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2/ Cy Vance, the District Attorney of Manhattan and one more chronic sufferer of #TrumpDerangementSyndrome, has subpoenaed eight years of Trump's tax returns in what is supposed to be an investigation involving hush-money payments.
3/ GM autoworkers have gone on strike nationwide.
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Be vigilant.
See something.
Say something.
Know your surroundings at all times.
As many as three gunmen opened fire Saturday at an El Paso mall packed with back-to-school shoppers, killing “multiple” people and injuring at least 22, police and city officials confirmed.…

Beto O'Rourke held back tears as he spoke about Saturday's deadly shooting at a shopping center in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday.…
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Story time!

About three months ago, I received an invitation to preach a revival in Newport News, Virginia this upcoming weekend.

This morning, I received a phone call from the Pastor and he said “ If you support President @realDonaldTrump you can’t preach at my church”
1. I was coming to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, not my political ideology.

2. When did it become your church? The Pastor is the shepherd of the Lord’s church.

3. Please show me in the Bible where God turn people away because of political affiliation
The political candidate that I choose to support and the political party that I choose to align myself with, has nothing to do with the anointing that God has places on my life.

Instead of getting upset, all I could do is pray for the man. He clearly needs to read his Bible.
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:Nothing can stop our light from shining, PATRIOTS UNITED:

Throughout the #GreatAwakening, many people in the world have been 'resisting' the truth.

There is even a movement called #Resist for people who suffer from #TrumpDerangementSyndrome.
Amazingly, thanks to the wonderful #Qarmy, many 'Super Elite Patriots' have been rapidly sharing truths throughout the world.

Public interest forces the sun to shine.
I was watching this youtube video of electricity taking the path of least resistance through a semi-conductor (timber).

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y'all don't laugh... #TrumpDerangementSyndrome is a serious thing!

Ready for a little thread? 🧵😏
Rosie O'Donnell told NBC Late Night host Seth Meyers that she has been in a "severe depression" since Trump won the presidency in Nov 2016. O'Donnell said she spends "90% of my waking hours tweeting hatred towards" Trump. #TDS…
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🇨🇦 2nd largest country -vast forests/lakes small population/ acre.

I cannot trust Liberal Government who’s NOT ONCE defended Canada’s absorption of World CO2.

#FakeFeminist not protecting and promoting Canadian interests to world.

#FakeNews why not report equal analysis?
2/ Japan vs Canada
-4xs population
-Land area 1/30th

Clearly Japan net emitter while Canada an absorber of CO2

Why is this fact not discussed, reported?

#FakeFeminist Trudeau must hate Canadians for not even fighting for our contribution-but only wants to Carbon tax us.
3/ only conclusion #FakeFeminist Trudeau wants to punish Canadians not defend us.
1. Ignores Canada’s CO2 absorber
2. Useless Carbon Tax
3. Killing oil & pipelines the foundation to Canada’s economy/great social services- only to allow other countries to meet oil demand
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Since @JohnBrennan has SOOO much to say about OUR President...time to break down some facts about him. Spoiler alert: He's as corrupt as they come. Also a verified LIAR.

[2015] CIA Director @JohnBrennan lied when he denied ordering agency employees to search Senate comps to trace a leak. Frustrated w his unwillingness to admit the obvious, 3 Senate Dems called on Brennan to admit that his agency crossed the line.…
[2014] The scandal stirred fresh doubts abt John Brennan’s ability to lead the CIA & could make it difficult for the agency to push back on the findings of a Senate report on Bush-era “enhanced interrogation” techniques that might be released this…FYKg
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New #Q thread
All on #AOC #GreenNewDeal #GreatAwakening #GITMO #WednesdayWisdom
dont like this post research these 3 new groups!! they been created last 2 years



New Reporting Sheds Light on Who is Funding Sunrise Movement
Both the Rockefeller Family Fund and the Wallace Global Fund provide substantial financial support to EarthRights International (ERI), Green New Deal'…
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@politynow You are too gullible to understand that your #TrumpDerangementSyndrome is a false narrative by @cbc and other $600M paid media to make you hate Trump and then by comparison the most inept PM looks like a nice guy by comparison.

I’m doing it for Canada.
@politynow @CBC 2/ Think.
China detains Canadians because Canada is weak and Trudeau/Freeland attacked and insulted @POTUS
China saw that - so it knew @realDonaldTrump w’d not use full forces to help Canada
While your hate Trump was being satiated by Trundeau - Canadian at risk.
@politynow @CBC @POTUS @realDonaldTrump 3/ youre so ignorantly gullibly consumed with Trump Hate - which Canadian Media fans to help Trudeau - you missed @potus saying at #sotu that he has great respect for China Xi and didn’t mention Canada.
—3 detained 🇨🇦

You w’d desrtoy Canada to feed your irrational Trump hate.
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1. #QAnon outlines the political psychopatholgy of #TrumpDerangementSyndrome (#TDS) - an excessive, & unfounded, self-admiration and self-interest as dogma, a narrative of projecting blame, & "suppressing opposition (Fascism)" thru censorship & antisocial aggression. #Q
2. #QAnon "Think mirror" #Q
3. #QAnon Notes that President Trump has more than $200 million in new construction teed up for Guantanamo this year and next, and $66 million for a 150-prisoner jail, with campus, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state for troops and airmen accused of crimes. #Q
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1/ Let’s speak the truth

We know @JustinTrudeau no idea what’s happening on files he’s coached to read a script. ADMITTED he’s ceremonial leader.

@realDonaldTrump hands on & active on 100s of VERY IMPORTANT files - no script- just hard work—and #FakeNews chides his every word.
2/ no person I know can be so actively engaged, direct such transformative change with so many files and keep it together.
Look at @elonmusk - he’s falling apart and he’s got 1/1,000,000th of problems facing @realDonaldTrump

@JustinTrudeau does NOTHING gets a free ride from MSM
3/ .. And let’s not forget both Justin Trudeau (46) Elon Musk (47) young enough to be @POTUS sons.


If #FakeNewsMedia wasn’t gripped with such vile #TrumpDerangementSyndrome hate they’d see super human energy and great resilience.
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"Prosecutors: Siraj Wahhaj Was Training Starving Children at New Mexico Compound to Carry Out School Shootings" .@KatiePavlich #sirajwahhaj #DNC…
2018 Son of Imam #SirajWahh &1993 co-conspirator of #WTCbombing caught training #SchoolShooting terrorist KIDS!

Flashback: Democrats Embrace Siraj Wahhaj: Supporter of Cop-Killer, Al Qaeda & Hamas to headline “Jumah at the Democratic Natl Convention 2012.”…
2012: "Jumah at the DNC Fizzles" . @BreitbartNews

Less than 24 hours before “Jumah at the DNC” was held, nervous officials at the Host Committee quietly removed it from the list of officially sanctioned DNC pre-convention events.…
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Ohio's 12th District
✔️Vote for @Troy_Balderson
✔️Endorsed by POTUS @RealDonaldTrump
✔️Tuesday, August 7th
✔️Delaware, Licking, Morrow, Franklin, Marion, Muskingum, & Richland counties #OH12


Today, AUGUST 7TH, is Election Day

Ohio, Michigan & Missouri are states Trump won with Corrupt democrat Senators. We need to vote in overwhelming numbers to restore Our RIGHTS back to PEOPLE
🚨#ElectionDay in OHIO🚨

Vote for @Troy_Balderson #OH12

✅ Lower taxes
✅ A stronger economy
✅ Safer communities
✅Restoring of Your Rights
✅ Defeat Communists democrats To make sure Nancy Pelosi never becomes Speaker
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#QAnon Is the Embodiment of the Latter Day Patriot Causing the Left Behind to Cower in Disbelief [VIDEO] #LionelNation🇺🇸 #MAGA @realDonaldTrump #QAnon #FreeTommy #VoteRed #WeThePeople #GreatAwakening #TrumpArmy #Deplorables #WWG1WGA #ClintonBodyCount
@THEKINGthemovie is beyond pathetic and should be avoided at all cost. #TrumpDerangementSyndrome on steroids. Disjointed and scattered, discursive and desultory. Was this an #Elvis doc or an anti @realDonaldTrump propaganda? You know it's going to reek when @AlecBaldwin's in it.
#QAnon references and guides. Yet again.
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We will Join the Class action Lawsuits if my account isn't IMMEDIATELY Removed from any & ALL lists/algorithms that Restrict ANY of my RIGHTS on Twitter

@Jack you have been legally informed & have 14days Notice by law
Whoopi Goldberg dismissed Judge Jeanine off The View after Pirro correctly stated,

"when people who shouldn't be here end up murdering the children of American citizens"

Democrats don't care when illegal aliens murder Americans
Dear @WhoopiGoldberg,

Since you had a tantrum & kicked Judge Jeanine Pirro off #TheView when she talked about illegal aliens murdering Americans

Kate Steinle & Edwin Jackson were killed by illegal aliens. Kayla Cuevas & Nisa Mickens were killed by MS-13
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1. Call this “fake news” if you like, but the rumours are getting too loud to simply be dismissed. Mel Gibson: Hollywood Is ‘Den Of Parasites’ Who ‘Feast On Blood Of Kids’…
2. There are many who believe that this “Feasting on the blood of kids” is the real reason why there is so much opposition to President Trump and those who go against SJW orthodoxy. They play with semantics to win the uninformed to their side.
3. But there comes a tipping point. A time when certain things can no longer be ignored. I believe the #IGReport contained lots of significant information... but there is one page that stands out but about which the media is unsurprisingly quiet. Here’s a screen shot.
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