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It's looking like Warren may cost Bernie from winning Massachusetts, Maine, and Minnesota. Possibility even Oklahoma as well. It is depressing. #SuperTuesday #SuperTuesdayResults #supertuesday2020
Biden is getting victories, yet most people favor:
• Medicare for All (…)
• Free College/Cancelation of Debt (…)
#BreakUpBigTech (…)

Yep. 🤦‍♂️
#SuperTuesday #SuperTuesdayResults #SuperTuesday2020
Dem party elites prevented Henry Wallace from the 1944 VP. Elites didn't want Wallace, despite everyone else wanting him. The elites acted and succeed. Bernie is the same treatment. Read the story 👇
#SuperTuesday #SuperTuesdayResults #SuperTuesday2020
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Doesn’t look good for the @TexasGOP out here, I’m in a respectably long line to vote at 2 PM CT in a majority-minority district in Sugar Land. Bless y’all’s hearts. 😘 #SuperTuesday2020
Whew chile I made it out in 50 minutes. Line was just as long when I left as it was when I got there so I feel for the folk who are gonna show up after 5.... 😬
Here’s more background on how the voting process works in states that hold “open” primaries and don’t tie party affiliation to voter registration.…
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Here’s a story I’ve never shared publicly.

When I was a candidate in 2018, dozens of politicians called me in the days before the election to wish me luck. But on the night of Nov. 6, after the race was called and I knew I’d lost, I heard from only two: @ewarren & @JoeBiden 1/3
They told me to stay in the fight. To persist. And, most meaningfully, that they were proud of me. 2/3
Decency matters.

And the true test of one’s character is not how they treat you when you’re at the top of your game, but how they treat you when you’re at your lowest.

If you’re voting #SuperTuesday2020, remember that.

Because America could use more decency these days. 3/3
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It may seem like Joe Biden is set to have surprisingly strong showing on #supertuesday2020, what with these endorsements from Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, & Beto O'Rourke. But this is charade to project strength before media establishment that wants Biden to save them.

New York Times published a comprehensive report on Biden's campaign infrastructure (or lack thereof) prior to his South Carolina victory. #supertuesday2020…
In Alabama, Democratic House minority leader indicated Biden had poor level of engagement with voters. #SuperTuesday
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On boards where "influence groups" strategize and organize, trumpists, alt-right, radicals on the right, echoed by Trump himself at the rallies and amplified by the Kremlin-funded trolls on social media encourage people to vote for #Sanders. Why? Thread, #supertuesday2020
The rationale is simple: Sanders is "the weakest candidate" because the rural and mid-America will not vote for a "communist" or "socialist" and Trump will have an easy win. (Debates about Sanders' views distract from the reality of Trump's re-election, irrelevant.) #supertuesday
The US and the world might not survive 4 yrs of Trump as he is going to ruin the environment, judicial system, democracy as we know it. No matter how great are the promises of healthcare for all or free education, we need to face the existing political landscape & stay realistic.
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There are only 2 women, 1 person of color, and 1 combat veteran left in the presidential race. That indigenous woman of color and combat veteran is @TulsiGabbard. Hey #supertuesday2020 States, make sure you hear Tulsi out. She's got the goods!
A quick overview of the issues:

✅ Single-Payer Healthcare
✅ Bring our troops home
✅ International cooperation to address climate change
✅ Off Fossil Fuels
✅ College For All
✅ Renewable Infrastructure
✅ Invest in Science
✅ Bring Deported Veterans HOME

✅ Equal Rights Amendment
✅ Undo the Trans Military Ban
✅ Equality Act
✅ Federally Legalize and Deschedule Marijuana
✅ Invest in Hemp projects
✅ Cut Prison Population by 50%
✅ Universal Basic Income
✅ Audit the Federal Reserve
✅ Foreign Policy of Diplomacy over War

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