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Fascinating experiment! We need more diversity in tech. Here's what the experiment shows ... THREAD.
Not all photos are uploaded to Twitter using the correct specs to optimize display on Twitter. For example ...
Twitter apparently taught its algorithm to find the most interesting / relevant parts of of photos, then display a cropped version of those pics such that the most relevant part shows up as a thumbnail.
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🔴 Senate #Republicans have KILLED 400 bills passed by the House, most w/ GOP votes. #Dems need to win 4 seats (3 if #Harris is VP). 6 races are tossups: CO-Gardner, GA-Perdue, IA-Ernst, ME-Collins, MT-Daines, NC-Tillis.

thread: Bills Killed by Senate GOP…
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans:

Climate Action Act
Raise Minimum Wage
Violence vs Women Act
Corporate Transparent Act
Enhanced Background Checks
Gold Star Family Relief Act
Save the Internet Act
Equality Act
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans #2

Paycheck Fairness Act
Protect Preexisting Conditions Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act
Ban Offshore Drilling Act
Invest in Maine Street Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act #2
#STEM education
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Just explained to child 2 why the sun she can see is the sun 8 minutes ago. Blew her mind. Love science.
Of course that led to space in general, somehow to the space shuttle programme, then the Russian attempt to copy the shuttle with 'Buran'.
The the icing on the cake....
I handed her a heat-shield tile from one of the Burans.
Said it's one of my treasured possessions, but now it's hers too.
Enthused - she's currently watching YouTube clips of the Apollo mission.
My #stem work is done tonight.
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On not expecting your trainees to be in perfect mental health, a thread:
I debated disclosing my grades, but because science twitter is so into toxic, over-achiever culture, I'm gonna do it. It's not like I'll ever get into a PhD program so what the hell. I also worry about someone on twitter getting pissed and weaponizing this, but the only
time we seem to talk about grades is to humble-brag. "LoL I oNlY gOt FoUr As ThIs SeMesTeR". So anyway, here are mine, and they're very much a reflection of how I was doing each semester, good or bad.
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Good morning! Someone sent me a photo to ID last week and I thought it'd be a perfect time to bring back Wednesday's Weather Word (a subsidiary of #ScienceBehind)

#13newsnow #STEMeducation Image
Hard to spell
Difficult to say (at least for me)
And sometimes even challenging to see.

This sight is usually seen better around sunrise or sunset, due to the scattering of light during those times.
#STEMeducation #ScienceBehind
Anticrepuscular rays are often dimmer than their counterpart: crepuscular rays

The latter term comes from the Latin for "twilight". Crepuscular rays occur when sunlight streams through breaks in the clouds (some other objects can cause this, too)
#ScienceBehind #STEMEducation
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We have to decouple human population growth from exacerbating the #climatecrisis.
We can do this by stop using fossil fuels because we (will have) made renewables cheap and plentiful. (#STEM jobs)
We can do this when we also retool our industrialization to remove carbon from the air/seas and store it (and some in products we use and will trap emissions when recycled). (more jobs here)
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1/ Rather than doing live national office hours on the topic, I decided to write this thread about #antiracist #teaching. I'm writing it to organize my own thoughts. Also, I'm hoping maybe it will be useful to folks gearing up to teach in the fall.
2/ Some parts of this thread are not discipline specific. Some are more relevant to #STEM. A few are quite specific to math.
3/ I think that when white people like myself try to take antiracist actions (which we all should... frequently), it is important to be humble.
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My day in the lab as a disabled person, a thread (feel free to RT).
I have cerebral palsy, autism (which I normally don't publicly admit), ADD and a learning disability. I'm also profoundly visually impaired. Those involved in #wormgate though it was ok to compare that joke to mocking the disabled.
This is just a form of tokenism from people who have NEVER in all their professional career, lifted so much as a finger to help this community.

Because some professors think it's ok to double down, I thought I'd do the sensible thing, and take you through my day in the lab.
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The magnitude of the problem of systemic racism in #STEM can make one feel powerless to change it.

But, #AcademicChatter, we DO have power in our own spheres of influence. We can change how we teach in our classrooms, how we mentor & lead our research groups. And it counts. /🧵
I finally got a permalink for 🍎Growing Healthy Labs, a workshop I created in 2019 for ✨aspiring faculty on how to create inclusive environments in research groups that develop both excellent science and scientists.🌟

You can access the slides here 👉:… Screenshot of the first presentation slide of the Growing HeScreenshot of the description of the figshare repository ite
I'm a postdoc and I've never run a lab: why is anything I say worth reading?

While at MIT for PhD, I served as a confidential grad student mediator thru @MIT_iREFS, after training in conflict management. This means I spoke w/ many students about their issues. After a few yrs...
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As fisheries scientists, we need to be cognizant of the complexities of the historical figures whose words we amplify. While Jordan's appreciation of overlooked species & his resilience following the destruction of his icthyological collection is beautiful, he was a eugenicist.🤢
In 1928 Jordan served on the founding board of trustees of the Human Betterment Foundation, a eugenics organization that advocated for the forced sterilization of individuals with physical and cognitive impairments.
Jordan used his platform as president of Stanford University for his anti-war advocacy, which was grounded in his belief that war removes "the strongest men" from the gene pool *pauses to gag*, as this in-depth article by @benpmaldonado explains:…
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SR 1.5 recommended we stay below 1.5ºC by 2100, yet oddly allowed for overshoot pathways. An overshoot would cost us in biodiversity and global food security, as well as further weaken the climate by accelerating warming past more tipping elements. Image
To avoid hitting more tipping elements, we need to switch from fossil fuels to renewables asap, increase energy efficiency, & deploy more renewable power. All the while increase DAC R&D. Tons of room for innovation here! IEA is already planing
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Better Plots and Presentations

A thread

Look at this scatter plot. Are there two sets of data or three? Well that depends on whether you have color vision deficiency (CVD; "color blindness") or not.

#STEM #Science #Scicomm #AcademicChatter #DisabledinSTEM #onlinelearning ImageImage
This default excel theme fails the color contrast test as well. Color contrast is important for making online content accessible for those with visual impairments, including CVD. Tools like this can help you see if your work passes the test.… Image
Some color combinations are better than others. Sites like this can show you what your color theme will look like to someone with CVD and also suggests color combinations.…
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why i am no longer publishing (my own) #research in #academic journals - a (long) thread 1/38

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #academicpublishing #academicjournals #peerreview #ecrchat #OpenScience #publicationbias

(some references at the end of the thread)
(i still have a few collaborative papers to write and these will be published properly for the benefit of my co-authors)

i will soon publish a paper on a pre-print server, with no intention of submitting to an academic journal. my reasons for this are manifold 2/38
1. #academia is inherently corrupt & the publication model facilitates this:
- unpaid labour (editors, peer-reviewers,& authors [ok, they do get paid by the uni which oft = public funds yet journals privately profit & we see none of this unlike other forms of publishing]) 3/38
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This #DisabilityPrideMonth, I'll be sharing actionable tips for how you (yes, you!) can make STEM learning & workspaces more inclusive to those of us who are #DisabledInSTEM.

#AltText will be available for every graphic. New tips will be added to this thread. Creating an inclusive envir...
For more information on why using a microphone is an #accessibility issue, please read this post over at
@chronicle: In the foreground in the ph...
The #GRE is expensive, biased & a poor indicator of success in research. Getting approved for #accommodations takes 6 weeks & you need a dr. note (& therefore, insurance). If you're absent from your scheduled test (hello, unpredictable symptoms!), you forfeit your fee. #GREexit Creating an inclusive envir...
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Read about our @NatureEcoEvo comment on how to prepare a growing #postdoc workforce in the @nationalpostdoc #POSTDOCket! The nb of postdocs has doubled in 30 years, but faculty positions nearly not changed. We propose 5 key points to better prepare us for a wide range of careers:
1.Align career development with job markets: a survey found that #STEM PhDs lack skills essential for the current #career landscape. #Postdocs need to be encouraged by advisors & departments to invest time in professional development.
#phdchat #beyondprof…
2. Sustain wellness & work-life balance: a happy worker is a productive worker! No #postdoc should lack access to healthcare, sick leave or parental leave, we need more transparency about benefits & recognition of #mentalhealth consequences of short term contracts & relocation.
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So...I've been really disturbed by the way the coaching we're being offered is really pretty squarely in therapy category, not coaching. Coaching is about current and future. Therapy is about past. We should not be talking about relationship with parents.…
Apparently this is a #tech & #STEM thing to conflate the two? It is really NOT trauma-informed, though. As a pediatrician who has worked in emergency medicine, I know a bit too much about what goes on inside homes. Parents and family are not benign topics…
This captures it: wounds can be deep & raw. We're in a pandemic with high death toll, uncertainty about travel and visas (highly international cohort), uncertainty about program itself, some places under military lockdown, financial crisis. Many triggers…
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On the phone with a friend from back home. She didn't know that @JLo is the reason Google Image Search was created, so I'm telling her the story. #TheArts #STEAM #STEM
Backstory is available in a @GQMagazine article: "People wanted more than just text. This first became apparent after the 2000 #GRAMMYs, where Jennifer Lopez wore a green dress that, well, caught the world's attention." #popculture #thearts
"At the time, it was the most popular search query we had ever seen. But we had no surefire way of getting users exactly what they wanted: @JLo wearing that dress. @Google Image Search was born." #TheArts
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Y después de este gran reconocimiento en #Wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas llega el momento de los agradecimientos 💜💜💜#weloveyoucreativas 💜💜💜 #upfbarcelona
Gracias a @ana__freire y a todo el equipo que está detrás de @wisibilizalas hacéis una labor increíble para romper los estereotipos y la brecha de género en el campo #STEM #Wisibilizalas
Gracias a @UPFBarcelona por promover ideas como esta y conseguir la visibilización de tantos referentes femeninos cercanos #wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas
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Long #MedEd #publichealth 🧵 might be applicable to where you live but is directed at my home town #Melbourne 🇦🇺

Melbourne’s R0 is now up 2.5 as per @JennyMikakos

That means every person with #COVID19 #COVID19Vic is infecting another 2.5 people. 1/…
Back in March Dr Angela Merkel used her communication skills & #STEM background to eloquently explain what R0 is and why even just a rise above 1 to 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 is significant.

Worth watching interview 👇🏼which has subtitles for nonGerman speakers. 2/
Recapping: the current R0 of 2.5 in #Melbourne is very alarming.

Every person with #covid19 (test proven or not) will infect 2.5 people.

Fabulous gif by @siouxsiew @xtotl of @TheSpinoffTV shows the exponential increase well & what happens if we #StayAtHome 👇🏼H/T @simonahac 3/
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Yupiiii, se acaba el curso y queremos dedicarle nuestro último #wisihilo a las queridas #creativas que tantos días nos han acompañado #wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas @UPFBarcelona
Cuando comenzamos este gran proyecto nuestro principal objetivo era dar a conocer al mayor número de profesionales femeninas en el campo #STEM #crearivas #wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas @UPFBarcelona
Lo más importante mostrar el trabajo que desarrolla cada una de ellas en su campo de acción #wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas @UPFBarcelona
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Despedimos el curso en este último jueves enlazando dos súper proyectos #wisibilizalas #cansatgal y dedicando un ratito a las mujeres del espacio @wisibilizalas @upfbarcelona @EseroSp @CanSatSP Ready!!! #wisihilo espacial ⭐️🚀⭐️🚀
Empezamos con Katherine Johnson: física, científica espacial y matemática estadounidense que contribuyó a la aeronáutica en USA y a sus programas espaciales con la aplicación temprana de las computadoras electrónicas digitales en la @NASA #wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas
Nancy Roman ​ fue una astrónoma estadounidense y una de las primeras mujeres ejecutivas de la @NASA , se la conoce como la "madre del Hubble" por su papel en el diseño del telescopio espacial Hubble #wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas @UPFBarcelona @EseroSp
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Hoy es el último martes de la primavera 🌼🌸🌺y el último martes del curso 🗒🗞📖 , un día perfecto para hablaros de #creativas un proyecto de visibilización femenina en el campo #STEM para #wisibilizalas. #wisihilo va!!!!
#wisibilizalas es Concurso internacional dirigido a colegios e institutos de España y Latinoamérica @wisibilizalas @UPFBarcelona
#wisibilizalas busca 💜💜💜Romper estereotipos de género asociados a carreras STEM @wisibilizalas @UPFBarcelona
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De caminito al finde bien merecido abrimos #wisihilo resumen de la semana en #wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas @UPFBarcelona
Una semana da mucho de sí en cuanto a difusión y divulgación, os contamos nuestras ideas y reflexiones para #wisibilizalas 💜💜💜#weloveyoucreativas💜💜💜 @wisibilizalas @UPFBarcelona
Hablamos de STEM, una combinación de Ciencia, tecnología, ingeniería y matemáticas #wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas @UPFBarcelona
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Rollup Incl – 1/ As a female in the military, then IT and now Science I am well versed in the innuendo, ceilings, outright dismissiveness and gaslighting women face in these and other environments. It’s soul crushing in the way it makes you question yourself and for a long...
2/ time I thought I was alone. I don't have experience as a minority but as a woman in male dominated fields I finally came to understand that one cannot rise until we all rise. My current field #science may be more open than most but let's...
3/ face it, the history of Yt ppl in the field supporting and properly crediting the efforts of others is far from great. Fellow STEMs, if you are interested in actively supporting others in the field, consider adding the #FriendInSTEM identifier. Let others know that you are...
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