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@ATFHQ systemically committed financial crimes & used taxpayer dollars to pad the salaries of AT LEAST 108 bureaucrats.

Meanwhile, @JoeBiden wants to INCREASE the agency's funding to over $1.9 BILLION.

#DefundTheATF Image
According to @nbcchicago, ATF illegally overpaid up to $20 million to agents & investigators ONLY between 2016-2021.

@ATFHQ's whole budget is a waste! 👏

Read the story here ⤵️…
U.S. Office of Special Counsel (@US_OSC) investigators say the amount of FRAUD:

"Could be much higher [than $20 million] given that the unlawful job classifications had been common practice at @ATFHQ far longer than the five-year time frame reviewed by investigators." Image
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Everyone that had to work with @harri_est hated him. A physical and mental abuser, a drunk, and an outright racist so foul he’d make Trump blush. Source: Harri. #FVEY send their regards. @errnews cc @IlvesToomas @AlarKaris @johnsweeneyroar @jimmysecuk (video, warning his racism)
2/ Harri @Harri_Est, kicked out of @UkraineAidOps, was a “James Vasquez” who LIED about serving in @MoD_Estonia Special Forces, and, far worse, LIED that Estonia, a @NATO country, had a “squad wiped out” by Russia in Ukraine. Despicable #StolenValor
3/ Harri @Harri_Est was using morphine as a druggie on the road, waking Ukrainian babies by partying at one am, drinking and physically assaulting other volunteers when they asked him to stop. All on donor money 🤮. 4/
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I’m filled with righteous rage tonight over the PACT Act so here’s a super thread of Senate Republicans voted to let Veterans just die using us for photo ops. It’s the ultimate #stolenvalor really.
@SenJohnBarrasso of WY likes to take pictures with Veterans but voted to let us die today. ImageImageImage
@MarshaBlackburn of TN likes to take pictures with Veterans but voted to let us die today. ImageImage
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Does @Catheri79452680, a now-suspended zero-tweet #StolenValor account have frens? To find more, we looked at the other accounts followed by its followers, under the working theory that folks who follow one stolen valor account back might follow others.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@Catheri79452680 @ZellaQuixote By exploring the network in this fashion and filtering to accounts whose profiles contained “military”, “army”, “navy”, “marine(s)”, “air force”, or “USAF”, we located a total of 43 stolen valor accounts with no tweets and 2019 creation dates.
@Catheri79452680 @ZellaQuixote We’re not going to drag out this thread by including dozens of screenshots of image searches, but suffice to say these #StolenValor accounts also use stolen pics. Some are photographs of well-known individuals while others appear to be from random folks’ social media pages.
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Meet @MStenphen, the hypothetical Twitter account of EUCOM deputy commander General Stephen M. Twitty. It would probably be a better effort at #StolenValor if the creator had bothered to spell the general's name correctly or check what continent he's on first.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@MStenphen @ZellaQuixote Who's following the fake general @MStenphen? A weird mixture of #MAGA accounts (at least 420 of its followers have participated in #MAGA follower trains) and a surprising volume of non-English accounts, most of which are in Japanese. Also, it follows 59 bots.
@MStenphen @ZellaQuixote Speaking of trains, @MStenphen itself is currently being promoted by at least one account posting follower train tweets (@nine_oh_.) We found replies to deleted tweets that indicate the fake general may have ridden other #MAGA trains in the past, but can't be certain.
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NT! By now the name of Nathan Phillips has become well known to most, if not all of us, being the man in the middle (literally) of the controversy that happened this weekend. The facts are in, and it is now known what his role in this was ...
But, that's been hashed and rehashed ad nauseum by others, and that's not what I want to talk about here. What I do want to talk about here is information about Mr. Phillips from various sources, that the legacy media refuses to ...
Acknowledge, let alone speak about, or even consider, and that is whether or not he is, in fact, a Viet Nam veteran. In the various interviews of Mr. Phillips, he has been called that by the interviewee, or referred to that in print, and on the web.
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