself against false information. Excellent study by @Sarah_Evanega @mark_lynas Jordan Adams & Karinne Smolenyak @ScienceAlly #thread 🧵
The “miracle cures” sub-topic accounts for more #misinformation coverage than the other ten sub-topics combined. It is dominated by a peak on April 24 corresponding with President Trump’s press conference statements about the potential of using #bleach or other #disinfectants.
Mentions of #conspiracytheories linked to alleged "secret new world orders” or “deep state” government bodies existed throughout the time period and were referenced in passing in conversations that mentioned or listed widespread conspiracies.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/09/2020…
Density-dependent vs. Frequency-dependent Disease Transmission | Parasite Ecology…

#disease #transmission
Great Barrington Declaration and Petition

#PandemicResponse #PublicHealth
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/04/2020…
The Conservative Trans Woman Who Went Undercover With Antifa in Portland –…

#undercover #Antifa
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Our #NewWorldOrder Travel Papers
COVI-PASS has incorporated with TENTO HEALTH who has partnered with th UN

This was all planned to roll out their AGENDA 2030
"Sustainable development"

You won't be able to travel or go anywhere without
Goal by 2030 - 9 billion ppl ImageImageImageImage
They are rolling out Universal Basic Income globally.

Sounds nice but they are doing this because they are going to crash the global economy.

Not a #conspiracytheory
World Economic Forum
tell us that's the plan.
Thread about this on the next page

@JudicialWatch #RBG ImageImageImage
Go anywhere without *covipass.

I had a question about 4 billion ppl who do not have a phone.

They will get a a key fob ImageImageImage
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Why are we seeing so many conspiracy theories lately? How can we identify what is a #conspiracytheory versus what is true? And how do we address those who subscribe to #conspiracytheories?

1/5 Image
Belief in conspiracy theories is a result of normal human tendencies. And it makes sense that during a global pandemic, when people are turning to social media and other platforms to stay connected, conspiracy theories are spreading.

2/5 ImageImage
The thought processes that uncover conspiracies are different from those that drive conspiracy theories. Real conspiracies are discovered through conventional thinking. Conspiracy theories are driven by conspiratorial thinking.

3/5 ImageImage
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/10/2020…
Psychological impacts of “screen time” and “green time” for children and adolescents: A systematic scoping review…

#GreenTime #ScreenTime #psychology
It has four incarnations every lifetime, can return from the dead and is the subject of an unlikely new bestseller...…

#EuropeanEels #LifeCycle #zoology
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The #JeffreyEpstein media version is a classic #LimitedHangout. Partial information is revealed while critical data are never uncovered. The public, per usual, believes that that’s the entire story and never goes deeper. And the biggest lies are seen in network so-called exposés.
Would you be surprised if #GhislaineMaxwell weren’t even in this country? Pushed out of the sacrificial shadows and on display as some exposed linchpin. A form of gotcha! for the uninformed and easily manipulated public. While the public thinks that the story has been exposed.
#JeffreyEpstein was nothing more than a honeypot/blackmail operation. Designed to ensnare the world’s leaders in compromising positions. Think Bilderberg level blackmail. And the question is: where are all the recordings that were made throughout the decades? Who would have them?
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