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In the Democratic primary, “full strength” for the fight for *any candidate* means having an army of Black women behind them. That army will not be formed or in winning formation for *any candidate* without a thorough vetting.
It’s not optional. #ExpectUs
Seriously though, if you’re so sure that a certain candidate is the only logical hope for defeating Trump, how are you also so sure that said candidate’s whole campaign and electability will fall apart under the weight of being vetted by the base of the Democratic Party? 🧐
Notice how they automatically jump to “we’re gonna lose to Trump” when the frontrunners incur scrutiny from the base? Even after 8 years of Obama and a field as large and diverse as we have, they aren’t capable of fathoming any other candidates building a winning coalition. Sad.
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MSNBC Fears ‘Heavily Armed’ Trump Supporters Invading D.C.


Joe Scarborough Accuses Trump of Calling for 'Civil War, Acts of Violence'…
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At Congressman Steve Womack’s town hall in Rogers, AR tonight he was asked a question about gun violence. He blamed single parents and the room was not having it. @MomsDemand #ExpectUs #ARLeg
THEN he blamed the separation of church and state saying we took God out of schools. No word on if he meant other people’s gods or just his. Again, the crowd was not having it.
Later a woman (my new shero) got up to scold him. 👏👏👏
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The Great Awakening Worldwide...Nigel Farage’s #Brexit Party stormed to #victory in a European election, riding a wave of anger at the failure of Prime Minister Theresa May to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union, partial results showed.…
Taking place against the backdrop of a rise in support for far-right and nationalist parties at the national level in recent years, the election has been largely portrayed as a battle between the pro-European establishment and its Eurosceptic challengers.…
"Right-wing" nationalists who want to slash immigration into Europe & return power to national gvmts are expected to make gains, though mainstream parties are tipped to hold onto power in the 751-seat legislature that sits in both Brussels & Strasbourg.…
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she's got a lot to say, it seems...

thread time 😎

[2017] b/c of Helli’s alleged negligence, Milano says she failed to pay her income taxes for 2013 & 2014; didn’t make mortgage payments on her West Hollywood condo; lost millions on a failed home renovation project, & neglected to pay her employees’ taxes.…
Milano explained that choosing to release a statement in the wake of sexual abuse allegations against Weinstein — in which more than a dozen women have come forward with stories ranging from sexual harassment to rape — was "complicated" for her.…
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Joe Biden is enduring the roughest stretch of any candidate in the Democratic presidential primary, and he’s not even a candidate yet.

How to identify a creep:
The mom knows something weird is happening. Watch her lean in to try to find out wtf he’s whispering in her ear like a big ole creep
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With all this footage from Trump’s latest Klan rally trickling down my TL it feels like now’s a good time to post my footage from Kamala’s Houston rally. As you’d imagine, the contrast is stark af. This’ll be a thread of course....
The rally was held at Texas Southern University, an HBCU in Houston’s 3rd Ward. We arrived about 15 minutes before start time and the line was not only long but tremendously diverse.
Kamala was introduced by former Texas Senator and current Harris County Commissioner, Rodney Ellis. He touted her position on bail reform, first and foremost.
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Since y’all are here for it here’s another spoiler alert🚨: Bernie isn’t running to be POTUS, he’s running to shit on all the *real* Democrats who are running to be POTUS so that by the time 11/2020 rolls around you hate/distrust all of them & stay home or vote 3rd party instead.
Bernie’s polling is atrocious and he knows it, so don’t think for one second that he’s jumping into this race with intentions of becoming the nominee of a party he STILL refuses to fucking join. He’s only here to throw premeditated shit at the walls, just like he was in 2016.
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I’m joining the broadcast about 30 minutes late, got stuck in traffic..🙃
They’re discussing legalization of cannabis. Beto gave a great answer about medicinal cannabis potentially being useful to stem the tide of the opioid epidemic. Cruz says Beto wants to legalize all narcotics and briefly harkens back to his sister’s drug overdose.
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I’ve gotten a few hundred new follows in recent days so this feels like a good time to inform y’all that not only is this an anti-Trump account, it’s anti-Bernie too. Thx, congrats on the twofer, welcome aboard, and if you can’t handle either of the above kindly see yourself out.
I won’t waste your time and energy #onhere and I sure as fuck won’t let you waste mine. Count on it.
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The tweets in my “in case you missed it” feed inform me that both Bernie and Trump have totally gone apeshit this weekend. Clearly Mueller’s on the right track...
Also I just left Wakanda, so drinks all around and 🥂.
Seriously though, we told folk Bernie and Jill couldn’t be trusted a long fucking time ago, but y’all didn’t wanna listen to us because we didn’t fit the preferred narrative (read propaganda). The suppression of truth was just as prolific as the propagation of lies in 2016.
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