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Why is no one talking about this?
@NYT report, even…and crickets.…
Recall, #WhereAreTheChildren during the Obama Administration?…
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Because of #FamilySeparation my clients had to:

Watched a 9 year old sister physically ripped from their mothers arms by a @CBP officer while he watched from another room banging on the window.

Thread: 👇🏾
Comb her 8 year old daughters hair and change her clothes and then put her on a bus to god knows where not sure when or if she would ever see her again #FamiliesBelongTogether
Beg the federal courts for return of her daughter only to be told it may take more than a month. #TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks
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Another long thread. This one is about child trafficking. We need to raise awareness!! #WhereAreTheChildren Image
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🔥 We must send a powerful message to future presidents & the world: the United States condemns the human rights abuses and racism of the Trump Administration.

The method to 🔹restore our constitutional norms🔹rejecting bigotry & persecution is impeachment.

This must happen.
Impeachment is provided to us to protect the Constitution and the rule of law. Restoring lost constitutional norms, such as those condemning bigotry and persecution, is how we protect our present and future.
We must formally state, "this is wrong," and indict Trump for his acts against humanity in the eyes of the world.

To do otherwise places undue burden on present and future generations who will be left vulnerable and have to fight this again from ground zero.
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I wonder if Liz Cheney and Meghan McCain like to talk about their fathers over covfefe brewed with waters drawn from children's tears.
Perhaps - like Maureen Dowd and Nancy Pelosi - they wear heels so as to grind progress into dust and stamp on the errant fingers of refugees clinging to the cliff edges of democracy in hopes of hanging on for a decent life.
☕ It's civet coffee, of course.
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May is #FosterCareAwarenessMonth 88% of children #SexTrafficked traded on #WallStreet come from #FosterCare #SaveTheChildren #PedoGateNews

SELLING OUR CHILDREN brings in more money than Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Yahoo! #MAGA #QAnons #WWG1WGA
The Essence of Evil: Sex with Children Has Become Big Business in America. May is #FosterCareAwarenessMonth 88% of children #SexTrafficked traded on #WallStreet come from #FosterCare #SaveTheChildren #PedoGateNews #MAGA #QAnons #WWG1WGA…
May is #FosterCareAwarenessMonth 88% of children #SexTrafficked traded on #WallStreet come from #FosterCare #SaveTheChildren #PedoGateNews SELLING OUR CHILDREN brings in more money than Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Yahoo! #MAGA #QAnons #WWG1WGA…
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🚨UPDATE 🚨 RT #SaveTheChildren #DoYouMemeIt
Huge Thread on #America's #MissingKids #WhereAreTheChildren BY STATE

There is lot more children #Missing then the media is covering or not at all.
Note: Some children's photo look like #Mugshot #FosterCare #QAnon Why is that? 🤔 Image
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Something has been bothering me for awhile.
You remember #Pizzagate? Where @HillaryClinton was outlandishly accused of running a child sex trafficking ring from a DC pizza parlor?
And we know the guilty often accuse others of what they themselves are doing, right?

And then there's the whole #JeffreyEpstein child sex trafficking ring and the sweet plea deal given to him by now Labor Secretary Alex Acosta? (And attorney Alan Dershowitz, big defender of Trump, has also now been accused by a victim of Epstein's)…
And the random side note where Kushner's pal's, the Saudi royal family, have a pedophile in their midst. (The FBI believe Daniel Mullan, a dual US-Irish citizen, has been producing and selling child pornography for "at least 30 years")…

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America became a kidnapper in late 2017 & early 2018 when the government began quietly separating families-asylum seekers & migrantswho entered illegally-at our southern border, a test run for a soon-to-be-open policy of taking children from their parents.…
America broke up families at such a pace that children pulled from the arms of their mothers and fathers were dispersed to refugee sites across the country with no consistent tracking process in place.
This started with former attorney general Jeff Sessions.
And America remains a kidnapper today because children are still being separated at the border for specious reasons & according to a federal report & recent testimony there may be 1000s of children we didn’t know were separated & the gov’t says it now lacks the resources to find.
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1.) Stop & contemplating this for a second...While @SenSanders has hardly been 'Pro-Trump' he certainly HAS NOT led the #Resistance in opposition to the #TrumpCrimeFamily like @KamalaHarris or @SenWarren have. Matter of fact Bern's been rather absent from the #MSM ever
2.) Since conceding in the Primary in #Election2016...He was oddly silent during the flux of Democratic alarm ringers at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, All but invisible during the #WhereAreTheChildren scandal letting other Senators like @SenJeffMerkley take the lead. His silence
3.) Regarding the #TrumpRussia Conspiracy has been deafening while on the reverse side, the words he has spoken in regards to #TrumpRussia , #Russians which were expressed in the way of his vote against the #MagnitskyAct & Against Sanctioning Iran & Russia. And now consider all
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As a Catholic, I'm telling you, this man is evil. He is quite possibly THE false prophet. Our church is far too corrupt to be saved. We need to raze it and begin fresh. End the pedophilia. End the suffering of little children. End the evil! #TheRainMakers #WhereAreTheChildren
Explain these photos to me. Then explain why you are still giving this church your money?!! Why is he carrying the Satanic bent cross? Why is he wearing a Nazi cross & hammer & sickle? Look at his reception hall! Is this not obvious to you yet?! Wake up!
The Catholic church is the largest real estate holder in the world. STOP giving them your money! Stop subsidizing pedophilia! You have the power to end this right now! God gave you that power. Use it! Remove your children from their schools. Don't give them one more penny!
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Huge Thread on Child Pedophile Services #OpExposeCPS #MissingKids #WhereAreTheChildren #FosterCare

#Bush #Clinton #Obama Admin - The School to State Care to Prison to Sex Trafficking pipeline. @Drag0nsVsPed0s #ARIELSARMY @NoLongerIgnored
@POTUS @FLOTUS @IvankaTrump
Thank you for taking a stand against child sex trafficking. You have taken on quite a cesspool from the last 4 admins 2 #SaveTheChildren
Pull Federal funding from states not complying with your executive orders. #ThisIsNotAGame
Kids missing from group homes a common thread in Milwaukee sex trafficking…
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Immigration & Customs Enforcement—more commonly known as ICE, is a law enforcement agency of the federal government of the U.S. tasked to enforce the immigration laws of the United States & to investigate criminal and terrorist activity of foreign nationals residing in the U.S.
ℹ️ICE has two primary components: Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO). It is an agency under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security and was established in 2003 following the 9/11 tragedy.…
ICE was designed to keep us safe from terrorists—for instance, the terrorists who took over the planes on 9/11 were living undetected in the U.S. for over a year.

Pls read this thoroughly before commenting. The Trump administration has corrupted this agency to do horrific acts.
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@TheBeatWithAri You must be so desperate that you would give racist a platform. @MSNBC you contributed to the election of #RacistInChief, and you only care about filling your pocket.
With this administration’s atrocities, you choose to give NAZIS a platform

Apparently @TheBeatWithAri and @MSNBC love to give Nazis a platform, because Brannon’s ideas can help reunite the kids separated from their parents and caged #WhereAreTheChildren
Apparently @TheBeatWithAri having White supremacist Bannon on will resolve police brutality on black people and the forgotten #BlackWomen #blacklivesmatter
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The Reddit hack appears to be an inside job to compromise peoples identity for doxxing.
#Q Why would anyone want to hack Reddit?.. to steal recipes & open a restaurant?

MSM is working overtime to discredit #QArmy

Ask yourself, why??

The threat is real.…
Police in the city of Cartagena have arrested 18 people, including foreigners, hotel owners, police officers, a navy captain & a Colombian woman known as ‘Madame’. The underage girls, mostly from Colombia & Venezuela, are aged between 14 & 17
Follow the White Rabbit & Take a Dive w/ @RyanOlah2 as he brings Dark to Light
#Q Who is @realJeffreyP Jeffrey Peterson? How's he connected to NXIVM & the New Mexico Mafia?
Who is:
Janet Napolitano
Luis Ernesto Derbez
Maurice "Hank" Greenberg
#QAnon #QArmy
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This #SundayMorning , we're checking in on #WhereAreTheChildren

4 days are left until the deadline for HHS to reunify all children separated from their parents.

450 out of the nearly 2,500 kids over 5 have been reunited.
Less than 1/5 of those in HHS custody.
(2) The administration has already blown past a previous deadline earlier this month to reunite all children under 5 years of age.

HHS returned only 57 out of the 105 babies & preschoolers, claiming the rest were "ineligible" to be reunited.…
(3) Right now, nearly 850 parents have been interviewed and cleared for reunification but another 229 parents have been deemed ineligible. There are several things that are slowing down this process.

The most frightening one is a lack of clear records.…
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Something to think about as we continue to ask #WhereAreTheChildren:

The United States signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (#UNCRC) in 1995, but is the only United Nations member state that is not a party to it. A short explanatory history follows. 1/
On 16 February 1995, Madeleine Albright, at the time the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, signed the Convention. Ratification requires that the President send it to the Senate for a 2/3 majority vote to pass; if it does, the President can then ratify it. 2/
Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama each ratified the CRC but failed to submit it to the Senate. As of June 2018, the Trump administration has not ratified it. Apparently the reasons why are too varied and complex to relate here. 3/
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#AltAltGov: Why Fonts Where Uppercase "I" Looks Like Lowercase "L" Are Stupid
Earlier this morning, a curious response to a @LalaBova tweet from a @PalmerReport doppelganger (@PaImerReport - uses an uppercase "I" in place of a lowercase "L") crossed our radar.
This isn't the first time we've noticed an account like this in recent history. Here's an example of an interaction between @propornot and @AIt_uscis - once again, an uppercase "I" instead lowercase "L".
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Disturbing #WhereAreTheChildren update.

Earlier today, HHS denied me @SenBlumenthal @RepJoeCourtney the ability to visit a child separated from their family who is being housed w a non-profit in our state.

The perverse secrecy of child separation should concern us all.
HHS’s excuse was that we need to give 14 days notice. What?? 14 days of forced separation from your parent can traumatize a kid for life. And we aren’t asking to see nuclear codes - we just wanted 10 min to make sure the child is ok.
The lack of transparency from the Administration, and the lack of giving a crap from Republicans in Congress, is so deeply disturbing. These are little children - and their lives are being changed forever by this unspeakable trauma.
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Looonng thread! AND:
This is a dangerous post.

Read it at your own mind's risk

It's dramatic and crazy, the stuff of Hollywood

You'll say it can't possibly happen here... not IN AMERICA!

Or can it?
In 2016, Donald Trump is elected President. Almost immediately, certain people begin to question how it happened and start collecting information on the FACT that RUSSIA, OUR ENEMY, has assisted Trump in his efforts

In the meantime, Trump begins to dismantle Democracy.
Trump builds a administration and Congress fiercely loyal to him, but does not fill vital posts in government. The end result is a Regime which is small but very loyal to Trump.
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