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In the midst of the #COVID19 crisis, lawyers urge corporations to defend their profits & challenge governments’ emergency measures in #ISDS corporate courts. Our new report with @corporateeurope reveals their shocking million $ litigation scenarios. Here are 6 of them👇🏻
🚰 Bolivia & El Salvador took steps to ensure poor and #COVID19 sick households have access to clean water for handwashing. But #ISDS lawyers argue that foreign utility investors could challenge such measures because they ‘eliminated their revenue streams’.

🏥 To treat #COVID19 patients for free, Spain & Ireland have temporarily gained public control of private hospitals. Under #ISDS investors could claim millions in damages for such actions - even if governments already paid cost-covering compensation to the private hospital owners
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🌍 #COVID19 & multinationales 🌏

De quoi les entreprises sont-elles responsables dans cette crise?

Chaînes de valeur, droit du travail, dividendes, commerce international, lobbying, réquisitions, ISDS, démantèlement de l'Etat...

Rapport 👉…

👇 Thread 👇

L'OIT estime que plus d'un milliard de personnes risquent de perdre leur emploi ou de subir des pertes sèches de salaire dans les prochains mois

Au Bangladesh, plus de 3 milliards de dollars de commandes ont été annulées dans l'industrie textile
Plus de deux millions de salarié.e.s sont concerné.e.s, avec des arriérés de salaire de l'ordre de 400 millions de dollars.

Amazon, de son côté, n'assure pas la protection sociale de ses salariés et sous-traitants, alors que sa capitalisation boursière vient d'exploser.
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Continuismo neoliberal de Pedro Sánchez al frente del Ministerio de Exteriores y "diplomacia económica": Arancha González Laya es adalid de las políticas injustas de la Organización Mundial de Comercio y la UE que han causado pobreza, desigualdades y la crisis ambiental global.
🔎 ¿Quién es Arancha González Laya, la nueva ministra de Asuntos Exteriores, Unión Europea y Cooperación? Ella empezó su carrera como jurista asesorando a empresas privadas sobre comercio, competitividad y ayuda pública en la firma Bruckhaus Westrick Stegemann, hoy Freshfields.
🔎¿Quién es la firma Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer? La multinacional del Derecho Mercantil Internacional -lex mercatoria- "ofrece a los clientes asesoramiento sobre políticas estratégicas y ayuda a configurar la legislación y las decisiones administrativas de la UE". #EULobbying
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"People are dying."

Elizabeth has witnessed the difference between the UK and US health systems. She knows the human cost of high prices. Don’t allow the US to sabotage access to meds on the #NHS.

There has been a lot of debate on the impact of a #tradedeal with #Trump on #NHS medicine prices. Here’s a thread detailing why people are right to be worried… 1/
Firstly, the US has history. #Bigpharma spends more influencing politicians in Washington than any other industry. So the US has repeatedly used #trade agreements to force changes on countries that will boost the industry’s profits. 2/
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😡 Un informe filtrado revela el mal funcionamiento del Tratado sobre la Carta de la Energía. Ese tratado opaco que casi nadie conoce y que puede costarnos a los contribuyentes en España más de 7.000 millones de EUR debe ser abolido. #StopISDS Abro hilo ⤵️…
El Tratado sobre la Carta de Energía (#ECT) permite a los inversores extranjeros demandar a los gobiernos a través del sistema de solución de controversias entre inversionistas y estados (#ISDS, por sus siglas en inglés) por cambios políticos. #StopISDS…
El Tratado sobre la Carta de la Energía es una mina de oro para las compañías de combustibles fósiles. Es la legislación más invocada en todo el mundo, utilizada por fondos de inversión y empresas energéticas para proteger sus beneficios. #StopISDS…
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It has been a big day for NAFTA 2.0, and not in good way.

Here's a thread on developments of the last 24 hours - including Pence's Canadian visit, Lighthizer's submission of NAFTA text to Congress, and Trump's impetuous launching of a trade offensive against Mexico...
Pence's Canada trip seemed like a desperate move to reignite momentum - given what Democrats are demanding (e.g. rolling back protections for Big Pharma), the Republicans don't want to give.
As I told @Naomi_Powell when we spoke early yesterday, “if you’re running a campaign with targets who won’t talk to you, what do you do? You go to Ottawa, fill the time.”
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1/6 Nobel laureate @JosephEStiglitz: Multinational companies will increasingly file massive cases against host countries when #ClimateChange policies affect their profits. #ISDS reform is needed to stop companies fighting climate rules. @SebastienMalo…
2/6 #ISDS cases can "instill fear of environmental regulations, #ClimateChange regulations because you know that it's going to be costly" for governments, @JosephEStiglitz said. "It's litigation terrorism." @IISD_ELP
3/6 @JosephEStiglitz: #UNCITRAL #ISDS reform process is a rare opportunity to end "pernicious litigation.” I’d add: the @Energy_Charter, which gives carbon-intensive energy investors access to #ISDS, must be aligned with the low-carbon transition. @ogeltdm…
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I'm reading @JosephEStiglitz's new book, "People, Power, & Profits".

Really appreciate this point about globalisation & wages:

It's not just that wages are cheaper overseas, but our trade agreements give companies stronger rights if they invest overseas than at home. #ISDS
and @JosephEStiglitz cleverly frames #ISDS as undermining something valued by many of his centrist readers:

the USA's comparative advantage in property rights!
The discussion of antitrust, market power, and monopsonies is both empirically detailed & very accessible.

But again what's especially clever is the framing: tapping into widely-shared ideals, and showing how the status quo fails to deliver the American dream.
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/1 Just finished a quick first read of the WTO panel decision today on Article XXI (Russia - Traffic in Transit, DS512). Thanks @rdmcdougall @howserob. Some very preliminary reactions for purposes of discussion. (Long thread).
/2 Section 7.5.2 is in some sense as important as the panel's judgment, as it sets out the positions of member states. We already had some sense of the members' positions, and some (US, EU, Australia included) had released their briefs. At least 2 interesting things there:
/3 First, Canada and the EU both accept justiciability of Art XXI, but are on opposite sides on whether the exception has "objective" elements. Notable given that #CETA essentially replicates the Article XXI formulation, as does 2004 Canadian model FIPA.
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¿Has oído hablar del Tribunal Multilateral de Inversiones? #MultInvCourt

Una especie de corte mundial para ampliar los privilegios de las corporaciones transnacionales. Se negocia en la Comisión de Naciones Unidas para el Derecho Mercantil (#UNCITRAL).

Abro hilo ⤵️ #StopISDS
1⃣ Los acuerdos de comercio e inversión representan una forma para que las empresas multinacionales y millonarios se enriquezcan a costa de la gente de a pie. Eso es lo que la UE ha hecho durante 50 años con el mecanismo de ‘solución de controversias inversor-Estado’, o #ISDS.
2⃣ El arbitraje de inversiones o mecanismo de ‘solución de controversias inversor-Estado’ es un privilegio especial del que han abusado muchas multinacionales. Es un aspecto desconocido de los tratados comerciales para gran parte de la sociedad. #StopISDS…
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#Venezuela's #NicolasMaduro:
"We had a large shipment of medicines to last the country for a year,a large batch of raw materials for food. The bank account was frozen,the contracts were cancelled & the money is seized. They suffocate us,steal our money & put a show for the world"
Nov. 2017:The transnational Pharmaceutical companies Baster,Abbot & Pfizer refused to issue exportation certificates to #Cancer drugs,making it impossible for #Venezuela to buy them
July 2017: The Citibank bank (#USA) refuses to receive #Venezuelan funds from the Central Bank for the import of 300 thousand doses of insulin, destined to cover the demand of 450 thousand registered patients.
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"Trump has used Harley-Davidson as an example of a US business that is being harmed by trade barriers. Yet Harley has warned consistently against tariffs, saying they would negatively impact sales"

Harley, hit by tariffs, shifts some production overseas…
Important issue highlighted by @riotwomennn: are tariff exemptions determined by bribes?

Corker: "22,000 companies have asked for exemptions.There is no basis to deal with them. Are they going to grant these exclusions based on political contributions?"
Trump’s trade war with the European Union is going to cost Harley-Davidson as much as $100 million a year and force the manufacturer to shift production out of the U.S.…
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1. As governments scramble to sign the #TPP, here’s something you should know @JustinTrudeau @FP_Champagne @cafreeland
2. The #TPP will allow corporations to sue government in secret tribunals where corporate lawyers would act as judges in some cases and represent corporations and/or governments in another
3. Under #ISDS, countries have been sued over plain packaging laws, for protecting environment, for increasing minimum wage, for demanding tax returns and for introducing affirmative action policies
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