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Another smart comment by @AshaRangappa_ - as she points out, Trump was told in "late July or August 2016" the Russians would try to penetrate his campaign.

Why then? What prompted that warning?

Well, in July 2016, @CarterWPage took a little trip to Moscow.
The #Steele dossier points out that on his trip to Moscow, Page met with Russian govt officials Sechin and Diveykin. The latter was in charge of hacking foreign elections. That was Diveykin's actual job for @PutinRF.…
One of my earliest Trump Russia discoveries, which I passed to USIC, was this tweet. It not only predicts what Trump did at the next rally, it was sent WHILE Page was in Moscow - meeting Diveykin, in charge of hacking against @HillaryClinton.
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The Dutch didn't just get the whole hack on video, they got personal information on 420,000+ Hansa users.

When I say you can track #cryptocurrency - you can *literally* search your evidence for the number string of a #bitcoin wallet.

You can *Google* it.…
Even if you're more cautious now, it's easy to track past transactions.

But even local cops can search a computers files for numerical strings of interest.

Now ask yourself what the @FBI & @NSAGov can do.…
When @NeonaziWallets can run an automated feed showing the daily bitcoin activities of white supremacists, imagine what the Federal law enforcement & counterintelligence who have known about this for at least almost 6 months could do with their data.
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Following his #indictment of #Russians🇷🇺for social media trolling and illegal-ad-buying, #Mueller is assembling a CRIMINAL CHARGES against Russians who HACKED and LEAKED private info designed to hurt Democrats in the election‼️ 1/…
Mueller's newest charges are expected to rely heavily on secret intelligence gathered by the CIA, FBI, NSA and Homeland Security (DHS).😎 2/

Potential charges include violations of statutes on #conspiracy, election law, and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). One source said the charges are not imminent, but other knowledgeable sources said they are expected in the next few weeks or months.🤗 3/

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So Dutch intelligence recorded the entire Russian hack of the US election, & has the hackers & their visitors *on* *video.*

Things just got exciting.
In other words, it’s even more beyond question that Russia hacked the election – we literally have them on camera doing it. We have their faces, & the faces of those directly overseeing them.…
.@ABC has done a piece on this revelation, but I thought I’d bring it to the attention of .@CNN .@CBS .@NBCNews .@MSNBC. And I wanted to sum up the other devastating revelations tearing this would-be coup, & its perpetrators, apart.…
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MUST-READ: How the Kremlin's tactic of pushing propaganda through *paid freelance journalists* was successful in 2016 and especially 2017.…
The FBI's counterintelligence investigation of this infiltration of US journalism - codenamed "NorthernNight" - was in operation in FEBRUARY 2016. Almost two years ago.
The Kremlin's goal? Penetrate left-leaning US media with propaganda that dovetailed with its direct intelligence operations, such as the hack of US political parties.
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If the Steele Dossier is going to get used by media to drive suspicion, then let's talk about how HUMINT tradecraft works.

That said, it's 2017, and we're discussing how "HUMINT" gets verified.

HUMINT is spook jargon for Human Intelligence - the information derived from people. "We know a guy. He said X."

This is in contrast to IMINT, Image Intelligence, or SIGINT, Signals Intelligence.
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1. There are tens of thousands of folks who dedicate their lives to protecting the US, who go periodically go through faintly rigorous background checks and state of the art training, who take lower pay, who can’t talk about their work even to defend themselves.
2. There are many different types of information these intelligence professionals following very strict legal guidelines collect and analyze l, cross check, verify, and report. They work countless hours sometimes in isolation to provide the best assessments for the president.
3. Sometimes they get it wrong, sometimes they get compromised, but there are safeguards and various other mechanisms to help ensure these factors are accounted for in the final products presented to the president.
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Trump plays checkers, while those around him play 3-D chess🔥

Investigative leads ARE being pursued. Good things ARE happening.👀
Team🇷🇺Trump was *VERY* sloppy w/their phones, computers, networks & otherwise. USIC is getting LOTS of help from our friends‼️

Remember, @TrumpRussia🇷🇺isn't just about US. It's BIGGER. This is about MONEY buying governments. It started in small countries, but now⁉️
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When Mueller Met Steele. Oh. Have. I. Been. Waiting. For. This.…
1. "Former" MI-6 officer - HEAD OF ITS RUSSIA DESK.

2. Hey, did Trump and his Russian spy pals break laws? We are so curious! 😍😎
3. "UNVERIFIED" 😂😂😂😂 Yeah, we just didn't want you to know how freakin' verified this stuff was, as it read like finished intel.
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Something I've learned and can't explicitly report on, in Trump Russia, but which I'm totally certain of now;
America is so powerful in matters of cyber anything and SIGINT anything that if @PutinRF understood it, he'd never have tried this.
It's not just America's overwhelming military might, and national prosperity. It is also their total dominance in all forms of communication
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