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Breaking from Wisconsin : Alvin Cole's mother has been arrested . Police apparently broke her arm. Other family members have been arrested and #JacobBlake 's father has been arrested as well. @anoncatanoncat
They also hit Alvin Cole's mom in the head. You could hear her on a live stream telling them her head is bleeding and the cops said "well, that's too bad" . I am so angry right now.
Spread this shit far and wide, America deserves to know this is how the police treat the family members of the people they kill and injure.
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For this #internationalpodcast day, we thought we'd take a trip down recent-memory lane and share some clips from #IXNAY the podcast that's guaranteed to get @realdonaldtrump out of the White House. Here's a clip from our first ep with David Guinan…
Here’s @warkin on what’s even better than a buncha generals coming out against Trump…
Listen to Marine veteran @jgoldbeck on the one incredibly easy (but uncomfortable) thing we can ALL do to defeat Trump…
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Anyone who can take a moment to think intellectually & look the following cases honestly ( not emotionally) will have to reach a similar conclusion. Not saying they ended as they should have, but look it from both sides.
1. #BreonnaTaylor
2. #GeorgeFloyd
3. #JacobBlake
Dated a career criminal w a justified arrest warrant. He gave her address as the last know residence & was seen there on surveillance. Her name appears to’ve been on the warrant
Police knocks on the door but is immediately shot at. LEOs shoot back in self defense.
Her current boyfriend shoots the LEOs who knocked & made their presence known according to witnesses. He is declared innocent as he stated he shot in self-defense.

The officers also shot back in self-defense, they did NOT go to her apt to kill. So why is the officer at fault?
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STARTING SOON: #BreonnaTaylor’s family and attorneys including @AttorneyCrump are getting ready to address the media at Jefferson Square Park. @wave3news Image
Among those at Jefferson Square Park, Crump says the father of #JacobBlake is here from Kenosha, WI. Also here: @atticascott4ky after being released from jail.
Crump says #BreonnaTaylor’s family is outraged. “Did he [Cameron] present any information on Breonna’s behalf, or did he put his thumb on the scales of justice,” he asks. “In doing so, making sure #BreonnaTaylor’s family never got their day in court.” @wave3news
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@tylereifert used the NFL’s helmet decal provision to list David Dorn’s name which has been used by white nationalists online as anti-Black whataboutism to dismiss police brutality protests and victims. Image
NFL exec Anna Isaacson said the decals “amplify its social justice initiatives” and players can “select a *victim of systematic racism* who is not represented” on an NFL provided list.

@tylereifert & @AIfromBK, please explain how David Dorn is a victim of systemic racism. ImageImage
While David Dorn’s name has been co-opted by Trump and white nationalists to dismiss victims and protesters of police brutality, his daughters say Dorn wouldn’t want to be politicized, and disagreed with Trump’s attacks on Colin Kaepernick.

Tyler and the NFL need to explain. Image
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Campaigning in #Wisconsin, @SenKamalaHarris told #JacobBlake that she was“proud of him.” Huh?
Police who shot #JacobBlake were attempting to arrest him after he reportedly violated a restraining order. He is accused of breaking into the home of a woman he knew and sexually assaulting her.
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Imagine if a man assaulted you on average twice a year (including rape) for the last five years.
Then imagine waking up to find that same man standing over you and your sleeping child at 4am with his privates exposed, where he proceeds to penetrate you digitally...

Imagine after consoling your child, you enter your living room to find that he's gone..but see your keys, your ATM card & your car are also gone.
Through tears, imagine calling the cops to report the incident & the feelings of humiliation in describing what just happened to you.
Next, just imagine how you'd feel to learn from the cops that this man has withdrawn money from your bank account twice since he left...

Now fast forward 3 months:
Imagine learning about his arrest for the outstanding warrant relating to his past crimes involving you.
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Every year on 9/11 our nation pauses to remember those who lost their lives in the horrific terror attacks that took place 19 years ago today. Many of us can think back to that morning of #September11, 2001 & remember exactly where we were when the attacks occurred.
Thread: 1/10
Over the past 19 years our nation has collectively experienced and expressed a gamut of emotions including: grief, honor, fear, outrage, borderline panic, remembrance, #NeverForget and #DemandJustice.
As a citizen of the United States of America and the son of a military veteran, I honor and remember those who lost their lives due to terror 19 years ago today.
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It was my Soror @sunny 💖💚repeating the #JacobBlake question for me.

AND @WhoopiGoldberg and @sunny’s response when @SarahHuckabee lied about all that Tang has done for black folk. 😂 They were like where and:
AND @WhoopiGoldberg’s “Naw, Son!” on the way to commercial.

Just good television all around.
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It’s weird that these ppl think this behavior helps their cause. It doesn’t. They don’t deserve a platform, but their behavior should be on display. See thread.

For what it’s worth, the good, supportive msgs outweigh the bad. And it’s worth a lot.
This one is from the FOP.
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A Suntimes reporter quoted our tweet, where we basically called CPD a state sponsored & protected gang. CPD has shot & jailed #LatrellAllen & shot & killed #MiguelVega!

Yesterday a Sheriff & a off duty cop shot people in 2 separate incidents!

#LatrellAllen fortunately survived being shot in the back by CPD & like #JacobBlake he was handcuffed to his bed in the hospital while getting treatment for his injuries. They criminalized him & sent him straight to jail!…
#MiguelVega’s family says that he was running away from the gunfire when he got killed by CPD! He won’t be able to share his story & like Latrell he has also been criminalized by CPD & the media! Please donate what you can.…
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18-year-old #DeonKay -reportedly pictured in this video uploaded to Instagram- was shot and killed by the @DCPoliceDept during an incident, yesterday where Metropolitan PD Chief Peter Newsham stated: "We believe the suspect had a gun at the time" and a firearm recovered at...
...the scene -what appears to be a @BERSAUSA_EAGLE TPR45C- matches with the firearm brandished by an individual in the Instagram video (left).

Bersa TPR45C:…

Chief Newsham provided an account of the incident including why it was that officers were...
...on the scene in the first place. @HeavySan has reported, along with the @WashingtonPost that #DeonKay was brandishing a firearm at the time that he was shot.…

Per the Wash. Post, City officials have confirmed that there IS bodycam footage and that...
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Talked to #JacobBlake uncle Justin Blake at a #Kenosha barbershop/community center today about his nephew’s health, the investigation into the shooting and the family’s plans to meet @JoeBiden Thursday Image
2/ Justin Blake said his nephew #JacobBlake was released from intensive care today but still hospitalized. Unclear if he’s permanently paralyzed. His uncle choked up talking about it: “With the tech we have and his fervor, I believe before I pass away, I will see him walk again.” Image
3/Blake said officials have not been “transparent” or “forthright” with the family, and called on them to resume daily public updates about the case. “Don’t hide,” he said. Updated story posting soon @latimes
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– ¿Defiende usted las acciones de gente como Kyle Rittenhouse?, le preguntaron al presidente @realDonaldTrump.

– "Él estaba tratando de alejarse aparentemente, se cayó y violentamente lo atacaron".

(Hilo 👇🏼)
#KyleRittenhouse de 17 años fue arrestado y acusado de homicidio por la muerte de dos personas durante las protestas originadas tras el tiroteo a #JacobBlake.

👉🏻 Rittenhouse enalteció el uso de armas, a la policía y a Trump en redes sociales.
#KyleRittenhouse que disparó durante una protesta en #Kenosha permanecerá detenido en #Illinois.

Un juez decidió retrasar la audiencia sobre su extradición a #Wisconsin.

Más detalles 👇🏼
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#JacobBlake had an open warrant for his arrest for felony sexual assault.
#JacobBlake had sexually assaulted the same woman that he assaulted the day of the shooting numerous times over the past 8 years.
#JacobBlake broke into the house in the early morning hours and again sexually assaulted the same woman, while her child was in bed beside her.
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Opening remarks about the stock market and the "China virus" by @POTUS in the @WhiteHouse briefing room. Image
"We've arrested a large number of people -- it's over 200" in various "Democrat-run" cities in the US, says @POTUS. Image
Joint investigation being conducted by @DHSgov and @TheJusticeDept into "violent left-wing civil unrest" in "Democrat-run cities," adds @POTUS.
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"Not currently" replies @POTUS is asked if he's scheduled to meet tomorrow with family of #JacobBlake during his Kenosha visit. Image
"The president roundly condemns violence in all of its forms," says @PressSec in reply to questions about the fatal shooting in Kenosha.
"He wants to show up in the city that's hurting," adds @PressSec about @POTUS planned Tuesday visit to Kenosha, #Wisconsion. Image
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Thread regarding the high profile shootings during arrest attempts this year. Here's the list:

2/23/2020: #AhmaudArbery
3/13/2020: #BreonnaTaylor
5/25/2020: #GeorgeFloyd
6/12/2020: #RayshardBrooks
8/23/2020: #JacobBlake
#AhmaudArbery: History of a gun crime and stealing a TV while on probation. When private citizens attempted to hold him until police arrived, he tried to grab their gun and got shot in the process. (2/10)
#BreonnaTaylor: Both she and her asshole boyfriend had been surveilled by police, visiting a trap house. While in the process of trying to serve a no-knock warrant, her boyfriend opened fire on the cops, and she got caught in the crossfire. (3/10)
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Those who are protesting against police brutality- I support 100%. Those who are out there looting, damaging property, etc. are feeding Trump’s narrative. You are helping re-elect the man you claim to want out of office! I think the original BLM movement got hijacked a bunch
of people that have nothing better to do in this pandemic than cause trouble! I don’t know who these people are but they aren’t out there because of Floyd, Taylor, and Blake. They have their own agenda! I think leaders of the movement need to speak on this! I see more
White people out there then Black people! Barely any families with kids like how we saw in the beginning. These folks are making the movement look bad - purposely? I don’t know! Trump & his surrogates are using this against the Dems! If you aren’t out there for social
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Before fundly removed #KyleRittenhouse fundraisers, we archived then identified several dozen donors who supported American Wolf, neo-Nazi group raising funds

We're sharing info on donors supporting Kyle injuring 1 & murdering 2 in #KenoshaProtests
Reminding @twittersupport + everyone about to report this thread, that everything was found using publicly available methods on publicly available websites w/o personal info. If you don't approve of having your/your friends' sh*tty bloodthirsty politics exposed, then do better
First we have Kimberly A Gedrose, New Orleans, LA, $108 donor…

Jodi Burrer, Warner Robins, GA gave $100, an apparent #QAnon believer

More on American Wolf, hosting org & nazi crew:…
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#Hilo🧵La tensión racial que sigue latente en Estados Unidos, tuvo hace 50 años un episodio protagonizado por hispanos en las calles de Los Ángeles y aquí recordamos aquellas horas de violencia que incluso provocaron la muerte de un reportero. Image
👊La bandera de la protesta del 29 de agosto de 1970 fue el rechazo a la Guerra de Vietnam.
Miles de chicanos, es decir mexicoestadounidenses, ganaron las calles y midieron fuerzas con la policía. Image
😞Los manifestantes denunciaban que sus familiares y amigos que se habían enlistado en el ejército, eran usados como carne de cañón en los combates contra el ‘Vietcong’. Image
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NPR notes Wisconsin state justice investigators @WisDOJ refuse to say if #Kenosha police were aware that #jacobblake had a knife in his vehicle, citing future charging decision (weak). Game changer for charges against the shooting officer indeed if they didn’t.
@journalsentinel explains the vague statement on the knife here:…
Here is @USATODAY also reporting on the unknown…
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In 2018, Sheriff #DavidBeth went on a bizarre eugenics rant, claiming that the police’s job should be to stop “these males” from “getting ten other women pregnant & having small children.”
by @AlanRMacLeod #kenoshaprotest #Kenosha #KenoshaRiots #JacobBlake
Being in the midst a summer of unprecedented racial and political unrest was apparently not enough to stop Kenosha police from emptying seven rounds into the back of yet another unarmed black man.
by @AlanRMacLeod…
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@RussInCheshire I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. I must say, you're being remarkably stoic about it. I dare say you're in bits inside. Be kind to yourself. 😇

Meanwhile, don't worry about #TheWeekInTory. I've made some notes for you...
@RussInCheshire To start off #TheWeekInTory, some good news —possibly because it's got nothing to do with Tories.

19AUG20: The 1st polar bear to be born in UK for 2yrs will move from its Scottish home to an English Park.

Hmm. That might make a good metaphor for something more political...
@RussInCheshire 1.#WorldHumanitarianDay began tragically when the body of a 16yr-old Sudanese refugee trying to cross the Channel with a friend in a dinghy rowed by shovels washed up on a French beach.

2.Priti Patel responded with invective against criminal gangs, bypassing compassion & concern
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