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Thursday's topic: Wolves (and lynx) in Europe.

Terrors of the forest? Or necessary keystone species?

As with everything in ecology, nothing is simple! Today I (@AdamFSmith) will look at some myths, science, and interesting facts about these species. Claws out, let's go! 🐺

1/n Wolf and lynx confront one ...
Firstly, this is my immediate research area. Over the last 3 years I have been involved in numerous studies involving wolves and lynx, however the "speed of science" means few are published right now!

It is extremely complex, so over Twitter you'll have to bare with me!

2/n Adam wearing a wolf hat and...
Europe's legal protection and softening public opinion has successfully seen population and range rebounds for these species.

Both are listed as protected under the EU Habitat's Directive and cannot be hunted in EU countries! 🇪🇺


3/n Maps of where wolves and ly...
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A few months ago, I lost quite a few friends over my contention that tracking collars were being abused to the detriment of #YellowstoneParkWolves. People called me a liar when I said the telemetry was being leaked, adding to the issue of habituated wolves. Image
Now, @outsidemagazine has outed the Wolf Project for doing exactly what I said. This is an abuse of wildlife. It has made these most visible wolves on earth vulnerable to the killers waiting outside an invisible boundary beyond the park. All animal lovers should be outraged!
Compounding this issue, once one group sets up on the wolves, everyone in the park knows & soon dozens more people have become complicit in making these #wolves easy for the killers to execute. It's an environmental crime being fomented by people that claim to love wolves. Image
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Participate in the week end polls. Thread below 👇
Who will win #Brighton vs #Liverpool

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Excited to share our story about an ancestral mutation in a #lncrna antisense of IGF1, that appeared over 50,000 years ago in #wolves, and that impacts modern #dogs and wild canids body size. It's out in @CurrentBiology.…
All thanks to my co-authors including @NicolasDubos @BevantKevin @ThomasDerrien7 @laurenhennelly1 @LrFrantz @Greger_Larson and the Ostrander lab @genome_gov
It is not only a #dog story, it is a #canid story.
An old allele associated with small size is shared between 13 different canid species.
A second allele, associated with large size, appeared in #wolves lineage, detected in a 54,000 years old #wolf.
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My most memorable memory from my time in the Canadian High Arctic was the year the arctic wolf pups were hanging out near the end of the airstrip. Folks at the Eureka station would often go see if they were around and visit them when possible. One evening I went out on my own.
As I approached I thought the pups may have been gone since I didn't see them out and about. But then I noticed the sleeping babysitter wolf off in the distance.
And sure enough, the pups were there. Just laying around on the tundra.
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Probably could have started this sooner ... IT'S TWEETSTORM TIME!

Every Sunday through Thursday, Twitter friends!

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From the top!

#Nuggets @ #Magic

I have way more to type here than Twitter can fit so please do listen to the pod tomorrow, but the quick version is that Cole Anthony makes Orlando quite a bit better.
Various injuries and just the general hot and cold spells of the season have moved Franz Wagner back into a startable position of late, though we also know a cooldown drops him back into that 160 range. Feel free to stream while he's hot if you can catch the right wave.
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Tonight's title: Splash Wildebeest
#Magic at #Sixers

Bamba returns! But we weren't worried there, really. The bigger news is Jalen Suggs broke a thumb and that changes things here with Cole Anthony still out.
Oh, the universe says I'm supposed to tag these threads with #FantasyBasketball so we'll just do that here and see how it goes.
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The wife has some patient notes to write, so I suppose I can carve out some time for this JUMBO STYLE TWEETSTORM.

Let's see if I can make it through to the end in one piece. It was a behemoth.

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Title: Wait, Who Got Hurt?
#Suns @ #Cavaliers

Look at big JaVale. Hah! I have a soft spot for him, and honestly he hasn't been that bad lately. He's a dynamite fill-in if Ayton misses time again down the road. In the interim, he's more of a 14 or 16 teamer. Still fun, though.
Kevin Love is very much in the streamer discussion but not a games cap level guy. Jarrett Allen's FG% is robust. But overall, no particularly earth-shattering fantasy valuation changes.
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Title: Gobert, Back in the Top 18

Yeah, you know where this is headed.

RTs and Likes, as always, are the steam in my engine.
#Nets @ #Cavaliers

LMA played great again and he's absolutely a must-start guy in games cap formats. Harder to deal with on the rest days in h2h but he's been so good lately he probably hangs on even there. Mills is a nice stream with Harris out.
Markkanen and Allen came back from various illnesses and looked great. Fire 'em up! Kevin Love is somehow hanging onto deep league value but his little baby-sized window to play more is gone. As is Ed Davis. Isaac Okoro needs to show me more consistency before I add there.
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Here’s a 22 tweet thread

A 22 tweet thread of wins from the first week with our new members

Wolves Win. They thrive on knowledge so the next kill is even easier. They work with the pack (community) to accomplish this.

The movement is only beginning. #Wolves are taking over.. Image
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🍂Show Me The Hidden Paths🍁
A Reylo/Shifter AU text fic

Situated high in the White Mountains there’s a small town with a story about a lone black wolf that prowls the woods.

And photographer Rey Kenobi needs a vacation.
#pathsfic Image
✨Reylo Shifter AU✨

💛rated explicit
💛language, blood/gore, smut
💛 some general spookiness
💛 🔞/CW will be added to posts
💛 timestamps don’t matter
💛mostly fluff w/little angst+smut
💛Enjoy! 🍁

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THREAD: #Ramsdale to #Arsenal

It will be interesting to see how #Ramsdale gets on at #AFC & how his game evolves.

One thing #AFC know they are getting is a quality 1v1 stopper!

My model suggests #Ramsdale’s 1v1 prowess saved #SUFC ~3 goals more than an average #PL GK would’ve!
In comparison #Leno was average at stopping 1v1s last year & given the brand of football #Arsenal wish to play maybe this was in their thought process when they scouted #Ramsdale.

My model has #Ramsdale as one of the top 5 1v1 stoppers in the #PL & potentially can still improve!
#Ramsdale’s strength vs close range 1v1s is down to his lightning fast speed of thought & speed off the line in combination with his wonderful bravery & tidy spread technique.

This save vs #Wolves is a good example

Rambo creates a huge barrier & snuffs out an excellent chance!
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My paper with @cagrainger and Nick Parker on the effects of #Wolves on deer-vehicle collisions (DVCs) is now out in PNAS! We find that wolves reduce the frequency of DVCs by a quarter, generating large economic benefits. Why is this important? /1 @PNASNews… Wolves make roadways safer,...
The economic benefits conveyed by predators are often indirect, diffuse, and difficult to measure, whereas the costs of predators are salient and local. We provide a concrete estimate of the benefits of wolves to local communities though their control of deer populations. /2
Deer populations plummeted in the 19th century, but they are now overabundant in many parts of the USA. This overabundance causes damages to crops, forests, and landscaping. It likely also contributes to the spread of diseases like Lyme Disease and Chronic Wasting Disease. /3
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Would you like to know how we monitor & study large carnivores without catching or observing them by using #DNA from their poop, hairs, urine etc.?

A thread.

Share please!

@miljodir @NINAforskning @NINAnature @congenetics @gbike_cost @bearbiology Image
But you have no time to read? Then make sure you watch our short movie (w/ English & German subtitles):

The likelihood of running into a large carnivore in #Norway is very low. Fortunately, we do not need to see them or have direct contact to study them. #DNA-technology is a brilliant tool to learn where the animals roam, how many individuals we have, and which ones are related.
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#PointReyes National Seashore a 71,000 acre historic peninsula on the Pacific Ocean is home to
native #California species like snowy plovers, red-legged frogs, coho salmon & tule elk

Ranchers, fharmers & gov plan to cull the #Elk - bc BEEF 🐮 #calpol…
Conflict between ranchers & environmentalists is not uncommon in the West, where wildlife & #Animalag collide

#wildhorses in Utah compete w cattle & are slaughtered
▪Black-tailed prairie dogs in Wyoming are shot & poisoned
#Wolves, reintroduced in West shot
3/#PointReyes National Seashore, 71,000 acre historic peninsula on Pacific Ocean is home to
native #California species like #TuleElk
👉Ranchers, fharmers & gov plan to cull the #Elk - bc BEEF🐮 #calpol

⚠LOOK at green on map⬇ #AnimalAg WASTE into #ocean…
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THREAD! 👇 Manchester City started their 2020/21 Premier League campaign with a win over Wolves. Our coaches give you their tactical insight into the game 🐺 #WOLMCI 🔵
🔍 Wolves, shorn of Diego Jota, were organised into a 3-5-2 formation led by the front two of Daniel Podence and Raúl Jiménez (1/8)

🐺 #Wolves #WOLMCI Image
🔍 When they were defending that 3-5-2 became a 5-3-2, via wing-backs Adama Traoré and Fernando Marçal – later replaced by Ruben Vinagre – withdrawing into defence (2/8)

🐺 #Wolves #WOLMCI Image
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A THREAD! 👇 Ahead of the new Premier League season, we're going to be asking one tactical question which each club faces ahead of the 2020/21 campaign. Image
First up, the reigning champions... 🏆

Will a creative midfielder unbalance Liverpool's team?


🔴 #LFC Image
Have Crystal Palace finally replaced Aaron Wan-Bissaka?


🦅 #CPFC Image
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What would Braga's João Palhinha bring to Wolves? He's a 1.90m DM who's an aggressive and very good defender, excellent tackler, and dominant in the air at a Premier League standard. His main drawback is his lower skill level on the ball.

1/4 #Wolves #WWFC Image
João Palhinha's smartermap shows that he had classic central positioning for a DM at Braga, not getting forward too often but still able to generate decent attacking output with his passing from near the midfield line:

2/4 Image
If we look for players in the Premier League who've had similar styles to João Palhinha's at Braga, not surprisingly we come up with a couple of the more combative DMs at the top, but then some of the passers as well:

3/4 Image
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Man Utd will playSevilla in the semi final of #UEL.

Upon request; #SevillaFC analysis vs Barcelona (Att. team) & Wolves (Def. team).

#SEV defend in a 442 system vs a team that has more of the ball. In mid block, no pressing & maintain high line.

In high block vs. opposition buildup. Pressing system of 6 with man-marking progressors (Busquests & Rakitic).

Unlike #mufc Ter Stegan can act as an outfield player & play through the first defensive line. Helped #BAR get out of press easy.

#SEV build-up in a 2-4-1-3 that can change to 3-3-1-3 press near side triggers.

-Depend on shifting the ball either short or long balls - no ground pass.

-If there’s no press, play out (from back) in their normal 2-4-1-3.
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Get ready. Champions League and Europa League match dates and RO16 venues will be announced in just under an hour. #mufc #mcfc #cfc #wolves #RangersFC
All Champions League and Europa League RO16 games will be played without fans at the home club.

But here's a big development. UEFA decides ALL one legged qualifiers for 2020-21 will be behind closed doors regardless of how the situation develops in individual countries.
Fixture dates for the Round of 16 ties of the Champions League and Europa League will now be announced on Friday.
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My mother taught us to ward off the Evil Eye by spitting. 💦

According to this #Syriac #manuscript (Or 6673) there are more hygienic ways of eliminating it, and a host of other ailments, misfortunes and generic evils. Let’s see what they are!

(Props to the Evangelists)

Let’s cut the gentle humour for... one tweet. This #manuscript was copied at the end of the 19th century by Church of the East believers in northern #Iraq. It’s part of a long tradition of prayer and medicine in the region, and it relies on a number of different belief systems.
Ok, first up is fear. St. George was not afraid when he slew the #dragon (also identified here as a Great #Monster), so why should you be? Offer him a prayer to allay distress and fears.

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Continuing the remake of my 2008 Element Wolves! Fire was first, now it’s water and when you put them together, the background connects :D I plan on doing this with the remaining wolves too~

HD file and art video on Image
the old 2008 version :) ImageImage
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