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10/2019: UK Genetics Lab Told To Hand Back DNA of African Tribes to Western Cape’s Stellenbosch Univ▫️

Whistleblowers, Formerly of Cambridge-based #WellcomeSanger Institute, Claimed Lab Wanted Use the #DNA to Make Money▫️

“Welcomme Sanger has huge database of DNA in UK”

2020: “Launches Whole Genome Sequence Alliance to Map Spread of Coronavirus”…
“Malaria Experimental Genetics lab course focused on #CRISPR-Cas9 experimental design + hands-on #transfection experience using varied approaches, practical exercises in #genotyping of modified #parasites & more” #Plasmodium
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Drawing Innovation: @illumina Super-Resolution Optics

Recently, $ILMN unveiled the NextSeq 2000, a mid-throughput sequencer w/ a ~2X reduction in operating costs ($/GB).

We think the upgrades inside the NextSeq 2000 may soon enable a $100 clinical-depth human #genome.

But how?
The cost savings come from (1) a new upfront #chemistry and (2) super-resolution optics. We think @illumina will use real-world customer data on the NextSeq 2000 to optimize 1 and 2, then possibly upgrade the #NovaSeq line.…
I'm going to briefly (!) illustrate how #sequencing (*by synthesis*) works, walk through a farming analogy, then dive into some technical details. (Sources at the end)

Below is a general overview of a whole genome sequencing workflow (sample in, data out).
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1/ I’m going to bring the whole F**king Diseased Corrupt Temple down on your head”...


👉🏻 Law Abiding Citizen - "Its Gonna Be Biblical" via @YouTube

#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
2/ Could the 16 Year Plan To Destroy America be Daniel’s 70th Week?

16 = (1+6)=7 👉🏻Daniels 7 Years?👈🏻
Hussein [8] + HRC [8] = 88

“I Daniel” = 88 in Gematria



#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
3/ Is Sacrifice about to be cut off?

👉🏻Daniel 9:27👈🏻

Re: Dec 21st 2017 EO…

Was the Command for Restoration received?


#QAnon @realDonaldTrump @WarriorAnjill @LovesTheLight @FreedomforceR
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Thinking about a low cost easy to manufacture home test kit for #Coronavirus. Outline: #Nasal_swab (Q-tip) w/ freeze dried reagents for isothermal #DNA amplification with #COVID19 primers. Colorimetric readout by #iOS or #Android #App w/ #geolocation & #HIPPA compliant reporting.
Read-out would be in minutes - timer in App - read by camera in your smart phone. No other machines. Links to telemedicine groups for positive results. Built in positive control - e.g. no color = improper test, green NEGATIVE, red POSITIVE.
I’ve done my best creating when faced by a challenge. Next gen sequencing when my son went to new born intensive care - #454 @iontorrent. Ultrasound on a chip @ButterflyNetInc when wanted to monitor my daughter’s kidneys.
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The Most Epic #Vaccine Rant on Twitter I Promise You’ll Ever Read

The #EpigeneticWhisperer Is Super Duper Pissed

A Tweet Series By EW

I’m mad as hell & I’m not going to take it anymore!
-Howard Beale, Network, 1976

I’ve been hanging around this 🌎 for 4 decades now & I have 2 tell u that I’m really pissed off. I was born, grew up & have reluctantly participated in this hot beautiful mess called society. I’ve been looking around, taking notes, & there r way 2 many things pissing me off.

One societal catastrophe has been this 300 year #vaccine experiment on humans. The most outrageous lie ever perpetrated on the human race. It’s pissing me off something fierce. Let me count the ways.

1) The entire vax experiment was based on rubbing cow pox blister puss...

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1. New 🧵 #MaxSpiersRIP 🙏🏼

Patriots, if you aren't familiar with him, meet #MaxSpiers 💥

I recommend you read through the thread then watch the entire interview. #KeepYourMindOpen 🧠

Ready for 🤯❓

Down the rabbit hole we go!🐇🕳
2. Here is the full video below. I will also post it at the end. You can view it here (there is also a part two which I'lll add later).

This thread will go over some of the highlights in the order in which they are discussed in the interview.

3. #MaxSpiers had a lot to tell us. Sadly, like #SethRich he's gone.

Here is an article about his end days. Then we will move on to the content of the video which is the topic of this thread.…
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1/அனைவருக்கும் வணக்கம்🙏

இங்கே எதார்ச்சையாக இந்து சமயம் குறித்து பேசும் இடங்களில் அனேகம் காதில் கேட்பது #கைபர்_கணவாய் மற்றும் பிராமணர்கள் வந்தேறிகள் என்பதாகும்....!

இதற்கு ஆதாரம் என்ன என்று கேட்டால் #யூடியூப் தரவுகளும் #வெள்ளைக்காரனின் ஆராய்ச்சிகளையும் தான் முன்வைப்பார்கள்
2/ என்பதில் எந்த மாற்றுக் கருத்தும் இல்லை.....! இன்னும் கூடுதல் பலமாக #DNA ஆதாரம் னு சொன்னாலும் ஆச்சரிரியப் படுவதற்கில்லை....!

ஆனால் இன்று #சிவன் #திருமால் #முருகன் னு ஹிந்துக்கள் வழிபடும் கடவுள்களும் அவர்களை வழிபடும் அனைவரும் கைபர் கணவாய் வழியாக வந்த நாடோடிகள் என்று
3/ DNA ஆதாரத்தை முன்வைத்தால்👈

இரண்டு தலைமுறைகளுக்கு முன்பு அதாவது இன்று #இஸ்லாம் #கிறிஸ்தவர்களாக இருக்கும் அனைவரும் இரண்டு மூன்று தலைமுறைகளுக்கு முன்பு சிவன் திருமால் முருகன் என்று இந்து கடவுள்களை வழிபட்டவர்களே....!

ஆக மதம் மாறிவிட்டால் DNA வும் மாறி விடுமா என்று எனதருமை
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Ever shattered an orange using liquid nitrogen? That's how we get DNA out of ticks in our new @FrontiersIn article… @UMassMedical @broadinstitute @karlssonlab
We have a lot of ticks. 1000s & 1000s of ticks. People send them to us as part of our #citizenScience #tick disease study The problem? getting the DNA out.
We want to use high-throughput #DNA sequencing to find out everything we can about each individual #tick - its species, its intestinal #microbiome (they have one too!), and if it carries dangerous pathogens.
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2020 realization. A year ago and for years people talked about deep state, illuminati, kazarian mafia, kabals. It kept the theater curtain up with the tiny wizard behind it.... I understood it was there in 2012. Not who. It. NOW. We can literally see who they are. Ashkenazi Jews.
So the facade behind which the mockery of humanity has occurred via certain bloodlines, bankers and their presses has been ripped off. They created UN & Israel. Before holocaust they are responsible for the biggest cruelest known genocide in history. The soft coup gig is up. F
A soft coup and soft slow and painful while they extract as much as they can from all they've infested. Humans are their currency. They even even enjoy eating them.
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Let me do a @CarpeDonktum on @KamalaHarris departure from her 0% chance campaign, ready

Tulsi Gabbard - Well, I told you so in the debate

Joe Biden - Well, I could not pick her for VP because she was more frightening than Hillary
@ewarren Well, Kamala actually had real Indian blood, and was a threat to my fake #DNA test and my candidacy so, good riddance,

@SpeakerPelosi well Kamala is destroying California w/ me, and would not have been able to keep up w/ my 40 year career doing nothing
@AndrewYang Since I am focused on giving away $1,000 to each citizen for my vote, I did not need #KamalaHarris2020 interfering in that plot, she was always acting as though she had won already

@RepAdamSchiff Other than her sleazy affair, we had nothing to blackmail her with
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Thread: (#Ancestry #DNA #PeopleAreNotSecrets #2019vs2018)

As we're heading into the holidays and we recently had a fit of family birthdays, I find it interesting people are already reviewing 2019 before it's over. It's also interesting how many people
Believe the current year was worse than the previous, even when they said the same thing the previous year. In general each person marks each year in relation to their own life. 2019 wasn't as positive as 2018 was but each were better than 2017.
In 2017 I had a difficult work load, a back injury and the loss of my adoptive mother who was the last of my adopted family. In summary it was pretty negative except for a Black Friday sale on @Ancestry DNA tests that changed my life.
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🔸Finders Theread🔸
The Finders files have just been released by the FBI.
An investigation into the CIA, and Intel agencies involvement in satanic ritual abuse of children and child trafficking.

#satanism #cults #HumanTrafficking
Everything previously known about The Finders
It is important to first read this article.
It lays out everything previously known about the case and links uncovered by the media.
TF = The Finders
SRA = Satanic Ritual Abuse
CT = Child Trafficking
Dept = Department
Intel = Intelligence
DOJ = Department of Justice
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1/ thread on excellent new episode of @reveal on #geneticgenealogy, the use of #DNA profiling to target criminal suspects, which features many of my "favorite" themes… #consumergenetics #geneticdata
2/ theme: researchers who can't burn down the world fast enough, here in the form of one of the top genetic genealogists in the world (whose name is in the transcript), who sounds completely uninterested in the obvious perils of this tech, so pushes on regardless
3/ theme: "crowdforcing," when the data someone else shares inherently shares information about you and other people who have in no way consented to their data being shared at all (comments toward end by Maryland law prof Natalie Ram)
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The court has returned for the afternoon session on #NIIMS

PS Interior Kibicho will be re-examined. Follow us for live tweets
Counsel says re-examination will take 1-1.5 hours. The Court releases Jerome Ochieng for the day and he will be cross-examined tomorrow
Respondent Counsel Regeru asks “what is #NIIMS?” - Dr Kibicho states that #GOK is moving into a digital era and that the only lacking area is the creation of a digital population register
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1/ @voiceofsandiego suspects @SDDistAtty @SummerStephan may be leaving the #Republican Party. Why? Read her rambling response:…

What is clear: #SanDiego is full of ambitious politicians who change party, office and/or districts to stay in/run for office.
2/ Related: 2 of 3 recent Chairs of @sandiegodems were "reformed" #Republicans

They changed their party registration then worked against #progressives when they run against #moderates. Women of color were especially impacted by moderate party policies & actions in 2018
3/ @sandiegodems used "member communication" $ to attack @CD4Monica @vivianmorenoSD in their elections

Both women won- despite institutional #Democrat opposition. Hopefully this teaches local Democrats about the power & need for #diversity & representation in #SanDiego politics
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#TRIBECON begins #Pravara; felicitations to #AbhayBang @SearchGad & #sudarshan #VGKK for their inspiring work on #TribalHealth; @DrLahariya @whoindia among others felicitated
#abhayBang #healthsystem design for tribal communities need to be relooked for #UHC; strategies & schemes must adapt with local social & cultural context; recollects #Brainstorming with @DesirajuKeshav at @SearchGad leading to #ExpertCommittee #tribalhealth @TribalHealthIND
#TRIBECON #AbhayBang notes with happiness increasing interest in #tribalhealth research, yet this continues to be “off the beaten path”; congratulations to #pravara medical college in bringing this together; the proposed #Bandardhara declaration to improve #tribalhealth research
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Thread: Building a strong DNA matched tree
#Adoptee #DNA #FamilySearch #FamilyTree

I wanted to expand on my paternal search methods as to help others in a similar situation. Evidence, both DNA and documentation, is central to supporting any conclusions.
As I said in my last thread, I found that my paternal matches fell into three family groups: Petronius, Tütscher & Tyneslawe. But that wasn't enough information to support my hypothesis. I could build a tree for each family but it had to be supportable by the facts.
I started by building a tree based on:
1.Birth and Death certificates
2.Marriage and divorce documents
3.Federal and/or state census
4.Other Government documents such as court rulings, land grants, etc.
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Canada was given a warning by the United States. The US learned of Ortis from a Chinese intel officer whom they had “flipped.”
I believe the spy who have up Cameron Ortis was Deputy Division Director Yangun Xu, arrested in Belgium and extradited to the United States in October 2018
He was targeting Aviation and Aerospace secrets.…
The case of Patrick Mallroy…
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Since I've been very vocal about being adopted, getting DNA tests & finding my birth family, I'm often asked how that all happened. So, I will try to explain my journey.
It started in 2017 when we buried my adopted mother, the last of my adopted family. It was about that time @Ancestry was having a Black Friday sale. The kit had dropped to $49 & I wanted to answer the question what ethnicity I was.
Within a month I had my results & they blew my mind! Most folks said I looked Italian & they were partially correct. To make a long story short, I'm good old American mongrel - I have an interesting mix of ethnic origins.
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"Life did not invent #DNA."

Experimental support for the #hotsprings hypothesis for life's origin: David Deamer of @ucsc on nucleic acid polymerization in the wet-dry cycling of Darwin's "warm little pond," powered by #geothermal. Lab results confirmed in #hydrothermal pools.
From "boring statistical partitioning" in the fission of early protocells to the complex #homeostasis-driven #mitosis of the cells we know - Doron Lancet of @WeizmannInstSci on the gradient between closure of #autocatalysis #networks to complex regulatory mechanisms of #biology.
"Life is an integrated nested network of dynamic #kinetic cycles."

Addy Pross emphasizes the importance of motion to the persistent forms of self-organizing #complexsystems at SFI today
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Breaking↘️ @US_FDA Finds Unexpected Antibiotic Resistance #AMR #Genes in ‘Gene-Edited’ Dehorned #Cattle: "The @Recombinetics gene-edited cattle do contain #DNA unnatural to cattle".… @Act4AnimalsEU
@US_FDA @Recombinetics @Act4AnimalsEU "FDA’s demonstration that gene-editing techniques can introduce foreign DNA is likely to be seen as a significant blow to the no-regulation argument. It is also a powerful vindication of the #EU approach, which is to regulate gene-edited organisms as #GMOs."
@US_FDA @Recombinetics @Act4AnimalsEU This is one more and very compelling argument to be critical of #CRISPR technologies to genetically modify animals. We recently expressed more criticism here, with regard to using gene editing to prevent puberty in #pigs:…
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They get a mention right here from the @USTreasury in a notice they are targeting them-

Correct Link for Navy Seal Swastika Building-…

Coming Alien Threat still 👀s like that damned CULT just worshiping fallen consciousness.
"Aliens" is in their Reverse Speech, but I've not determined exactly what it means by this. Stuff coming up around this: subjugation, trafficking, CULTS, torture, tech, hypnosis, corporations, MIL, #Biowarfare, #DNA...but no benevolent beings have I found.
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تحت هالتغريدة حتكلم في سلسلة تغريدات عن السرطان، إيش هو؟ وكيف يتكون؟ إيش هي صفاتة الجزيئية؟ ووين وصلنا في حربنا معه؟ أطلق على هالسلسلة عنوان: #الخلية_المجنونة
بدأت أبحاث السرطان بالإنطلاق الفعلي في بداية السبعينات، بعد أن أعلن الرئيس الأمريكي الراحل نيكسن حربه على السرطان في خطابه المشهور عام 71. تأثرت أبحاث السرطان في تلك الفترة بثورة البيولوجيا الجزيئية في ذاك الوقت الي تفجرت بعد الإكتشاف العظيم للحمض النووي #DNA في الخمسينات.
الخلايا الطبيعية في الجسم تعيش وفق نظام محكم، ماتنقسم إلا عند الضرورة وبعد ما تتأكد إن الجينات الي داخلها مافيها أي خلل. إذا كان في خلل تصلحه قبل ماتنقسم #DNArepair، وإذا ماقدرت تصلحه تنتحر عبر عملية الموت المبرمج #Apoptosis. هذي الخواص مهمة للحفاظ على أنسجة الجسم من تكون الأورام
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