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Pranay Kumar, a journalist with the Organiser magazine visited a few cities like New Jalpaiguri, Siliguri, Islampur, Malda Town, Murshidabad etc., villages and towns situated adjacent to them, where he noticed a terrible imbalance in the demographics in these villages.
As a result, local Hindus migrate to other cities or safer locations, to escape from the organised and sponsored violence. As a result, Hindu migrants are selling their homes, farms, businesses, and other assets.
Following their escape, some Muslims share their land, take gardens, and care for their homes with great care and skill. They then obtain ownership rights to those lands at rock-bottom prices, have them registered in their names by demonstrating a fear of losing possession of the
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"SHOCKING: 3 Lakh Triblas converted over last 10 years in Rajasthan alone"

Very well organized and well funded, these Missionaries are wrecking the families across India, especially the tribals.

This religious and cultural GENOCIDE has to be stopped!

Part 2
Part 3
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"Why Hindu temples are run by Govt?"

No other religious institutions of other religion r managed by Govt.

Conversions are increasing, Lands of Hindu temples are being encroached. No liberals will stand up for Hindus.

A touching short speech by @TVMohandasPai ji

Sharing the video from FB, as Twitter has distorted the audio.…
Many of you were asking about the book Mohandasji was referring to. Here it is:

"Urban Naxals" by Vivek Agnihotri

Amazon link (for reference):…
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Let me educate you @sardesairajdeep

The National movement set forth by Bankim Chandra, Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo,
Vande Mataram,mantra of an awakened🇮🇳, was diluted in the hands of Nehru’s leadership!

History-Muslims could dived 🇮🇳 due to being patronized by a faction👇🏻
INC extended concessions to Muslims to join freedom struggle
They remained British allies upto the end.
Leader of a leftist faction (harbouring a deep seated animosity against #Hindu society & culture, ignorant of both #Sanatana / Islam) in #Congress was JL #Nehru !
It had been proclaimed in 1947 that the so called communal problem had been solved forever;

hardly 70yrs have passed and the Muslims have started speaking the same language which they used before the partition of India?
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Babur Eminabad(iSadipur)imprisioned Guru Nanak along with other citizens when he invaded.
#GurNanak was made to work on stone grinder(Gurdwara Sri Chakki Sahib🇵🇰)
Babur was informed about the miraculous powers of Guru Nanak causing the grinder to move on its own.
Babar is believed to ask Guru for his blessings in his endeavour to conquer🇮🇳
Nanak replied
“you've come to conquer my land & you have the audacity to ask for my blessings".
Thus began the long history of hostility between Muslim invaders & all the Sikh Gurus.
I am reminded of My father, uncles, aunts travel back in time whenever I asked them to narrate the bitter #HorrorsOfPartition

They were numb as if lifeless for days thereafter,
waking or walking, they were just not there..
Need I say more??👇🏻
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Laugh at your own ignorance @RifatJawaid @vikramchandra
histories by medieval Muslim historians,

Chapter, ‘Hindustan ki Masjiden’ in
Maulana Hakim Sayid Abdul Hai’s,
‘Hindustan Islami ahad mein’

‘Epigraphia Indica’ by Archeological Survey of🇮🇳

1-Maulana Abdul Hai in the chapter, Hindustan ki Masjiden,describes each principal masjid in few lines;

“Qutub-Din Aibak, after demolishing Temple built by Prithviraj, leaving certain parts, built Quwwat al-Islam in 587”,👇🏻
2- In 592,Aibak returned & under Shihabud-Din Ghori’s orders, started building a huge masjid of red stone including certain parts of the Temple.

When Shamsud-Din Altamish became the king, he built edifices of white stone on both its sides & on one side, the lofty towers..
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"Biggest Loot of the Century: Hindu Temples"

Here's 1 such example: Sabarimala Shrine has over 5 Cr ppl visiting every yr & generates Rs 250 Crore during festive season!

Managed by TDB under state govt!

Look at devotees eating, sleeping next to urinating pigs!

FOOD: provided by the Board is not worthy to eat. Look at Sambar quality!

Religious orgs discouraged from serving. Devotees end up eating in hotels.
There's d catch. Due to heavy rentals, hotel owners sell at very high price, Coffee at Rs50, MasalaDosa at Rs100

SHELTER: Instead of making shelters they are building commercial outlets. Rich take these in auction & then sublet it, sometimes sublet Rs 250 shop for Rs 10K per day!

Number of lodges are very less. Devotees use open grounds for sleeping & other daily work!

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In Mallapuram, Kerala, temple committee mainly of CPM gave complaint against lighting SahasraDeepam 4 Diwali by Devotees!
At start of BgvdGita class devotees planned lightng diyas! To protest mgmt refusal, finally had to light lamps outside temple
Q's every Hindu shud ask:
1) Why temple committee full of non believers?
2) Why Hindu festival cant be celebrated in temple?
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BREAKING: Kerala Govt trying to take over Sri Parthasarati Temple, Guruvayoor. Devotees protesting, no media is covering it!
VHP &RSS leaders including Sasi kala teacher are inside d temple now along with devotees. Kerala Police surrounded d temple.
"Hindu Temples are NOT Secular Property?"
Helpless Hindus can only chant outside temple as Commie police surrounded temple!
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From the Vajrasuchika Upanishad, it is clear that birth-based caste system is not supported by the Vedas!
Does a person become Brahmana by birth? No, says the text, because there were great Rishis who were not born as Brahmanas!
The great compiler of the Vedas, and composer of Mahabharatha & Puranas, Sri Vyasa, was born of a fisherwoman.
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Who is God (as per Hinduism)? - Part 1 by @dushyanthsridar The best definition I've ever heard! 👌🏼 Please listen and share!
Who is God (as per Hinduism)? - Part 2
Who is God (as per Hinduism) - Part 3
Beautiful explanation of the third quality! Pls watch! #WakeUpHindu
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We Hindus are well-known for being the most tolerant people, and yet the Indian media brands us as communal, bigoted, etc.
Nobody calls it blasphemy when our Gods, Gurus & our practices are mocked. We tolerant people take all stones pelted at us.
Remember Zakir Naik & his hate speeches against Hinduism? Many Hindus protested, but the previous govt did nothing!
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