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The #TikTok ban story is somehow magical.

In the past, we suspected China to spy upon its users.

Trump's insistence about getting US investors onboard, thus able to enforce the CLOUD Act, gives us *certainty* the U.S. plan to spy upon them.

This reveals a bigger issue… 1/11
The CLOUD Act allows for U.S. agencies to access any *thing* on any server run by a U.S. backed company anywhere in the world. There are rules but @snowden showed us that they're quite lax. The NSA can do about whatever it wants. 2/11
For instance, PRISM was then NSA's program to automate the retrieval of data from social networks and large mail providers. One of the latter, GMail, is already known to *read* the content of every mail for "advertisement" purposes, so they have the content too. 3/11
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.@WilburRoss ‘portrayed the threat from Chinese #apps in stark terms, likening it to a window that allows Beijing to peer into the everyday lives of Americans.’ #TikTok… h/t @mario_gug
They collect “data on locality, data on what you are streaming toward, what your preferences are, what you are referencing, every bit of behavior that the 🇺🇸 side is indulging in becomes available to whoever is watching on the other side. That’s what we’re trying to squelch”
The US Commerce Secretary finally understands how many non-Americans feel about #SurveillanceCapitalism 🙄
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向TikTok及WeChat頒布的禁令不僅荒謬,亦有害於美國國內與海外的社群。… (English)

向#TikTok及 #WeChat頒布的禁令不僅荒謬,亦有害於美國國內與海外的社群。

#TikTok #WeChat A preview image of a young woman's face within @efforg's Tik
其一,此禁令不僅禁止使用app商店,並且禁止使用泛美網路,此舉不經推敲。代碼自身乃是言論。禁止美國人使用TikTok及WeChat有違憲法第一修正案所賦予的權利。… (English)
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The proposed ban on #TikTok and #WeChat is nonsensical and harmful toward our communities in the US and abroad for a number of reasons. (Thread)… A preview image of a young woman's face within @efforg's Tik
First: This isn't just a ban from using App Stores, but from using US networks entirely—and it's untenable. Code is itself speech. Banning Americans from using TikTok and WeChat would violate their own First Amendment rights.…
Second: Trump says he’s banning the apps due to national security concerns. While there are genuine security concerns with WeChat and TikTok, this ban does not solve them. Worse, blocking app store security updates makes them less secure.
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#BREAKING Trump predicts deal on TikTok in US could come 'quickly'
#UPDATE US officials described the ban on #TikTok downloads as essential to national security as President Donald Trump confronts Beijing amid a tough re-election campaign
The financial stakes are high for people who make a living off of their presence on #TikTok, and many are preparing to exit to other social media platforms as the US move to ban new downloads of the video-sharing app
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AL AIRE | @cibercrimen, fundador de @mattica y experto en ciberseguridad habla con nosotros sobre el anuncio: Estados Unidos prohíbe las aplicaciones chinas #TikTok y #WeChat a partir del domingo.
#W90años #VamosAEscucharnosíLasCosasW Image
AL AIRE | "El comunicado dice que lo que se prohíbe es la descarga de la aplicación dentro de la tienda; la gente podría comenzar a descargarla antes, pero no prohíbe el uso si ya se tiene" @cibercrimen,experto en ciberseguridadíLasCosasW
AL AIRE | "A la discreción del presidente es que se están tomando estas acciones por la preocupación sobre la recolección de información personal de ciudadanos para otras razones de espionaje" @cibercrimen experto en ciberseguridadíLasCosasW
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#BREAKING US to ban TikTok, WeChat operations from Sunday: official
#UPDATE The United States on Friday ordered a ban on downloads of popular Chinese-owned video app #TikTok and use of the messaging and payment platform #WeChat, saying they threaten national security
#BREAKING Chinese-owned video app TikTok slams US download ban, says will challenge 'unjust' order
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@BytedanceTalk #ByteDance hopes of getting #PresidentTrump approval for its proposed deal with @Oracle #oracle appear to be dwindling by the day, judging by the blizzard of media reports about the debate going on inside the Trump administration.
That raises the prospect that ByteDance will have to accept a less favorable deal by yielding control of the app to some conglomeration of @Walmart #Walmart , Oracle, ByteDance’s U.S. #VentureCapital shareholders and maybe public investors in the U.S. through an #IPO
The #Chinese government might still block this option, killing the deal entirely. But assume for a moment they approve it. What happens to @tiktok_us #TikTok afterwards? To answer that, consider how you would have reacted if four months ago ByteDance had decided to sell TikTok...
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It must suck for @TheTdome @Denver_PSL to know that it was MY video footage that is being used to prosecute them.
Lillian House; Joel Northam; Whitney Lucero; Trey Quinn; John Ruch; and Terrance Roberts.
MORE ARRESTS TO COME. #DenverProtests #DenverProtest…
Goons associated with #Antifa were invited by Lillian House of @Denver_PSL to try to intimidate and censor. Bomb making material was found near these folks.
#APDOccupation, #DenverProtests, #DenverProtest, #AuroraProtests, #BlackLivesMatter. ImageImage
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@Oracle may not have been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the tech stocks rally in 2020 year of the pandemic
But @Oracle is certainly on its way to create a Billion-Dollar Cloud Customers in @zoom_us and @tiktok_us
Customers are picking #OracleCloud Infrastructure and the #Oracle Autonomous Database for very basic and very obvious reasons: much better security, much better reliability, much better performance and dramatically lower cost than @awscloud
And that's why many customers are moving entirely from @awscloud onto the Oracle Cloud. In fact, there is not a major video conferencing company that isn't talking to Oracle about moving to the Oracle Cloud.

With large accounts like #Zoom and #TikTok already in its bag
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Nació en 2009 comenzó a popularizarse entre adolescentes, preadolescentes y hasta niños, durante la cuarentena ya que muchos usuarios populares de #TikTok se graban mientras hablan con usuarios de otros países y lo suben a la plataforma china
#Omegle es anónima. Al ingresar no es necesario registrarse ni adjudicarse un nombre. "Si al comenzar a hablar con una persona se aburre o molesta por algo, el usuario simplemente cambia a otra.
"La primera vez que entré con mi prima, que es menor de edad, nos encontramos directamente con pornografía sin ningún tipo de restricción".
Y esto no es solo uno de los peligros de este chat.
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🔴 Sur #TikTok, des influenceurs proposent à leurs jeunes abonnés de booster leur popularité contre rétribution. Un business sans scrupules. Notre enquête exclusive. #thread 1/5
Nous avons recueilli le témoignage de victimes, toutes mineures.

« En tout, j’ai dépensé 600 € pour une tiktokeuse suivie par 2,9 millions d’abonnés », raconte Julie, 16 ans. 2/5
Les versements passent par les « cadeaux », disponibles pendant les live. L’influenceur fait miroiter à ses fans une recommandation publique pour leur faire gagner des abonnés en échange du paiement. 3/5
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Two things to follow this morning: 1. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to unveil #China initiated a global standard data security in face of #US worldwide block of Chinese high-tech (at 9:00 am) 2. Chinese President Xi to give a speech on #COVID19 fight around 10:00 am
According to a global #DataSecurity initiative that can serve as a global standard for data security, country to 1. oppose the use of information technology to damage other countries' key infrastructure or steal important data 2. prevent and stop the infringement of personal info
...and must not abuse information technology to conduct large-scale #surveillance of other countries or illegally collect personal information of citizens of other countries. 3. require companies to respect local laws and not to force domestic companies to store data generated..
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Great article on how #ByteDance's #tiktok algorithms made it such a success in #China; mainly because in #China, AI algorithms have been applied at scale to entertainment. With AI, the more inputs you have, the better and more accurate the algorithm becomes.
2/ #Tiktok would not likely be as effective in the US because the market is smaller (fewer inputs) than in China. This means that the algorithms could not be optimized as it has with #Douyin in China. In the US, algorithm optimization at #Microsoft, #Google, #Facebook, #Apple
3/ is a much slower and better documented process. With #facebook, it monetized advertising mainly through small ads and political ads targeting extremist subcultures and conspiracy groups, which adds to social fracturing in the US. #Facebook makes money from US collapse.
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Pakistan graduation on TikTok is a thing and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Thread.
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@grasshopperxcc @realDonaldTrump Sing this is Japanese! #Japanese #Japan #JapanQ #QJapan The - Stick the NEW WORLD ORDER up your AR$E Challenge #challenge #America #UK #Canada #NZ #CHINA #Russia #Germany #TikTok #WORLDWIDE all languages singing this 👇 and we can put them all together #unity
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Should Chinese diplomats be banned on Twitter?

I'll be leading a 30-minute debate next week (9/10) between two @ipacglobal members: the US's @RepGallagher (R-WI) and European Parliamentarian @MiriamMLex on this very question.

A brief thread on why this matters. (1/) Image
Since the start of the Hong Kong protests in April 2019, we've seen a massive uptick in Chinese state messaging on Twitter.

Accounts connected to Chinese embassies, consulates, and ambassadors have increased by more than 250 percent. (2/) Image
As might be expected, these diplomatic accounts have consistently pushed pro-Beijing narratives, at times with a complete disregard for facts or reality. Here is a top Chinese diplomat alleging COVID-19 originated in the U.S. (3/) Image
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.@dreynders: we must ensure compliance with the ruling of Europe’s highest court. That is my personal responsibility. 2/ Companies must be able to rely on solid and predictable mechanisms, to transfer data to many destinations in the world. 3/ We will work closely with DPAs
Commission focusing on 1/ DPA guidance on compliance — as highlighted by the Court. Worked closely with EDPB on its first set of guidance addressing most urgent questions. This was particularly important to build a common understanding. Must be practical, with examples
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This HIDDEN COMPANY 🤐 is helping improve their customer experience 🛍

It has historically grown by 30% QoQ 📈 and the stock is up 119% 🔥 since its April Low

It reports earnings Thurs EOD - Let’s see what this $5.3B can stomach 💪

Short & Quick Thread 👇
Medallia is a Customer Experience Management tool 👥 that IPOed 1 yr ago

In simple terms, it collects feedback 📃 and signals from customers, processes it with #AI, #ML and #NLP algos 📟

It then delivers insights 🔥 to boost sales, cut churn, remove critical pain points
Some more technical details 👓

collects 💻 and processes insights from and many others

🎞 Its product is able to analyses voice input, messaging platforms, videos, conduct surveys and uses social listening to transform feedback into bucks 💰
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India bans #PUBG, WeChat Work, and 116 other Chinese mobile applications - by @pabsgill…

#chineseappbanned Image
@pabsgill This is the third time that the Indian government has issued a list that targets mobile apps made by Chinese companies.

#PUBG #chineseappbanned
@pabsgill The first list came out on June 29 after the #GalwanValley skirmish, which left 20 Indian soldiers dead and an undisclosed number of casualties on the Chinese side. This included the the popular short video streaming app #TikTok, UC Browser, Xiaomi's Mi Community and 56 others.
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#JustIn | #PUBG, 118 other mobile apps have been banned by the Indian government.

- The decision was made by the Ministry of Electronics and IT on Wednesday.

- Earlier, the government had banned 59 apps, including #TikTok

Earlier in June, the government had also banned Chinese apps in India, including popular apps like TikTok, UC Browser, ShareIt, Club Factory and more.

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German media reported that @yadvashem harshly criticised a recent trend on #TikTok to upload videos, in which users pose as #Holocaust victims. Such videos would be a trivialization and disrespectful.…
Similarly, nearly all reports and many tweets unanimously condemned the creators of these videos, without even asking about their intentions and motifs. Obviously many of them invested effort and time in producing these short films.…
Many of the videos clearly demonstrate curiousity and interest in the topic, attitudes educators would love to see in the classroom when teaching about the Holocaust. Although not in complex ways, the videos clearly illustrate the transfer of Holocaust memories.
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1/ This morning, I wrote a thread on #douyin, the Chinese version of #TikTok. I feel the need to add more context.

Digitally speaking, the Chinese population is treated differently from the rest of the world. This is not new.
2/ Firstly, the notion of privacy depends on your culture. Privacy doesn't mean the same thing for a Chinese, an Indian, a French or a Brazilian. It's not a "I'm right, you are wrong" game. We are just not on the same page.
3/ It's a well-known fact that the Chinese gov is closely monitoring his population. One way is the firmware of your phone. Yes, the phone you are holding right now if not behaving the way if he detects you are Chinese.
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