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NEW: Leaks Expose Conservative Movement Funders Prince and DeVos Family Offshore Money…
Unicorn Riot located offshore corporate entity records supporting the activities of private military businessman Erik Prince and the DeVos family
Former SEAL & founder of Blackwater Inc., (now ‘Academi‘) Erik Prince, & his extended family tied to a new batch of data leaks, revealing offshore business entities filed in the Bahamas, Unicorn Riot has found.
Prince confirmed one of the owners of Salamis LLC, a Blackwater aviation front company which provided services for the U.S. military in Afghanistan.

Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos, is currently the U.S. Secretary of Education, and married to Richard “Dick” DeVos Jr.
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Federal judges' association calls emergency meeting after DOJ intervenes in case of Trump ally Roger Stone

Feds may bring Parnas investigation closer to Giuliani — new charges may be incoming.

Judge sets Tuesday phone hearing in Roger Stone case—sentencing Thurs.

Feds are probing Giuliani's actions, including his efforts to oust Yovanovitch, then-US amb to Ukraine, & push for an inv’n into the son of Trump's political rival Joe Biden.

In the case of Fraud Guarantee, investigators have focused on the marketing pitch.

Feds are probing whether the men duped investors about the value of the company & how they intended to use the proceeds,

The $500k payment to Giuliani for work with Fraud Guarantee came just as Parnas/Fruman began helping Giuliani dig up dirt on Biden. #Firtash
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4 feds w/draw amid escalating DOJ fight over Stone’s prison term

Barr is interfering in matters of interest to Trump e.g. Stone & Flynn sentencing

Barr removed Jessie Lui & replaced her with Shea, one of his aides.

Lui had been overseeing the inv’n into McCabe

McCabe has not been charged, despite calls by Trump for him to go to prison.

“This signals to me that there has been a political infestation," says Chuck Rosenberg.

“And that is the single most dangerous thing that you can do to the Department of Justice."

"I've never seen this happen, ever," said Gregory Brower. "I'd be shocked if the judge didn't order the US atty to come into ct to explain it."

Trump Budget Would Fray Social Safety Net

Proposals for cuts in SNAP, housing & edu cd exacerbate inequality in the US
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I guess they are going to have to up their estimates on how much money the global swamps are laundering. Current estimates put it at $2 Trillion! But this one ring allegedly including South African judges was moving $2T all by itself.

These judges were involved in liquidating entire companies & giving them to financial institution on unproven claims of debts.
This was done through collusion with UK financial institutions & the judges. With the judges ruling against the companies' owners in favor of the financial institutions claims of debts. But I doubt you could steal $2T in legitimate companies with no one noticing...
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Why would Mulvaney, clearly all in on the op, be asked to leave?

When asked about quid pro quo in Trump’s dealings w/ UKR, Mulvaney sneered, "We do that all the time with foreign policy."

"Get over it."

The Genovese mob family used extortion all the time, too...

In late Aug, Pompeo, Esper, & Bolton met with Trump in the OO to produce a “united front” in convincing him to release the aid.

“This is in America’s interest.”

“This defense relationship, we have gotten some really good benefits from it.”

Trump didn’t budge.

The Times even notes that a “veteran budget official who raised questions about the legal justification was pushed aside.”

It’s hard to argue this was done for any reason other than a below-board drive to advance Trump’s (& Firtash’s/Putin’s) personal interests.
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An election is no solution when Trump, Russia & Republicans are determined to steal it—which violates our NatSec.

Trump’s shakedown of Zelensky looks a lot like a payoff to Putin that’s also an invitation for help in 2020.

The remedy is impeachment & removal.

Zelensky’s Opponents Fear He Is Ready to Capitulate to Russia

Zelensky’s political opponents worry that the Trump impeachment inquiry may have weakened Ukraine’s position before peace talks in Paris next week—Trump made it clear USA does not have UKR’s back.
“If we were not to proceed, it would be clear our democracy is gone, our president is king & he can do whatever he wants in violation of the law, undermining our checks and balances,”

“This attack on truth has always seemed the most corrosive to our democracy”
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SWIFT global banking knowingly gave fake banks access to the global money system! So we've moved from shell companies to shell banks in the #moneylaundering networks. #ButNothingsHappening
Note: I'm working off the translation so it may have a few issues.…
DN broke the news but it's paywalled so I will have post more details from other sources who want readers....
Thanks to @codyave for providing me a link to an archive page!…
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The #29Leaks case revealed a Russian oligarch using an Aussie court to launder money between his entities to get it out of Australia cleanly. Now we see the UK investigating another Russian for using the same technique in US courts. #ButNothingsHappening…
In that case $2.3M was paid into a court with a request to decide which 1 of his 2 companies should get the payment. But some of the money may have been laundered to pay for Russian mercenaries in Ukraine.
This case is different & may involve a variety of law firms & corporations as complicit in the deals.
This London-based oligarch was suing American companies using stockholder cases alleging fraud that hurt owners of the companies' stock. He was met with quick cash settlements!
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The #29leaks may prove to be bigger than the #PanamaPapers! Global shell company operation set up in London! Connecting to many of the global money laundering networks! Organized crime, hostile government, & Swamp players they bought!
#ButNothingsHappening HT to @TruckerWifeLife
@TruckerWifeLife Boy that's not good, Russian oligarch taking Australian defense dollars & laundering them to a tax haven!
He was providing helicopters to support Aussie operations in Afghanistan.…
This lead to a court fight over who should book the profits as they were passed through a Cyprus based shell company.
Interestingly, the Russian passed the contract to Dyncorp International an American company implicated in other scandals.
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NEW INVESTIGATION: What do an Iranian state oil company, a fake Gambian bank, and the Italian mob have in common? Ties to a company called Formations House, hidden behind the doors of one of London’s most exclusive addresses. #29Leaks 1/
For years, the handsome Edwardian townhouse at 29 Harley Street was a front for a vast back-office operation run out of Karachi, Pakistan, which claims to have created some 400,000 companies for clients around the globe. 2/
Now, a cache of the company’s internal records obtained by @DDoSecrets and shared with media outlets around the world provides unprecedented insight into its global reach, criminal activities of some clients, and plans for a web of offshore zones. 3/
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#29Leaks coverage: a thread!

(A note: many of the outlets use paywalls. To make reading through the thread a bit easier, I used a “no paywall” (NP) Tag for Tweets with links to non-paywalled sites.) 1/
First is @suzipeep, @Kim_Prince, and @MichaelWestBiz’s reportage on what looks suspiciously like AU taxpayer money being siphoned from a national defense contractor, then distributed in accordance with the interests of a Russian aviation tycoon. 2/…
This investigation comes after the AU Department of Defence has already been heavily criticized for lack of due diligence in its procurement processes. @jarrapin has tweeted that Sen. Rex Patrick will be raising this issue in Senate later today. (NP) 3/…
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#29Leaks: A THREAD
GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE: @MichaelWestBiz and CrikeyINQ have received 100s of 1000s of documents leaked from Formations House — 15 years of data — now in the hands of a worldwide media collaboration dubbed #29Leaks.
Teams of journalists, including the Michael West Media and CrikeyINQ authors – @MichaelWestBiz, @suzipeep & @Kim_Prince – have spent months combing through the data using the latest software available.
The stories that have been uncovered from the emails, phone calls, and file notes include exposés of African dictators, fake Gambian banks, Hell’s Angels corporate structures, and all manner of secretive corporate transactions.
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