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Minneapolis: Justice for Breonna Taylor Protest…
“Breonna Taylor’s life is just as important as George Floyd’s.”

Community organizer Mel Reeves speaks at Powderhorn Park in #Minneapolis, adding the only reason that the case of 23-year-old Elijah McClain is now getting attention is because of mass protests.
“Our Black women are the pillar of our community and we have to start treating them like it.”

Tajir Adams (sp?) speaks about the intersecting oppressions against women & against #BlackPeople endured specifically by Black women.
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Today @Arnold_Ventures is releasing a new report by @UMSL_CCJ's Richard Rosenfeld and I on #violence and #COVID19. Links and takeaways below.
First the links. You can find the report here:…
And our interview about the report here:…
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On 11/23/04, #CourtneyWilliams's mother wrote to #Klobuchar, begging her to prosecute the cop who killed her 15-year-old child. Klobuchar failed to prosecute any of 29 police killings.…
To #Klobuchar from Tahisha Williams Brewer: "I am the mother of #CourtneyWilliams, who was shot by #Minneapolis Police." A homicide detective told Brewer the case would go to a grand jury. She asked, "Why does it *have* to be sent to a grand jury?"
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Do you really think it’s just a “#coincidence” that #JeffreyEpstein abruptly died right before he was going to prison for the rest of his life and would likely need to testify against or expose some of the worlds biggest names in connection with his crimes?
Do you really think it’s just a “#coincidence” that the pathologist who was hired to do #GeorgeFloyd’s autopsy was the same pathologist who “observed” and had connections to the autopsy for #JeffreyEpstein?
Do you really think it’s just a “#coincidence” that most of the #rioters and #looters in #Minneapolis were from out of state?
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Just added a pamphlet version for printing & sharing on the streets #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd #USAonFire #HongKongProtests #frontliners…
Detailed account of the May 27-28 Battle of the Third Precinct in #Minneapolis, with analysis of the crowd's "compositional" character, in comparison with recent uprisings like #HK & in dialogue with our article on #frontliners there. #FloydRebellion…
Translated battle plans from #HongKong illustrating how the #frontliner role works alongside peaceful protestors, ballistics squad, flag bearers & "firefighters" -- check it out friends in the #chazseattle, #FloydUprising, #BlackLivesMatter ImageImageImage
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What has Protesting Accomplished?
--- by Christopher Reilley

👉🏾Within 10 days of sustained #protests:
#Minneapolis bans use of #chokeholds.

👉🏾Charges are upgraded against Officer Chauvin, and his accomplices are arrested and charged.

👉🏾#Dallas adopts a "#DutyToIntervene" rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in inappropriate use of force.

👉🏾#NewJersey’s attorney general said the state will update its #UseOfForce guidelines for the first time in two decades.

👉🏾In #Maryland, a bipartisan work group of state lawmakers announced a #PoliceReform work group.

👉🏾#LosAngeles City Council introduces motion to reduce #LAPD’s $1.8 billion operating budget.
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#GeorgeFloyd was passing COUNTERFEIT $20 notes when out of work. The BNR he worked at, Cheavin worked at for 17 YEARS. It is linked to 3 letter agencies. His neighbors said thought he was a "realtor" didn't know he was a cop. Floyd on #Wikipedia ....…
1. Big bust of Counterfeit bills 900K worth on a train in #minneapolis #minnesota
2. Floyd implicated to very high level #Democrats in money laundering, then he is passing counterfeit money as trains worth of it by the millions nearly are caught
3. The guy he works with killedHim
4. BNR where Cheauvin worked for 17 YEARS, suggesting he is working as a double role agent possibly, & why his neighbors didn't know he was a cop, but looking like a 3 letter agency agent/realtor instead.
5. Fake EMTs with bullet proof vests, still unidentified, why unidentified?
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Le drapeau de la République du Rif à la manifestation #BlackLivesMattters à Bruxelles en ce moment.
Je suis allé à la manif #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER au Palais de Justice de Bruxelles avec ma femme et ma fille aînée. Il devait y avoir 10.000 personnes environ.
"Justice for Adil, Mehdi, Mawda, Ouassim, Lumumba" #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER
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A couple dozen gathering in front of #Huntsville City Hall for a peaceful protest. It’s unclear who is planning it.

HSV police, Madison Co. Deputies, and state troopers combed through downtown for the last hour @whnt
“We were herded like cattle, harassed by cops” @whnt
Protesters explaining the things they want accomplished @whnt
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BREAKING: Judge Paul Scoggin sets bail for all three former @MinneapolisPD officers tied to #GeorgeFloyd's death at $1,000,000 unconditional, 750K with conditions. #NBCNews
Former #Minneapolis officer Tou Thao was called first. Must surrender firearms, void firearm permits, and have no contact with family of #GeorgeFloyd.

Upon setting bail Judge Scoggin stated, “I’m hard pressed to come up with any comparisons in this case.” #NBCNews
Former officer J. Keung was called second. Attorney says #Keung is not a flight risk and has never lived more than ten miles from the home he grew up in.

Attorney adds Keung hadn’t completed 3rd shift as a full-fledged police officer prior to arrest of #GeorgeFloyd.

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1/ Affaire #GeorgesFloyd :
à lire la presse et à écouter les experts judiciaires des chaînes d’info continues US, faire condamner #Chauvin pour meurtre et ses 3 collègues pour complicité devant une cour du #Minnesota sera difficile. Quelques éléments...
2/ #Chauvin est mis en examen pour « meurtre » le jury devra (unanimement) décider que #Chauvin a voulu tuer (mais sans préméditation) OU qu’il a tué en commettant un autre crime (felony murder)
3/ Selon @JeffreyToobin l’accusation pourra s’appuyer sur plusieurs éléments aggravants : bien sur les images (terribles) mais surtout 2 éléments qui suggèrent la volonté de tuer: #Chauvin sait que #GeorgeFloyd est menotté ET il continue à maintenir son genou sur sa gorge pdt 9´
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Thread: #GeorgeFloyd murals in the US & around the world (Barron's)
“This wall is part of a large mural that’s on the other side that has a picture of Martin Luther King facing Malcom X, trying to show the struggle, the social struggle & racial struggle that’s been happening for so long"-- artist Octavio Logo (KNWA Fayettville).
Syrian artists Aziz Asmar & Anis Hamdoun painted their #GeorgeFloyd mural “to call for peace and love.” Asmar said Floyd’s death “by suffocation” reminded him of Syrian civilians “killed by suffocation after the Syrian regime hit them with chemical weapons" (Fox5DC).
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« La défense collective reste active. Si un des vos proches se fait interpeller ou que vous êtes témoin d’une interpellation n’hésitez pas à tenir au courant. Si vous sortez de garde à vue pareil. Vous pouvez appeler au 0758252219 comme avant le confinement. »
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Tuesday’s action as per @Mvmnt4BlkLives Week of action:

Divestment from police and investment in Black communities.

This resource from MPD 150 is excellent: Building A Police-Free Future

Uprisings across the US began as a demand for justice for #GeorgeFloyd who was murdered by police in #Minneapolis. MPD 150 have been evaluating policing in that city. Their resource kit is a great FAQ on defunding and abolishing police. #BlackLivesMatter  #DefundThePolice
What does #DefundThePolice mean? What does #AbolishThePolice look like? Who do the police “protect and serve?”

This is an important resource for the actions and conversations we must have about one of the main enforcers of white supremacist and racist structural oppression.
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I am grateful to @prisonculture, an abolitionist I have learned so much from.

And I appreciate activists whose work lays out ways to take action and talk about defunding and abolishing police.

This is a great resource: Building a police-free future
Uprisings across the US began as a demand for justice for #GeorgeFloyd who was murdered by police in #Minneapolis. MPD 150 have been evaluating policing in that city. Their resource kit is a great FAQ on defunding and abolishing police. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackSpring
What does #DefundThePolice mean? What does #AbolishThePolice look like? Who do the police “protect and serve?” This is an important resource for the actions and conversations we must have about one of the main enforcers of white supremacist and racist structural oppression.
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As a handbag connoisseur, I had a thought about this looting and ways to prosecute. All high-end handbags have serial numbers. Stolen bags serial numbers should be published by all stores.
Pawn shops, eBay, any online platform, private buyer should be able to “report” a stolen serial number and get reimbursement for the bag reported - even double, triple! Make it 💯 anonymous.
It’s absolutely disgusting what that police officer did. We’re united, here. It’s not black v. white, it’s good v. evil. #Minneapolis

So how can we ALL be united on an issue, and be so divided on the SAME issue? Doesn’t make sense. #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #UnitedNotDivided
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This is not surprising to medics anywhere. Cops intentionally target protest medics (often before anyone else) because, in their minds, if a medic can treat 20 protestors, taking out one medic is like taking out 20 protestors. They deliberately target us so we can’t help people.
I’m hearing more reports from street medic friends that cops continue to target medics, & I continue to see video of proof of the same.

I am going to compile reports I find on Twitter in a thread. If you find a report, please DM it to me. #streetmedic #protest #BlackLivesMatter
#RaleighNC Flashbangs/less than lethal rounds fired
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What are you going to do now folks? You don't think it's going to happen in your community? Most of us know the police are the enemy. It's important to understand The National guard oath is only to the foreign Corporation The United States... not you or me.
The National guard is our enemy as well!
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Linda Tirado, a freelance photographer, activist and author, was shot in the left eye by police in #Minneapolis.

She is one of a number of journalists around the US who were attacked, arrested or otherwise harassed during their coverage of the uprisings…
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#BREAKING: Tanker truck plows into massive group of protesters on I-35 in #Minneapolis
#BREAKING: ground video of tanker truck driving through massive crowd of protesters on I-35W in #Minneapolis.

(🔇WARNING: Explicit language)
#BREAKING: Another ground video of tanker truck driving through massive crowd of protesters on I-35W in #Minneapolis.

(🔇WARNING: Explicit language)
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Overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling. This is the turnout for a call for 80 bags of food for families who live near the 3rd Police Precinct who lost their convenient stores in the riots this week in South Minneapolis.

All donations, all volunteers.
If you are in need of food or supplies because your grocery store is closed or was burned down. Come pick up what you need at Sanford Middle School - 3524 42nd Ave S.

No one is turned away. All are welcome, including food pantries that need to be replenished.
IF YOU WANT TO GIVE - Sanford Middle School is done accepting donations at this point. They ask that if you want to give, bring food/supplies to:

-Hiawatha Collegiate High School
-Sanctuary Covenant Church
-US Bank (Broadway and Emerson)

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I want to add a few thoughts this morning. #Minneapolis #police followed through on this framing of “urban warfare” last night. They approached protesters as “enemies” and treated them accordingly. It’s tempting to fall into the rhetoric of war 1/
Based on the images/videos/testimonies, it would be easy to describe the police as waging war on the protesters. But I want to resist that - because it just feeds into this false narrative. Describing police attacks as “war” still implies protesters are a threat and insurgents 2/
It implies a parity in the potential for deadly violence btw the police and the protesters - one that is not grounded in fact. Even in an asymmetric war, the smaller side poses a deadly threat to the larger or “regular” military force. Obviously the police are NOT the military 3/
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No one: ....
#Anonymous after 3 years, few hours later:

1. Taken down the #Minneapolis PD website.

2. Hacked #Chicago PD radios and played the song ‘Fuck the Police’.

3. Promise to expose #Ferguson PD.

4. Released #Trump #Epstein docs regarding their connection and crimes.
Anon re-released those docs so people won‘t forget about it and some people didn‘t even know that these docs existed.
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Traduction de la vidéo du mvt hacktiviste #Anonymous rallié aux manif. aux USA.
Ils ont notamment hacké les radios de la police de #Chicago les empêchant ainsi de communiquer pdt les manifs.
#riots2020 #georgesfloyd #GeorgeFloydProtests

《 Ceci est message d'#Anonymous aux services de police de #Minneapolis. Les violences et les meurtres policiers sont un problème très répandu aux #USA qui a infecté indubitablement pratiquement toutes les juridictions du pays. Mais les services de police du Minnesota font
partie des pires et détiennent un suivi record abominable de violence et de corruption. Cette semaine, l'assassinat brutal de #GeorgeFloyd, l'étincelle qui a provoqué des manifestations et une indignation nationale, représente simplement la pointe de l'iceberg.
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