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The Modern-Day Gk Free Ebook ImageImageImageImage
The Modern-Day Gk Free Ebook ImageImageImage
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Can we choose the right action in the shortest amount of time available?

Do we catch, punch, parry? Can we see it early & move feet or dive and react? Stay or go?

@OKKULO1 can give us more time to make the RIGHT DECISION ✅

#themoderndaygk #okkulo #visualsystem #sportsvision
Of course there’s athletes out there that are naturally better than others at this but EVERY SINGLE ATHELTE CAN IMPROVE no matter what the level / experience

@OKKULO1 can train the visual system like no other
It takes around 200 ms for the body normally to receive and process the information

So there is already a natural delay between what we see and how we react
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(Thread) Regret is one of the most difficult emotional processes to deal with, both in football and in life 😔 When not dealt with, it can lead to significant mental health problems down the line🎗

1/3 Image
Whether it’s:
❗️A bad decision in a game
❗️Leaving a club
❗️Turning down an opportunity
❗️Or even saying the wrong thing at the wrong time

Regret is common among goalkeepers 😢

So what can we do about it? 🤔

Here’s a couple of performance psychology strategies I’ve used to deal with regret throughout my career 🧠⚡️


#themoderndaygk ImageImageImageImage
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@OKKULO1 is finally opening to the public!

This is the one and only system currently in the world! 🌍

Everything is 25% faster inside of the chamber⚡️⚡️⚡️

✅ Okkulo can enhance your ability to process information more efficiently

✅ It will allow you to see players movement and flight of the ball faster than you’ve ever been able to which means you’ll be able to make a decision sooner

✅ It’s about the environment

💡 The lighting conditions take advantage of biological processes in the eyes 👀 and brain 🧠 that delay our perception under reduced illumination. Once you have adapted to the lighting levels, the benefits then transfer back to normal lighting levels

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⚡️Counter Attack: The Side Volley on the Move🏃‍♂️

✅ Create / Find / Take space
✅ Compose yourself by decelerating with side on approach = better angle to play
✅ Release ball slightly further in front
✅ Keep it flat = space to hit into
✅ Higher = playing over top

You see a lot of people hitting great side volleys when they’re relaxed from a standing start in training but may struggle to find consistency / quality in games

You’ll most likely use side volley to counter

Catch cross, sprint out & try to play nice accurate / pacy ball
⚠️ But may end up hitting too high, slicing, topping it, no accuracy

A reason for that can be that you’re rushing. Not slowing down / composing yourself before playing
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‼️ The Modern Day Gk Challenge‼️

💥 Quick Spin Tee Up 💥

Can you stop the ball on the line?

This can be done anywhere ( grass / carpet)

The rules

⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ (next tweet)
1️⃣ Gloves must be worn
2️⃣ Create a line with two cones (or anything you’ve got)
3️⃣ Take 6 steps back from the line
4️⃣ Stop the ball on the line using a backspin throw
5️⃣ Tag another GK to try the challenge
6️⃣ Tag us in your attempts!
💥 This technique is brilliant for playing quickly. Goalkicks, free kicks or if you want put the ball down and play

💥 If you get this technique perfected, it will allow you to play early as you won’t need to readjust your run up
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Anyone up for a challenge??? 😬😬😬

There’s some great challenges going about!

I think it’s time we put our “spin” on one... 🙃
The best thing about this is that it’s not just a challenge, but potentially a new technique for some that will IMPROVE their distribution ability
👟 💥 ⚽️
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Hi everyone, here is the link to our private facebook support group “Inside The Box” if you’d like to join

✅ This is purely for the mental side of the game (no training videos / match footage will be posted)… Image
🙌 We’ve got a great community already of ex pros / pro goalkeeper coaches, young aspiring goalkeepers, parents, older goalkeepers all sharing their experiences of the mental side of the game

We lose far too many players because of the stress / anxiety the position places on us
The whole point of this group is to hopefully reduce the number of players we lose due to those reasons by having a safe place to seek support

With the right guidance and support, no player should feel like they need to walk away, no matter what the level they play.
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Reading this really hits home. This is a reason we started The Modern Day Gk

No one should be made to stop doing something they love because of “abuse”…
We’d love to help people like Ted by giving them a place to seek help and guidance from others who may have went through similar things

On the back of this, we’ve almost created a private group on Facebook for any goalkeeper, GK coach or parent of a goalkeeper
A safe place to speak and ask for help each from others who may have been through similar difficult times

It’s not going to be a place to share training / matches but a place where others feel safe enough to speak about their issues within football
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⚡️ Nothing but Catches / Handling from games 🖐

#themoderndaygk #handling #saves #gk #gksaves #gkcatch
That’s something we loved seeing Lee do

✅ He’d always want to catch first

This was from the 2016/17 season (this was as much footage on handling from shots as we could find)

We’ve got some other saves and crosses to post later 😃
Some people don’t always appreciate how difficult it is to catch in games:

⚠️ Pace of ball
⚠️ Movement of ball (dip / fade / curl)
⚠️ Match Conditions
⚠️ Obstructed views

If you do catch it, people usually call it an easy / routine save... not that the GK made it LOOK EASY
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⚠️ This might be an unpopular opinion... but during GK training, why is there so much emphasis on:

2. Into the hands (head height)

At all levels of goalkeeping

✅ Sounds class
✅ Looks lovely and tidy
❌ Never happens in a game
‼️ Lee, had this type of training through his whole career. He felt he was never really being prepared for “match handling”

He relied on his natural technique and experience
Maybe it’s good for kids to teach them to catch a ball and offers some consistency of service for the reps it’s take them to learn.

A time we’d use them for is several reps at the start of a session to literally warm hands / hand eye coordination
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Consistency is 🔑

Lee has got one of the best side volleys in the world without a doubt!

But this is something he’s been working on since he was 18/19 years old (14 years of practice) and we still analyse it today.

▪️The technique is effortless and rhythmical
⚡️ You can see there’s no delay between catching the ball and striking. He doesn’t have to think of the technique. It’s all natural

How did he get so good at this?

Consistency. This is absolutely key to learning a new skill no matter what it is.
Consistency is committing yourself to the LONG TERM.

✅ Consistent GOOD PRACTICE

✅ Train with the INTENT to improve

✅ Think of what you’re actually trying to achieve, and where you are with it by ANALYSING / CRITIQUING yourself
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7 years ago yesterday: Think this might have been the most perfect game!

An absolute great day

This is how it ended...

#themoderndaygk #cupfinal
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We talk about Marginal gains at the elite level but with @OKKULO1 we’re talking around 20%

The system allows you to play the same shot so you can see if the GK is better able to make the save once their visual system has adapted.

✅ Spin
✅ Height
✅ Fade
✅ Speed
✅ Location
Each clip involves the “early exposure” strike followed by the same strike during the “adjusted” phase.

What you will see is that the player has increased their visual system by almost 20%

This benefit transfers over to the typical light levels on a MATCH DAY.
Players have confirmed that they feel much sharper on a match day and “everything just feels easier” in normal playing conditions.

#themoderndaygk #goalkeepers #sports #sportsperformance #sportscience #vision #sportsvision
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Players / Coaches / Athletes... Make up for lost time with @OKKULO1

‼️ Watch the reactions of the GK in the first half of the video. They look almost fake!
❌ Deliberately slow
❌ Sluggish
❌ As if he’s not even trying to save the ball

#gktraining #goalkeepers #gk
⚠️ That’s what happens when first exposed to the system. It has the ability to make you look like you’ve never played the sport!

👁 🧠 The eyes / brain have not adapted to the environment... yet. Image
The second part of the video:

✅ He’s starting to react a little quicker
✅ Starts to drive into saves
✅ Starts to catch able to catch!

The athlete has had to speed their reactions up by around 20% to adapt to the environment
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‼️Chance Prevention: Control the space behind the defensive back line ‼️

✅ Cut the danger early and you’ll not need to make the save
✅ Outside of the box
✅ Inside the box


Thank you for your post on Ter Steven @BartoszGroszak it inspired us to do our own post on this area 👍
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🦵 Single Leg Exercises you can do at home🦵

Here’s 13 single leg exercises (Hip dominant and Knee Dominant) that you can do at home:

#themoderndaygk #stayhome Image
✅ Single leg exercises are lot more difficult than bilateral exercises because you’re lifting more load through one leg and also due to the lack of stability

This means that sometimes your own body weight is enough to get a strength stimulus

▪️You can still add weight to ⬆️
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💥 Core Stability💥

4 trunk exercises that you can do at home and require zero equipment

1️⃣ Deadbugs
2️⃣ Side Plank
3️⃣ Bird Dog
4️⃣ SL Glute Bridge

✅ These 4 exercises are great for improving spinal stability

⏰ Aim to hold each rep for 30-60 seconds

❗️Complete 2x rounds
Deadbugs: brace, keep lower back on the floor at all times and hold position (change arm/leg after time completed)

Side plank: keep good alignment from shoulder to ankle

Birddog: keep a neutral spine and done let the back foot go too high
SL Glute Bridge: keep the heel next to the bum and drive through the heel. Keep your rib cage down and stomach braced

#themoderndaygk #stayhome #core #trunk
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“In terms of ability I probably underachieved. But in terms of mentality, I probably overachieved” ImageImage
He was fortunate enough to play for a huge club @RangersFC but during a difficult time but still tried to play in a positive way

Which we hope we can encourage others to do the same
The reason we started this page was because Lee had always felt he had under achieved and wasted a lot of his career and now we want to make sure that the keepers coming through now don’t make the same mistakes!
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⚡Deep Crosses: Catch, spin and distribute⚡

📒 This might not look textbook to most, but it’s extremely effective

✅ This is most effective when taking a deeper cross towards the back post
Look how efficiently Lee moves from catch to Distribution whilst in complete control of the ball by allowing his body to spin
As he takes the cross:
1️⃣ His body rotates slightly whilst securing ball
2️⃣ Upon landing, momentum is taking him backwards
3️⃣ Instead of trying to decelerate whilst moving backwards, uses momentum to go on attack by spinning out (the direction his body is naturally turning to)
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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

If you’re going to self isolate, you’re going to want something to do surely.

Something that’s going to be beneficial too

📝 We’re going to give away our hip and shoulder stability programs for FREE

More details coming soon‼️

#themoderndaygk ImageImage
Please feel free to share so no one from the #gkunion miss out 😀🧤
Follow this link:

Add them to your basket in our shop and use this code: #free

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The Perfect Gk

If you could pick 1 Goalkeeper in the world for each of these qualities to make the Perfect Gk:

Who would it be?

Continued... Image
✅ Shot stopping
✅ Crossing
✅ Handling
✅ Distribution from the floor
✅ Distribution from hands
✅ Commanding the area
✅ Bravery
✅ Composure
✅ 1v1
✅ Confidence / Mentality
✅ Sweeping
✅ Penalty saving
✅ Most likely to score in the last minute 😂
We know there’s a lot there and there will be even more but as you can appreciate, some crossover e.g
Shot stopping will be influenced footwork, reflexes and positioning
Crossing will be influenced by timing, spring, confidence, Positioning etc etc etc
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Outfield Qualities to help goalkeeper performance

Feature 2: Wanting the ball / Being an option and Distribution under Pressure
✅ Ball control
✅ Awareness
✅ Comfortable on the ball
✅ Spacial awareness
✅ Playing under pressure
✅ Being an option through positioning
✅ Dealing with awkward back passes
✅ Pass Appreciation
These are football skills that are more associated with outfield players, that’s why we’ve called it “Outfield Qualities”

Playing outfield is where Lee had developed these and have played a huge part in his style of play
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