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#SaveOurChildren thread going to start out with the information that is easily understood. Sometimes when you are trying to #WakeUpAmerica the only way to do it is open there eyes slowly.…
Video footage of children being brought out of these tankers #WakeUpAmerica how can you call this a "conspiracy" if it in front of your eyes!
Now ask yourself why the American MSM isn't reporting on these things when it is easily available I myself can go straight to it and find it! So your own research if your interested in knowing what is really happening. I know the answers to these questions, the Truth is hidden!
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#NETFLIX #CUTIES exploits 11 year old girls for who’s pleasure? .. but it doesn’t just end there.. view full thread and let it sink in how sick these people are 😡 😡
Cuties won the #Sundance award this year... please check your trusted #google for confirmation... nothing unusual right, but let’s look further #ThesePeopleAreSick #ThesePeopleAreEvil
SURPISED BY THIS?? Co-founder of the sundance film festival sentenced for #childabuse LET THAT SINK IN! how many more children need to suffer before people wake up to the evil truth and fight back! #woke #wokeaf #ChildrensLivesMatter
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Down With The Sickness. #CEMEX #ThesePeopleAreSick I hear CEMEX is feeling the heat in the Lions Gate 💥💣🍕🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Regis Philbin cameoed in numerous shows, ranging from The Simpsons to How I Met Your Mother.
He was considered a “Disney Legend”
Imo...he didn’t die of “natural causes”, he likely chose the Rommel option, hence Trump speaking so kindly about him...
He died at 88, no coincidence
He was NO SAINT.....
Rommel was forced into suicide to save his reputation.
You will start to see more and more come up dying suddenly from cancer, stroke or heart attack ...
Dwayne Johnson is a pedophile and openly admits to eating children... I will attach that segment below ...
Here Regis and Kelly are wishing The Rock (the MONSTER) a happy birthday.
Are you beginning to see that they are ALL involved in very demonic , evil acts against humanity ?
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This reminded me of something. I went down the rabbit hole on backmasking in music videos, and I want to share with you something that I learned. It’s disturbing.
What @Inevitable_ET is referring to is that when you make a pact with the devil you chose a blood pact of either your first born child or a near relation. If you do so, you get big favors from the evil one in return.
Let’s look at what backmasking is. Below is a screen grab from Wikipedia. Sometimes it is intentionally laid on the track, other times demons use the voices of the singers and it appears there without foreknowledge, and when played backwards it can be heard. That is super eerie.
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Boy lover logo #qanon #qarmy Image
Illuminati references in the background of Disney shows / cartoons #savethechildren #pizzagate #pedowood Image
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Dedicated to #SaveTheChildrenWorldWide

Credit to @AngelicaRHill for providing me the research topic, "Mothers of Darkness".

🐇 #DownTheRabbitHole 🐇
Starting here (MOD)

And here (Luciferians)
#DavidIcke full movie
#Truth #DarkToLight #GoodVsEvil #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
#NWO #UnitedNations

Lengthy but worth the time!

George H W Bush "A thousand points of light"
What does that phrase reference?

A room within the Chateau Des Amerous - The Castle of Darkness.

@realDonaldTrump gave us a clue? Did he know? Of course he did... #5StepsAhead

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“What Is I Require The Vatican Secret File Leak For Human Knowledge Increasing”
Satan’s seed is identified as the “serpent”.
In the Vatican 2 buildings constructed in the image of a snake; Basilica & Paul VI Audience Hall.
The name basilica is Greek- “basiliskos”-the Snake King
The basilisk was a dragon that ruled the reptilian empire. The Vatican is derived from the Latin “vates” which means “soothsayer”. In the book of Acts, Paul met a damsel possessed with a “spirit of divination”; a spirit that gave her mastery of the dark arts.
The spirit of divination is literally translated “spirit of python” in the Greek and is connected to “divination” and the seat of the serpent is in Rome.
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At some point it will not be safe for [them] to walk down the street...
[1] - Sex_Resort (mansion_resort_only) for trafficked & drugged underage girls.
[2] - Occult_Temple DUNGEONS_HOSTEL_
🙏 Pray for the victims. 😭
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Thread for Wed. Jul 1 2020
Happy 1st of July

Why would [D]s block a bill that stops infanticide?
BLM donations between June 1 - July 1 went to the Biden campaign for president?
Q !!
Jul 1 2020 07:11:14 (EST) NEW
Why would [D]s block a bill that stops infanticide [allow abortions up to point of birth] and does not provide new restrictions on abortion itself?
Modern day sacrifices!
Its about child sacrifice in order to appease the evil that they worship
$$ for parts.
We are food for them
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#NWO 🤡🕷️🕸️
What does #Soros Xi [C]h[i]n[a] #Bush Kissinger Putin Russia Israel UK #Ukraine Roths MOS #RedCross OSS/ C_A #CFR and #OpiumWars have to do with everything?
#DarkToLight #RedPilled 💊#QArmyTeam @POTUS

40K View ✈️

👉THREAD read & R/T🐸

H/t @EyeDropMedia meme
1.#China was always the [#DS] cabal US economic and Military replacement #DarkToLight #RedPilled 💊
George #Soros Announces #China Must Lead The #NWO H/T @RedDragonFly for Link… via @yournewswire

Full vid interview
2. Did Ya know? #Darktolight
In 1969 #Soros created t #QuantaumFund Main Investor was a #Rothschild 🧐
Quantum Funds…
Soros to close Quantum fund to outsiders…
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#Soros and #HRC

They will lose black vote once #HAITI revealed.

Since POTUS elected what changed w/ RED?
Since POTUS elected what changed w/ CF?
Since POTUS elected what changed w/ Mc_I?
These people deserve …. . .. …….
#Q 1821
Does @POTUS make statements that are false?
Knowing what you know now.
[Start @ 12:00]

Think #HAITI [14:40]
Think Watergate Commission [removed_why_investigate].
Listen very carefully.
Surrounded by EVIL.
Q ImageImageImageImage
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Through symbolism the pedophilia agenda has been at work grooming our kids for a very long time.
This was my kid’s mattress when they were a lot younger.
Where else have we seen these symbols

Here’s the other mattress 👀

Where have we seen these symbols #EpsteinIsland
These mattresses where made by Babyco and Dunlop!

Maybe a good Dig into these companies might produce some links and ties to some big players in government officials. Always worth a look.
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I find it interesting that there is a lot of "white people" in masks looting and vandalizing properties at #MinneapolisRiot being courageously confronted by black residents. Something tells me they're not there to find #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd. #AgentProvocateur
Too many uncomfortable questions. At the end of the day, it's the residents of #Minneapolis and St. Paul that will suffer.

Full video of "white guy" breaking out the windows at @autozone at start #MinneapolisRiot. "Are you a cop?"
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[Their] Plot laid bare in plain sight

In a graphic novel in 1989

You may know Alan Moore from “Watchmen”

In “From Hell”

he straight up lays out [their] plans for the 20th Century via [$atanic] rituals performed by Jack the Ripper.

Strap in, Anons.
2/ The plot of “From Hell” is based on the theory that Jack the Ripper (JtR) committed murders as part of [$atanic] rituals to usher in the horrific atrocities of the 20th Century

This is probably the darkest book I’ve read - period

I discovered #Qanon & this book came to mind:
3/ The incomparable @austere1717 has discussed [their] symbolism at length

In FROM HELL, JtR literally gives a random man (too dumb understand) a tour of all of the evil symbols in London - and their horrific conclusion

The premise of this book is that JtR is the Royal Doctor
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The .@TheSimpsons are illuminati. Cartoons, movies, Hollywood are documentaries of TRUTH. [They] are required by the Galactic Codex to tell humanity before they do something. EVIL. The Simpsons didn’t “predict the future, they were required to TELL what was about to happen. 9/11
9/11 was a ritual sacrifice to harvest ENERGY for LOOSH..
They are NOT HUMAN !!
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EXCELLENT further video showing that NO PLANES hit the twin towers !!
It was CGI/Holograms !!
Everything has been a lie!
It’s time to WAKE UP
Bush KNEW !!
Both Bushes have been executed ....
They had these children “chant” the ritual !
Remember the morning of the attack on 9/11 ??
Look how calm Bush remained !
A missle hit the Pentagon on 9/11.....
Here you can see the actual video footage CLEARLY showing there was NO PLANE !
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Geraldo knows why doesn’t he talk about it anymore! #TheMoreYouKnow #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #QAnon #ThesePeopleAreSick
These people serve in the millitary? #TheMoreYouKnow #ThesePeopleAreSick #ThesePeopleAreEVIL
This has been going on for centuries! It has to be stopped NOW! #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #QAnon #ThesePeopleAreEVIL
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GAGA is a mouthpiece for the devil‼️

#Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter
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Microsoft Patent 060606 - Body interfaced digital currency

This is an actual patent. This actual patent is in the link. It is real



The Mark of the Beast
Sugar coated Arsenic

Microsoft believes everyone has the right to own their digital identity, one that securely and privately stores all personal data. This ID must seamlessly integrate into daily life and give complete control over data access and use.

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👋😎 HOWDY - #QAnons #PatriotsUnited #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #DigitalSoldiers

Much abt #UnderGroundTunnels #RESCUE #ChildTrafficking #SaveTheChildren #SecretMilitaryOp

🚨PLEASE: If u contribute, keep IN CONTEXT 2 the tweet ur RESPONDING TO

CLICK & SCROLL the Thread ⬆⬇
SCROLL ⬆⬇Thread. CLICK *TOP TWEET* goes 2 "Mainframe"

Re; #SaveTheChildren #SecretMilitaryOp #ChildTrafficking #UnderGroundTunnels #RESCUE

2. Q posts + @realDonaldTrump tweets

📝YT videos show street drains in major cities on 🔥

It's ALWAYS been about the kids.

The entire #GreatAwakening is to make us Aware of HOW #ThesePeopleAreEVIL & how they make their BILLION$ off the BLOOD of innocents.

SCROLL ⬆⬇Thread, CLICK TOP TWEET for the Mainframe.

3. READ.
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