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A list of required/recommended* readings on race/ism and white supremacy from my courses (cont.) #SocAF #SocTwitter #AcademicTwitter

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Readings on #Whiteness & #WhiteSupremacy

White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide-@ProfCAnderson

"Whiteness as Property” in Harvard Law Review-Cheryl Harris

The Invention of the White Race, Volumes 1 & 2- Theodore Allen
The White Racial Frame: Centuries of Racial Framing and Counter-Framing-@JoeFeagin

White Women, Race Matters: The Social Construction of Whiteness-Ruth Frankenberg

White Kids: Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America-@MaggieHagerman
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1. There are no naturally gifted children. 2.#Math is #WhiteSupremacy 3. #DNAdoesntMatter 4.#whiteness is evil 5. Asians are white because of their high scores,(for academic admissions purposes. @jaketapper @MaxBoot @PostOpinions @CNNPolitics…
We went through this cycle late 50s-70s, lowering standards. By 1980, Harvard, Stanford returned to standards, @urichmond looked to lower theirs. Chem Dept faculty said, No, others are returning to standards! By our slowness we've avoided a grave mistake! #RVA @NBC12 @RTDNEWS
#Science learned how to bridge achievement gaps. Answer: Very hard work, summer STEM camps, remedial summer work as needed; summer research programs. @NIH @NSF both fund these. Young black female sci from rural NC who made 1st mRNA vax is an #NIH program alum. It was late 60s-70s
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Brazilian Police calling black boys "Little Nigger".
Oya's winds are going to rue the day! Gonna release the gates -- gonna let out Lula The Lion! #Lula2022
'What injustice consumes
Oya’s water quell.’
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The #WarOnWhiteness is a #WhiteSupremacist "conspiracy theory", which opposes social & racial justice, many would argue, & it does seem absurd that White elites would wage war on their OWN race, but I have an explanation for this madness.
Madness is what it is, & it will destroy Western civilisation itself (& not just Whites, but much of humanity & of our planet's biodiversity) if allowed to continue.

It is explicable in the very nature of civilisation itself & the states which comprise it.
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1/ If you call yourself an ally and you are at Google and want to effect change, you can organize/support a union or quit. Anything else you're doing is performative. #DiversityandInclusion #DiversityInTech #ISupportTimnit #ISupportAbril #ISupportBlackWomen
2/ #Timnit and #Abril are casualties of a toxic culture that may not have it's roots in HR but is weaponized against Black people and Black Women specifically. Here's how I know this. #DiversityandInclusion #DiversityInTech #ISupportTimnit #ISupportAbril #ISupportBlackWomen
3/ HR has the data that more than 50% of people who identify as Black categorize their experience at Google as negative. The only group at Google that has that distinction. Stats are similar at other #BigTech companies #DiversityandInclusion #DiversityInTech #ISupportBlackWomen
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All civilisations & the states which comprise them are rooted in self-exploitation, which leads to the creation of different classes, & ultimately to a society's self-destruction.
#AntiRacism, like medieval church ideology, serves as an instrument of socio-political rewards, intimidation & control, thus facilitating society's self-exploitation to the advantage of its morally superior & wealthy elites.
In place of Original Sin (disobedience of divine, i.e. priestly, authority) we now have #Whiteness, from which only a commitment to #AntiRacism can redeem us.

For Whites this is a self-destructive ideology, but is the price for White elites' wealth & privilege.
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According to the NYT, some European-Americans are non-White. In their analysis of the most powerful people in the U.S. today, the paper classifies Europeans from the Iberian Peninsula like Spaniards and Portuguese as non-White. @nytimes…
For example, it classifies both John Garamendi, whose last name is Basque (from Northern Spain), and Devin Nunes, a 3rd generation Portuguese American as “non-White.” @JohnGaramendi
The rule they seem to be following is to classify anyone whose last name sounds “Hispanic” as non-White regardless of this person’s actual ancestry. This would explain why Pablo Islas, the Madrid-born CEO of Indetex, was classified as non-White.
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As you may know I’ve a new book out 😊 so for today’s #FollowFriday I’m going to credit everyone on Twitter who helped, inspired or are a source of support listed in #BeingWellInAcademia

It’s going to be a marathon thread! Get ready and prepare to follow some amazing folk 🌟
Let's go! Beginning with a #FollowFriday for @DrHelenKara and @ThomsonPat who are the series editors of the Insider Guides to Success in Academia… of which #BeingWellInAcademia is a part
Who's in the acknowledgements of #BeingWellInAcademia? A lot of folk not on Twitter and @lindsay_odell @butlerceri who are here and who I've enjoyed working with for longer than I can remember 😊 #FollowFriday
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An important and insightful thread (as usual) from @AshaRangappa_. She (as usual) provides excellent legal context for current events.

From the @anthropology side, a bit of calibration, since the terminology of "Aryan" & "AIT" have been misused politically in both nations:
The part of AIT (Aryan Invasion Theory) that has been debunked is the Invasion part: #Anthropology, #archeology & related disciplines view an "invasion" of modern-day #Punjab as unsupported by evidence.

The influx of a different ethnic group was real, but probably peaceful..
3/n demonstrated by #linguistics & #genetics, the communities of Northern India & Pakistan are quite distinct from the #Dravidian ones of Southern India. That part is uncontroversial. The (dangerous) controversy is over what this all means. That's where #AIT comes in...
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White Fragility: New York Times #1 Bestseller. Racism is a serious subject that deserves serious attention and a serious theory. White Fragility is not a serious theory. Retweet to raise awareness. @jondavidchurch @HPluckrose @ConceptualJames @GadSaad #WhiteFragility #Whiteness Image
Maybe @HueyFreeman3241 will read this paper and we can have a serious discussion 🤔 without ad hominems 😬and accusations that I'm a White Supremacist. Would be nice. 😀
If anybody is interested in reading the entire paper, it can be found here:…
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The New York times #1 Bestseller. Racism is a serious subject. White Fragility is not a serious book. Retweet to raise awareness. @jondavidchurch @HPluckrose @ConceptualJames #WhiteFragility #Whiteness #WhiteWomensTears Image
And another. Image
And another. Retweet to raise awareness about this illiberal, illogical, non-nonsensical, dangerous and divisive book. Image
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No longer is it necessary to pay attention to my 2019-2020 ramblings/warnings of a global economic reset. Instead, as of June 3, 2020, you can now hear it directly from the source: the World Economic Forum (#WEF).

The World Economic Forum: home of the #FourthIndustrialRevolution as designed and desired by the ruling classes in tandem with the world's most powerful and ruthless corporations and institutions.

Leveraging #COVID19 (& global #protest) for all it's worth, the virus is indeed the new war on terror.

"The Great Reset" - "A better #capitalism and a better world—to help shape the recovery from COVID-19, the Forum has launched the Great Reset Initiative"

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Dear .@louiegiglio, with this thread I follow the example of Paul, who publicly rebuked Peter in book of Galatians when Peter tried to placate the faction called judaizers by practicing segregation. Your championing of the term #whiteblessing in reference to #slavery is SIN. 1/
Your sin against Black people, especially women, was public. Therefore, your rebuke must also be public. For, you are an international leader. People of European descent and BIPOC in your network will follow your lead into sin, if you are not corrected publicly. 2/ #whiteblessing
I intend to do 3 things in this thread:
1) correct your thinking on white privilege and white “blessing,”
2) suggest a 3rd term that is the essence of this entire set-up: #WhitePatriarchy,
3) reflect for a moment on the impact of your sin. 3/ #whiteblessing
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In response to and solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter , @icsjournal has put together the following list of articles that have dealt with questions of race, discrimination and oppression and have been published by the journal over the years. The are all #openaccess now
.@a_kanjere has written about the discursive strategies employed to defend #whiteness and white innocence in the comments sections of articles written by authors of colour:…
In an article from 2012 @schradie explores how class, race and ethnicity intersect with social media inequalities, in particular with regard to blogging:…
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I'm thinking about all the kinds of support people relatively new to 'race talk' actually need.
One of the biggest steps that white people and anyone else new to conversations about racism can do is to examine #whiteness.
Of course, it's important to read and hear from Black people. But attention to grasping the comprehensive power and influence of #whiteness on our whole society may often be overlooked.
So here's a thread of resources by white and Black folks talking about this very topic! A great starting point is the podcast series #SeeingWhite. It's impossible to go wrong here.
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I've taught pre-K to college & wrote my PhD dissertation on #racism. All research shows Ms Newsome is 100% correct: if your kids are old enough to talk, they're old enough to talk about racism. <thread>
Children's Community School in Phillie has resources to help parents & teachers talk w/ kids about #racism.…
Children as young as 2 use "#race" to reason about people's behavior (Hirschfeld, 2008).…
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BIPOC psychologists have written extensively on racial trauma & healing. See #RadicalHealingSyllabus and other resources I'll drop in the thread. @DellaVMosley @DoctorBry @JioniLewis @HYAdames @NYChavez @GACspeaksout…
Early seminal piece by @drthema on racist-based incident trauma. Image
Robert Carter's seminal work on race-based traumatic stress Image
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Acceptance for chip implants grows, "despite fears of surveillance". COVID19 will assist in fast-tracking societal acceptance of implants as more & more businesses/corporations (that are permitted to remain open) refuse paper currency citing the virus. #4IR #WEF
"Bill Gates will use microchip implants to fight #coronavirus

Gates answer to how business will function w/ social distancing:

"Eventually we will have some #digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a #vaccine who has received it."
The ‘digital certificates’ are human-implantable ‘QUANTUM-DOT TATTOOS’ that researchers at MIT & Rice University are working on as a way to hold vaccination records. #Gates had approached them about solving the problem of identifying those who have not been vaccinated. #COVID19
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This is a second thread for #white #vegans & #animalrights activists who recognize we are often the problem in the way we articulate issues having to do with the other animals. What if white privilege has influenced the way we have framed issues around veganism and animal rights?
This is a part of journal entry from the early 1980s when I was involved in a very difficult battle around integrated housing and racism. I wrote “Racists who do not see that they are being racist. If this is true as a paradigm—racists do not see racism... Image
...what is there about me that is racist but I fail to see it?"
I tried to learn a methodology for confronting that racism that goes unacknowledged: Assume your own ignorance & if you have received feedback that something you said or did or endorsed was racist—hear the critique.
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This thread is for #white #vegans & #animalrights activists who recognize we are often the problem in the way we articulate issues having to do with the other animals. One step is to learn as much as you can about #WhiteSupremacy & #WhitePrivilege. Read! #BlackHistoryMonth2020
Do you know the history of the Civil Rights movement? You could start by reading vol 1 of "America in the King Years," "Parting the Waters" by @taylorbranch.…
@taylorbranch In 1962, the Civil Rights Commission was going to make a very strong statement about racism. Politically, it would be problematic for President Kennedy. JFK was told "It is legal for the police to use dogs." So, turn to "Afro-Dog" next.…
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At a session about #whiteness @nwsa. Full house. #NWSA2019 #nwsa19
"This is not a social justice training session."
Session panelists include Catherine Orr, Susannah Bartlow, Shelby Crosby, Kelly Macias, Phyllis Burns.
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Yes. This is beyond grotesque. Klein references a Bolivian initiative under the Morales gov't - as a lure to promote the GND - without a single acknowledgment to the coup itself.

What Klein does not reference is far more compelling: the 2010 People's Agreement of Cochabamba.
The Cochabamba People's Agreement (April 2010) came out of the Bolivian World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth conference. It was Indigenous-led, with people attending from around the world. #Bolivia…
#Whiteness and racism played a key role at this conference.

350's (Klein serves on the board) sole purpose for attending the conference in Bolivia was to literally undermine the host country’s official policy position on climate change (300 ppm, 1ºC limit, etc.)
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So much to digest from #FESI2019 that it took me a while to collect my thoughts on the conference theme, “Dismantling the Barriers to Education.” Super cool to bump into #anticolonialism classmate, @ZainabZ01 from @OISEUofT! @tdsb/@YRDSB #teacherfriends
Heard great stuff from the first panel on addressing marginalized students & staff. @NHenryFundi @jeewanc @JhonelMorvan @nngafook

Q for y’all: Beyond listening ears, self-reflection & overcoming fragility, what is the role of white students & teachers at schools? #whiteness Image
Always refreshing to learn from @Ms_Karnad & @camillelogan. Empowering to watch women of colour leading the way in education, research & community building.

Q for you 2: How do we address power dynamics in our attempts at collaboration? #dominantvoices #rhetoric #voicesunheard Image
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Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to #RobinDiAngelo, scholar in critical racial & #socialjusticeeducation. How cool is it that I used one of her slides for my students the day before her talk! For my presentation, I had an additional pic (re: @fordnation cabinet). Image
Still amazed I got to meet an idol of mine at @CIECYR1 Equity Symposium.😱 Her talk on #whiteprivilege, #whiteness & #whitefragility was on point, esp w/ the pillars underwater that uphold white racial narratives and calling out folks who ask the ignorant Q of “Now what I do?” ImageImageImageImage
A little sad there wasn’t a Q&A, as I had a ton of Qs, but I get logistics. Still wondering: Since #whitefragility functions as bullying, how do we shift to those convos from one day of #InternationalDayofPink? How do system leaders ensure accountability among frontline workers?
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