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**Gold standard of journalism**
News reporters are grilling delivery boy who'd allegedly gone with a food parcel to Rhea Chakraborty's flat. 😲 #RheaChakraborthy #SushantSinghRajpoot
#RheaChakraborthy #SushantSinghRajpoot 2/3
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#SushantSinghRajpoot Update
A Big Shake up is coming for #Bollywood & #Cricket.

Some more shocking news on the way for the #Bollywood & #Cricket lovers in India.

Just follow #patrakati

#SushantSinghRajpoot Update
#DishaSalian used to work for #Cornerstone Sports & Entertainment Pvt.Ltd.It's a Celebrity Management Company.

Google Cornerstone Celebrity Management Company.

#SushantSinghRajpoot Update
#Cornerstone looks after the endorsements & management of all key Cricket Players
It also looks after prominent players from the Indian Women's Cricket Team and many prominent faces from other Sporting Arena in India
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How the lady @candinam who claimed that she is a PhD Scholar at Cambridge and met SSR and spoke to him about Quantum Physics is probably a serial compulsive liar - a Thread 👉
On 19 Aug, she uploaded the following pic on her Twitter & instagram (@candinam) captioned: "Finally dug out one photo with Sushant. Thank you iCloud...❣️❤️❣️"

A layman could tell it is photoshopped. When I & another account (@bharat078) pointed it, @candinam blocked us🤷‍♂️ Image
Interestingly, she uploaded the following pic on her Instagram on June 25, and claimed in the comments that SSR clicked her pic. If you flip it horizontally & add the b/w filters, will it become her pic with SSR? 🤔 YES. Image
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गली गली में शोर है उद्धव ठाकरे की सरकार चोर है।

Bihar Counsel Maninder Singh in Supreme Court: Bihar police's FIR is the only FIR in the case. There is a complete lapse of investigation on part of Mumbai police.
Maninder Singh: The allegation is against political class in Maharashtra which has stopped even the registering of and FIR. A senior officer of Bihar police was put in detention.
Maninder Singh for Bihar police:56 people were examined by Mumbai police. Final report of post mortem came on June 25.Maharashtra didn't register any FIR even though it examined so many people..verdicts state post mortem date is the last date for police to rely on Section174,CrPC
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Breaking : Centre has accepted Bihar Govt's recommendation for a CBI probe in #SushantSinghRajputCase .
Supreme Coirt pulls up Maharashtra Govt for quarantining Bihar Police IPS officer who was sent for heading the probe in #SushantSinghRajputCase. The apex court said that it sent a wrong message..
Supreme Court* ignore the typo.
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पत्र तर नक्कीच लिहिले आहे पण फक्त आणि फक्त परिक्षेत औपचारिक आणि अनौपचारिक...😜
वास्तव जीवनात पत्र लिहिण्यासाठी ना कधी हाती पेन घेतला ना कधी माझ्यासाठी हाती एखादं पत्र पडलं...
हे पहिलं #माझंपत्र #SushantSinghRajpoot सरांसाठी...

Dear Sir,
'शेवटी का' असा प्रश्न तुम्ही गेल्यावर सर्वांनाच पडला. या प्रश्नांत गुरफटुन अनेकांचे दुःख आणि अश्रुंचे अभिनयही झाले. अनेक जण Hate You म्हणून मोकळे झाले.
तुमची एक्झिट मनाला चटका लावून तर गेलीच पण अशा एक्झिटची कल्पना तुमच्याकडून तरी कुणालाच नव्हती
जगण्याची प्रेरणा देणारे तुम्ही एकदिवस स्वतःचं जीवन संपवता हे कुठंतरी रूचत नाही पण दुसरं मन म्हणतं 'का?' हा एकच प्रश्न शेवटी सोडून गेलात खरं पण कुणी विचार केला नसेल कि तुम्हालापण अशा प्रश्नांनी खुप छळलं असेल ना ज्याचं अनुत्तरीत राहणं तुम्हाला अनुत्तरीत होऊन जाण्यास विवश करतं
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#cbiforsushant please read this thread to know why this is not a suicide but a murder.
1. Last night he had partied hard with friends.
2. He had played playstation in the morning.
3. He took juice half an hour before his murder.

4. He was wearing black shirt with the space station logo. Means he was happy at that moment.
5. There were medicines right next to the bed, means he was using them.
6. He didnt use stool, but made loop and jumped to get hung. Impossible.
7. He had said earlier that he would make his own short movie, if all doors r closed, but here he had good movies with him in future.
8. Sushant had bruise on forehead and marks on forearm..
9. Mark of loop looks like made by rope and not cloth as claimed.
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