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The EU has decided to stay in the Energy Charter Treaty, with provisions to protect fossil investments for another decade AT LEAST. This is a crime and failure of epic proportions. The campaign now moves national. Each country can still #ExitECT. #NoECT
The EU committing to protecting fossil fuels for another decade, just weeks after the @IPCC_CH report made clear that emissions need to drop NOW for BOTH 1.5 and 2 degrees warming basically is a commitment to >2 degrees futures.
Every climate group, in every country that is an ECT member, must now focus on getting their country out individually. Anything less is an abject betrayal of the future. No climate action can happen within this treaty. Read more here ... #exitECT #StopISDS
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🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT 💀🔥
The Comic Book about the Energy Charter Treaty!

FREE download here:
Time to #EndFossilFuelProtection

“Either we kill this treaty, or the treaty will kill us!”

@ysaheb #StopISDS #NoECT #ExitECT🧵 Image
"Put it simple, this treaty is a major threat to the EU energy sovereignty, #GreenDeal, and #ClimateJustice goals. This timely comic is of high importance to ensure the French Presidency will end the participation of EU countries to this ecocide treaty.” @ysaheb #ExitECT #NoECT Image
"The Energy Charter Treaty is the arguably the largest and most arcane obstacle to climate action. This comic will help you figure out what is going on through thoroughly researched cases. Read, share and convince your politicians to stop the ECT!" @JKSteinberger #ExitECT Image
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📢#NoECT #StopISDS🛑
Why does the state never win in claims under the #EnergyCharterTreaty and how is #Luxembourg 🇱🇺connected to some of these claims?
The example of Abengoa Spain can give an insight in these questions:
Spain is the most sued country under the Energy Charter Treaty: it accumulates 50 lawsuits and a claimed amount of more than 10 billion euros. The solution is very simple: to avoid this waste of public money, the exit from the Treaty must be initiated.
In a claim under the #EnergyCharterTreaty it can never be said that "the State has won": the defence costs alone amount to millions of euros. As in the case of Abengoa Spain, Spain will have to pay 6.7 million taxpayers money only in process costs.
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Hoy, 50 organizaciones de Europa publicamos un vídeo sobre la lucha contra un proyecto de gas fósil en Eslovenia. 😡 La empresa británica Ascent Resources amenaza con demandar a Eslovenia en virtud del Tratado de la Carta de la Energía. Terrible. #NoECT
En el noreste de Eslovenia, Ascent Resources quiere extraer gas. La comunidad local se opone al proyecto y, debido a sus posibles impactos sobre la salud y la naturaleza, la agencia medioambiental de Eslovenia ha exigido a la empresa una evaluación del impacto ambiental. #NoECT
La empresa Ascent Resources amenaza con demandar a Eslovenia ante un tribunal privado en virtud del Tratado de la Carta de la Energía, solicitando una indemnización de 120 millones de euros por el lucro cesante del proyecto (afirma haber gastado 50 millones de EUR). #NoECT
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For the first time the UK government effectively confirms the #AustraliaTradeDeal will have corporate courts (aka ISDS). In answer to a question from @drewhendrySNP, Greg Hands says it’s a live negotiation issue.

@drewhendrySNP Right now, two fossil fuel companies are using corporate courts to sue the Netherlands over the phasing out of coal power…
@drewhendrySNP This is especially offensive with the welcome news yesterday that the national courts in the Netherlands are pushing in the right direction and ruled that Shell needs to cut its emissions

Fossil fuel companies shouldn’t be able to use corporate courts to undermine climate action
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In the midst of the #COVID19 crisis, lawyers urge corporations to defend their profits & challenge governments’ emergency measures in #ISDS corporate courts. Our new report with @corporateeurope reveals their shocking million $ litigation scenarios. Here are 6 of them👇🏻
🚰 Bolivia & El Salvador took steps to ensure poor and #COVID19 sick households have access to clean water for handwashing. But #ISDS lawyers argue that foreign utility investors could challenge such measures because they ‘eliminated their revenue streams’.

🏥 To treat #COVID19 patients for free, Spain & Ireland have temporarily gained public control of private hospitals. Under #ISDS investors could claim millions in damages for such actions - even if governments already paid cost-covering compensation to the private hospital owners
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😡 Un informe filtrado revela el mal funcionamiento del Tratado sobre la Carta de la Energía. Ese tratado opaco que casi nadie conoce y que puede costarnos a los contribuyentes en España más de 7.000 millones de EUR debe ser abolido. #StopISDS Abro hilo ⤵️…
El Tratado sobre la Carta de Energía (#ECT) permite a los inversores extranjeros demandar a los gobiernos a través del sistema de solución de controversias entre inversionistas y estados (#ISDS, por sus siglas en inglés) por cambios políticos. #StopISDS…
El Tratado sobre la Carta de la Energía es una mina de oro para las compañías de combustibles fósiles. Es la legislación más invocada en todo el mundo, utilizada por fondos de inversión y empresas energéticas para proteger sus beneficios. #StopISDS…
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¿Has oído hablar del Tribunal Multilateral de Inversiones? #MultInvCourt

Una especie de corte mundial para ampliar los privilegios de las corporaciones transnacionales. Se negocia en la Comisión de Naciones Unidas para el Derecho Mercantil (#UNCITRAL).

Abro hilo ⤵️ #StopISDS
1⃣ Los acuerdos de comercio e inversión representan una forma para que las empresas multinacionales y millonarios se enriquezcan a costa de la gente de a pie. Eso es lo que la UE ha hecho durante 50 años con el mecanismo de ‘solución de controversias inversor-Estado’, o #ISDS.
2⃣ El arbitraje de inversiones o mecanismo de ‘solución de controversias inversor-Estado’ es un privilegio especial del que han abusado muchas multinacionales. Es un aspecto desconocido de los tratados comerciales para gran parte de la sociedad. #StopISDS…
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