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I have complex thoughts on this matter but:

> If we forgive student loans, […] a 100% refund is warranted.

If it's a _refund_ then the universities are the ones to pay them, not the taxpayers (or the banks).

This is not my position, but let's be consistent. 1/
My position is that (1) contracts entered into freely shouldn't be nullified because it's popular; (2) going forward, Univs should be co-signers of the loans (which would change their admissions/offerings a lot, I'm guessing); (3) merit scholarships should be the norm. 🤓🤓🤓 2/
Coming from a poor country, we had free education but the universities had a lot more STEM/business/law students than, say, humanities (and those were generally geared towards "teach in middle-to-high school" jobs). It wasn't a "finding yourself" time, more a "get a job" 🧐🤓 3/-
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As a member of @ScienceAU, Victoria's Science Society supports the #research sector's ten pledges, seeking commitments from candidates for the Australian Federal #Election2022. Let's run through them all, shall we? #auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022
Let's punch *at* our weight in #research funding, at least. It's a matter of investing in our brainpower as a resource for other sectors to draw on, & sustain tertiary #education as one of major exports. #auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022
We argue #research #translation is about "bench to #community" - #industry is a big part of that. Public funding established a world class research sector, but the private sector is where we need to build capacity to benefit from that resource. #auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes2022
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#Tutoring has become an important discipline to improve #STEM education background.
Here are some interesting stats about STEM:
1. 10.2 million people work in STEM in US in 2021.
2. Average annual #salary for STEM workers is around 90k USD and thus more than double the average.
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Thank you @IWS_Network! It's an honour to be invited to #IWSVoices spotlight.

Certainly important to raise the visibility and amplify voices of #WomenInSTEM globally and 🇨🇦#immigrants 🇨🇦. Kudos for relentlessly growing & nurturing an engaged #Network!
I was born & grew up in #Baguio "City of Pines" (P. insularis), #Philippines summer capital, regional ctr of mineral-rich Cordillera Admin Region. Site of US military Camp John Hay hillstation.
Elevation: 1500 m ⬆️ sea level
Ave temp: 18.3°C
Pop: 370,218
#IWSVoices #WomenInSTEM Map of the Philippines from...View of Baguio City nestled...Pine trees (Pinus insularis...
Digital-free childhood: our playground was wide expanse of hills & mountns. Roamed freely & safely. Being close to nature ignited curiousity & wonder, igniting my love for #EarthSciences #Botany #Chemistry. 🍃🌿🍀🐜🕷️
#IWSVoices #WomenInSTEM @IWS_Network
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New episode out today! Join us for a conversation with @LesinskiLab where we chat about his professional journey and his career as a translational researcher. Listen in and hear some #sciencebehindthescenes. #behindthemicroscope
@LesinskiLab @WinshipAtEmory @EmoryMedicine @EmoryUniversity @A_P_S_A @sitcancer @CancerBioEmory @laneygradschool @LaneyEDGE @emoryhealthcare Dr. Lesinski (@LesinskiLab) completed his undergraduate studies at @bgsu before continuing on to Medical College of Ohio (now @UToledoMed) to complete his PhD in biomedical sciences.
He then continued on to @OhioState to complete a postdoctoral fellowship and an MPH in clinical investigation, eventually joining the faculty at @OhioStateMed.
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Cada #8M recordamos una de las razones por las que como sociedad no somos mejores:
➡️la brecha de género…

…Y en esta lucha por la equidad no se quedan atrás la ciencia y las científicas: #Mujeres en #STEM

Así q dejo🧵para colisionar ideas y reconocer el🪜q #EsTuyo

Estos últimos 2 años entendimos la importancia de la salud, pero más allá de la salud de cada quien, comprendimos la vulnerabilidad de la salud humana y del equilibrio global…

…ya q en parte, la pandemia fue resultado de un problema de #saludplanetaria #planetaryhealth 🌎2/ Image
Concepto sobre la interrelación y armonía entre humanos y el planeta…pero más sobre esto después…

Antes, quiero resaltar q para el desarrollo de las sociedades (y los ODS) se requiere Equidad y Ciencia…y por ello el #11February es el Día de la Mujer y la Niña en la Ciencia
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Many times when susceptibility testing is done for P. aeroginosa, a scenario similar to shown in the picture is encountered.
We see that TZP has produced a D shape on the IPM side. This might look very similar to the phenomenon seen in gram positive ICR strains. So what is it?
Published data says that this result is most likely due to
inducible expression of the P. aeruginosa AmpC beta-lactamase.
Certain enteric
(Serratia, Providencia, Citrobacter, Enterobacter, Morganella) and non-enteric organisms (P. aeruginosa, Aeromonas) can up-regulate expression of
their chromosomally-encoded ampC genes in response to sub-inhbitory concentrations of certain
b-lactam antibiotics
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Do business school professors need business experience?
Many #PhDs / #DBA's end up in teaching and/or academic business research.
Both are different areas.
For teaching, you have to have practical experiences that you are supposed to share with the classroom.
Many corporate world leaders are the most sought after when it comes to teaching business courses in an #MBA program!
Most of these corporate bigwigs don't have Doctorate degrees, but, even then, universities would like to bring them on board because they have an adequate amount of insights.
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Hoy, en el #11F #DiadelaMujerylaNiñaenCiencia os contamos una historia muy especial. Abrimos hilo.

¿Y tú? ¿Nos cuentas tu historia? No te olvides de incluir #11FCuentaTuHistoria

#MujeresEnCiencia #STEM #11febrero @11defebreroES Image
#Matilda era una niña corriente, que jugaba con todo, desde aviones, cohetes, pelotas deportivas a cocinas, muñecas, etc. El primer tipo de juguetes no era tan común entre las niñas de su edad.
Aunque en ese momento no se daba cuenta, #Matilda tenía el privilegio de vivir en una familia acomodada y que no la restringía a los juegos “de niñas”.
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Today is #InternationalDayofWomenandGirlsinScience! I am so incredibly lucky to have so many amazing #WomenInScience to work with! So listing just a few here… 👩‍🔬👩‍🔬👩‍🔬

#11Feb #WomenInSTEM #GirlsInSTEM #GirlsInScience

Starting out with my team @Uni_Newcastle @UoN_CaMS with so many stellar women doing super cool research! Big shout outs to @rosey_hart, @Cristina__Viola, Maddy, @annette_burke77, @EliseBuller, Kendall (not on Twitter 🤯) and @_KarenPalmer down in Tassie!
@UON_research I have amazing colleagues in #STEM, from those I work with like @KiddVerdon to others who are just doing amazing stuff like @scientistjessie, @DaphneJamesUON, @oreotheoread, @juanitatodd10, and @Dr_Jess_Allen. Some I’m lucky enough to consider as mates!
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Happy first day of #BlackHistoryMonth! To celebrate, we'll periodically take time to honor the brilliant Black minds that have contributed to our field over the years. A thread: Image
First up in our series: @6Gems, who founded @BlackGirlsCode after noticing the severe underrepresentation of minorities in the startup world. Bryant's nonprofit has enabled many young black girls to create meaningful work & go on to become leaders in their communities. #BHM2022 Image
@6Gems @BlackGirlsCode Katherine Johnson was a human computer whose calculations were essential to @NASA's Project Mercury, Apollo 11, and more. When the space program switched to digital computers, Johnson helped confirm the accuracy of their calculations. Image
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House Democrats are hard at work selling out American STEM grads by proposing amendments to the COMPETES Act:

- Staple green card to diplomas of children of H1Bs who major in STEM
- Staple green cards to master's degree STEM grads
- Staple green cards to PhDs in medicine
If you're a #STEM grad who can't find a job due to taxpayer subsidized foreign STEM workers, you can thank these Congress members for supporting expansions to @BarackObama's illegal STEM OPT program:

@BarackObama @RepDeborahRoss @KathyManningNC @CongressmanRaja @RepBera @RepScottPeters And one more "staple green cards to their diplomas" amendment, from @RepBillFoster and @RepPressley.

This is the same as Bill Foster's HR5924 bill cosponsored by Deborah Ross, who never misses an opportunity to sell out her voters in #NorthCarolina.…
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1/7 A bit of chemistry of the Atlas V rocket. Initial liftoff is achieved with “booster” solid composite propellant that contains ammonium perchlorate, aluminum powder, and hydroxy terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) as the binder system.

#Chemtwitter #Space #STEM
2/7 Aluminum only makes up a small amount of the overall formulation of the booster, but is very important. It catalyzes efficient and clean combustion, and maximizes the burning rate of the solid booster propellant mixture.

#Chemtwitter #Space #STEM
3/7 After the boosters finish their initial work, they separate from the rocket, and the first stage engine takes over. In the case of the Atlas V, it’s a common core booster propellant known as Kerolox.

#Chemtwitter #Space #STEM
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@StephenAtHome Sorry but YOU need to know what #CRT is really about. It is NOT teaching "real history" of race. Marxist in premise & praxis, it teaches whiteness is evil, makes white children stand up & confess "I am white, I am privileged, I am an oppressor" & blacks can't learn
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Good question. Not everyone in #SciComm is actually equipped either, is the issue, as there is no credentialing, training, or gatekeeping of quality on #science #communication, much of which is #marketing or reputation management for hospitals & for profit #healthcare companies.
In particular, there is a real dearth of credible, reliable #publichealth #communication & #scicomm. Much of what I have seen called as “SciComm” is “personal brand” & #marketing a private practice for revenue goals. Critical thinking or unbiased communication is still lacking.
Keep in mind just how prevalent gossip & smears & vicious rivalries are in #academia. Do we trust *these* people to responsibly #communicate to the public on delicate issues?

Let’s instead train #journalist on #science than other way round. #SciComm…
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This is what targeted racial harassment looks like: nitpicking things like “smiled” or “wore clothes like a celebrity, as a celebrity” or “bought cookware.” It is part of the “gold digger” narrative.
This is common in #healthcare#professionalism” where there is hazing & bullying by racist &/or classist made up non-rules lacking standards…yet people are called “breaking the rules.”

It’s exactly how bullies operate: double standards, mislabel/smear, exclude, marginalize.
In the U.K., “BAME” includes the formerly colonized, thus making race constructs or power different from U.S. as latter had race-based chattel slavery.

Thing is, those formerly colonized have many who have internalized self hate & racism.…
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This makes me so 🤢

The idea that women are automatically “safe” is exactly what creates this “opportunity” for some women to exploit children & monetize their “optics” of “trustworthy” on behalf of predators.

Gender does not predict ethics, integrity, safety.
Why does #GhislaineMaxwellTrial matter to #womeninSTEM?
⬇️federal funding
➡️private donors (Epstein)

“Socialites” open doors to elite spaces, including #academia #science #STEM
Women=“optics” & “reputation management” for these wealthy predator men…
These same connected women, often daughters of powerful businessmen

are on boards of #WomeninSTEM “empowerment” organizations or on #MeToo (TimesUp scandal)

the very women who are predators of young women are given access to women’s “safe spaces”? (!!!)…
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Two problems were identified with the education of #STEM based subjects.
Instructors at unis tend to pass on only #methodology, proof-writing & all the loaded #mathematical language of #symbols working in the backdrop.
But, ignore the #history & #philosophy of hard sciences.
Many A-level students study physics and get good grades, but they know little to nothing about Galileo, Maxwell, or Newton or the other greats!
Engineers do mathematics but have no clue about Euler, Laplace, Gauss, Fermat, Bernoulli and their personal rivalries and lives.
The same holds true for economists
No student can get a degree in economics without studying Keynes.
But, has anyone ever read about his personal life?
Keynes had a voracious appetite for stock trading, was sexually not straight, and was a non-economics degree holder.
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We are stocked to have In2science mentor Annelisa (@RigoniStella) from @RMIT take over our Twitter for #TakeoverThursday!
Annelisa is a PhD candidate in Chemistry, who is going to talk about some of the things they have learnt during their past 8 years of study in STEM at RMIT!
First up – my very first few years at @RMIT! Completing 2 degrees in Applied Science & Nanotechnology, I learnt so much about how the world around us works on the smaller scale – and also how to make cool compounds in the chemistry labs! A variety of purple, yellow, blue and white coloured chemica
During these first four years completing these degreed, I also had the opportunity to tour the Australian Synchrotron @ANSTO, which I learnt is currently used to carry out crucial research in Australia! A several students residing within a room containing several
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Today's meeting virtual public Meeting for the US Open Government National Action Plan has begun. @philipashlock kicked off. He notes is the first #OpenGov meeting in many years. (True!) Justin Vail says @WhiteHouse is excited to re-engage on @opengovpart & #opengov more broadly ImageImage
"Open government is a priority of the Biden-Harris administration," says Justin Vail, who says the work to rebuild an opengov community in US government is underway & continuing, & that a "year of action" will follow the #SummitForDemocracy & #OGPSummit, including 5th NAP for OGP
Vail acknowledges that it's been "years" since a @WhiteHouse met with US civil society groups around @opengovpart.

That's true – as is the fact that the Biden-Harris administration has neglected re-engagement in 2021 until weeks before the #OGPSummit.… Image
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#USSPACECOM deputy cmdr, Lt Gen John Shaw at @ascendspace on Russian DA-ASAT test: We are still characterizing this event. We expect the debris will grow over time. #Perigee, #apogee event will widen. "It will become a threat that we will have to deal with." #ASAT #Russia
Shaw: This isnt' the beginning of such activity. #Russia conducted a similar test in April, though it didn't target a #satellite. Russia is showing "disregard of the sustainability of #space."
Shaw likens tracking objects in #space to book version of #JurassicPark: Scientists had automated sensors to track dinosaurs & algorithm to count the expected number of dinos. Problem is, it didn't account for the population of dinos rising. ...
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Thank you for your patience! We are live! #ImmunoEquity is starting now! A flyer of the gender equity panel with the headshots and af
#ImmunoEquity we are recentering on all #MarginalizedGeneders and how the #Intersection of #Gender and #Race affect these demographics. 1/
#ImmunoEquity we have seen some increases in white and Asian women, but not in #Hispanic, #Black, or #Native women over the last 15 years and how intersectionality plays in this -Dr. @LabFairfax 2/
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Get ready for #ImmunoDiversity! Let us know anything you learned from this event! We're so excited and ready to build up this thread! #BIIW21 1/
Do we think #Immunology/#STEM stacks up as a welcoming and inclusive field? The general consensus is that #DEI in society is the same in #STEM, but at least we are having conversations around it even if action is slow 2/
Oh, don't forget to follow: @robclayrivers and @danne_phd as they discuss this important topic. 3/
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I had the most wholesome and life changing interaction at #Astrofest2021 on the weekend, it gives me goosebumps and makes me smile every time I think about it.

A thread about parents, neurodivergence and outreach 1/19
I was volunteering at the @ICRAR stand talking about our research and pathways to come study with us. I love it so much, I get to show people that there isn't *one* way to get into astrophysics
I took a winding route, failed courses, took a break but ultimately I'm here! 2/19
I always try focus my energy on the student and figure out what they're nervous about and talk about other routes because it's the student I want to encourage and spark the love of #STEM in and it's so heartening to see their eyes sparkle when they see the possibilities 3/19
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