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Since white people are having a whole racial reckoning — one other area you need to decolonize in is in the type of Black people that you choose to learn and earn your diversity cookies from. What do I mean?
I look at some of the Black folks that liberal white folks love, and all I’mma say to you, is that some of your faves get the deepest side eye from Black people. Y’all be picking non-threatening Black folks, the ones that make you feel good and redeemable.
It is to these Blacks that you give money, institutional positions, power, book deals, and platforms. But if those Black folks ain’t got a deep bench of other Black folks to vouch for them, you should be careful.
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BREAKING: not famous former RE teacher & privileged white man (who is part of the problem) pokes fun at lived experience of very successful former Lewisham schoolboy @IanWright0

#losethebooths #exclusions
For those who have been blocked or excluded from Mr Bennett’s feed I attach the tweet that made me 🤦🏼‍♂️

Blocking on socmed can be valuable to prevent trolling but when it also prevents valuable discourse it also prevents the opportunity for growth & learning
My self-esteem doesn’t depend upon me being right all of time.

On the contrary I think therefore I can change my mind as new information & evidence comes to light.

Further, I quite often want to be wrong...
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Q is not a person
Q is not an "entity"
Q is not something to be "believed" or proven false.

Q is PHENOMENON that consists of INFORMATION being shared freely so that INDIVIDUALS can do their own research and THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

That being said, in the end, the totality of the information Q provided together with our collective fact checking efforts will ultimately PROVE the existence and presence of God among us. So hate and deny all you want, nothing can stop what is coming.

It's going to be biblical
I'm just gonna leave this right here...
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Some folks mad that I cited research on this show about the fact Black women typically lose less weight and lose it slower even when they follow the same diets as white women. 1st of all: I’m an actual professor so I’mma always cite what the scholarship says.
2nd: if you read #EloquentRage, I spend a considerable amount of time there laying out the problems with the way societal discourses make Black women internalize blame for what are structural problems. #BlackWomenOwn
To believe that we have all these health issues because of individual behavior is to believe we are lazier and greedier than everyone else. That ish is absurd. #BlackWomenOWN
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White conservatives: We will kill you. The president has our back.

White moderates: this president is so embarrassing.

White liberals: this guy is racist so let's make sure to get rid of him in two years or so, Kay?

The president is not an embarrassment. An embarrassment is when your mom licks her thumb & uses the spit to wipe the gunk out of the corner of your eye. Or when you walk into an automatic door & hope no one saw you. Not when you put people in concentration camps. That's fascism.
I see a lot of well meaning white ppl in my feed saying they're "embarrassed" by this president. I keep thinking how nice it would B to be embarrassed about Trump rather than TERRIFIED.

Since 2016 I have had more panic attacks than I ever had in my entire life combined. I'm 34.
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Need to unpack two concepts brought together by this question: 1) Decentering 2) Whiteness. #LiberatingEvangelicalism #insession 1/
First, To decenter means to move, slide, lift and clear from the center—the reference point. 2/ #LiberatingEvangelicalism .@FreedomRoadus
Now, #whiteness. Whiteness is a POLITICAL construct, created to order our world in such a way as to bestow full benefits of citizenship and humanity upon people deemed white by the state. 3/ #LiberatingEvangelicalism .@Evang4Justice @FreedomRoadus
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To .@BenSasse: You say you are a Jesus follower/historian. Yet you are erasing from historical memory the genocide of Native Americans, enslavement and rape of Africans, Chinese laborers separated from their families and the sex trafficked women brought here to “comfort” them...
Yes, @BenSasse, You say you are a Jesus Follower/historian, but your whitewashed history plows over the dehumanizing violence inflicted upon racialized Mexican Americans and terrorized LGBTQ people and women your party refuses to guarantee equal rights and protection of law...
And, .@BenSasse, You say you are a Jesus Follower/historian? Then why are you SILENT abt VIOLENCE being done to VOTERS OF COLOR, made in #imageofGod/called by GOD to help steward the world?! GOP leaders are BLOCKING their own CITIZENS frm exercising most basic stewardship—VOTING.
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A couple of things to say about these raggedy Black preachers who met with Trump yesterday. They went because they have been trained to think that when the president calls this is God’s favor and expansion of territory. #BadTheology
If they didn’t go for the express theological purpose of telling Trump he’s a fascist and ain’t nothing holy about what he doing, then they went for ego not for Jesus. To not call his ass out is a failure of prophetic ministry. #BadTheology
These dudes think being prophetic is about foretelling the future, when really it’s about demanding from the powerful the conditions to make a better world possible. Those Black preachers failed at their duty to say this and they thereby failed all of us.
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