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#KremenchukMall - 5 QUESTIONS:

1/ What shutter speed should a camera have to freeze the movement of the projectiles of the explosion? 1/500th, 1/1000th 1/2000th?

#NATO #WarInUkraine - #falseflag?

2/Can a surveillance camera film with such speed?

#NATO #WarInUkraine #KremenchukMall - #falseflag?
3/ What is the speed of a missile? Is it possible to film it without any motion blur? (Motion and focus blur less than focus blur/quality of rest of scene)

#NATO #WarInUkraine #KremenchukMall #falseflag?
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#Kremenchuk - 5 QUESTIONS :

1/ Quelle vitesse d'obturation doit avoir une caméra, pour figer le mouvement des projectiles de l'explosion ? 1/500e, 1/1000e 1/2000e ?

#OTAN #WarInUkraine - #falseflag ?

Source : ImageImage
2/Est-ce qu'une caméra de surveillance peut filmer avec une telle vitesse ?

#OTAN #WarInUkraine #KremenchukMall - #falseflag ?
3/ Quelle est la vitesse d'un missile ? Est-ce possible de le filmer sans le moindre flou de mouvement ? (Flou de bouger et de mise au point inférieur au flou de mise au point/qualité du reste de la scène)

#OTAN #WarInUkraine #KremenchukMall

#falseflag ? ImageImage
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1/ 25 Juin 2022
As i often pointed out here.. no need to go on crazy speculations even if everyone knows that there is a ton of manoeuvers (mouvements) in the #Severodonetsk area.
People talking abt it right now just want to become junkies. this is also why i take a "break" today
3/ Gen staff last report -
Part 1
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Wanna see how bad it is ?

Tree of life synagogue 27/10/2018

11 killed 65 days left of the year > 6+5 = 11

The suspect were 46 years old. > 10+27+1+8 = 46

Continues (important numbers) >
1+0+2+7+2+0+1+8 = 21 = 7+7+7 > qabalah.

10+27 = 37


Twin prime.^ #treeoflifeshooting. #ar15
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🇷🇺Les Russes ont ils réellement tués froidement des civils à #Bucha ?
Explications et Thread !

Crimes de l'#AFU à #Bucha, dans la région de #Kiev.
Révélation d'une attaque de propagande sous #FalseFlag contre la Russie (Photos et Vidéos).

Déroulez ⏬
— Toutes les unités des troupes Russes se sont complètement retirées de #Bucha le 30 mars, et ces coups de feu sont apparus le 4ème jour après, lorsque des officiers du #SBU et des représentants de la télévision ukrainienne y sont arrivés.
— Pendant le séjour des soldats russes à #Bucha, pas un seul civil n’a été blessé.
— 452 tonnes d’aide humanitaire ont été livrées et distribuées à des civils par des militaires Russes dans les colonies de la région de #Kiev.
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This video shared by #Ukrainian sources. Civilians wearing a white arm band, russian identification sign since the start of the conflict.
These men were interrogated by Ukrainian SBU accused of being with the #Russian & executed by #Ukraine force.
2/ Civilians wearing white band was a sign of them allegedly being with #Russia, used by #Ukraine Force. #Bucha Massacre is done by #Ukrainian Nazi. Theyve been holding civilians as hostages since starting of mission. It's been confirmed by other nations evacuated students too ImageImageImage
3/ People wearing and tied with white clothes were a sign of them being with #Russian. This #bucha Massacre is a false flag by #Ukrainian #Nazi.

#FalseFlag #fake #News #Ukraine #Russian Image
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US still worried abt #Russia|n disinfo campaigns on #bioweapons

"The department remains very concerned" @DeptofDefense Asst Sec Deborah Rosenblum tells lawmakers

Warns #Moscow may still use public health labs in #Ukraine as part of a #falseflag op
"I can say to you unequivocally there are no offensive biologic weapons in the #Ukraine laboratories that the #UnitedStates has been involved with" per @DeptofDefense Asst Sec Rosenblum
"The crisis in #Ukraine & the blatant threats really by #Russia-potential use of biological & chemical weapons-is opening everyone's eyes to how much of a problem this is" per @DeptofDefense Ast Sec for Space Policy John Plumb
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#Russland beschwert sich tatsächlich darüber, dass die #Ukraine in #Belgorod ein Öldepot vernichtet hat.

Dies würde die Verhandlungen erschweren. 🙄 /TN Image
Wie hier schon angemerkt wurde, ist nicht ganz auszuschließen, dass es sich um eine #FalseFlag-Version handelt.

Ich persönlich kann mir das aber beim besten Willen nicht vorstellen. #Russland's einzige Stärke ist die Armee. /TN
Wenn die Armee nicht in der Lage ist, das eigene Territorium zu verteidigen, ist das ein schwerer Schlag.

Das wiegt meines Erachtens auch den Propagandaeffekt nicht auf, welches durch "wir wurden auch angegriffen!!!" entsteht. Das ist eigentlich ein massiver Gesichtsverlust. /TN
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#NATO #US/#Bombing campaigns since 1945
- In practice, US led assassinations and overthrows of legitimate governments and interference with elections may be just as significant as the actual bombings listed here.…
"Babies thrown out of Incubators"…
#OscarAward winner; the best actor
#Kuwaiti ambassador's Daughter lies to Congress | Oct 10, 1990
The #Nayirah testimony was a false testimony given before the Congressional #HumanRights Caucus.…
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BREAKING: 7,000-15,000 #Russia|n troops likely killed in #Ukraine, per a @NATO official briefing reporters on condition of anonymity

Total losses -including wounded, captured or missing- could be in the 30,000-40,000 range

Estimates based on #Ukraine intel, observations
"The estimate we have is based on what the #Ukrainians tell us, what the #Russia|ns let us know intentionally or by mistake" per the @NATO official
#Ukraine fighting #Russia almost to a stalemate, per a @NATO official

"I don't know if you can go as far [as to say] stalemate but its clear that after 1 months Russia has achieved almost none of their strategic objectives"
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Russia claims #US wanted to spread infectious #diseases via #biolabs in #Ukraine | Mar 18
-Russia’s Der Min accused the US of developing infectious diseases in biolabs in Ukraine with the aim of spreading them to Russia disguised as '#natural outbreaks.'
'#Pentagon funded' #Biolabs near #Russian borders.
#OMG Boris @BorisJohnson
#Pentagon funded #Novichok is made in #USA and developed further in #Salisbury.
Patent No: US 9,132,135 B2.
"Methods of a treatment of #organo-#phosphorus #poison agents" issued in Sep. 2015, Pat. filed in 2008.
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#Russia's ongoing accusations abt US-#Ukraine bio & chemical weapons worrisome, per @DeptofDefense

"We continue to watch for the potential...that they could be banging this drum" as part of a #falseflag op,
per @PentagonPresSec "We don't have firm indications right now"
More: #Russia's foreign ministry and other official accounts have been pumping out a steady stream of accusations vs US about biological & chemical weapons

One of the latest... Image
"It's already dangerous enough inside #Ukraine...we're constantly concerned abt potential escalation here" per @PentagonPresSec
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HAPPENING NOW - Senate Intelligence Committee holds open hearing on Worldwide Threats

Testimony coming from:

@ODNIgov Dir Avril Haines

@CIA Dir Bill Burns

@DefenseIntel Dir LtGen Scott Berrier

@NSAGov Dir Gen Paul Nakasone

@FBI Dir Christopher Wray Image
Senate Intel Comm Chair @MarkWarner starts w/praise for the US intelligence community for being candid w/intel on #Russia, #Putin's plans for #Ukraine & "throwing Putin off-guard"
"Democracy is sometimes messy" per @MarkWarner "I believe with all my heart the ppl of #Ukraine are voting with their lives, embracing the values that we take for granted every day"

"With all our flaws, our system is still the best in the world"
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Local media reports that the UAF troops from the territory of Ukraine launched a rocket at #Belgorod, which is a Russian city near the border with Ukr. It was reportedly shot down
Captured UAF Manpad and #NLAW in the #Kiev area ImageImageImageImage
The Rus Army captured a large UAF field camp in the #Kherson region with large quantities of supplies and equipment
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Mike Flynn and QAnazi use this account's information to disseminate the Kremlin propaganda.

H/t @LivColemanFL

Her thread:… ImageImage
Michael Flynn loving QAnazi peddling Insurrectionists of @January6thCmte

Streamed on: Feb 28, 12:05 pm ESTMG SHOW with InTheMatrixxx and Shadygrooove
H/t @J1llove
The link attached to her twitter bio is the SOURCE! #ThereAreNoBioLabs


Shut down this website! #falseflag narrative! Pushing Kremlin propaganda!
#report the account. ImageImageImageImage
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Please #REPORT Kremlin disinformation pushing #BioLabs #Bioweapons - This is FALSE and is a multi-year campaign to create and disseminate this fake narrative.
I believe they will use this story to justify a more significant military action.

Thank you @smchatter1 for pinging me. Image
I found the original disinformation pusher's latest Twitter account. He's apparently lost a few since starting his campaign to push Kremlin Propaganda.
Originally he was under @[WarClandestine]
Now he's at @[ClandestineNot]


Archived:… Image
"The hashtag is how we get the attention of the normies USE IT!!"


(Yes, I realize I used the stupid hashtag... no more though) #ThereAreNoBioLabs Image
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Why did the Russian Ministry of Health give this document to this particular reporter?

Anyone ask themselves that?
News Editor at ITVnews // ITN & formerly a CNN field producer.

Website still links to CNN... but that's probably just semantics.
Gosh, this type of 5 Alarm Fire 🔥 Level doc to a reporter who doesn't seem to write about #war, #Ukraine & not many articles on emergency mobilization?

There are some pieces that touch on the medical field, but more in the realm of worker compensation.…
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🔴 #DonUpdatesLIVE | #Ukraine🇺🇦

எந்த நேரத்திலும் உக்ரைன் மீது ரஷ்யா தாக்குதல் நடத்தலாம், என்பதை நாங்கள் உறுதியாக உணர்கிறோம்: அமெரிக்கா

📍ரஷ்யா சில படைகளை திரும்ப பெறுவதாக கூறப்படுவது உண்மை இல்லை, என மேற்கத்திய நாடுகள் மறுப்பு.
📍ரஷ்யர்கள் படையெடுப்பைத் தொடங்க ஒரு ஜோடிக்கப்பட்ட சாக்குப்போக்குகளை கட்டமைக்கலாம் என அமெரிக்கா எச்சரித்துள்ளது.

📍மேலும், 7000 ரஷ்ய வீரர்களை உக்ரைன் எல்லைக்கு அருகே, ரஷ்யா நகர்த்தி உள்ளது: அமெரிக்கா

#UkraineConflict | #UnitedStates
📍ரஷ்யாவிற்கு எதிராக ஐரோப்பிய ஒன்றிய நாடுகளை ஒன்றிணைக்கவும், நாளை முதல் 3 நாட்கள் நடைபெற உள்ள G7 முனிச் பாதுகாப்பு மாநாட்டில் கலந்து கொள்ளவும் அமெரிக்க துணை அதிபர் கமலா ஹாரிஸ் ஜெர்மனி செல்கிறார்.

#KamalaHarris | #MunichSecurityConference
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"The plan — which the United States hopes to spoil by making public — involves staging and filming a fabricated attack by the Ukrainian military either on Russian territory or against Russian-speaking people in eastern Ukraine..."…
NYT: "Russian officials had found corpses to use in the video, discussed actors to play mourners and plotted how to make military equipment in the video appear Ukrainian or NATO-supplied."
But @nytimes still covers-up #falseflag Maidan massacre in #Ukraine by omitting revelations about Maidan snipers & by publishing instead fake wound locations.…
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[#NATO war propaganda]
US orders families of #Kyiv #embassy staff to leave Ukraine | Jan 23
- In a travel advisory published on its website, the State Department said that there were reports Russia is planning significant military action against Ukraine.…
The #misinformation spread by the British Foreign Office is another evidence that these are the #NATO countries, led by the Anglo-Saxons that are #escalating tensions around #Ukraine | Jan 24
-We call to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense…
[War criminals: #NATO-#ISIS-#AlQaeda-#CIA]
We call on the British Foreign Office @trussliz to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense and focus on studying the history of the Tatar-Mongol yoke” a representative of the Russian FM told | Jan 22…
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My research-based article on the escalating #Ukraine #Russia conflict and its origin in the false flag #maidan massacre is just published by the Canadian Dimension magazine. @CDN_Dimension…
@CDN_Dimension Article on hidden origin of the escalating #Ukraine - #Russia conflict is based on my studies such as recent paper & video appendixes presented at virtual 10th World Congress of the International Council for Central and East European Studies in Montreal…
Peer-reviewed article: The far right, the Euromaidan, and the Maidan massacre in Ukraine…
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More statements by US & #Ukrainian officials & media that Russia plans #falseflag operation to launch war with #Ukraine. But there is complete silence about false flag Maidan massacre that started escalating conflicts between #Russia & Ukraine & West.…
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Maidan massacre deja vu: Possible false flag attacks in #Ukraine now become mainstream issue. Blinken & Nuland warn about possible #Russian false flag attack. Conversely, Russian defense minister warns about possible chemical #falseflag attack in #Donbass.…
Nuland: It is #Russia that has prepared for internal sabotage, destabilization, and false flag options for #Ukraine…
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They are already here!

I learned a while back that the Government did the, “Housing Bubble Crash” on purpose so they could use it as a cover to embed MILLIONS of UN Peacekeeping Troops in the empty homes that were underwrtten by Freddy Mac & Fanny Mae.

Obama inked, “The Kigali Principles” w/the UN just prior to leaving Office thinking that they had the HRC win in the bag just like they did for him when they rigged his election

HRC took out Gaddafi bc they needed his 400k tons of weapons to arm #ISIS in Syria so as…
So as to create the Muslim RefugeyCrisis & FLOOD the US w/millions of Fighting age Muslim men and arm them w/weapons smuggled from China.

Once the fighting broke out UN Troops would then begin to police on US soil.
#HRC lost & Trump destroyed the #ISIS Caliphate so now..
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