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With #Raisina2022 kickstarting today, @orfonline is delighted to announce the launch of the 6th edition of our flagship annual journal of essays, the #RaisinaFiles.

Edited by @samirsaran and @anahitakhanna95.

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Are the contours of a new geopolitical formation—the DragonBear—characterised by deepening relations between #China & #Russia in key strategic areas, now increasingly visible? If so, what are #Putin's geopolitical choices?

From @vtchakarova

To forestall ceding more manufacturing output and control over critical #supplychains to #China, other nations must be prepared to rethink long-standing conventions about international #trade, writes Jeffrey Jeb Nadaner.

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue2022
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A few thoughts about #Ukraine’s case at the #ICJ. Some have already tweeted on this (@OriPomson, @VidigalGeraldo, @amirafarhadi, @niccoloridi and @mabecker17 among others)—here’s my take. ✍🏻

#UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineInvasion

Ukraine’a Application:…
Apologies in advance for getting all #ICJ on this. 👩🏻‍⚖️

I understand the political decision for making an application to the ICJ. This thread is in no way a judgment of that decision, which is very well founded in the terrible events of the last week especially.
That said, Ukraine has (sadly but realistically) an uphill battle both to obtain the #provisionalmeasures it seeks (link to request below) and in the eventual #preliminaryobjections.…
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29/ l’Inde 🇮🇳 développe sa solution fédérale d’identité & portfolio numériques, appelée ‘One Digital ID' : passeport connecté 💉, ID régalienne, données personnelles pour les commerçants aka « Know Your Customer » , etc……
30/ Synthèse d’un discussion d’experts privés d’#ID4Africa sur leurs visions de ce que devrait ou pourra être l’identité numérique à l’ère du #Metaverse
31/ voyez comme la « Bête » numérique avance : le #passSanitaire devenu #PassVacinal pouvant se prêter, son durcissement avec une authentification, voir une identification légale est envisagé par les sociétés servant les gvts, ici en 🇩🇪 avec @ARIADNEXT…
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Welcome to Day 2⃣ of the #InDivEU Final Conference!

As always we'll be highlighting the best bits from today's panels and you can also watch LIVE ON STREAM! 👉

Check out the agenda for today! We're discussing the perspectives of different political actors on #DifferentiatedIntegration, the #SingleMarket, and Experimentalist Governance!


And if you want to meet today's speakers for the #InDivEU Final Conference be sure to check out our handy guide! 👉…

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Latest in the #WTO #AgricultureNegotiations:

Chair @GloriaAbrahamP’s report circulated yesterday

“committee … special session” = negotiations

There still seems to be little chance of substantial agreement at the Nov30–Dec3 Ministerial Conference

So most if not all will be pushed into “work programmes” after the conference, in some cases simply to keep the talks going

• Trade distorting domestic support—still differences on the approach to reductions.

• Market access—nothing on tariff cuts, only transparency on applied tariffs (rates actually applied, at or below legally bound rates in the WTO)
• Export restrictions—notifications, exempting World Food Programme purchases from restrictions

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Yesterday I was a panellist on this discussion on the #TRIPSwaiver With thanks to @MSF_access recording is 👇

Here are a few points I want to reiterate/ and add as #WTO discussions get underway today

The idea that those who support the #TRIPSwaiver do not understand/ or are misguided, is rife.

This is why nearly 200 researchers/academics/Professors in intellectual property law put out this open letter making a reasoned case for the #TRIPSwaiver…
I was struck by MEP @msaraswati comment that there is a suggestion the European Parliament did not know what it was voting for when it supported the #TRIPSwaiver or that some members 'had pushed the wrong button'.…
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Jul 15 2020: #McKinsey "has continued to scoop up #COVID19-related contracts for [] govts... in the 4 months since the pandemic started, the firm has been awarded work for state, city & federal agencies worth well over $100 million — & counting." #Reset…
June 28, 2021: "... the #World #Government #Summit will work together with a select group of knowledge partners [] that will help govt leaders globally shape their future agenda's."

#4IR #GreatReset #McKinsey #Biotech…
"...priorities must include repairing the social fabric, navigating a transformed geo technological order, competing in a transformed global economy, and securing the long-term future."

#4IR #Corporatocracy
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A Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (#RCEP) @DrRimmer #trade #intellectualproperty #ecommerce #humanrights #SDGs #health #plainpacks #access2meds #COVID19 #Asia #auspol #auslaw
TRIPS Flexibilities and TRIPS-plus Provisions in the #RCEP Chapter on Intellectual Property: How Much Policy Space is Retained? @South_Centre… #trade #intellectualproperty #SDGs Image
How a new trade deal could make it harder to improve life for Australians in aged care… @AFTINET are concerned about the trade in services provisions provisions in #RCEP. #agedcare #agedcarerc #trade #services #auspol #auslaw
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What do we know so far about this⬇️ meeting?

Remember the purpose is not a breakthrough, but new political direction towards consensus.

The WTO spokesman gave a briefing at about half-way through the day. Still several hours to go.

There’s some outside info available too

First, outside information. Here's @REUTERSFARGE, including links to brief summaries of what some ministers said

Here’s India’s @PiyushGoyal’s statement in full

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In exactly one month, I'll be leaving Bertelsmann Stiftung and start a new challenge. But before I leave, I would like to (re-)share some of the highlights of my work over the last five years. So join me for a little time travel and lots of still relevant research!
When I joined @GED_Tweet in 2016, the #trade world seemed still ok: the WTO still had the Appellate Body, TTIP was a political priority, Brexit had not happened and Trump was still an unlikely presidential candidate. Lots was going to change...
One of my core projects was research on public opinion and #trade. Our first publication was triggered by the intensifying debate on TTIP in Germany - but went beyond that:…
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1/ Wer jetzt die Patentaussetzung mit dem Argument zu verhindern sucht, diese würde nicht schnell genug zu zusätzlicher Impfstoffproduktion führen, hat den Ernst der Pandemie nicht verstanden! #TRIPSwaiver
Wenns angeblich nichts nutzt, warum verzögert die EU dann seit 6 Monaten?
2/ Dort, wo der Technologietransfer bereits stattgefunden hat, wie etwa in Indien, würde die Patentaussetzung schnelle zusätzliche Produktion auch über bestehende Vereinbarungen hinaus erlauben.
Die Beschränkung der Impfstoffproduktion ist auch ein längerfristiges Problem.
3/ Die wenn alles gut geht in diesem Jahr produzierten 11 Mrd. Dosen der bislang zugelassenen Impfstoffe werden keine Herdenimmunität der Weltbevölkerung herstellen. Ohne entschiedene Eindämmung durchseucht das Virus die Ungeimpften und mutiert immer weiter.
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#US Pharmaceutical Industry Dispatches Army of Lobbyists to Block Generic Covid Vaccines

The pharma industry has mobilized over 100 lobbyists to defeat the IP waiver request at the #WTO that would allow the production of generic covid vaccines.

2) Pharmaceutical lobbyists working against the proposal include Mike McKay, a key fundraiser for House Democrats, now working on retainer for Pfizer, as well as several former staff members to the U.S. Office of Trade Representative, which oversees negotiations with the WTO.
3) The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, and the International Intellectual Property Alliance, which all receive drug company money, have dispatched dozens of lobbyists to oppose the initiative.
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There are 175 corps/institutions now overseeing your children's #education going forward. They will be shaping/molding your child's #ideologies &
#worldviews - all while harvesting their data.

Global Education Coalition Members (announced Mar 18 2020): Image
"Civil society & non-profit organizations" (those serving capital & elite institutions) include:

-Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
#ONE (Bono)
-Global Business Coalition for #Education
#Sesame Workshop

See image. #4IR Image
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THREAD 1/11 Ob Ost, ob West, ob Süd, ob Nord – Impfstoffproduktion vor Ort!
Trotz knapper Impfdosen vergibt @pfizer/@BioNTech_Group freiwillig bislang kaum Lizenzen an andere Unternehmen – schon gar nicht an Hersteller in Schwellenländern. #NoCovidMonopolies Image
2/11 In unserer Protestrede vor dem Büro der BioNTech-Eigentümer erklären wir, warum wir gerade die deutschen Unternehmen in die Pflicht nehmen wollen, ihre Technologie zu teilen und Produktion hochwirksamer mRNA-Impfstoffe in aller Welt zu ermöglichen.
3/11 AstraZeneca hat bereits Produktionslizenzen in Indien, Thailand, Brasilien vergeben. Doch bislang ist das WHO-Impfprogramm COVAX, verantwortlich für ca. die Hälfte der Weltbevölkerung, fast allein auf die Lieferungen vom Serum-Institut in Indien angewiesen. Image
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THREAD Durch Beschränkungen der Produktion gibt es nicht genug #COVID19-Impfstoffe für alle, ihre globale Verteilung ist extrem ungerecht. Unser internationales Bündnis #ZeroCovAlliance unterstützt die #VaccinEquity-Erklärung der #WHO. Wir erklären die fünf Kernforderungen. 1/13
Nr. 1: Mehr Unterstützung fürs #WHO-Impfprogramm #COVAX, das Impfdosen an ärmere Länder gerecht zu verteilen versucht – durch Geld oder Teilen überschüssiger Dosen. Doch auf dem knappen Markt zieht #COVAX den Kürzeren. Erst seit 1. März werden die ersten Dosen verabreicht. 2/13
Nr. 2: Um die Produktionsmengen drastisch zu steigern, muss Produktionswissen über den Technologiepool #CTAP gesteigert werden. Nur so kann das grundlegende Problem des knappen, monopolisierten Angebots gelöst werden. #NoCovidMonopolies 3/13
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THREAD 1/4 EU: Der Markt wird Produktionsausbau und Impfstoffverteilung schon regeln. Unser starker Standort produziert für die Welt.
Selbe EU hilflos: Verbietet wegen zu geringer Lieferungen nun erstmals Export eines Impfstoffes…
2/4 Diesmal trifft die verhinderte Ausfuhr des Astra-Zeneca-Impfstoffs Australien, das dank #ZeroCovid-Strategie mit nur 50 Fällen pro Woche in einer komfortablen Position ist. Wenn es um den eigenen Bedarf geht, argumentiert die EU mit Bedarfsorientierung gegen Freihandel …
3/4 Doch die Exportbeschränkung schwebt als Drohung über allen Exporten in den schlecht versorgten globalen Süden. Amerikanische Länder 🇨🇷🇨🇴🇪🇨🇵🇦🇵🇾🇱🇨warnten die EU am Montag in der #WTO vor der Konsequenz für ihre Planungssicherheit.……
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On the 1st of January, 2021, the African Free Trade Zone came into effect.

54 African countries kicked off the African Free Trade Zone.

A free trade zone is a class of special economic zone, a duty free Area where a group of countries reduce or eliminate trade barriers.
Fun Facts About the AFRZ

**It is the world's largest free trade zone

**It has been said that it will lift about 30 million Africans out of extreme poverty.

** It will greatly Transform the economy of Africa

** Will reduce importation from other continents

** Increase exportation to other continents

**Improve trade amongst African countries.

#Africa #uganda #AfricasGlobalBank
#ngoziokonjoiweala #WTODG #WTO
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#Exclusive: Competition from #India (Oxford-Astra Zeneca-Serum Institute) is a key reason why wealthy nations, especially in the #EU, won't allow a #WTO #Trips waiver tomorrow, a source close to the talks tells me. 1|n #vaccines #Geneva #access #publichealth
It's an #EU-wide decision taken at #Brussels. Tomorrow's text is expected to take refuge in 'process'. All #vaccine manufacturers are eying #India's market. #NewDelhi must leverage India's markets for our benefit. n/n #Trips #WTO #access
"India is not to be trusted...India is not a benevolent power," is what #EU officials are saying. Galling. They've forgotten that it was #Indian generics that broke the back of the AIDS pandemic..." #Trips #WTO #access #Geneva
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Yesterday @EU_Commission published the proposal for Data Governance Act #DGA. Let's critically unpack the file. The set of measures is a good step forward, but we are still not discussing public value and competition enough. Thread 1/12 #data #digital #GDPR
A @Deloitte impact assesment study claims that the data economy will grow to EUR 544.4 bln EUR (3.95% GDP). Previous studies by that very same company for GDPR mentioned decreases of a similar magnitude, which never happened. Instead of numbers let's talk who gets value. 2/12
First of all, #DGA lacks symmetry. It clearly aims for 'making public data available to re-use', but for private data it advocates only 'sharing between businesses'. Is data altruism enough to tap into the huge datasets held by private companies? Very risky to believe so. 3/12
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1/10: A win for #JoeBiden in the #USElection next week would be good for the overall interests of #UK but problematic for the #BorisJohnson government. How would the arrival of a Biden administration affect British #foreignpolicy? A thread..
2/10: As the song says, it ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it. Not all #Trump foreign policy was bad (though much was). He made an important call on #China. But he has no idea of the common good, squandered American leadership & damaged alliances & institutions.
3/10: #Biden would be a reversion toward the norm. Unexciting perhaps, but needed & welcome. But he would not mean wholesale change in #US foreign policy. The pressures of #COVID19, political polarisation & economic dislocation remain. As will the tough geopolitical environment.
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Interesting article by @Peston - but here’s why I don’t think ‘State aid’ will end the UK-EU trade talks.

• A thread •
There are multiple reasons why it’s a win-win for both parties to find agreement on State aid which include:

> State aid rules align with the UK (and in particular Tory) mindset that subsidies should be a last resort;

> Frost has agreed sensible general principles on subsidies;
> the EU State aid rules don’t really constrain the UK, after all Germany spends 4 times as much under the same rules...

> Tech start ups can be funded under the EU rules. That the UK hasn’t is about budget not rules.
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On today's Money Talk; The #IMF has warned that the #Covid19 health crisis will cause “lasting damage” to the global economy, which is now projected to contract by 4.4% in 2020. The Fund also cut its growth forecast for 2021 to 5.2%.
Imports into #China hit their highest dollar amount on record in September. The latest trade data showed imports surging by 13.2% to a record $203bn, massively beating forecasts of a rise of just 0.1%. Exports jumped by the most since March 2019, rising 9.9%.
The World Trade Organisation has ruled that the #EU may impose taxes of up to US$4bn on US goods annually as punishment for subsidies provided to Boeing. Last year, the #WTO cleared the #US to impose tariffs on US$7.5bn of EU items.
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When the Nazis invaded Poland they took control of the media to pump hate propaganda, stripped people of their freedom, looted the country's reserves, attacked the judicial system, farms, the arts, libraries, universities & neighbouring countries.

No sorry that's #ToryBritain.

1. Tory-controlled media and their hate propaganda. #ToryHate
Sources 2:

The freedoms the tories have taken away from you: #ToryFreedom

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The Future British Standards Coalition interim report – out today as the #AgricultureBill returns – shows that we can maintain bans on lower quality food imports AND sign ambitious trade deals.

But the report also shows a few other things… [1]…
Some have sought to claim that putting safeguards in law will unfairly impact or stop #trade with poorer nations. This is misleading. We *already* trade w/ countries in the Global South and can continue to do so. & setting high import standards has helped to increase exports [2]
Ministers have also sought to claim that protections have been transposed from #EU law, ie nothing to worry about. But the govt has made it easier to change the rules, removed scrutiny & admitted that changes to #food standards will become law automatically w/o a parli vote [3]
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