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We’re talking #MentalHealth and #Sports: How to help student athletes.

Join @Rebelsportpsych @latbbolch @jaclyncosgrove and @dcoleslo in our @TwitterSpaces event at…
Warning: Our conversation could touch on self-harm, suicide and other triggering mental health topics.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call 988 or visit
.@latbbolch was covering UCLA when he realized he hadn’t from player Thomas Cole for a while.

Cole eventually posted about his mental health struggles.

That led to this story:…
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Thread two…ten years on from Australian #sports #BlackestDay and #Essendon’s future…
While still waiting for a decision from the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the #AFL decided to draw its own line in the sand on the eve of the 204 finals series, not willing to have the saga hang over another season with all the negative headlines and associated brand damage.
Essendon was fined two million dollars, withdrawn from the final series and Hird was handed a one year suspension – not for doping but for failures in governance oversight.
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Did you hear about the massive €100m deal between .@FCBarcelona and .@Chiliz x .@socios ⚡️ $CHZ?

The deal from the perspective of all parties involved. 🧵

If you missed the deal or want to catch up with the details, read this, and then let's go! 😉

🟥🟦 FC Barcelona

Barca receives capital to build their team and reorganize the club's finances.

They also get top expertise for their #web3 expansion.

The deal comes as a surprise, as in March this year tones from Barcelona sounded different:

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We know how artistically magnificient and culturally rich Indian temples are which have a story of its existence, architecture,location and tradition. So a #weekend #philately trial to take a tour of #templesofindia with some stamps #IndiaAt75 #Indianphilately #indiawiththeme ImageImageImage
India is a land of #festivals and every festival is celebrated with happiness.A #philately display of some festivals of all the religions of India.Every festival has a moment of joy,celebration,excitement of its own #Indiaat75 #Indianphilately #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav
#indiatheme Image
India has the sixth largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites,in which 32 are cultural sites. So here are the stamps of 23 cultural sites- a showcase of culturally #vibrantIndia with a timeline of different phases of #Indianhistory
#IndiaAt75 #philately #Indiawiththeme ImageImageImage
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#Live from #Madrid/#Spain in half an hour: Round 8 of the #Candidates2022-tournament:

Inter alia:
#Nepomniachtchi (leader) vs #DingLiren
#Firouzja(current LAST) vs #Radjabov

Some people say that despite the rather high number of draws, the quality of the play is rather low in the #Candidates2022.
A (small) surprise today: semi-retired #Nakamura will probably defeat World-Championship-runnerup #Caruana:
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I did a 🧵below on the #Whytereview - the review is extensive and I highlight some key statistics within the review.
Here I shall do a🧵on how we got to this point.
Please note - I am not a gymnast and this is not an exhaustive list because its Twitter.
In 2020 the Netflix documentary "Athlete A" highlights the legal proceedings against Larry Nassar and the various bodies who knew the abuse was taking place. The brave women who spoke out are currently in process of suing FBI.…
Following "Athlete A" and HBO documentary "At the Heart of Gold" (2019) gymnasts in other nations began speaking out publicly to the press in numbers too big to ignore.
This widespread publicity of athlete abuse is ongoing in GB, Australia and Canada to name a few.
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Part of this #UNSPORTING situation is the need to ask.
This is the inevitable endpoint, right?
Bullying & gaslighting of female athletes, all for the sake of #sports organizations TRYING to be “inclusive” of (largely) privileged white males representing ~0.15% of the population.
Since I am both a former athlete, #sports program designer, and personal coach who also serves as president of a provincial sports organization (governance), my perspective of “big picture” informs me that retaking lost ground requires a coordinated effort.
One-off efforts …
…will make headlines but deep within #sport random boycotts or tweeting something will never be enough. Nothing wrong with these initial measures, but something much more comprehensive is going to be required, involving:
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🧵THREAD on #Hungary, ever-expanding

Impressions by a Hungarian artist living in 🇭🇺, so that you can have a glimpse of how our life is like: #photos, #videos, #music, #food, #events, #culture, #traditions, #architecture, #sports, #people, #tourism, etc.

No politics.

Enjoy! Budapest, 2022.04.26.  Koss...
A May Monday in #Hungary, 2022.05.23:
1: #Dunakanyar #DanubeBend,
2-3: #Budapest, Szt. István (St. Stephen's) Park,
4: Deák Ferenc utca (also called Fashion Street)

#Magyarország #travel ImageImageImageImage
A signature #Hungarian food to try when visiting #Hungary:
lángos (laan-gosh)

Deep-fried bread dough, often eaten with any combination of garlic, sourcream & cheese

(Not for the #health conscious, but I'd also have it occasionally)

#travel #gastronomy
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#DidYouKnow that the modern version of badminton originated in ‘Poona’, or Pune in Maharashtra? It was a pastime for bored British army officers, their families and friends, and was first played in the backyards of their sprawling bungalows. 1/7
#Badminton #sports
Invented in the mid-19th century, badminton was named ‘Poona’ after the city of its origin. But its earliest version goes back 2,000 years to a game called jeu de volant, played in #Greece and #China. Here, a shuttle-like object was smacked with the feet. 2/7
In Poona, #British officers changed the sport radically by introducing a net to divide the court. They also used a leather shuttlecock, which they hit with wooden racquets. This version of the game was first played in 1867. 3/7 #Indianhistory
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Good Morning !


The new BATMAN movie just came out with Robert Pattinson as Batman.

What’s the SHORT VERSION for then name Robert?
-BOB /Bob The Builder
Who is General PATTONs son?

Every wrestlers name throughout time has been created this way, leaving truth in plain sight.
Everyone GOOD movie stars that were/are helping & NOT mocking God.

Used to leave truth hidden in plain sight.

HOW were they able to do this so precisely?
-Not everyone’s names are their real names.
-Future comes back to past, knows who will be where at exactly the precise times, plans accordingly, creates A % of the world around everyone
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A former swimmer's thoughts on Lia:

“None of you cared about women's sports before you had a "reason" to. Beyond that though, Lia has not dominated this sport. Nor have any other trans athletes. She placed 5th and 8th in other events at that meet.
(Also the 500 free sucks and I've even seen many a MAN flop out of the water following that event. I give mad props to whoever does this event. I purposely sandbaged it so I would never have to do it again)
"But her wing span and height!! THE BIOLOGICAL ADVANTAGES!!!!!!" @MichaelPhelps has a longer than average wingspan, a larger web in this feet and hands, hyperextended joints (main advantage in his ankles), and produced less lactic acid than other athletes.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/01/2022…
Altruistic Australian Magpies Peck Off Each Other's Tracking Devices, Foiling Researchers | IFLScience…
#BirdIntelligence, #AustralianMagpies, #AnimalBehavior
A Path Away From War | The Science Of Peace Systems…
#PeaceSystems, #SocialBehavior
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An in-depth review of ACL injury.

If you're interested in sports medicine, you won't want to miss this one!


To view our past reviews, check out:
The ACL is the primary restraint to anterior tibial translation and also plays a role in rotary stability

It is composed of two bundles, named based on their tibial insertions:
✯ Anteromedial
✯ Posterolateral

What structure separates the femoral insertions of the two bundles?
AM bundle:
✯ Tightest in Flexion
✯ Resists anterior tibial translation
✯ Tested by Lachman's/Anterior Drawer

PL bundle:
✯ Tightest in Extension
✯ Rotatory Restraint
✯ Tested by Pivot Shift

The bifurcate ridge separates the femoral insertions of the AM and PL bundles.
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CROONICLE: How to Find Sponsors for YouTube Channel… #youtubechannel #youtuber #monetize
CROONICLE: Tennis Coaching Tips for Kids… #tennis #coachingtips
CROONICLE: How to Increase Vertical Jump… #sports #tips
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#Thread #Bestof2021 #Sports

Looking back at an incredible 2021 in Indian sport through 10 videos (there are many more, tbh 😅) that will remain with us for a long, long time! ❤️

First up, the winning moments at Gabba!

E.P.I.C 🔥

🎥 BT Sport

#Bestof2021 #Sports

End of wait that went on for more than four decades. When @16Sreejesh saved that shot on goal at the end, a nation erupted in joy.

🥉 at Tokyo Olympics for Indian men's hockey team.

🎥 Olympic Khel

#Bestof2021 #Sports

When Indian women's hockey team defeated the mighty Australians in the quarterfinal at Tokyo 2020.

Words can't do justice to how this moment felt for thousands of Indian fans.

🎥 Olympic Khel

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For the professional athlete, there IS a key difference between process and results, though.

The best summary I have read about this nuance comes from Dr. Bob Rotella in "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect."

And I want to share it with you.

A thread 🧵
"The trusting mentality is essential for getting ready to play competitively. If you want to be able to trust your swing on the golf course, you have to spend time doing it on the practice tee. Human beings are creatures of habit. They cannot, as a general rule, spend all ...
...all of their practice time in the training mentality and then switch to the trusting mentality for competition. Under pressure, an athlete’s dominant habit will emerge. ..
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📍 Gingee fort, Villupuram
Explore the fort's beautiful interiors. Tanks, granaries, halls, marriage halls, and several more unusual locations can be found here. One can always find some time to pay them a visit.
📍 Perumal peak, Kodaikanal
The walk begins at the foot of the peak, at Perumal Malai Village, about 11 kilometres from Kodaikanal. It's around 7 km and takes about 4 hours one way. The majority of the hike is somewhat strenuous, with a few steep spots.
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66.01/ Week sixty-six, Oct. 16-22, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 65 below.
66.02/ The #NFL games have not gone my team's way so far, but we have a Scorigami, and that's ALWAYS good. LAR 38 - 11 NYG
66.03/ I plan to save these pictures of a Talmud class being held in the London Underground during the Blitz to remind myself that I've had it pretty good in my life. Pretty good. (h.t. @DBashIdeas)

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Another concern is the lack of diversity in the #sports betting industry. The industry is already loaded with traditional male profiles a comprehensive diversity strategy could attract young, bright talent.… of which theScore, a leading Canadian player in the global sport betting scene, is a member. What does it mean for Canadian sport?
The jury is very much still out on the impact of the now legal, single-game sport betting industry in our country.… But this change will be monumental in size and value, with the potential to significantly impact the sport industry in a way we haven’t seen in decades.
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1. I believe all readers of The Planet newsletter love cat videos.

Let’s do it this way: while I make a cat-thread, could you sign up?

I’m sure you will be faster than I am.

I love this video: 🐈‍⬛

🧵 Thread…
#cats #pets #animals #nature

2. This is Luna, playing with my tulips.

Please join the community of thousands of readers that start their day with inspiration from The Planet newsletter.

You can sign up for free or support via a paid subscription for the full experience.



3. Some cats are really smart and know how to drink.

While others…

thread continues 🧵

#cats #catlovers #pets #fun #cute
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1/ A thread to catalog my stray comments about the NFL yesterday (as part of my academic 'obsessive archiving' heritage).

Overall, the #Steelers had an amazing road win over Buffalo mainly because of a stifling defense, which is fun in retrospect but during the game is stressful
2/ The comment below is actually from my sports-watching partner, my sportsman son, who is wise & savvy beyond his years.

Melvin "Boy Named Sue?" Ingram draws a holding penalty instead of getting a de jure sack but de facto it is one.
3/ BAL & NE are experts in bad-faith rulebook exploitation. Examples abound (see CBS link). 2 most common: the "Flacco Ball" (badly thrown deep pass designed purely to draw DPI) & having the OL hold on every play to DDOS the refs.…
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Why state of #sports in India needs a push now?
A Thread
@IndiaSports @YASMinistry @Media_SAI
The #school curriculums still have tiny space for sports. Indian mentality goes on with the saying, “Kheloge kundoge toh banoge kharab, padhoge likhoge toh banoge nawab.”
This means that those who focus on sports are not valued, but those who are only focused on studies excel. With such a mentality, how can India expect to compete with nations like #China, the #USA, the #UK etc in the #Olympics?
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NEW Website -


the most impressive OTC Gem is here and the DD is fire! MUST READ!!!
$UMPG has a great Share Structure with
✅ OS is 25,260,571
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the SS has been kept tight for over 5 years now and the company is “ PINK CURRENT” Status with TA updated daily… this means no shady BS like 99% of the tickers in the OTC.
$UMGP - CEO - Mike Sherman + Advisory Board.
Mike is a proven entrepreneur with huge success in the Radio and TV with long time syndicated TV shows currently airing on big TV networks. He brings with him a Massive Network with some of the biggest names in #Music, #Sports, #TV
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