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1. #QAnon There has been a deep confusion in US. Jeff Nyquist observed a good strategy is seeing who your friends are & who your enemies are. We hadn't had it right. We paraded a defector around TV to undermine our President and dictate our foreign policy.
2. #QAnon Meanwhile, they try to deceive us by baying that our President is "traitorous", for even staging talks, an American who's lived in US his entire life, made and given his money inside America, and vocally declared his love for America, always. #Q
3. #QAnon
"It takes courage to speak the TRUTH these days.

But, this outrage
fuels our courage!…
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon post No. 2676...
Work re: #ThePlan continues behind the scenes.
#Mueller "designed to" drop 2397 list some reasons, all of which add to an #Obstructionist agenda. This is why they defend him. With #Barr set to enter on 14th Feb an
2) end to the #MuellerProbe is close. When done there will be no need for #RR & there's hoping #Whitaker takes his place. He served well, having gotten the #Ds so worked up they felt they had to question him, & for what.
#Scaramucci removed #Spicer & #Preibus.
3) When the #RussiaProbe ends, the #Ds will begin their investigations on #POTUS. The #DECLAS would act as a stopgate.
#Projection, will continue as a tact, by both the #HouseDems & #HouseCommittees. The #OIG will continue to release updated reports. The exposure of truth will
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Look. I am a patriot and nobody has a greater respect for @GCHQ than I do.

But TAO are the bees knees, and by late 2015 @Comey was already looking at Russian interference in the US election of 2016.…
That, under the #FVEY agreement, Britain alerted America in late 2015 is laudable and unsurprising, but this unwittingly feeds into a narrative that USIC did not already know all about it.

They did.

Very few people understand America's reach. It's almost total.
That doesn't make the efforts of @NATO #FVEY #partnerstrong redundant. Of course not. Everybody needs confirmation. Everybody needs additional intel. @MoD_Estonia might not be seen as a great power but by God, they are one, in intelligence. Teabeamet = one of best in world
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So @Wikileaks emailed journalists a list of 140 defamatory things not to say about Julian #Assange. I’ll go first. Thread :)

1.Assange has poor personal hygiene. He stinks, he doesn’t flush the loo, his breath reeks, he walks about with dirty bare feet.…
2. Assange is cruel to animals. He neglected his cat so badly it had to be rescued from him at the Embassy.…
3. Assange acts as an agent of the Russian state. He is in league with Vladimir Putin and has used Ecuador’s hospitality to commit espionage.…
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#QAnon🔥 #PanicInDC
Why was she 'selected'?
Who appointed her?
Remember [her] history.
Ref: 230-page book called Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, published in 1977 by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.…
Who are the doctors 'currently' treating [RBG]?…
Scaramucci model?
Public opinion (optics) do not matter.
Temps can be very dangerous to those who are targeted.

How many AUTH FISA UMBRELLA SURV warrants targeting those who illegally targeted [ ] are currently active?
Upstream collection can be very revealing.

Germany losing stranglehold on EU?
The future will not repeat the past.
The clock is ticking.
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🌟🇺🇸 ONE MORE DAY. 🇺🇸🌟

An artist's perspective. Beginning 8 Nov 2016 many of us were stunned as our Democracy seemed to be turned upside down by tumultuous events surrounding the election. Like many, I was numbed & disoriented by the apparent UNBELIEVABILITY of the outcome.1/x
🌟🇺🇸 ONE MORE DAY. 🇺🇸🌟 2

Today, more than 2 years later, I review pivotal events which led to this day... ONE MORE DAY... before 116 Congress convenes - & brings our citizens, our allies, & world into a full realization of criminality which threatens democratic rule of law.
🌟🇺🇸 ONE MORE DAY. 🇺🇸🌟 3

Like many, the election launched me into a quest for answers about WHAT WAS HAPPENING to our democratic process! The immediate & potent public reaction of outrage, protest, resistance town halls were stunning evidence that I was not alone in my resolve
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While the research and growing evidence behind the Q movement is world-wide, this THREAD looks specifically at Australia.

I have laid them out chronologically.

Post #135 notes our Reserve bank is "controlled".
2. #906 introduces the connection between the Australian Govt and the Clinton Foundation. It suggests that this relationship is bigger than what it appears.

What infrastructure (or blindness) must exist for these large transactions of tax-payer dollars?
3. #908 is one of the more obscure Q posts IMO.

It may relate to the #FISA issue alone and the @GeorgePapa19 conversation with Downer, but something larger is foreshadowed.


It may be a while yet before this post is fully understood.
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1. The world’s largest supplier of telecom equipment and the No. 2 maker of mobile phones, #HuaweiTechnologiesCo, is a Chinese colossus.
It's reported that they lead the industry in R&D & budget in the #5G effort.…
#QAnon 2335 drops a #Bloomberg......
2. ......article on further public disclosure of the intel research related to #China's #SurveillanceChip agenda & methodologies.…......
3. ......@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon has been disseminating word of surveillance tech overlording being done by the Chinese using their manufacturers. If the raw materials are corrupted what other agenda could there be?
China wants to out surveil #FVEY states.
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#Qanon drops (mock tweet) by
@realDonaldTrump for later tonight? Will @POTUS Tweet this?
In either case, the John Soloman semi-leak from Friday's show will be interesting when elaborated on.
#MAGA 🕊GreatAwakening #KAG
#Qanon & @realDonaldTrump troll the #MSM shooting fish in a barrel.
While #DeepState thinks it's a misspell, @POTUS is actually calling out to #AmericaFirst #Patriots the
Qanon mantra #WWG1WGA.
Add to
Link pics...
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Absolutely BRILLIANT news that my reporting on @bmakuch vindicated as he loses in Canada’s Supreme Court on a National Security case and the GRU, aka @Wikileaks, tweet to defend him.

@csiscanada thank you for your service! I am beyond thrilled #FVEY
Shorter @bmakuch “but I called myself a journalist which gives me a free pass to act as Russian agent forever! No fair! NO FAIR!”…
Important: Canadian Supreme Court implicitly says what @Bmakuch was doing here was offering amplification to on-the-record propaganda for ISIS. This wasn’t “debate” it was foreign propaganda, SCOC says, and they decline to offer that any protection…
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I hope that this extraordinary story from Canada means what I think it means, @csiscanada.

Godspeed, Moosecom. #FVEY…
Let me say that the Clerk, Mr. James, was embezzling expenses during 2011 when he was in charge of elections.

He traveled unnecessarily.

The men have not been told why they are being investigated. That suggests it's more than graft.…
Does anybody know if this Gary Lenz and this Gary Lenz formerly of AGT are the same person (I'm not suggesting they are, just asking?)
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“The 18 mos prep by FVEY's & certain NATO countries is coming close to a head.”

Brit Watchdog Finds Cambridge Analytica & Brexit Funder Arron Banks Misused Private Data & Mueller has his comms w/ RU diplomats.

📌Trump = Leave Camp’n fuqqery

📌Winter is coming

📌Monaco arrested Dmitry Rybolovlev, the RU Fertilizer King.

📌Charges are related to corruption & “trading influence”. Seems focused on Monaco/France & not linked to the US.

📌Police Want to Question 'King of Diamonds' Lev Leviev in Massive Smuggling Case

Two of Leviev's relatives & 4 employees of his companies have been arrested.

#Comey: Let’s Vote to Uphold Our Nation’s Values

📌The lying, misogyny, racism & attacks on the rule of law from our president are awakening the vast middle of American politics.
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🕊GuardiansOf Faith🕊

Tree of Life Synagogue Victims

🕊Joyce Feinberg, 75
🕊Rich Gotfried, 65
🕊Rose Malinger, 97
🕊Jerry Rabinowitz, 66
🕊Cecil Rosenthal, 59
🕊David Rosenthal, 54
🕊Bernice Simon, 84
🕊Sylvan Simon, 86
🕊Daniel Stein, 71
🕊Melvin Wax, 88
🕊Irving Youngner, 69
🕊GuardiansOf Faith🕊

🕊Grieving Pittsburgh Mourns Victims of Synagogue Attack

🕊Police release the names of the 11 people, ranging in age from 54 to 97, killed in the assault

🕊Please join me in a moment of prayer honoring the living & remembering the dead.

🕊GuardiansOf Faith🕊

The inevitable end of violent political rhetoric is political violence, or, known by another term, terrorism.

The violent rhetoric crossed the threshold into reality after 14 packages containing pipe bombs were intercepted & 11 people were slaughtered.
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@dianesbaker1 @ninaandtito @911CORLEBRA777 @LouiseMensch @mopeng @SaysDana @thespybrief Here's what I have

Ivanka Trump was following a payments pattern used by Russia through various fronts to Trump, namely, RU would finance the building of, then buy out, overpriced Trump properties.

Ivanka exported that model to China. Ivancouver Trump Tower was $$ Chinese
@dianesbaker1 @ninaandtito @911CORLEBRA777 @LouiseMensch @mopeng @SaysDana @thespybrief ...meaning mostly Chinese were paying Ivanka for her apartments in Vancouver.


If this fits pattern I detected around DAMAC (RU front) then @JaredKushner and @IvankaTrump would have been selling US foreign policy for these $$ in China.

Is that right @mopeng?
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1. Shortly after #QAnon'd mentioned "Xbox chat logs" being used by #DeepState, Xbox Live went down. Purging chat logs? Don't realize we already "have it all" anyways? #Q…
2. If #QAnon were a "theory" like #MockingbirdMedia tries to tell us, why would Xbox freak out? #Q
3. #QAnon: If Snowden were trying to seek asylum via travel to UIO, Quito, Equador from Hong Kong International Airport, why would he route through Russia? Was #Russia not the original destination all along, so #Clowns could hurt US-Russia relationship? #Q
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It's been 20 days since Q last spoke to us & there's been a lot of speculation as to whether or not we were being left to stand on our own. Last night, Q showed in full form & on fire. Settle, there's a story to be told.

From Sea to Shining Sea, Q is letting us know we're about to learn what Sessions has been doing quietly behind the scenes from the beginning. Something BIG is about to happen and as Q often says, #TrustSessions

In order to understand the story, first we need to understand 38 US Code Section 519 - Supervision of Litigation. Here, we find Sessions, and ONLY Sessions shall supervise ALL litigation unless otherwise authorized by law.
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Get ready, it's July, the month for fireworks!

Let's begin with a reminder... #MSM is DONE! Here we see both @FoxNews & @DailyCaller using phony sources for a phony narrative about NoKo... reminder ALWAYS check their sources... tells you all you need to know about #FakeNews
Then came the Awan plea deal... the devil's in the details... he's got lots of problems a head of him.... enemies foreign and domestic tend to have them when the right people tend to the business of the US as the Constitution and their oath of office mandates.

Then ANTIFA tried to make a comeback... it didn't work.

"There will be no civil war"

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Q!🔥7/3 12:52a #QAnon…
Re_ read drops re: Five Eyes / FVEY.
Will be extremely important going forward.
[UK] - primary
Turn taken.
FBI/DOJ to State / Hussein WH (inc C_A / other appointment Start) to Foreign Bad Actors.
[RR] deadline?
We have the server.
Q!🔥 Tues., 7/03 12:54am #QAnon

“Normally, intelligence passed on from a member of the “Five Eyes” alliance — Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.K., and the U.S. — to another member comes through an official channel for intelligence sharing.
However, Nunes,[…⬇️]
Q!🔥 Tuesday, July 3 12:58am #QAnon #FVEY

(.img attch)

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‼️Be Smart‼️

“Cambridge Analytica ...had had the [stolen] Clinton emails more than a month before they were published by WikiLeaks.”

Savor the implications. 🤗

It is fitting that Trump has been forced into retreat by babies. Cruelty should never be mistaken for strength.
‼️Be Smart2‼️

The dystopian Trump Admin is weaponizing gov’t by eviscerating regs that protect the 98% (those w/o money & power), & they’re weaponizing bureaucracy, in order to use it against everyone they don’t like, whether it’s immigrants or poor people or DEMs.

‼️Be Smart3‼️

A new RU influence operation has surfaced that mirrors some of the activity of an internet firm that the FBI says was deeply involved in efforts to sway the 2016 U.S. elections, a cybersecurity firm says.

Don Jr. ‘Regrets taking’ 2016 Trump Tower meet w/ RUs
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🌿Stay Strong!🌿

President Obama:

"Are we a nation that accepts the cruelty of ripping children from their parents’ arms, or are we a nation that values families, and works to keep them together?"

PM May says images of caged children in U.S. 'deeply disturbing
🌿Stay Strong!2🌿

Charity CEO running migrant kids' shelters earns $1.5 million

Trump’s EO does not solve the problem.

It does nothing to reunify the 2,300 children who have been taken from their parents.

Trump is hiring prosecutors to make sure all parents are prosecuted.
🌿Stay Strong!3🌿

ICE Spokesman resigns, saying he could no longer spread falsehoods for the Trump Administration. Bravo!

No words. GOP is using jailed babies as leverage effect Trumps agenda & doing their best to dehumanize immigrants & cast them all as heinous criminals 🤮
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1. #QAnon: Last night Kim Jong Un visited Gardens by the Bay Waterfront Park & Marina Bay Sands Hotel. #Q's 10 May drop (#72) had photo of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

"How was this known?
You are watching a 'plan' being set in motion.
Enjoy the show.
2. #QAnon calls attention to the prev pic's timestamp, 10:26:18 (EST).

"Everything shown has meaning.
You are watching a 'scripted' movie.
3. #QAnon asks:

"Does Kim look nervous prior to the 'BIG' meeting w/ POTUS? (or)
Did they already meet long ago?
Is he preparing at his hotel w/ his advisors ahead of time?
Or, is he out enjoying the 'FREEDOM' he never had in the past?
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🌖Rest Up Patriots🌖

Next week will be lit💥💥💥

It’s late so I will keep this short & sweet tonight.

USA + Canada = #United despite Trump’s naughty behavior. 🇨🇦🇺🇸

Our Allies have our back.🤗

Graham: War? If If NK meet goes 😱🌪🤮

it is always best to be prepared.💛
🌖Rest Up Patriots2🌖

TeamDictators = tippy toeing around mtg w/ each other 😱

TeamDemocracy doing same.🤗

The good news is the Feds are/will be sifting through Cohen’s treasure trove.

Just imagine the stories!


Keep your seatbelts on!
USA + Canada = #United despite Trump’s naughty behavior. 🇨🇦🇺🇸


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Congratulations to @thetimes who have come up with the ultimate #Brexit - #TrumpRussia exclusive
Bottom line - @Arron_banks of @LeaveEU acted as a courier, passing telephone numbers of Trump Transition team members to Russian spies like @Amb_Yakovenko in the UK working out of @RussianEmbassy - right after Banks and @andywigmore had dinner with @realDonaldTrump :)
Also present at the meeting in Trump Tower - @g_strategies and @RaheemKassam


It is a major coup for the Times. From their reporting, some patriot #FVEY hackers went into @IsabelOakeshott emails and handed these details to The Times (not the Guardian, interestingly)
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