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Now I see Dr. Phil has done an awesome job. No other celebrity did what he has done. Remember Kendall? This is another one. And they shut him (Dr. Phil) down as usual.
#pizzagate #PedoGateNews #SaveTheChildren #TrumpsArmy #TrumpTrain
#Deplorable #ChildAbuse
The entire video here.
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On March 16, 2019 Volunteers For Children @VOL4KIDS and The Dragons Den @TH3D3NOfficial began an aggressive Child Porn reporting campaign. Members of both organizations and many other users are currently reporting between 75 and 100 CP accounts per day. This is just the start.
Many know that Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation is being fueled by the ability of Child Sex Traffickers to EXPONENTIALLY increase their earnings from this HORRIFIC EVIL by documenting these acts and selling the pics and videos to Pedophiles on social media. Here is a snapshot.
During the time between 3/16 and 3/22, #VOL4KIDS and #TheDragonsDen reported 225 Child Porn accounts on this platform. As of 6:00 pm EST today, only 8 of these were suspended or terminated. 217 remain unscathed roughly three weeks later. Let that just sink in with everyone.
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Roberto 'Roy'
& Michelle 'Mia'
As if i would use my real name Thats a bit amateurish.

They think im acting as @4h3H1v3
😂😂😂 'BLACKHAT' more like 'DunceHat' Hey boggle eyes..

....Why not start again? Ur showing yourself up! You both are. Your LYFE is spent TROLLING & that is sad!

Can you pls explain this exhibit to me & my followers. You see I have no knowledge of 'bit coin' its a subject I have no interest in, so whos email is that? @metpoliceuk
I am tagging @metpoliceuk and @TerrorismPolice due to abnormal activities with a number of other twitter members one of which has closed his account and has run!

@j0k3rage7 => Error: Not Found

@securityconcern is trying to distance himself aren't you Nigel Oldfield?

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Yesterday #TheDragonsDen lost its 30th main account @DragonsVsPedos. It was suspended due to Mass Reporting for violating Twitter's rules against evading permanent suspension. Those responsible for this mass of reports were a group of pseudo pedo-hunters; jilted little children.
Compounding these baseless claims was Twitter's predictable willingness to capitulate to the Mob without so much as investigating the claims. Spam, being a hacked account, targeted harassment, abusive behavior... If being allergic to shellfish violated Twitter's TOS, guess what?
When we lose our main account, it's not just us they hurt. It's our Lifeline to victims and survivors reaching out for help. It's our Voice raising & spreading public awareness of the victims of CSE and those responsible. It's their connection to our Angels that are always here.
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January is National Human Trafficking and Slavery Awareness Month.
FACT: The reason we need to raise awareness of sex trafficking, is because there is such a tremendous demand for commercial sex, even with very young children.
There are millions of dollars being exchanged for sex and many studies reveal that although buyers of sex can be of any age and background, there is a common group - 35-YEAR-OLD MARRIED MEN WITH CHILDREN OF THEIR OWN !!!
Other studies have shown that many of these men purchased sex for the first time before the age of 21. Parents, let's teach our young boys how to VALUE women, RESPECT their bodies, and other ways of coping with peer pressure, and an over sexualized culture and society.
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#January is #NationalSlavery & #HumanTrafficking Month ~ Time To Educate
How informed are you?

Read entire thread and help wage war on these morally reprehensible acts ...

Human trafficking is the trade of humans for the purpose of forced labor, sexual slavery or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others. This may encompass providing a spouse in the context of forced marriage or the extraction of organs or tissues - #HarvestOrgans
Sex trafficking is human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, including sexual slavery. The sex exploitation is based on the interaction between the trafficker selling a victim to customers to perform sexual services.
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As defined by Wikipedia: Minor-attracted person (MAP) is an umbrella term for people with any condition that means they are (sexually) attracted to minors (those below the age of consent). So, a MAP is a pedophile in this age of Political Correctness. These include:
Nepiophilia or Infantophilia - attraction to babies and toddlers
Paedophilia - attraction to pre-pubescent children
Hebephilia - attraction to pubescent children/early adolescents
Ephebophilia - attraction to late adolescents

Can you see why they thought it time for a rebrand?
What's now happening is that these brazen pedophiles, with their new banner, and an eye on making their perversion normal behavior, are attempting to spin their desires into anything that society will accept. Fearing retribution from family, friends, employers and community...
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Warning. Graphic language. Discretion needed.
----Do Not Tag Ninja Leftists----

1/Ummm. Jokes
How can anybody even picture this sh*t let alone joking about?
Have U ever thought of these sh*t?
Have Ur family or friends ever thought about such depravity?
Satanists do exactly these things in their rituals
Coincidence or simply recollecting?
Sent by @wishfulldreamz

"Bob Saget of the full House with Olsen Twins."
They are in this. This is a man who touched Olsen Twins inappropriately on a national TV 4 years.
Pure Satanism covered-up by "dark comedy"
As I told you many times, Modern Art & Comedy R just code language for pedophiles. Read my Modern Art Scandal article.
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This is a channel 4 kids. The cover pic is only a surgical scalpel. The person plays with objects like talking with children. The objects which R cut R metaphoric. They can all B replaced by a baby. It is 1 of the most disgusting vids on Utube & poisonous to children.
Link of the channel here:…
and they are produced by sickos in H3H Productions. They mock their own videos to desensitize ppl about them. There is nothing funny or comic in these vids. Their twitter page is wired too
This is their twitter page.
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Years ago, @OpCS_US founded #OpChildSafety. An organization staffed entirely by volunteers, they are dedicated to the removal of Child Porn on all Social Media Platforms, ending online Child Sexual Exploitation, and fighting against the normalization of pedophilia in our society.
By working with the FBI & the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, they are able to provide INVALUABLE information from these sites, leading to the apprehension & prosecution of the MONSTERS that we collectively refer to as the "Child Sex Trafficking Industry".
We at #TheDragonsDen share their same commitment to this cause. From experience I can personally tell you that all of the horrors that we can never unsee, of unspeakable atrocities committed against such innocence are all but unbearable. Yet we do it. We do it for the children.
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