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1/ THREAD: What do you think is the most important article or video in today’s @ProgNewsDaily? There are 80+ to choose from.…

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(1/4) Un semane pos har anunciat su retirada del concurrencie por li primaries in li Partise Democratic, #BernieSanders ha oficialmen declarat su apoy por #JoeBiden por li presidentiale in novembre contra #DonaldTrump. Anc in 2016 contra #HillaryClinton

#Occidental #Interlingue Image
(2/4) il perdit e declarat su apoy por ella, ma to erst in junio pos que omni balotationes hat esset long finit e pos quelc semanes de argumentation que li tal-nominat #superdelegates mey apoyar le vice ella, e alcunes blamat le por li perde contra Trump. Ma ti-ci vez li election
(3/4) es contra un conosset rivale qui ha esset presidente ja plu quam tri annus, e on suposi que il senti li beson de unificar li partise max bentost possibil contra #Trump. Hay anc li #coronavirus quel ha fat ínpossibil omni activitás electoral, e fortiar li gente exear
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Analysis: Why #Sanders lost the nomination: "Simple explanation" is that he got "trounced" when the race narrowed to 2; "many of Biden’s wins were blowouts, ballooning his pledged delegate lead to 311, a margin that is essentially insurmountable." | thread…
.@perrybaconjr "Why did Sanders do so badly in a 1-on-1 contest against Biden? I’d offer 3 explanations, none of which are mutually exclusive from the other 2."

1>"Sanders didn’t run a smart enough campaign."
#Bernie's campaign "seemed to think that #Sanders had a unique appeal to white working-class voters that would simply continue in 20," despite "clear indications" that some of his success in '16 w/ whites w/o college was more anti-HRC than pro-Sanders.
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Nuit surréaliste aux #EtatsUnis. Le gouverneur du Wisconsin Evers avait déplacé le scrutin prévu aujourd'hui au 9 juin à cause de la flambée du #coronavirus. La Cour Suprême locale et la Cour Suprême nationale à majorité conservatrice l'ont déjugé. Et #Trump s'en réjouit.
2) Evers le gouverneur du Wisconsin, face au début de l'épidémie dans l'Etat, a promulgué 1 décret exécutif qui reportait les élections prévues ce jour à cause de l'urgence sanitaire #Covid_19 au 9 juin et permettait 1 extension de la date du vote postal.…
3) Les républicains, majoritaires à l'assemblée locale, ont dénié l'autorité du gouverneur Evers à pouvoir reporter l'élection en juin et la Cour Suprême locale à majorité conservatrice leur a donné raison sur ce point.
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✔️#Biden is not a "moderate" #dem. He's running on a platform to the left of Obama & Hillary. If elected, he'd be the most #progressive president in our lifetimes.

This thread fact-checks a graphic circulated by #Sanders supporters that equates Biden & Trump.
✔️#Biden supports universal healthcare. He proposes adding a singlepayer Medicare option to the #ACA, open to individuals & employers. It could be immediately implemented, unlike #MedicareForAll which has a 4-yr transition.

✔️#Sanders introduced #M4A. It has 15 Senate votes.
✔️#Biden's plan to add singlepayer Medicare option to ACA follows the public/private hybrid that's most commonly used by countries with universal healthcare.

✔️Trump admin has filed suit to overturn the ACA & protections for people w/ preexisting conditions.
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#SANDERS CONCEDED THE RACE 3/11, said millions decided his "friend Joe #Biden" was more likely to beat Trump. No blaming the #DNC, no cries of rigged election. He began: my #1 goal is defeating Trump. Time for ALL #Sanders fans & #dems to unite.…
#Bernie counted on overperforming w/ young voters, but nearly 3% fewer people under 30 voted in 20 compared to 16. This was the only demographic group where Sanders had an advantage. The drop in youth vote & the surge in ALL OTHER groups (who voted #Biden) cost Sanders the race.
#Sanders earned LESS of the vote in EVERY RACE in '20 when compared to '16. On average, he underperformed by 17.6%. He did 35.4% worse in VT. He was down 10.9% in #DemocratsAbroad primary this weekend.
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In EVERY state, #Sanders has done less well in 2020 than he did in 2016, underperforming by an average 17.6%.

In Vermont, for example, he won only 50.7% of the vote in '20, a drop of 35.4% from his '16 win. / thread
#Sanders' underperformance is partly explained by his failure to get new & young voters to the polls. In nearly every primary thru early March, fewer of those voters turned out than they did in '16.…
.@CNN exit polls show nearly 3% fewer voters under 30 voted in '20 than they did in '16. #Bernie Sanders needed to overperform with this demographic.
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Email to #Bernie shows campaign's pollster predicted he was within 4 points of #Biden in South Carolina. 2 days later, Biden blew out SC by nearly 30 points, turning the race around.

How Sanders' run came undone: thread…
In Jan, @ZephyrTeachout, a law prof allied w/ #Sanders, wrote an op-ed alleging #Biden had “a big corruption problem," & the campaign sent it to everyone on its large email list.

✔️ #Sanders "put a stop to it. 'It is absolutely not my view that Joe is corrupt in any way.'"
In Feb, VT Rep @PeterWelch implored #Sanders to "ease up" on his attacks of #democrats. Welch believed it "sounded exclusionary to ordinary people backing other candidates, ... a lot of voters who are just everyday voters, who decided to vote for other #Dems" (NYT 3/21).
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#America u are the #virus: A Brief History

all #biden will do is put a band aid on it. u love illusions more than real work. u elected a broke-ass reality star for own ur destruction. u ran #howarddean off bcuz of an emotion. u cheated #algore out of a presidency. u let #bush
lie to u into a fake war. u doubled down and elected him again. u so racist u stalled till #obama left to appoint judges. u are so sexist and hateful that u didn't care #hillary was telling the truth. u are so hateful and fearful u let children die in cages. u are so stupid.
u are so sexist u refused to nominate a woman #warren AGAIN. u are so racist u forced the ONE person #harris that scared him into dropping out. u rather protect businesses instead of people. u are now betting on a walking, talking, forgetful disaster #biden against a REAL monster
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it backfire. (11/11)
correction. The Bernie supporter account we used was @meaganmday, not @MeganDay. Our apologies for the errant atting
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1/ The absolute, No. 1 priority for this election is to defeat #Trump - because if he's re-elected, not only will Progressive policy initiatives be moot, we will also see further regression in our rights and our democratic foundations. So, who is best positioned to beat Trump? +
2/ #Biden was not my 1st choice for president. However, I believe he is the one best positioned to defeat #Trump; here's why:

a) He is the only candidate who has consistently polled well against Trump in swing/purple states, which will be required to reach 270 electoral votes +
b) #Biden has strong support from the Black community - an absolute must for any Democrat to win an election

c) Biden will have a strong, positive effect on down-ballot races, both with voters and donors
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#Biden was 1st to introduce a #ClimateChange bill. His 1986 Global Climate Protection Act died in committee, but Reagan signed a version of into law when Biden successfully attached it as an amendment to a State Dept funding bill. /thread…
#Biden, introducing his #GlobalWarming bill in Jan 1987: "Life on this planet exists only under highly specialized circumstances" & "even a small rise in temperature could disrupt the entire complicated environment that has nurtured life as we know it." @PolitiFact
In 1/87 Senate speech, #Biden said #ClimateChange was a bigger threat than the USSR: Reagan told Gorbachev "‘that if we had an invasion from Mars, both sides would put aside our differences.’ While not an exterrestrial threat, global warming could prove no less dangerous."
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#Biden has "outlined a suite of policies that, taken on their own terms, would be the most ambitious governing agenda of any modern #Democrat." If he wins, he'll be the "the most #progressive Democratic nominee in history."…
#Biden is "notably to the left" of #Hillary, #Obama, #Kerry & is advancing a #progressive platform. On #healthcare, his proposal for a public option would be a "significant expansion" of the #ACA & includes "expanded subsidies well into the middle class."…
#Biden has proposed a $1.7 trillion #ClimateChange plan "similar in scope to many candidates on his left." He has a $750 billion #education plan that includes increases to #teacher salaries & expanded access to #PreK. @reason 3/4/20
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1. ricordate cosa accadde nel 2016 con le primarie USA? Sappiamo cosa accadde esattamente, perché abbiamo le email interne del Partito Democratico USA: le #DNCEmails pubblicate da #WikiLeaks
2. nel 2016 #BernieSanders andava bene,ma ai signori del Partito Democratico USA, #BernieSanders NON piaceva assolutamente: volevano un candidato centrista. Solito candidato finta sinistra a letto con #WallStreet e #Pentagono, così i signori del Partito Dem boicottarono #Sanders
3. le email interne del Partito Democratico rivelate nel 2016 da #WikiLeaks lasciarono emergere proprio queste manovre interne ai danni del candidato di sinistra, #BernieSanders, e a favore del candidato centrista #Hillary
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Joe #Biden ha vinto il #SuperTuesday, l'appuntamento più importante delle primarie Dem #USA. L'ex vicepresidente di Barack Obama ha vinto in almeno 9 dei 14 stati in cui si andava al voto (potrebbero diventare 10 con il Maine, dove al momento è in lieve vantaggio).
🇺🇸 Anche se lo scrutinio non è ancora concluso al 100%, possiamo infatti dare per certa la vittoria di #Biden in Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas e Virginia.
🇺🇸 Bernie #Sanders ha invece vinto in California, Colorado, Utah e Vermont. Infine, il miliardario Michael #Bloomberg - entrato in gioco solo nel #SuperTuesday - ha trionfato solo nei caucus che si sono tenuti nelle Samoa Americane.
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On boards where "influence groups" strategize and organize, trumpists, alt-right, radicals on the right, echoed by Trump himself at the rallies and amplified by the Kremlin-funded trolls on social media encourage people to vote for #Sanders. Why? Thread, #supertuesday2020
The rationale is simple: Sanders is "the weakest candidate" because the rural and mid-America will not vote for a "communist" or "socialist" and Trump will have an easy win. (Debates about Sanders' views distract from the reality of Trump's re-election, irrelevant.) #supertuesday
The US and the world might not survive 4 yrs of Trump as he is going to ruin the environment, judicial system, democracy as we know it. No matter how great are the promises of healthcare for all or free education, we need to face the existing political landscape & stay realistic.
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90 + high level resignations in the last 7 days.
This list only includes top level positions, such as:

Board members

Notables names that may be linked to currently sealed indictments.

Reasons with a ☆ are my opinion from previous research
Notables :

□ Disney CEO
Bob Iger : Child abuse ☆
□ Victoria's Secret
Les Wexner : Child abuse
□Black Rock Inc
Barb Novick : Slush funds ☆
US Democrats involved
□Nygard International Fashion
Ceo/Executive : Sex trafficking models and minors…
Notables Resignations
□Warner Bro's
Dee Dee Myers •
Head of Communications and former @BillClinton Press Sec.
□Dept of Defense
John Rood + 5 others since Dec 2019

@BreitbartNews @FoxNews #Trump #Sanders #COVIDー19
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A few "provocative" thoughts on US politics.

America goes through political phases/cycles where certain policies take hold for many years, often decades. For instance, the Great Depression ended several decades of relative "Laissez Faire" policies with an expanding welfare state
This period was combined with relatively low immigration and an increasingly interventionist Federal Government with the creation of several new federal agencies. Though the Depression was "brutal" by our standards, things started improving after several years (before WWII).
This period saw significant rises in living standards for the vast majority of Americans. But, marginal tax rates were very high during this period - 91% in the case of the Eisenhower years (Republican). Kennedy cut marginal rates to 70% but they stayed there till Reagan.
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Au-delà du déroulement de la vie politique US, ce constat factuel: la #Russie de #Poutine par son ingérence depuis 2016 et l'absence de réaction notable de l'Etat #Trump détruit la confiance mutuelle des acteurs et institutions de la #démocratie US.…
2) Le renseignement US qui a essayé de "bouger" les élus du Congrès sur les dangers persistants de l'ingérence de la Russie dans le processus démocratique a donc été décapité et purgé en 2-3 jours par #Trump car il y voit offense politique……
3)… et #Trump vient donc de nommer comme intérimaire à la tête du renseignement Grenell s'étant empressé de limoger des officiers expérimentés pour s'entourer d'au moins 1 conspirationniste convaincu du complot du renseignement contre Trump, Patel.…
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"The Green New Deal" is going to take movement tactics. Bullshit. It's global - sitting in the wings. Your consent is being engineered. Spending billions to have you demand & "fight" for it. They play with you like a cat plays with a mouse before it decapitates it. For fun.
Who else is tasked with building the social license required to implement the Global Green New Deal?

Let's start with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, & May Boeve, Executive Director of 350-DOT-org.

The #NonProfitIndustrialComplex: an extension of the ruling class.

January 23, 2020, World Economic Forum: "Striking a Green New Deal"

Note again, that the UN partnered with WEF on June 13, 2020.

#C40Cities (founded by #Bloomberg & #Clinton)
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1er bilan de cette primaire du #NewHampshire?
3 faits majeurs:
1. #BernieSanders vainqueur mais avec 1 marge plus faible que prévu sur #Buttigieg. Ils sortent en tête de la séquence #Iowa/#NH
2. Désastre total pour #Warren ET #Biden sous les 10%
3. #Klobuchar surgit vraiment.
2) Le #NewHampshire, juge de paix de la 1ère "étape" des primaires démocrates, a rendu 1 verdict en 3 étages:
. les 3ers candidats ont chacun de quoi se réjouir.
. Il y a 2 vaincus écrasés.
. Le grupetto (désolé mais j'aime ma métaphore TDF😉) des petits candidats est écrémé.
3) Pour #BernieSanders, si la victoire est bien moins éclatante qu'en 2016 dans 1 #NewHampshire frontalier de son #Vermont d'élection, à cause d' 1 contexte différent, "a win is a win" et le contrat est rempli. Il apparaît, avec l'effondrement de #Biden, en "frontrunner" national
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Breve thread su #IowaCaucuses.
1. I risultati, dopo quasi 24h sono PARZIALI e coprono il 60% dei precincts. Dato quanto sono vicini i candidati impossibile dire chi ha vinto
2. Al momento #BernieSanders conduce nei voti al primo turno e anche al secondo (ci torno tra breve)
3. Buttgieg e' invece, per ora, in testa tra i delegati assegnati.
Come mai? Ogni precinct assegna dei delegati. Tanti piccoli collegi. Il problema e' come vengono assegnati i delegati in ogni collegio /
Teoricamente in maniera proporzionale: chi ha piu' voti ne prende di piu'. In realta', in maniera random, perche' non ci sono regole fisse e viene lasciata liberta' ai segretari dei precinct/collegi.
Qualche esempio:
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🇺🇸🗳️ Demain c'est le début des primaires démocrates pour désigner le candidat qui affrontera #Trump en novembre. Mais au fait, lequel de ces candidats est le plus à même de battre le Président sortant ? #thread
🇺🇸🗳️ Un premier point dans une vaste étude du #VoterStudyGroup de @democracyfund : 2016 était la première élection qui mettait aux prises deux candidats rejetés par les Américains. Ce sera la même chose en 2020, ni #Trump ni les prétendants démocrates ne passant la barre des 50%.
@DemocracyFund 🇺🇸🗳️ Dans les sondages nationaux, #Biden est régulièrement le candidat démocrate qui obtient les meilleurs résultats face à #Trump. Idem dans les principaux #swingstates, et pas seulement dans ceux de la #rustbelt où l'aspect "local" de #Biden l'aide.
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I've forcefully rebutted the myth that @BernieSanders faces a damaging oppo dump in a general election. But the false narrative persists, so let's clarify:

1. #BernieSanders HAS been thoroughly vetted.

2. There is no mystery oppo out there.


3. Sierra Blanca. NRA. Crime bill. Rape essay. Russia. Socialism. Etc. All of these have been raised repeatedly since 2016.

4. I saw a comprehensive opposition research book on #Sanders. Nothing in it hasn't been aired publicly.

@BernieSanders FACT CHECK: IS #BERNIE VETTED? (cont.)

5. I was a Clinton adviser in 2008, not 2016. But I worked with Brock and others associated with her campaign.

6. I was a staunch Hillary advocate and ran a media company in 2016. We did extensive research on Bernie's issues and history...
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