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🧵of tips to help you at the ballot box and scrolling social media today – specifically for those who are new to or nervous about voting. First of all, get excited! It’s every voter’s civic duty to participate in democracy. Take a deep breath. You got this! 💪 #ElectionDay
Want more info? has state-specific details for voting, along with instructions on how to get a free ride to the polls from @lyft.
Tap into your local news outlets today. You’ll find specific information on voting rules, polling locations and everything else you need to know. Example, @TB_Times walks readers through voting in #TampaBay:…
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🌤 #TampaBay is a beautiful and diverse ecosystem and we need to take better care of it. Yesterday, I saw two 🐬chasing 🐟 for dinner while pelicans crashed around them. Blue 🦀 were scurrying in the water. Stingrays stealthily skimmed the bay bottom. 1/5
We have worked diligently for decades to clean up the 🌊water quality of Tampa Bay, but the massive dump of acidic wastewater from the neglected #PineyPoint phosphogypsum stack feels like a slap in the face. This happened before. Nobody learned from it. 2/5
We must learn the lesson now and act. We need new solutions to protect our bay and waterways, & a true commitment to stick with it. We need innovative ideas for the meaningful use of gypsum instead of building massive mounds w giant wastewater ponds that leak and overflow. 3/5
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#Manatee County, Florida

pop. 322,833 (2010)

total area: 893 square miles
743 sq miles land, 150 sq miles water

county seat and largest city is Bradenton…
9 Nov 2016

‘Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton: How #Manatee County Voted’

‘Manatee County voters overwhelmingly supported Republican Donald Trump in Tuesday's election.’

“Most counties in the Tampa Bay area went red in Tuesday's election.…”…
“… #Manatee County voters also went red in the 2012 election. In that race, they favored Republican Mitt Romney by 55.65 percent to President Barack Obama's 43.22 percent”…
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Football is an idol in modern America. The #NFL’s massive 💰💰💰has corrupted our culture. I knew many young men who had no life plan other than going pro. They ALL had their bodies ruined in the process. I shouldn’t be able to walk due to a football injury.
We sacrifice our athletes to idols, cutting them into whatever shape wins games. The NFL doesn’t care about healthy bodies. The game destroys bodies. Your favorite athlete will probably retire with a permanent injury. No one cares bc 💰💎✈️🏆
I live in Tampa & I don’t want the #SuperBowl here. Get it out of here. Gladiator games likely to result in human trafficking. A circus of exploitation. But it brings in lots of money.…
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TW: rape and racism/antiblackness
This is my story of how Tong Lee, owner of The Chewy Boba Co. USF, continuously verbally assaulted me back in 2013 - a thread.
I saw Mel Gibson was trending and a tweet triggered tf out of me.
Tong Lee from The Chewy Boba Company USF in Tampa, Florida was violently verbally abusive to me. He once got angry because I was late coming out of work and he was supposed to drive me home. (1)
On the car ride home, he told me next time I was late, he would make me walk home and that he hoped I would "get gangraped by a group of black dudes." He also yelled at me for making one of *his* guests a sandwich because the kid said he was hungry and I was just that kind of (2)
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“I’m really proud of this event. This is all about community. We put this together in less than a week. To me, that’s pretty special,” says Jake geffon, a 19yo protest organizer. @TB_Times
The march is about to take off. It’s going to head south on 4th St and stop at the Central Ave intersection @TB_Times
On the move for the St. Pete night protest. A woman in front of me just turned to her friend and said, “This is the most people I’ve ever seen.” Definitely the most I’ve seen at a march. @TB_Times
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